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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. I think that you are a complete genious!!!!!!! I survived bgb and bgb2 and I can't wait for bgb3!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: pizza

    Sean Blomgren - Dracut, MA /

    genius! you hear that?! i'm not the spawn of satan, as claimed by so many now! i'm a genious! unappreciated in my own lifetime ... or something like that anyway! :) - david

  2. I think that you are a descendent of hell. You are a demonic creature who is obsessed with getting inside people's heads and messing around with them. Even though I have completed the two hellish button games, I ripped out all of my hair in a fit of rage. I think that you should be sent back to your fiery domain, and there you shall eternally rest. Overall, I thought that it was a pretty good game.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: salami, boloney, and bread

    sean - heaven

    okay, okay .... enough's enough already! i get the picture! - david

  3. BGB Best Comment AwardThe Green button will tend to distract people from doing their homework (ahem). I enjoyed the button. Behold the button, small and innocent, that is how it appears at first, but it is evil at heart. I warn all of those button-pressers-to-be do not give in to this strange and unusual torture. I currently am an ex-button pusher and have been studying and documenting the actions and effects of the button since last Thursday. My discoveries were astounding.

    ---------------------- SYMPTOMS --------------------
    Pregnant women, senior citizens, children under 12, and the manic depressive should not use the button. Early symptoms-- excitement, inability to stop clicking on buttons, daydreaming, swollen and red eyes, small green spots on the skin, the first stages of button dreams (these have been studied very little, and i encourage anyone with a degree in Buttonology to begin study). Later symptoms-- Button withdrawl, the subject may draw pictures of the green button, or draw small green circles whenever possible. Other symptoms vary from subject to subject. Those allergic to the big green button should not dwell around those who are addicted to the button. Allergic reactions may occur.

    ---------------------- STAGES ----------------------
    -- Day 1-10: Button addiction. The addiction is of great intensity.
    -- Day 11-15: the subject finds it harder to get a thrill out of the button so he/she must have larger and stronger doses of the button. (followed by denial, depression, and mood swings when the subject gets no thrill from the button whatsoever)
    -- Day 16-30: Button withdrawl. The subject may visit the page, reminiscing on the better button-pushing times.
    -- Day 30-indefinately: the subject will only visit the page occasionally.

    *** The subject may later spend large amounts of time reading the comments, i will later publish my feelings on the "button-reaction" comments.

    Perfect Breakfast: Green eggs and ham

    abcdefghijkl.... and so on and so forth - Baton Rouge, LA /

    i must say, that's an impressive amount of research you've done since last thursday! - david

  4. Simply to say that I was patient enough to go all the way with your green button.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie:

    Andre - Montreal, quebec, Canada / Andre's Place

    andre, to be perfectly honest with you i really don't want to know about your sexual conquests! - david

  5. The big green button has changed my life and I can't thank you enough. All the waste of time made me think about life and why we are here. Thank you very very much.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Captin Crunch

    Ted Comfare - New york/New york/U.S.A. /

    so ted, what did you come up with as your reason for why we're here? just curious that's all .... - david

  6. OK, now that my bath is full, that i'm late in all my mid-session work and that i've found that life is useless, maybe i'll be able to sleep tonight!

    Perfect Breakfast: Green buttons in yellow sauce?

    Roxane Picard - Thetford Mines /Quebec /Canada

  7. What has this man been smoking??

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Big Green Bannanas

    Big Green Button Machine - Greenville, Button /

    oh, just the usual .... - david

  8. halla balla!!! Big green button 2 er matze mye bedre enn den første. Den siden med de 100 knappene er driiitirriterende azza!!! Ellers er det kjempeflott for oss ensomme jenter med fritidsproblemer.. yepp.... bra jobba!!!!!

    Kring - norway /

    erm, thanks .... i think?! - david

  9. hello, i think that big green button is very frustrating!!! i spent like an hour on pressing that button!! then i finally beat it, thank God!!! i think the site is funny and it rules!! good luck with funny things in the future!!!

    Rachael - North Carolina


    Perfect Midnight Munchie: macaroni -n- cheese

    Sara Van Bibber - Greencastle, IN /

    as for "you guys", well, it's just lil' old me here ... all on my own, in command of a battalion of big green buttons. a hint? i don't know where the right button is either! - david

  11. I feel like I have utterly wasted an hour of my life and I WANT IT BACK! But otherwise, I feel like I've somehow accomplished something by finishing this crazy game! WHOHOO!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: French Bread topped off with a slice of cheddar cheese.. yummy!

    Emily - La Center/WA /

    no, you can't have that hour back! it's mine now! (good munchie, btw) - david

  12. The big green button is a challenge! You get addicted and you just can't stop! It is a real rush when you beat them both!!! Thank you BGB2, you made my day! WOOHOOO!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Pizza

    Amanda - Kenosha, WI /

  13. David, You sir really need alot of help. I would like to suggest shock therapy, or at least 4 hrs. a day, 5 days a week of Howard Stern. But, I like your style kid. Smooches.

    Perfect Breakfast: Butter Grits, Scrambled sharp cheddar eggs, turkey sausage (patties preferable), sliced sourdough bread, and sparkling apple juice.

    Lisa Walker - Detroit / MI /

    that's a lot of howard stern ... i don't think i could handle that! however lisa, if you really think it will help ... - david

  14. VERY FUN!! At first I pushed the QUIT button because I was told NOT to press the green button, but then I just HAD to go back to see what the green button would lead to... and lead to... etc. I got to the black page and I first found the button that wasn't the green button then I found the REAL green button (IT DOES EXIST!!) but then it was over. :( that made me sad, no more buttons to push *sniff* :( how sad!! but aside from the sadness of it all, it is a very cool site.

    Perfect Breakfast: green eggs that look like buttons

    Kelly - St. Louis/Missouri /

  15. I sleep and all I see is a big green button, but when I reach out to touch it it only evades me, taunts me, daring me to chase it down and attempt to push it! When I wake up there are no green buttons for me to press so I run into the living room and paint all the keys on my keyboard green and finally achieve nirvana! Ahhhh!

    Perfect Breakfast: Minute steak, eggs, toast with pineapple/mango jelly and a tall glass of juice

    Paolo Pace - Montreal, Canada / Black Pencil Design

    nirvana, and sticky green fingers - david

  16. I feel I could punch you so hard that you'd get a BIG GREEN HEAD. ever heard of GREEN BRUISES???

    Perfect Breakfast: Green eggs with green bacon

    Green Peace - Portugal /

    no, i haven't, but i don't really want to find out - david

  17. Here in Pyed Dnyorep we are indeed every day very very very busy at pushing all buttons which are of many colors. At the place of my life work the NASA baking products divisions at Pyed on the Hudson River I am every day having so many buttons to push at that I am having two assistants the very kind and speedy Mr. Anstat Lilliopoulu who is also strong as two oxen and smarter too, and also the fabulous and helpful Mr. Fejouda Colladanado who is full of the most useful informations and can push at the touch of a button or key. We are working on so many products for baking in space, but use too many buttons, so I recomended the website of green button on them, for every day practicing at their skills, because as we say in Pyed, "if you didn't practice it, you might forget sometime and not do it so good," or in other words, "don't blow it!" And that is why we work so good in Pyed!

