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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. BGB Best Comment AwardGreen, Green
    I see green
    In a tree,
    on my plate
    Avocados, they taste great
    But who is this that I meet,
    everynight that I sleep
    Hiding behind each and every bush
    Yes I see it, it is there!!!
    Green buttons, I must push!!!!

    C Hardy - Denver, CO /

    What a way to start Page 17, with a poem as a desperate attempt to get my attention for an award and the top of the page slot! Well, it worked! - David

  2. You're weird man ... but awesome!

    Scott - Michigan / Do you like Elvis?

    Thank you kindly! - David

  3. thanks that was alot of fun what do you have in store for us for #3 can hardly wait lol keep them comming i'm addicted Please do another please i will beg please :)

    becky - Butte,MT.USA /

    Please! Don't beg! - David

  4. HELP!!!!!! I'm addicted!!! That was the coolest game I have ever played! (Can you tell I don't get out much???) I hope a Big Green Button 3 comes out soon becuse I will definitely play that too!!!!

    Katie - Houston, TX USA / DiceGrrl17's Home Page

  5. How long did this take to put together?

    Jim Morash - Cambridge, MA, USA / Sturve

    Ooh, about that long - David

  6. Very funny!! I can't believe I actually made it!!!! I would never have enough patients to do that!! Good work!

    Stefanie - N.R.,Ohio USA /

    Well, all you have to do Stefanie is go down to your local hospital and scour the wards for willing volunteers - David

  7. Big Green Buttons to the left of me! Big Green Buttons to the right of me! But I persisted. No bunch of overweight M&Ms were going to stop me from reaching my final goal! :::maniacal laughter::: (pause) What was my final goal, anyway?

    Gail - Behind The Redwood Curtain /

    Overweight M&M's? Hmmm .... - David

  8. Great - Wonderful - Halarious - A good way to break the monotany of an Autumn rain soaked day. Had a great time clicking your buttons, hope to play with your buttons again sometime soon.


    And they hope you can play with them again too - David

  9. I think that the BGB is really cool! I hope that you make another one really soon! I've been telling all my friends about it and I think they will probably come and check it out but I'm not sure! I really hope they will i thought that this was one of the best web pages that i have been at so far!

    Tiffany - Wichita/Kansas/USA /

    Tiffany, you are so sweet! Thank you - David

  10. David you are a truly cruel man! I got hooked on the original, That was yesterday :) Then I try to stay away from the sequel, but its worse then quitting smoking.....I admit that I am addicted. All that is green is good.

    Mary Flynn - Milford, CT USA /

    Mary, just take it one day at a time and you'll be okay - David


    Steve Clark - Ft. Collins, CO / Empire Computer Systems

    Steve, I see you've been at the Mountain Dew supplies too! - David

  12. BGB Best Comment Award WOW!!!! I beat it!!!! It was one of those things that put me in a transe, with all those green buttons on the screen. I was just pushing buttons at random, not even thinking about what I was doing. Do you have some kind of subliminal messeges hidden on that page??? I was mesmorized and I couldn't stop till I finally found the right one!!!! And when I finally did.......I was so joyed to have finally found the quit sign. So when I finally pushed it, and I was doing my cheezy little dance, and I was so overjoyed, it brought me to a screen that says "WRONG WAY PUTZ!!!!" OK, maybe that's not what it really said, but it's what it SHOULD have said. Or maybe "YOUR A LOSER, AND YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE EVER TRIED TO MESS WITH THE INFAMOUS BIG GREEN BUTTON 2!!!!" It's the same thing, I think. Or "GO BACK TO THE HELL-HOLE YOU CAME FROM, WANNABE BUTTON MANIAC!!!!" Well, if BGB3 comes out, I'm gonna have to try that one too. Only this time, maybe you should use some of the suggestions for signs I have listed above. I think they are more appropriate. Well, untill BGB3 comes out, I guess I'm going to have to fulfill my BGB cravings by playing BGB1 and BGB2 over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. At least till I can do it with my eyes closed.