    Perfect Breakfast: Pyed pumpkin breakfast dumplings in lager broth

    Horace P. Osterdonk - Pyed Dnyorep New York USA /

    too much baking soda for you my friend - david

  18. BGB Best Comment Award I FOUND THE BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!!,
    I did not cheat in the rain,
    I did not cheat on a plane,
    I did not cheat in box
    I did not cheat like a fox,
    I found the Big Green Button
    On the blackest page of Hell,
    It was subtle but I found it,
    And Like a raging spawn did yell:
    I do not like green buttons, no mam'!
    I do not like them sam I am!

    That was frightfully bad...however, in the bowels of insanity and agony imposed by such stressing events such as the Big Green Button, one can expect no less. I am prepared to sue you. I will get an F in AP English because of you!!!!! THIS INSANITY MUST END!!! *ahem* Just kidding. :) :) It was awesome, and I am addicted. Keep up the good work. :)

    Perfect Breakfast: an omelette with cheese, ham, and a bit of turkey in it, with a Portuguese Breakfast Bread roll, and if it's in the winter, while I'm driving, a mug of white chocolate hot cocoa!

    Christy - IN/USA /

    christy, contrary to popular belief, i am not endowing you with this highly sought after award because of your poetic skills, albeit stunning, but because of your wonderful sounding breakfast! i'm gonna give that one a try - david

  19. Kind of a silly site, actually....

    Perfect Breakfast: sausage, bacon, ham, eggs over easy, hash browns, LOTS of coffee and orange juice

    Geordie - Vancouver/British Columbia/Canada / GEORDIE LAND

    no kidding! - david

  20. Wow! What a chance I have to witness to people. Like maybe one person will ever read this. Oh well. Jesus Loves you. There is a God. People were created along with everything else to glorify God. He sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins so we could live eternally with him and eternally praise Him. Want to know more? E-mail me. I'll be stoked just to know someone read this and bothered to write.

    Perfect Breakfast: Waffles, bacon, orange juice

    Andrew Doherty - Dallas, Texas /

    this is meant to be a lighthearted website designed to give a few smiles, so even though i have nothing against this sort of thing i wouldn't normally post a message like this. however, you gotta admire the audacity and cheek of this guy, so i'm posting it anyway! besides, he does have good taste in breakfast - david

  21. You, sir, are a sick, sick man..... *sigh* .....Buttons, buttons everywhere! God... I'm gonna need Luvox after this.... I think I have OCD. Thanks.... thanks a lot!! )

    Annette - Montana /

    just a couple of questions annette: 1) what's luvox? sounds like some sort of marital aid. 2) what's OCD? Outrageously Cute Dimples? Overtly Coarse Disposition? - david

  22. I am proud to say, that I did not need to push the button. I have control over my life, and I will not be tempted by the evils of doing what a button says just because its there. I like this concept though...it tests the will of the mere mortals among us. These are the people who will stand in an obscenely long line for soup or over-priced murky brown liquid, but sucks their teeth halfway down their throat if you don't run up a working escalator to get out of their way. The Button de Green is for the designer Sport Utility that never gets off asphalt crowd, the going over the shopping list on the cellular phone at the supermarket, excuse me, the phone is ringing..... Hello? Yes, I will be in to see Dr. Perlman at 4pm today, OK... Thank You... Alright I'm back. Where was I? Oh yeah, the doctors who have to call you to confirm that you are coming in for psychological counseling that you don't need... that's who the Green Button is made for!

    Perfect Breakfast: in fantasy? anything with Tyra Banks looking at me from across the table. (you see, having breakfast would mean we.... well nevermind!) just kidding anyway! I love my wife.... I love my wife.... I love my wife!

    Andre1998 - Bergen County, NJ / My Life

    ah, so you're a patient of dr. perlman's too huh? can't see why ... you seem so, well, altogether .... - david

  23. BGB Best Comment Award Roses are red, buttons are green.
    What color's a button that can't be seen?
    Violets are blue, I am too.
    No more buttons to push, I've nothing to do.
    Pushing buttons can be a strong addiction.
    I must confess I have the affliction.
    Trying to quit is of no earthly use
    Continuing is the lesser abuse.
    More buttons, please, when you have the time,
    Then I'll stop with this stupid rhyme.

    Perfect Breakfast: toast with peanutbutter and chocolate milk

    Perfect Midnight Munchie:

    Cheryl - Wysox, PA /

    okay, so i'm a sucker for BGB poetry - david

  24. Once I had completed BGB I noticed that there was another one, I had gotten addicted, I couldn't stop!!! I had to see BGB2 also! I went to the site and the first thing i noticed was that there was no quit button... I couldn't stop this time... I pressed the green button until the big screen with many green buttons came up, there were too many, I pressed them and pressed them and I must have pressed over 7/8ths of the big green buttons, but I couldn't stop, I had to find it and I had to find out what ELSE I had to do (besides take the cat out of the drier and do a paper, etc.) but that is not the only thing that addicted me, the thing that really got to me were the black pages that had a QUIT button cause i knew that it could possibly be the right green button! Finally SUCCESS!! I had found the end, but now there are no more green buttons to push and there is something missing now... you must build another button pushing site with your hands and it better be good!! I am addicted now, you just can't quit making button sites! okay I'm done now. bye.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: mint ice cream in big green button 2 form

    Kelly - St. Louis/Missouri /

    how demanding?! - david

  25. Well, between BGB1 & BGB2, the carpal tunnel in my right hand has now increased by 50% ....LOL

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Pizza & Beer

    Mike (Shadow) - Allentown, PA /

    mike, you need to call 1-800-253-2366 - david

  26. you are one sick puppie (love it). but unlike others I did continue to search the black page and I found that green button with out cheating. Yeh me!!!

    Perfect Breakfast: biscuits and gravy with sliced tomatoes

    Lynn Middleton - Ferris /Tx/USA /

  27. I think that the bgb was..... WHO ARE YOU?!!? AHHHHHH!! GET AWAY!!! I KNOW YOUR TYPE!! YOU THINK THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING IS FINE, BREAKING LAWS AND ALL!!! BUT I AM THE CIA!! WE WILL NOT LET THIS CONTINUE!!! I was sent to shut down this web page, but I can't. I need the big green button!! The symptoms of the big green button are so right! I need to click it more to get the same effect!! They warned me. They said, don't let this button thing take over your life. Other agents have tried to take over this web site, but have failed. I WILL NOT FAIL!! YOU EVIL GREEN BUTTON PEOPLE!! YOU THINK YOU HAVE CLAIMED ANOTHER VICTIM!! BUT I WILL NOT FAIL!! I....... WILLLL ........ DESTROY........... THE BUTTOOOOONNNN........ AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I CAN'T!!!

    EVIL CIA AGENT - / My amazing homepage

    i've seen cases like this before. people who are self-deluded into thinking they are from a government agency. it's all too common and very distressing. it all stems from an inherent fear of big gren buttons. people like this need our help. we must not abandon them in their time of need. we must help - david

  28. OK now, this isn't fair. I spent hours looking through the multitude of buttons, but at the end - no prize, no nuthin. Some possible titles for the next button: The REALLY big green button, son-of-bgb2, grandson-of-bgb1, Yet Another BGB, return of the bgb, bgb strikes back,and finally, the pentultimate bgb. You could also probably make a killing with the Idiot's Guide to the Big Green Button. Great site, I'll Be Back(maybe)(if you're lucky)(or if you're not lucky)

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: high school cafeteria food (ya right)

    Jonathan Taylor - Lawrence/KS /

    why do we as humans always expect something for what we do? in this case surely the knowledge that a few minutes wasted pushing stupid buttons to achieve inner peace is prize enough?! (maybe not) - david

  29. I saw your site. Frankly, I do not know what all your hype is all about! (No offence, It's just a mob psycology thing.) I just passed it by. I unlike some others (wink wink, nod nod) have good judgment and half a pint of will power

    Perfect Breakfast: cereal

    Kyle /

    my hype? i don't do anything kyle ... i just sit here and the buttons sell themselves. i can't do anything. i can't stop them. they have a power of their own! - david

  30. I just don't know what I would have done if it were not for your page, you have greatfully satisfied my daily needs to press that button. THANK YOU, you are such the life saver. Ever considered being a counselor? LMAO

    Perfect Breakfast: Nicholas Cage (you asked!!!)

    Michele - Pevely, Missouri /

    i was a camp counselor once (at camp wonderland, massachusetts). does that count? - david

  31. Hi!!! Have you ever considered making a "BIG GREEN BUTTON DESKTOP THEME???" That would be cool, and you could comsume MORE of people's time because downloading can be extremely wasteful on time or something.

     //            \\
    ((     BGB      ))
    Can you imagine it? a spinning "busy" BGB for the busy? A three D bgb wallpaper. ANd like the flying windows thing, you could have flying buttons!!!!

    Perfect Breakfast: Eggs benidict in Hawaii, or Breakfast burritos eaten with a spork

    Perfect Midnight Munchie:

    Jester - Baton Rouge, LA /

    hmmmm ... can i imagine it? yes, and it would drive me crazy!! sounds good! anyone out there feeling creative and up for the challenge? - david

  32. WOOOO!!!! That was quite a trip! Especially for the easily amused like me! It raised my self esteem because... I FIGURED IT OUT ON THE FIRST TRY!!! ~Pats herself on her back~ Good Job! I laughed and laughed and giggled and screamed. Keep it up!

    Perfect Breakfast: Pancakes with tons of syrup

    Rebecca - Rexford, Kansas /

    laughing, giggling and screaming? how 'bout that! must be all the syrup rebecca! - david

  33. BGB Best Comment Award This was a sick, boring, pathetic, glutanus waste of webspace, time wasting, finger tireing, eye straining, mouse wearing, piece of crap!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Double Choclate fudge, Choclate coverd Choclate chip&fudge ice cream

    Lord Tuckerby Underbank of Mithgar - 29 Palms, CA USA / Lord Tuckerby Undebanks Homepage

    that's what i like to hear ... some heartfelt honesty for a change! - david

  34. Now I know how the little rat in the maze feels. I love being stubborn. Yay!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Cindy Crawford

    Ray - near Detroit, MI /

    you think the rat is just being stubborn? i would have thought that desperation would be more apropos ... but whatever - david

  35. I am only a kid AND I BEAT THE BIG GREEN BUTTON 2 IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!! I still can't find the button on the black page in number one though. And I can't wait for number three! I blame you for my grades falling though. Stupid button, I could have studied for that test, but NOOOOOO I had to click that button just once more! Bye

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Choclate Chip cookies & milk

    Rachael /

    uh oh ... once again i am going to get blamed for the fall in education standards of another young student. but as previously stressed it's my buttons not me!! honest! - david

  36. BGB Best Comment Award *BIG SIGH* This is Cindy from Oregon again. And I'm not quite sure whether I hate you or love you. Here I sit, in my small cell in the 'Shady Hill's'* mental ward, typing with my nose. They won't let me use my hands anymore. I actually went back to the BGB2 a second time. Incredibly stupid? Perhaps. Undeniably masochistic? Definitely. I tried to persuade myself into believing that I could just go straight to the right button...but oh, no. Of course not. I had to click through button after godd*med button, again and again, trying to relocate that one button...the button which holds redemption. I thought it was bad the first time. Take it from me, a flake of the first degree. DO NOT GO BACK!!! THE AMUSEMENT IS OVER! ALL THAT LIES THERE IS HATRED AND INSANITY! IT'S A DOWNWARD SPIRAL, I SWEAR TO YOU! PLEASE, IF YOU HOLD ANYTHING SACRED... DENY THE CALL OF THE BUTTON!!! Thank you. Good day.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: I'm done answering your wicked little questions

    Cindy - La Grande, OR / Just a glimpse

    hello again cindy. you have a very talented nose i must say! you must look pretty odd though, pecking away at the keyboard with your nose ... somewhat like a chicken? (just kidding sweetie!) - david

  37. I wonder...i wonder....if I keep on clicking for another hour, shall I finally get me a big green eye....... I wonder.....huh huh....what has happened to my IQ..... I've lost my typing ability.....all I wanna do, is click on you.......now I know what it feels like to be a member of our government (to have the IQ of a vegetable ) .....need a rest.......luv ya......