    Subliminal messages? Never! - David

  13. This took me a long time to find the right button but I finally did. Kenny if your reading this, your in trouble. Hope everyone else had fun like I did.

    Angel - Tacoma,WA, USA

  14. its wow! you should DEFINITELY make a ton of them, but I still think that you should keep them free. So many of the halfway exciting things online are expensive, and im only 12 and I was able to do this sort of thing! It really cant be that bad... and anyways, how in the WORLD do you make these things???

    Teresa Bowden - Wakarusa, Ks, USA /

    Teresa, Big Green Buttons are free! They should always be free! I am totally against buttons in captivity! - David

  15. This was unbelievably mezmorizing. In the time it took me to complete the maze, the world population just increased by 14,517, the National debt increased by $4,755,982, and the total number of big green buttons increased by 67,843,306! This has completely changed my pessimistic outlook on life to a new, happy, enlightened one! Thank you, BGB2!

    Kevin - Exeter, NH

  16. Ahhhhh....I did. I can't believe it. Wait, this isn't the end is it! Oh my god, its another Green Button. Run for your life!!! I can't take it anymore they are all after me. Please do not venture into the BG2 you will regret it for the rest of your life. I am going crazy...AAARRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

    Jason - Paradise, CA 95969 / Infinity

    Another satisfied punter! - David

  17. You know, I really needed that. No REALLY. I was feeling in need of half an hour pointless exercises to perform, and thank to this button I found 3 hours worth of pointless exercises. This page should have its own religion devoted to it, so that all the BGB-ites have a place to go if ever they are feeling in need of some stress. Thankyou again for the outstanding service you bring to this planet. You should be Knighted. Help, Im being attacked by carrots. Would you like to see my set of cutlery? Jimbo. Time for Tubby Bye-Bye. Rickta Bing Da Golo Herritcal Frins. No Nurse I dont need to take it any more, there's nothing wrong with me.

    Sam Bryant - England /

    Sam, obviously too much morning BBC2 for you! - David

  18. Ok, here I am, missed three days of work, but I made it! It was fun at first, then it became an obsession. I have put my life on hold, just to find out what was at the end of the BGB2.... and here I am. My life is complete now. Is this the end? Will there be a Big Green Button 3???? I hope so. I live for the Big Green Button!!!!!! Huggs and Kisses to all....

    Cami - Mastic Beach, NY /

    Hugs and kisses are always appreciated! - David

    Cami later wrote ... Hi again David. It's me, Cami. I'm here again at the end of the BGB2 because I just had to show it to a friend of mine. She doesn't have a computer of her own, so, we had to do it together. We did it all.... BGB1, BGB2, even your home page. I have to tell you this.... we took a vote, my friend and I, and we have come to the conclusion that you look fabulous with a beard... and we would like to know... when are you comming to NY??????

    If I ever do make it back to NY I'll make sure I've grown the beard again! - David

  19. I hate you!!

    monica - nj /

    :) - David

  20. AAARGH!!! Do you realize that you wasted an hour and a half of my time with your big green buttons? I could have been doing, well, I don't know, important things! Anyway, I'm telling as many people as I can about this page, so they can feel as fustrated as me. btw I found the page through the "Wonders of the Web" list of links.

    Dogshell - Westminister, MA, USA /

    Wonders of the Web? That's good to know! - David

  21. May you be chased down a proverbial tunnel by wild geese wearing big green buttons!

    Jaki - Adelaide, South Australia /

    So that weird day was your fault! - David

  22. This was an earth-moving experience. I will never forget this when I press elevator buttons etc. in the future.

    Saku Leinonen - Finland / Saku's Place

    Just don't press them all! That'd really piss everyone else off! - David

  23. Okay... It's a great pleasure for us to have reached this far! First of all we want to thank our parents for producing us, our friends who have given us all the support we so desperately needed. We also want to thank Bill Gates, our cats, IBM, Hxgskolen i Molde, Safari (for bringing us here), Norwegian mankind, and last but not least the creater of this marvellous Green Button! Thank You All!!!

    Monica & Oddveig - Norway /

    Wow! I'm still being advertised on Safari? That started last year sometime - David

  24. Isn't this guy brilliant? You are cool I have no idea where you came up with the idea of making people push big green buttons antil their brains pop out maybe it was in some strange dream or maybe it was fate but anyway at least it adds a bit of fun to the internet and that must have taken you ages to do all those pages. that was really cool but the 'Sorry wrong way signs' could give people nightmares for years :-)

    Lawrence Lanahan - Enfield/Middlesex/England / FlAmErZ GaMeRz

    Hey Lawrence, I created them and I'm still having nightmares! - David

  25. Well, brain scrunching is the first crime I'd like to accuse you of. Among others are time-snatching, eye ball-popping, and making me think that damn button was morphing into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Logo... but I must say, twisted & delusional as I am, i enjoyed this. A much healthier habit than some of my other addictions! "I have ordinary addictions" --Gavin Friday

    Linnea - Grayslake IL, USA /

    Guilty as charged yer honour! - David

  26. BGB Best Comment Award You need a few big red buttons, or small red buttons, or small GREEN buttons, or moderately sized green buttons, or moderately sized red buttons, or big green switches, or big red switches, or small green switches, or...Wait! I've got it, by Jove! Get ready for the coolest idea... One which will shock and amaze you... One that will change the way you view the world, no the UNIVERSE as you know it!... I'm not kidding. It's really a cool idea... Sure you want it?... Okay! Here goes... Wait, I forgot. Gimme a minute... Okay, there's a minute, here it is (finally)... The moment you've all been waiting for... The one and only... irriplacable... undeniable... altogether coolest idea around...
    THE INCREDIBLY LARGE GREEN BUTTON!...No! Wait! The...um...incred...hold on, forgot the capitals...there we go, now...THE INCREDIBLY LARGE RED BUTTON!...No...not enough...er...um...well...pizzaz. But how about the in...damn, forgot the capitals again...there we go...THe...dammit stay down evil cheaply manufactured piece of plactic, I'll teach your Grandmother to suck eggs! I'll rip out your intestines and...um...er...tie them around themselves and stick `em back in (yes, that will do nicely). Oh, whoops! My bad? Where was I?...Oh yes...THE INCREDIBLY LARGE RED AND, check this out, GREEN BUTTON(available in Big and Small sizes also. Six percent tax where applicable. Offer void in Montana and North Carolina. For a limited time only).

    GiZmO, or gIzMo, or Gizmo!, or.... /

    Hey man, you really should get out more - David

  27. I guess this has upped my self esteem for the day. Actually it's pretty sad I spent about 1/2 an hour pushing buttons. Well aty least my work finally paid off. So are you gonna make a Big Green Button 3? If so, you better not tell me about it....

    Bethany :) - Monroe/CT/USA / Beatlsluvr's Cool Web Page

    Don't worry Bethany, I won't tell you! - David

  28. Dang...you have no idea how much time I spent on this thing...

    Kay - CA / Kay's World!

    You're right, I have no idea, and I don't want to know! - David

  29. BGB2 is a test of your personal strengths. It takes whole lot of talent to conquer this "Pikes Peak" of computers. You've got to have it all: speed, stamina, strength, poise, precision, patience, intimidation, and inner-tranquility. Yes, the weak will be eaten alive by the BGB2!!!