    Perfect Breakfast: giant green peas

    pille - Viljandi, Estonia /

    so, you're likening the members of the estonia republic government to florets of brocolli? smothered in melted cheese or not? - david

  38. This was the dumbest,stupidest most retarded "game" I have ever played. But I kept going... I was addicted and I couldn't stop! This "game" is dumb, stupid, and retarded! I think it is really a big waste of MY time and you should be jailed for createing it! You get inside people's heads and mess them up. Are you happy? Are you happy that you are accountable for all the weirdos we have in this world? You are you know. I would think you would feel guilty about this... but you are a nut case!!! Can I give you some advice? Change the color of the button to lime green. You know? Regular, old, plain, ugly, boring, mondane, monotinous, crappy, poopy, green just doesn't do it for me. You have to be outgoing like me and change it to a weird color-lime green. I mean why would you pick just regular, old, plain, ugly, boring, mondane, monotinous, crappy, poopy, green? What are you an idiot? I think so. If you weren't you wouldn't have picked such a regular, old, plain, ugly, boring, mondane, monotinous, crappy, poopy color. "Green?" Where did you come up with that? What a jerk!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: any junk food

    sarah - usa/pa /

    it's all just to annoy you sarah. you know that don't you? - david

  39. goddammit! where the hell is big green button 3? i NEED big green button three! i've been through one and two tonight! where the hell is three... sorry. i haven't been out in a while.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: big green grapes, big green hard-boiled eggs, etc

    Sam Farber - binghamton, ny / the beginning of the underground

  40. that sucked really bad and whoever made it has way too much time on their hands. i still haven't figured out the first one and i can't cheat to find it!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: chocolate chip cookie dough

    Alicia - USA /

    that should read "had too much time on their hands" ... it doesn't take any time at all to leave the BGBs sitting there waiting for people like you to push them - david

  41. BGB Best Comment Award oh lovely lovely man... i would like to give you a big *kiss* and a huge *hug*, i have finally found it. it took me three hours and i think i missed it four times before i found it in the black horrible hell of yours. but now that i have found it... wow it's like afterglow (and if anyone is reading this who is under 18... don't ask your parents what an afterglow is... becasue its.. um.. its like right after the sun goes down and its still light out.. yeah.. thats it). well enjoyed it, i laughed... i cried... i made strange noises and i never finished my huge sociology paper but oh well... i had more fun. thank you dear for this wonderful game and if you wernt way over in england and if you really dug me... i'd bloody marry you. tootles

    Perfect Breakfast: organic maple nut oatmeal and a cup-o-cocoa

    Gerri (like the ex-spice girl) - Minneapolis/MN/USA / little irish sweetpea's place on the web

    gerri, you have no idea how good it makes me feel to know that i gave you an afterglow .... without even being there! yes, i know i'm easily pleased ... but it's always said that flattery gets you everywhere ... or in this case, a BGB Award! tootles - david

  42. Ok, ok, so I found the buttons (bgb1 and bgb2), so now are you going to pay for the chiro bill to treat my carpal tunnel syndrome? How about paying my unemployment since I lost my job as a result of staying up all night clicking green buttons and then muttering incoherently at the CEO the next day? I didn't cheat, but that's not because I didn't try -- I just don't know my HTML well enough, and had to stumble my way through it honestly. I am a bigger, better man for my troubles and trials of finding The Button, though, and hope your mouse finger falls right off, so that you know how mine feels. My butt feels like it's green too, after sitting here this long clicking uselessly till all the blood drained out of my right hand, down into my left leg. Does anyone know if Microsoft still honors their warranty on their mice if you've visited the BGB web site?

    anonymous - /

    hmmm ... you're the second person this week to complain of carpal tunnel syndrome (unless you're the same guy sneakily getting onto the comments page twice!) ... maybe i ought to start looking into that. as far as the microsoft warranty is concerned i believe it still applies - david

  43. it kind of reminds me of popcorn. you just really only want a few, but you can't help it and soon you just sit there and consume and consume until there's nothing left. this is the sort of thing that makes my home town suck, but i guess since it's on the web that means the whole world sucks. Thanks a lot. green popcorn, there's an idea

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: popcorn :)

    ryan - brigham city, utah /

  44. That big green button is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen, and I actually accomlished it!!!

    Perfect Breakfast: panckes with syrup and sacrambled eggs with catsup

    Lori - Pennsylvania, USA / Lori's Place

  45. you are one sick monkey

    Perfect Breakfast: anything but green buttons

    Matt - canada / MattNet

    yes i know, my vet has given me a course of penicillin coated bananas - david

  46. YES! I finally beat your twisted mind of hidden dooms and frustrating puzzles! And i'm very proud of meself, 'cause I didn't have to cheat! I've successfully beaten the first green button too! How could you have schemed something like this to captivate innocent bypassers like me?! Now i'm addicted! HELP!!! You devious little... erh... potty-wad! Now you should feel ashamed of yerself, i'm gonna book-mark these pages and visit everyday, thanks to you! I can't stop... nooo.. help me!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Peanut butter and banana sandwhiches dancing in my head.. lalalala...

    Niki... aka "Demented One" - scarey internet world /

    potty-wad?! what the smeg is that?! - david

  47. AHHHHHHH. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to strangle you David!!! *LOL* It took me sooooooo long to get here! Shesh!!!! Anyway... It was a pretty cool game. :) Good Job!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: *shrugs* Anything cold and creamy... Like... ice-cream or chocolate pudding maybe?

    Cherii - California /

    to be honest with you cherii, i don't think i really want to know now much you want to strangle me! however, i've sent a copy of this email to my lawyer just in case something happens to me one day! :) - david

  48. I thought, should I do it? Should I keep going, common sense screamed "NO!" in booming tones, thoughts of strange computer viruses, evil Descartes type demonic figures controlling my brain through the left clicker on my mouse, and insane programmers with vengeful hearts fluttered through my brain. But did I stop? No, damn you. I keep on, even when I was literally screaming inside to stop, quit while I was ahead, it was like a Price is Right nightmare, or trying to get that one last card in in blackjack. But I didn't lose, I just got to that horrid black screen, which completely tested my patience. . . I had to return to it after reading the comments, which gave me strength in my trial. I beat it. I used my tab button, and I conquered the universe. And now I have to write my philosophy paper. But hey, now I can do ANYTHING! Thanks!

    Perfect Breakfast: something homecooked and delicious, served to me midafternoon, in bed, by my (theoretical) handsome significant other

    Lisa - Charlottesville, VA /

    descartes type demonic figures? well at least you're slightly more philosophical about your satanic references than most people lisa! - david

  49. ... i'm...... did...... don't feed the nurse...... ghee... ... The force luke...... here is my friend... ...... i want to be a pirate.......GREEN !!!.........Baby : you can drive my car !...... ...... feeling great....... BIG........ i love Elmo......... ARGH !!! ........ Bob is the first vampire ..............

    anonymous (hardly surprising!)

  50. I'm so relieved, for a while there I thought, my God the man is sick, there is no end to this! Thank-you my boy, thank you.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

    Ethyl Raines - Palos Verdes, CA /

  51. 1 word. GRRRRRRR........ Me and my friend were browsing the net at my house when we came across your page. UNKNOWINGLY. Then, we "played" the little green button game saying how incredibly lame it was. Then, we got to the black screen. For 30 min. we searched for the green button. Untill, we figured out how to "cheat." It took another 10 min. to find the right button. This was not a very nice thing!! Now excuse me while I go to button 2......