    Tim Tallent - Valley Center, KS

  30. So does this mean there is going to be a BGB3? I know it must seem like I've got a lot of time on my hands. But my question to you is what do you usually do in your spare time? I'd also like to know how old you are? Thanks Sara

    Sara Heath - Hummelstown, PA U.S.A /

    1) Nope; 2) Spare time? What's that?; 3) I'll be 103 next week - David

  31. Oh my goodness!! I thought the Big Green Button was nifty...boy I sure underestimated your ability to boogle and tickle the mind. I'm not sure I could handle another green button but I sure hope you come up with another challenge and yet another adventure I can try to conquer!! =^^

    Kourtney - Rock Island, IL /

    Boogle and tickle the mind?! You've been at those little pink pills again haven't you? - David

  32. My lord. That was the most harrowing experience of my entire life. I slaved for hours at this relentless, button-pushing task. I prayed to my gods: "DEAR GODS!!! When will this nightmare be over?! When will I find the right button?! WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?!?!" And then I found the right button, however, my addiction does not seem satisfied. I do hope there is therapy for this...

    Claire - Clarksville, TN /USA / Not-Really-Claire's Page

    The only available therapy is to send me a personal check for $4,365 immediately - David

  33. David...I really think I need to marry you!!! Your mind is VERY scary!...but then anyone that takes the time to work through the WHOLE BGB game has to be fairly warped, or bored, or stupid. Kinda feeling dumb right now, cause yes I did finish. I plan on sending out the link to many a friend, and a few foe....and I hope it takes all of them hours to find it

    Mona - Washington USA /

    Yes, that's what I like! Forthright women who speak their minds and who don't prevaricate around the bush! - David

  34. What the hell is wrong with you!? Wait... What the hell is wrong with me?!? I can't believe we BOTH spent this much time on this damned green button. But strangely, now that I've reached the end, I see no other purpose to my life. The green button had consumed me, and when it was over I had BGB2 to carry on with. Now there is nothing left. It's all over. I don't think there's a 12 step that can get me out of the bottomless pit of dispair I've entered. So long cruel world. The BGB was good while it lasted!!!

    Chris Dent - Glendale, Ca 91042 / Knowledge Adventure

    So long Chris ... - David

  35. It was delightful, just as the first BGB was! Even though my clothes went out of style while I was busy pusing buttons, I feel it was all worth it! It was like eating a York Peppermint Patty while skiing naked down a snowy hill! The thrill and exhiliration of it all! God Bless the Green Button!

    HllywdChk - North Carolina /

    Sounds a mite chilly to me, but I can see the potential thrill there - David

  36. I picked the right one on the first try. Really I did. No! I'm serious. Someone with as busy of a social life as me would never waste that much time on such mindless little games. Not when there's so many people to see. You don't believe me do you?! I knew it! No one ever believes me!! I'M TELLING THE TRUTH GOD DAMMIT!!! Oops. Sorry about that. I'd better go now before the nurses realized I've escaped my room. The CIA has probably already alerted them you know. They have me under surveillance at all times. I kinda feel safer that way though It's like a big cozy blanket...

    Meg - NJ, USA /

    I believe you Meg! - David

  37. I only went through 4 cups of coffee to get here. It was worth the shakes!!! What fun and frivolity!! A great way to spend a Saturday morning.

    Margaret - Poulsbo, WA, USA /

    Yeah, there's nothing better than a caffeine buzz on a Saturday morning! - David

  38. Oooooooo, it makes me so mad I keep falling into the BGB2 trap. Buttons, buttons and more buttons! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! You are a sneaky one, let me tell you. Oooooooooo, I am slinking away now, comforted by the fact that I won! I won! I won! And please do NOT let know if and when there's a BGB3!!! *LOL* :-0

    angie - missouri / Mississippi/Louisiana -- The South's Home!

    And you slink away very slinkily indeed Angie! - David

  39. that was incredible!!!!! i did it with my 6 year old son and he loved it. thanks for the great time waster. He wants to know ---"why was that big green button so long?"

    Linda Warner - Staten Island, NY ,USA /

    Hmmm, well Linda, you can tell your son that it has to be that long in order to fit all the pixies around it ... or something like that ... - David

  40. Lots of fun. Who thinks up things like this?

    Ruth Wootan - New Orleans, LA USA /

    Me! - David

  41. BGB Best Comment Award This is the most brilliant subversive brand of humor I've ever encountered. We are victims of our own self-spiting design. You may not know it (or maybe you do...), but you have made an outstanding commentary on the folly of our kind. Your buttons sit in eternal self disdain and oblivious faith, awaiting our own misguided initiative. I am philosophically confounded. Thank you for making me laugh, making me think, and driving me thoroughly insane.

    John Hart - Libertyville, IL, U.S. /

    John, you think too much! :) - David

  42. Hey, it only took me two weeks, 5 cartons of cigarettes, my marriage, and 3 mouses... but I got thru!!!!!

    GySgt Brooks Bergeron (USMC) - Pensacola, FL / Gunny's Place

    So, it was worth it then, huh? - David

  43. We'll, at first I was slightly confused, dumbfounded, and amazed, but as I went on, I became even more confused, dumbfounded, and amazed. I enjoyed watching my time just FLY away at each click on the green button. Not only is it addicting, but it is something to carry with you for the rest of your life. I am proud to say I completed the Big Green Buttons 1 and 2. This challenging little button leaves you pondering the most profound question of all: What was the point of that?!

    Jenn - Long island, NY, USA / Jenn's Homepage

    And the profound answer is: 42 ... er no, that's been done before. The answer is: You tell me! - David

  44. I had to come back to this one. I started working on it before work, thinking to myself, mistakenly, that I could finish it quickly and go off to work...but, noooooooooo. I finally found the time to go through the whole thing and have laughed, giggled, and burnt the dinner. Thank you for the entertainment!

    Judi - Hill AFB UT USA / Happy Hinkle Happenings

    It's good to hear that someone else burns the dinner! - David

  45. YAY! I MADE IT THROUGH THE PAGE!!!! I thought it was a complete waste of time, but defeating the odds, and proving to myself that I could do it, made the time I wasted worthwhile. And to think that those two hours would've been spent studying for a final! Hmp! THAT is the waste of time! Thank you for giving me a much needed break, and laugh. I was about to crack, but thank god I hung in there. I would like to offer these few words as encouragement to those who need encouragement to continue their pursuit of the BGB. All I want to know is... where is the Big Red Button???

    Alana - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada /

    The Big Red Button does not exist, has never existed and never will! - David

  46. i would like to kiss the lips of the genius who figured this web page out :)

    Linda - usa /

    Well Linda, that would be me, so pucker up! - David

  47. Hey, don't I win anything ???

    Einstein Thune - Norway / Internett Studio

    Nope! - David

    Einstein later wrote ... Ok, I'm back. Enough is enough. I did BGB1 too, and I found the button on the black page in less than 2 minutes. Doesn't that count for anything? So where is my prize ??? Hmm, no prize. Maybe I can do BGB2 faster, maybe then I'll win something. Ok, here we go again ...

    Still no prize! Just the personal satisfaction of having achieved something today! - David

  48. BGB Best Comment Award Kewl ::::Hair Flip:::: So that was one of the most satisying expericences of my young yet filled life... Like really, it has changed my whole attitude toward life and I now feel I can go on and help end world hunger.....but all those buttons and why green?? I mean I am not at all paranoid but does it have anything to do with the military and why round??? is there some hidden meaning to that or what?? and who are you any way and why do you want to know my name....I was never here. Forget I said anything. What does URL stand for??? You are lying??? or does it have some deeper meaning....DAVID are you there??? Who is David anyway??

    Judy - Rockford, IL USA /

    Er, because .... um, maybe .... *think* .... erm, possibly .... um, dunno .... yes .... no .... don't think so .... what are you on? .... I'm not sure anymore .... who am I? .... where am I? .... HELP! - David

  49. Holy cow! This is what the internet is all about!

    Raphael See - Phoenix, AZ USA / T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews!