    Perfect Breakfast: Cereal

    Lisa - usa /

    1 word lisa. SORRY!!! :) - david

  52. I stumbled into the realm of BGB during a drunken binge. I'm not quite sure if the experience was real or a figment of my inebriated conciousness (or unconciousness I forget which one it was). I think I rescued the princess from King Koopa

    Perfect Breakfast: Guiness Stout and burnt pumpernickel toast

    David Holmes - Lowell, MA /

    no mate, i rescued the princess from king koopa, you rescued the princess from the planet spudd ... but don't worry, everyone makes that mistake - david

  53. That has to be the most annoying addictive webpage I have ever vistited! I'm not normally obssessive, but...! This page is so cool! "Danke schön" to David A Hyland for this page! How did I find it? Well this should be on there: One of my buddies told me about it. Thank you to her if she ever see this :-)

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Uhhh midnight munchie? Well at that hour I eat whatever food comes into contact with my hand so...

    Becka - in America

  54. I thought the blackness of it would never end but, at last! I saw the glow of the Big Green Button and I knew I had achieved near perfection.

    Perfect Breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast with jam

    Kim - Iowa City / IA / Kim's Place

  55. Well, although the bgb was annoying, exasperating, simplisticly addicting, and the work of someone who obviously has WAY too much time on their hands, I absolutely loved it! I'm a button addict through and through! bgb forever!

    Perfect Breakfast: Reese Peanutbutter Puffs, chocolate milk, and English muffins

    Margaret - Pittsburgh PA, USA /

    well, hopefully not forever ... that's an awful long time! - david

  56. I hate you. The Big Green Button destroyed my life. I dropped out of school to click that darn button all day. I now sit at ome 2o hours a day (I have to sleep sometime) clicking the button. I need help, can you help, who can help, I cant help, I want help, we all need help, for the LOVE OF GOD give me help man.

    Andrew Powell - Rose Hill, Ks

  57. I think you are the craziest person on this planet! but I had sooooooo much fun at your page!! If you haven't already been here.... this is a page for you: How To Keep An Idiot Busy ... it's very much for you!!

    Perfect Breakfast: Wafles with Strawberry's

    Mandi - Chilton, Wisconsin /

    craziest person on the planet? hmmm ... i really don't think so ... but thanks anyway .... i think - david

  58. Ahhh this button business is stupid. Ya press the button and get a comment. I bet if you pressed a person's button they'd give you some comments too. Few examples "Stop pressing me", and "If you don't stop I am gunna smack you." See so we all are our own green buttons called people. Besides the button was not the addicting part, it was these comments... I read 1,000+ comments... can anyone say ...obsess much? You people are spellbound with this online object. b.t.w I read all those comments not because I have no life (really) but because I am a high school student and all you people became a statistic in my psychology report. Thanx for the "A." Here's another study that I might be able to get some feedback on. This message will soon be lost at the end of this page. I want to see how many people actually read this message. If you want to take part in this study... all you have to do is put this symbol at the very end of your posts : -=FwS=- Thanx for the help.
    (only found this site cause it is the first thing that pops up when I type buttons in yahoo. I wanted some freeware buttons for my webpage... oh well.)

    Ray - San diego, CA /

    okay people, make sure you all email ray! - david

  59. I love this site!!! I have become a veteran of both of the notorious suto-realistic-suto, non argumentative, quasi-over, non-quasi circumstantial button in under 20 minutes! Easy tips (for future reference):
    BGB1- Look at the source code!!!
    BGB2- Work form the bottom up- (7th from the bottom, to be exact) Psycology, David, psycology. To understand how the button works you must first understnad the (human) mind as it works its way through this puzzle.
    Ex: Read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, read, click, WHOA!!! click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, DAMN! (the process then repeats itself)
    Nextly you must understand- ANY FOOL WITH HALF OF A BRAIN (or more) CAN READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK AND READ AND CLICK ... for the very same reason that you just read and clicked your happy way down this long, boring, and pointless message along with the 1900 other boring, droning, congratulating messages on this page!!!
    See ya' dave- can't harldy wait for BGB3.
    P.S.- I love your site (the fish buttons!) and your portfolio (COWS!)

    Perfect Breakfast: A dry English muffin, with a chaser of internet

    Joey Nichols - Harlingen/Texas

    Joey later wrote, in somewhat of a frenzied manner: Dearest Da-da-da-da-da-(slap!)-vid- I simply..Ha ha!.. loved-d-d-d-d(slap!) your [wonderful] game.. Ha, hah, HA!!! GAME! game.. must play.. new window.. next button... NO!...Wrong one!...No NO NOOOO! (SLAP!) BGB Best Comment Award I would like to give you a big hug arounnnddddddd the neck... NOT TOO TIGHTLY!!! heh, Heh, HEH!!! (SLAP!) (SLAP!) (SLAP!) Ooops, sorry bout' all of that. This is my 3rd... Hah HAh HAH 3RD! ...ooops! Third time beating this [wonderful] THING! and I am very happy and love this site!!!! What I really need is one of those...those..those- LITTLE GREEN BUTTONS NEXT TO MY...MY...MY LITTLE WHITE MESSAGE!!! I'M BEGGING YOU IN ALL OF YOUR WONDERFUL SUPERIORITY... A BUTTON! to repay me for all of that turmoil... THE PAIN!

    okay! okay! i give in already! now that's what i call determination! i'll take a raincheck on that big hug though .... thanks anyway - david

  60. I arrived at the BGB thinking to find another dumb URL sent to me by icq and i found my self sitting in front on my computer screen pushing a Big Green Button..... I kept pushing and it kept answering me back i kept on pushing and it kept answering me back i sat at my computer pushing this BGB and it kept answering me back. Is there anyway i can get help???????

    Perfect Breakfast: U david

    Belly - Australia NSW / My Page

    help? you don't need help .... it's all in your mind you know. however, there are a few secret 'BGB Anonymous' in different countries ... the only trouble is finding them! - david

  61. I feel so clean! Like after a spring rain. Except in winter. And without any water. And those little blotches that look like jellyfish floating in front of my eyes, swimming merrily back and forth, back and forth. There's a big one right in front of me now. I think I'll call him Tommy. Good Tommy, good Tommy. Oh no, here comes another one! Look out Tommy! Arrrgggh! You killed Tommy! Oh, the humanity, oh the crispy crunchiness of it all!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Fudge covered pizza


    the crispy crunchiness? - david

  62. right, you bloody bastard i got you, hahaha ha ha! NOW i am forced to retire from my everyday life and live on water and cream crackers while I devise an equally diabolical site, the url of which will be mailed to you when it is complete, attached to, you guessed it, NOT a green button ahahaha, ha. ha. &*&$%#@%$& big green button *&$%#@*.

    Perfect Breakfast: tia carrera served in olive oil

    Brad Bennie - Johannesburg, South Africa /

    water and cream crackers? that's pure luxury that is! i remember when i was a lad, living in an old shoebox with my 25 brothers and sisters, in london, under the M4. (it was a big shoebox.) we had cream crackers too, but they were always a year past the sell by date and therefore soggy ... but that was good because we didn't have any water, and you know what dry crackers are like on their own - david

  63. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! The buttons. The buttons. I've already pushed the buttons and they were all different!! They were all different!!!! OMG!!!!!!! These buttons. Taunting me to stop. Taunting me to keep going. Taunting, taunting. These buttons that say in those horrible shades of green, BGB2. I have a mortal fear of the color green now. Everywhere I look. Green. Green. The grass. The leaves. The curtains. The CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!! THE CHRISTMAS TREE IS THE HAUNTED, FEARED, HATED COLOR GREEN. SOMETHING THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BRING JOY AND LIGHT!!!!! GREEN!!!!!!! OH THE HORROR. OH THE INSANITY!!!!!!! I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    The One and Only (and now insane) Jackie - EW, NJ, USA /

    jackie, the answer to your problem is blowing in the wind ... oh no, wait, that's been done before. what i meant to say is that what you need to do is whenever you see something that has the appearance of being green just think of it as a colour that's more relaxing to you ... maybe fuscia, or cyan or fluorescent pink - david

  64. I had to send this link to all my family. I know that they too have nothing better to do! LOL! What a hoot! Thanks for being insane enough to put this up. It was very fun and I can't wait to hear all of them moan about not being able to find the right button. I will have you know I found it in the time honored tradition! I cheated!

    Perfect Breakfast: Eggs Benedict, grits, biscuits with honey

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Hershey's syrup, a rose, a whip and errr...sorry

    Stephanie - Griffin, GA / Steph's Place

    what a wonderful christmas present for your family! i'm sure they'll all love you for it! - david

    Of BGB2 Stephanie wrote: Ok Ok..so I cheated on the first one...and I cheated myself of this totally cool feeling of screeching at my bemused and confused husband .. "I did it!" He just wants dinner.
    Ode to a button: Button button who's got you button? Is it he or is it she or are you mutton? (Not very good, but all I can think of is "I did it! I did it!")

  65. David, I love the site. It must have taken you a long time to come up with it. Truely genius! It took me almost an hour and forty-five minutes, but I completed both the Big Green Button and it's even more challenging sequal. I was really bored before I came across your page. I'll be back to visit again, I'm sure. I already told two of my friends about it and they're still working at it. :0) This just goes to prove that simple things amuse simple minds.

    Laura - Pennsylvania / A Marvin the Martian Homepage

  66. The whole idea was soooooooo stupid, yet I did it until the end! First, I tried to cheat by putting "press31" and it said, "that's not it!" I thought, "Jeez, this is so smart." Then, I went back to the black page and looked the source info and tried a couple of different places, but didn't work and my browser crashed (was it an accident or did YOU do it?) Anyway, then I got back to the black page and now, I found out how to find buttons without cheating. After a couple of tries, Eureka! I found it. Now I feel much better.

    Friedrich Knopf - Canada / Welcome to my logokleptomaniacal page

    did I do it? did I crash your browser? oh, i remember now, yes, it was me! i snuck over that day and pulled the power cord out! - david

  67. HHehehheeeeee... I feal like a maniacal green elf... With a bowl of fuzzy GREEN moss! FUZZY GREEN MOSS, DAMNIT... And.. And.. There's big green buttons crawling all over it.. No, it is one BIG green button, SCREAMING.. PLEADING! Those specious little beasties.. They say "Don't click me! You will NOT click me!!" But the moss, the moss, it must be clicked, it's ludicris! And, I, the elf, have to click the moss.. Suddenly there's a whole see of green buttons in the moss filling what was an empty black void of hell!.. Heh.. HeHeee.. And .. And.. I ate the moss! And.. The Buttons.. The buttons, they died, because there was no moss! And .. The moss.. It , it was gone! There was no more moss!! I killed the moss, and the buttons!! YES! I killed them.. And the moss.. The moss will spawn more buttons.. And I must click them too! And David.. The MOSS will GET you! *[Whack]* Ahem. I meant that my big toes *REALLY* liked the Big Green Buttons.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Glowing phosforescent green moss

    Skis - Michigan / US / Spew Network

    ????????????????? - david

  68. This thing is the most annoying piece of cow dung on the whole internet!!!! (i.e. It rox!)

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Nachos

    Josefupu - El Paso, TX / Music Stuff

  69. It just kept coming back, I had to push it! I could have been out doing NORMAL stuff, like drinking shampoo. But No!!! But I guess it doesn't matter, because now I have such a great sense of accomplishment. So, after I graduate from medical school and become an opthamologist and have kids, then maybe there will be another Big Green Button for them to push. And yet another for their children. And their kids, and their grandchildren after that! All these people will live happy successful lives because you (yes you) made it possible for them to press the Big Green Button!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie:

    Sylvie - Ma, USA /

    sylvie, i'm glad to hear that you stay off the hard stuff. stick to drinking shampoo. it's much more of a social drink. don't even think about getting into shower gel ... it took me months of therapy to ween myself off it - david

  70. i came back and cheated again! are you happy now?! you have turned me into crazed beast! please forbid me from coming back! button... button... everywhere a button! hahaha!:o>

    Perfect Breakfast: buttons

    tim - U.S.A. /

    okay tim ... you're barred from the BGB website! don't come back! - david

  71. I found the page once... I pushed the button... but I did not see the light.. My soul was consumed by corruption and I did not push the last button (actualy.. mom called me away for dinner and my computer decided to have a critical error in my absence)... BUT THEN! Many months later I found the button AGAIN! I psyched my index finger and pushed... the button was elusive.. it was evasive.. he button was boring.. but i found the button.. I found the dreaded "green" button on the black page... AND i didn't have to mess with any silly source codes.. or bla bla bla.. I found the button and I SLAMMED IT INTO OBLIVION!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Perfect Breakfast: crepes with whip cream and sugered strawberries

    Alan Crawford - Port Angeles Wa /

    alan, you must be very proud of yourself! - david

  72. This thing frightens me...It becons me to continue...Must find a way out...Someone stop the madness...Big Green Button is me friend...I love Big Green Button...I wish I could make out with Big Green Button (If Big Green Button is female, if not, does it have a sister?)...Big Green Button, will you marry me?...Must kill Big Green Button...Must protect the world from its evil intentions...Must stop it before it destroys someone else...Only I know the true evil that is Big Green Button 2...I can't wait for Big Green Button 3...