  50. This is for crazy people only, if my 12 year old grandaughter can do it , any one should be able to , but I almost had a breakdown over it. One of the best puzzles and the most fun we've had.

    mlcan@worldnet.att.net - Wichita Kansas

  51. You are a complete and utter git. You swine. I hate you. You have far too much time on your hands. That button has made my life a misery.

    Andrew Bowden - Durham, United Kingdom / Planet Bods

    Thanks for the compliments Andy! - David

  52. Of all the things I could be doing. Making a better web page. Talking to the love of my life on IRC in the other window. Studying for my exams. ANYTHING. I have to be here pressing all those damn buttons cause I just HAD to know what came next. I don't know much about the people/person who made this page but whoever it is KNOWS how to screw with peoples heads. I'm going to bed now while I still can.

    Gavin McBride - Ireland / TITLELESS AT PRESENT

    Good night! - David

  53. Does this mean there are no more buttons to push? I need more!! This is way better than what I usually push.... my luck.

    Elizabeth - Helena, MT USA /

    So what kind of buttons do you normally press then? Or shouldn't I ask?! - David

  54. This is IT?!!! why the hell did i make my way through all those buttons? those lovely green buttons. sexy green buttons. mmmmmmm green buttons. i love my green buttons. green buttons...green buttons...green buttons...Green Buttons...GREEN buttons...green BUTTONS...GREEN BUTTONS...gREEN bUTTONS...gReEn BuTtOnS...GrEeN bUtToNs...grEEN ButtONS........

    GrEeN BuTtOnS cRaZy MaN...call me Snake - Australia (Tasmania 2 b exact) /

    Yeah, whatever! - David

  55. Wow! I Loved It!!! it Totally Changed My Life! It Made me Feel So Much More Confident In Myself. The Big Green Button And The Big Green Button Two Are The Most Creative And Imaginitive Things I've Seen On America Online. I Think it is Fabulous!!!!!

    Danielle Hava - Syosset, Long Island, NY, USA /

    Well, other than the fact that the BGBs aren't on AOL but you are, thank you! :) - David

  56. That was so frustrating, but I was so happy when I finally finished, and good for you for not putting that right button at the very end where everyone would think it would be.

    Melissa - TN / Melissa's Poerty Page

    I do try not to live up to people's expectations Melissa! - David

  57. Its not my fault. Its the little green men. They wouldn't let me stop. They feel a kinship to the green button. They made me keep pushing and pushing. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't!!!! You've got to help me. Oh, they also want to know how you know so much about me and what i was supposed to be doing while they were forcing me to press the button.

    Hydy - Midwest / Ravonlocke's Home Page

    It's easy to pass the buck and let someone else take the blame for your own shortcomings. Stand up, admit your weakness and face it like a man/woman/little green man/little green woman/bowl of sugar (delete as applicable) - David

  58. Wow. That's about all I can say. I sort of accidentally came across the BGB at school one day, and I got addicted. But then class was over, and I couldn't get on again to finish. Finally, I got the internet at home, so the first thing I did was look for the BGB. It is so completly cool, that I don't think I'll ever forget it.

    Sarah /

    We'll never forget you either Sarah! - David

  59. I found it highly entertaining. Perhaps even moreso than the infamous "Barney Stole My Balls?!?" page.

    Cecile the Strange /

    Why would such a loveable purple creature do such a dastardly thing?! - David

  60. I have not laughed as hard in a long time. That was the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I just wish I had thought of it.