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: chocolate covered Big Green Button with pecan's

    Plutarck - FL, USA /

    er, i don't know exactly how to tell you this ... but the BGB is not gender specific ... however, it is exceedingly flattered by your offer. thank you - david

  73. You know about the Clinton scandal, well, that was my father's idea. I think that even though you have a awesome URL, you should be put in Time Magazine's 100 most hated/loved people of the century. (Talk to my father, he knows a loophole.) (btw did you have any scandals we should know about? It'll get you on the list for sure :-)

    Perfect Breakfast: Eggo Waffles

    Ken Starr Jr. - Washington D.C. /

  74. Well, I was going to say that you were extremely bored by creating this, but I am the one who must be extremely bored for even trying to push the little green button. Who even cares. Its sad to say that a little country girl is sitting in front of her computer typing away for no apparent reason. This really sucks. All I want to know is about witchcraft. Like the "Book of Shadows" or something. You really don't have to reply to my poor pit-a-ful comment.

    Perfect Breakfast: sex in bed

    Aphrodite - United States of America /

    there's nothing wrong with a little country girl sitting in front of her computer typing away for no apparent reason ... it's quite an endearing image actually - david

  75. On behalf of the Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut Cases, I present you with an After-Battle-Triple-Chocolate Cake, a pet Killer Rabbit, a Furby, and a "You're Totally Nuts!" trophy! Thanks, you've now started a button obsession at TEUNC. We *need* things to do! Ever since we got kicked outta alt.fan.tolkien, we have needed a quest. The Button is such a quest. You've given us hope, that TEUNC shall not die out! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: After Battle Triple Chocolate Cake

    Kazul the Sky-Blue Floating Dragon - The Empire of Hare / Kazul's Lair

    hmmm ... i don't know whether to be honoured of your kudos or quietly slip away into a corner and try to be inconspicuous! - david

  76. Lovin you, David! My Carpal Tunnel is blazing! The fingers on my left hand are numb. My heart is racing and my eyes are watering. I love the BGB! Each and every one. I did it........and I'd do it again, David. I love a good chase, and you sure know how to give one. We share a bit of evil tendencies, David. You created the BGB and I am sending it to all I know!.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: cheesecake.....with something crunchy

    Julie - California /

    ooh, you are evil! - david

  77. MUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! On my very first try, I have successfully found the pesky hidden button! HA! I laugh in THE face of the Green Buttton! Okay that's enough.....

    Perfect Breakfast: A breakfast with my favorite drummer in the whole world Taylor Hawkins, now he's got talent!

    Kate - Haddon Hts., NJ /

    not only do you laugh in the face of the button but you laugh in THE face of the BGB ... now that is impressive kate! (but who's taylor hawkins?) - david

  78. "...Yes, I will talk to that hfdsdfsl David about his big green button. Hello! Hello! David! Is that you? good. *adjust frequecy varience 4.55* I have you now. First order of buisiness. (cocking noisy cricket) our CIA agent has failed. (step forward you convict, and face your punishment.) to the agent, "you have failed! face your punishment!" "Noo! Noooo! NOOO " Now, then. I am agent KK of the MIB agency. *from outside you hear a sharp THUD as the body lands 200 feet away.* I am to take over over his job of wathching you, and if you ever come out with a bgb 4, I will personally watch you scream for mercy in twenty alien toungues, then demoleculerize you, bit by gory, bloody bit. You have been warned.

    Perfect Breakfast: gkjhfda brains

    Agent KK - Earth /

    ... and the word you're looking for is ... anyway ... - david

  79. when i reached the big black screen in BGB1 i knew that this is the ultimate being it is perfect it has no flaw and soon with its hypnotic power it will enslave the entire world into endless button pressing. THE END IS NEAR!

    Perfect Breakfast: bacon, honeycombs, pancakes and aunt jeminias syrup to wash it all down

    Philip Alexander Schon - Pickering, Ontario, Canda /

    well, that's the general idea - david

  80. .....I'm speechless. That was the most thrilling experience of my life. Apart from when I first saw Star Wars. And when I got a Spectrum 48k for Xmas. So apart from that, it was pretty good.

    Perfect Breakfast: one involving much eating

    ludo - reading, england /

    a sprectrum? wow, you sat in the lap of luxury! i used to think that the ZX80 was the dogs kahunas! - david

  81. This is GREAT! My brother and I were fighting over who gets the computer, when he said, "I'll let you have the computer if you can show me a link that gets you nowhere." I calmly showed him the Big Green Button. He was too flustered and impatient to finish it. He quickly let me use the computer. I have survived bgb2, but have yet to figure out bgb1. I am trying.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: cookies or potato chips

    Diana Rice ("Dirty" Di) - Dull, um, I mean DALE City, Virginia / The Green Tunnel

  82. i feel very fizzy...........

    Gomp - Norway /

    ... just waiting to be uncorked? - david

  83. it was fun although u had to go through a lot of big green buttons just to get to the comments page!!!!!!

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: girl scout thin mints

    sara mow - centerport, NY USA /

    ... which is why i have a link to the comments pages on the BGB homepage! - david

  84. Is there a point to the BGB? The page said not to press the button, so after a couple of presses, I stopped. Do you have something to say or prove or are you just wasting web space?

    Eugene Fan - Burtonsville, MD /

    i'm just wasting web space, of course - david

  85. Hi David! I was reading all the other comments on how difficult the BIG GREEN DOT was, especially in the dark room. But I have to hand it to you though it was very distracting. And I had a time finding the button in BGB2. And I was getting a bit tired and anxious. I really didn't want to proceed with the button pushing but it grows on me. I think you are very creative and you are probably very interesting to talk to. Well who gives a f**k anyway!

    Perfect Breakfast: My perfect breakfast would be lot's a strawberries, icecream, chocolate, (for desert) and for the main course Rasberry Juice (just kidding!)... Maybe I would try steak for breakfast with hash browns (those are my favorite)

    Kristiana Bruneau - Campbell River/British Columbia/Canada

    kristiana, the BGB made you tired and anxious huh? if is was you i'd head off to whistler, strap on some skis and carve some turns on the piste! but then you don't ski do you ... - david

  86. You're cruel, David. That's what I like about you.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: caramel popcorn

    Richard Corey Thompson - Dallas, Texas / "The Lair of the Moron Slayer"

    ... and i don't even have to do anything! - david

  87. It all starts with wasting time. You have time on your hands, and what better way to spend it than pushing little buttons and getting nowhere? Then you realize, this is something that NEEDS to be done. You can't just give up on it. It goes beyond wasting time, becoming a struggle for what you know you can accomplish, and what you have to prove. It's no longer idle button pushing. It is fulfillment. There is the simple monotony, yet pleasant reassurance, in the appearance of button after button, and somehow you know that this is more powerful than any website ever created. It becomes meaning in a world with no definition. People call out your name. You don't hear them. They reach out and touch you, yet you remain catatonic, doing nothing except clicking your mouse, finding button after button, and with each button finding reassurance and peace.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Cookie dough, straight from the tube

    Emily - Lincoln, Nebraska /

    sounds like you got a real problem there emily! - david

  88. I will hunt you down and put a hole in your head and blame it on the button and the police will take me to court and I will hire Johnnie Cochran and he will say something like, "if the glove doesn't fit, kill the big green button guy" and Judge Judy will call people Applesauce and I will write a book and I think I'm done.

    Mr. Bob Yokeldarn /

    no comment necessary - david

  89. AAAIIIHH! Buttons! Buttons everywhere! Their stalking me! Why did you put up such an evil site?? The button is an evil force! Evil! Evil! Evil! Wakka! Wakka! SPOOTUMS! parfod! SCRAD! Bliff! SMEEP! SMEEP! SMEEP! Going am crazy I? Course of not! Silly how very!


  90. My button! What have you done to my big green, Juicy button! You let it mock me with its seductive GREEN mounds of pure flesh, arouse me with those degrading taunts and then when I think I have at last met the love of my life, you take her away and I'm reduced to a quivering heap of loneliness. She has done nothing to except deny your repeated requests for sexual favours, so why condemn her to a life of darkness.
    You perverted evil bastard! Just wait till i get my hands on your bony little butt. I have connections with people in very low places, lower than even you would stoop. Start saving up for that coffin of yours, you anorexic dwarf.
    yours hatingly, Roy
    PS. all this would be forgiven if would just let me see my little big green button one more time

    Perfect Breakfast: Your toungue on a bit of lettuce

    Perfect Midnight Munchie:

    Roy Elmore - London, England /

    roy, i'm so sorry! i truly am ... i can't imagine how it must feel to have the thing that i love most in the world taken away from me. it would be devastating. life would almost not be worth living. wait! what am i saying?! you fell in love with a computer generated image! what's wrong with this picture?! get a life you sad goit! :) - david

  91. Well to tell you the truth it was fun i sent it to about 20 of my friends and yet they all seemd to yealt at me untill they beat it. The hloe time i sat there and laughed at them because they seemd like monkeys on a leash to me.. hehe. Anywho it was cool and you seem like a great guy with alot of time on his hands.. hehe j/k.

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: i dont know

    Jessica - Baltimore, Maryland /

    jessica, what does "yealt" mean? is it painful? - david

  92. The moving button butts and having butt moves on. Nor all your piety nor wit shall button it back to cancel half a line... Nor all your Buttons cancel half a zip

    BowNita2 /

    my thoughts exactly - david

  93. Arghh! My hand is asleep now. And it dont work right. And it's all YOUR fault!!!!! :)

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: my boyfriend... er um I didnt say that :)

    Iggabod - Ontario Canada / IB's Place

    well well well, one of my original BGB replyees back for more! iggabod graced my comments page #3 back in 1996 ... there's always suckers for more out there! welcome back IB - david

  94. 1. You're nuts!
    2. I'm nuts for "following you !

    Perfect Breakfast: Breakfast with Lynda Carter!

    Curtis M. Zehner - Allentown, PA /

    okay - david

  95. This page is defently WYSIWYGWYDSIWYDG (What you see is what you get and what you don't see is, erm.... what you don't get). You see a green button and you get well... a green button

    Hein-Pieter - Uitgeest, Holland / Hein-Pieter's Place

    Simple, yet effective - david

  96. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as i saw the big green button it was love at first sight! He's so passionate, so fun-loving, he's flying fancy free!! I pressed him and it was as i was hit by lightening!!! I did it again and again......I never stopped!! Then I clicked him again.......he disappeared!!!! A empty lonely black screen filled my moniter. He left me..... all alone I was. That's when I knew we weren't meant to be. Harry (my name for the BGB) was put on the earth for all to love and care for... To entertain while teaching important lessons in life......I know this now and I'm not bitter. Thank you for sharind the joy of Harry with me and all the other people of the world.
    P.S.Now that Harry was gone.....I was wondering......are you single?

    Perfect Breakfast: a nice tall, cool glass of o.j

    Anna - Kansas /

    anna, harry sends his love to you. he remembers you fondly and recounts many happy and precious moments that you and he shared. in fact he hasn't been himself recently. he's been moping about the website being obstinate and moody. now i know why. he misses you. he misses your gentle mouse caresses. please come back and rescue harry from his pit of despair before he brings me down too! - david

  97. Ok Davey boy!!! You think your sooooo smart! But! I beat your little game!!! HAHAHAHA. It took me a while, and cost me my sanity...but, I won! Oh...and Becuz of your little button, I now had to go to court. Yes, I admit it, I took out a bus load of nuns in my frustration at that big green button. Fortunately I won my case, and my now the judge wants to know where the hidden button is in in BGB1. He's going mad. So, uh...thanx for everything. Keep up the good work! :0)

    Perfect Midnight Munchie: Pop-tarts and slim jims and nachos

    Rebecca - state of Insanity /

    i'm very pleased for you rebecca but i'm sure that the nuns in questions aren't too happy about the whole situation - david

  98. Well, that wasn't that hard, I found that damn..*&%$&***, stupid, horrid,...must...find.. more ... BUTTTONNNNSSSS! Wait, where was I, like I said it wasn't that haaa.... haarrr....ahhh, it was horrible, the blackness..... it was everywhere.. and I couldn't find it... help.... somebody free me from the mass delusions inspired by button clicking EUPHORIA!!!! oK, OK, I admit it, I need help, the buttons.... they are everywhere... in my sleep... in my chemistry book, drawings of big green buttons.... *breathes deeply...* I'll be ok, just fine.. now off to push more BIG GREEN BUTTONS, ... almost addicitve... kind of like a rabbit on speed... (continues mumbling incessently due to the insanity that has now taken over her life and walks off into the black darkness of the button room)....

    Perfect Breakfast: green eggs and ham (reminds me of something.. :)

    Sherie - state of insanity /

    hmmm, another disturbed BGB pusher from the state of insanity. as for a rabbit on speed, check out this newspaper article! - david

  99. I found that during the waiting periods between green button witticisms, that I finally arrived at the answer to the question I have spent countless hours thinking deeply about. After seeing what a waste of time the button was, I now know why some animals eat their young ... to avoid having them come up with pages like this. Unfortunately I now have an even deeper question to dwell on, How come I enjoyed it and the comments so damn much. Sorry for the profanity. I sometimes just lose it. Deep breaths, Deep breaths, I'm O.K. now.

    Lorne /

    yes, and you know how so many animals make great web designers. keep breathing lorne! - david

  100. IIIIIII  ""   MMM       MMM    
       II         MMM  MMM  MMM
       II         MMM   M   MMM
       II         MMM       MMM
       II         MMM       MMM
    IIIIIII       MMM       MMM
    DDD       OOOO         NNNN      NN     EEEEEEEEEEE
    DD  D    O    O        NN  NN    NN     EEE
    DD   D  O      O       NN   NN   NN     EEE
    DD   D  O      O       NN    NN  NN     EEEEEEE
    DD  D    O    O        NN     NN NN     EEE
    DD D      O  O         NN      NNNN     EEE
    DDD        OO          NN        NN     EEEEEEEEEEE


    that says it all - david