    Steve Clayter - Greensboro NC, USA /

    If you say so Steve! - David

  61. ummmmmmmm I liked the first one better :) I must say part two was a bit longer though :)~. You did a good job whoever you are :)

    JoHn :)~ - Whittier,Ca, USA

  62. dear BGB2, I am an 12 year old girl who enjoyed both bgb1 and bgb2. I think you should continue and make a BGB3! I would love to have the fun of trying to figure out another one. thanx-

    Casey Snell - ft. myers, fl USA /

    Dear Casey, I am a 3 month old button who one day hopes to be 12 years old. You'll be 24 then ... you could have been to college, gotten married, even have kids of your own. Will you remember me then? - David

  63. I can't believe i made it through. But hey, it only subtracted 30 minutes of my valuable time. -)

    Amy - Santee, Ca /

    But just think what far more useful things you could have been doing in that precious 30 minutes! - David

  64. Oh My God! I thought I had a life but not when there's a damn green button around! I just kept clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking............PHEW!!!!!! By the time i was done i was three more months pregnant! (ok ...not really.....only two months)

    Holly-girl /

    Just don't come to me for child support okay?! - David

  65. Well, I got a link from someone to BGB and I became addicted, instantly, and I needed MORE!!! (admitting you have a problem is the first step) After going through BGB2 I can finally say that I'm relaxed now, I got my "fix" and that I should've gone to bed a few hours ago! Thank you very much for giving me something to do when I don't feel like doing anything productive.. wait, that's everyday.. I NEED to get me a life, and a job too. Anyway, I just think it was so cool!

    Sara - Brooklyn,NY USA / Sara's Home Page

  66. wow! well I had nothing better to do and it was rather fun. To those of you that made it...ha ha I wouldn't tell you even if I could remmeber which one is at the end and I am not telling you about the surprise at the end. Heehee By the way.... if you have ever had to chase geese you would know what the expression means. Unfortunatly they usually turn and bite you or beat you half to death with their very strong and hard wings if they see that they have any distance on you. ") Been there so I know. LOL

    angi - oil trough,ar,usa /

    Thanks for the enlightenment. However, I won't ask why you were chasing geese .... each to their own! - David

  67. Mondobitchintripindicular!! Yeah!! I loved it better than CATS! I'd do it again and again!! I'm feeling verklempt now that it's all over..... a tear drips from my eye....MORE, I SAY!! MORE!!

    L. Durso - Land of Enchantment /

    Mondobitchintripindicular ... an excellent expression but somehow I don't think it will really catch on, due to its unwieldy size! - David

  68. it was a long boring prosess but when your home with the flu even the dumbest things entertain you for hours!

    Laurie Clark - Richmond/VA/USA /

    A bit like daytime TV then? - David

  69. Before the Big Green Button and Big Green Button 2 I felt..... alone..... hurt.... and..... Not so fresh..... but now, thanks to the Big Green Buttons, I feel loved, accepted and sparkling clean.... thank you Big Green Buttons

    Shelby - Ventura/CA/USA /

    Shelby, I can hear you squeaking from here, you're that clean! - David

  70. The BGB2 is the most sickeningly fun page on the planet. More addictive than crack, and also more destructive to your social life.

    Randy Napier - Lexington, KY USA /

    Maybe, but is it as addictive as the nectar of the gods .... Mountain Dew?! - David

  71. BGB Best Comment Award Well, this is... no wait, let me say it in another way... from a philosopher's point of view... but also understandable for the normal working man... and woman, of course, I didn't want to, er, you know, I'm not one of those who always and without any respect... to return to the point, that means button in that case, although I couldn't see it was green because of this black-and-white screen, but the resolution is quite good... the point, yes, sorry, button, this whole site is... by clicking through like through a kind of... - just keep that in your mind, I will return to this point..., point, I just had the idea of going upstairs to the other computer room and check if the point is really green, because there we have colo(u)r screens, but no... that would mean starting the parking program on this station and that's not very stable, I'll trust that it is green - I promised you to return and this is what I'm doing right now, because I keep my promises... always... except... no, I think you wouldn't be interested in that, this is too..., but that was really an exception - yes, I will come back to the topic right now, see, I didn't say point again, no, I'm not senile yet, although some people... you could really get angry sometimes... stupid ignorants... think they are something special... but I wanted to return - oh, that late again... well, I think... should I... no, then you won't understand it and I'll have to start over next time again... the button - and it's meaning for - in general and in some special ways - ... next time more about this, Thank you very much!

    Tino Haderlein - Mainroth, Germany / Tino Haderlein's homepage

    Tino, there is nothing I can say to help you. It seems that you're beyond help - David

  72. Incredible! I couldn't stop even tho it is totally stupid!! It got to the point where I had enough time invested I had to see it through to the end...will there be a BGB3??? Oh, please!!!!

    Carol Engleman - Green Bay/WI/USA /

    BGB3? Never! - David

  73. I don't know how I survived without it. BIG GREEN BUTTON! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE????

    Maddie - Albuquerque/NM /

    Dear Maddie, I've been here .... it's you that hasn't! - David

  74. Whew! I made it! Wow...I'm pretty crazzzzy for pushing all those buttons, but you're crazy for making everyone else crazy, and proving that 113672 people are crazy about pushing buttons! My head is spinning...all I see is green...green round things appear before my eyes...they're all over, they're coming to get me aaaaauuuughhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Janet the crazy button pusher - CT / The Groovy Page...or whatever it is

    You crazy gal you - David

  75. You are a sick, sick person...I don't know how you can sleep at night subjecting people to such disgusting actions... Good night and may God have mercy on your soul

    S. A. Kristoff - Evansville, In / Another Tourist Trap on the Information Superhighway

    How do I sleep at night? Well, normally I lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes - David

  76. Hmmm, interesting. I finally got out. I must admit, quite clever. I'd never have the time to do that. You can hold all this on Geocities too. I take my hat off to you. Of course it's probably because I'm praying to God to help me keep my laughs in. Anyway, thank you for spending up about 20 minutes of my time I could've been using for finding a cure for AIDS. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

    Fudd - Aurora/Nebraska/Default / Aaron's Wondrous Website

    Fudd, you can put your hat back on now if you want! - David

  77. All I can say is WOW!!! Call me crazy, but I really like this! Can I put a link up on my page?

    Mary - Maine, USA / Mary's Home Page

    Okay, you're crazy! And yes, of course you can link to the BGB. Why would I not want you too? Any bit of free advertising works for me! - David

  78. The time is 6:45 am, and can only see Big Green Buttons everywhere...... (I think I will start counting BGB's instead of sheeps when I can't sleep) This was the absolute most annoying "thing" I have ever seen!

    Stian - Stord, Norway /

    Well that's what you get for getting up at such a ridiculous hour! - David

  79. Thank you for helping me to cure my guilt and insomnia. Now that I've hit the jackpot, I'm anticipating a life of fortune, fame, sex, drugs, rock & roll, and a free college education. But my success won't change me. I will continue to press every button I see, just to see what happens -- and what wisecracks I can find.

    Mary-Louise - Denver, CO /

    well, I hope that you get all of that .... and when you do, don't forget me! - David

  80. i used to think that i was insane, til i met up with this piece of lunacy! Well done, for a totally ludicrous waste of the brain cells. You may contentedly join the ranks of cranks that fill our world with the most ridiculous time consuming trivia that man can envision. No fool could have thought this up! It takes a special breed of deranged intellect to combine technology and wit to baffle and frustrate the minds of lesser mortals. To finish this piece of persecuted prose "may you be re-incarnated as a Rubiks cube!"
    p.s......pass me the prozac......Blither!!

    M.W. - Dublin / Ireland /

    Well, it's better to be a Rubik's Cube than that really bad Rubik's Snake thing that you could make into a ball or a cobra! - David

  81. This is sick. I have spent over 5 hours of my life pushing stupid little green buttons, and I've gotten my classmates addicted, too! I've decided that this game needs to be taken of the internet, because it's addictive. I'm actually writing a speech about it for first period. That's what I'm supposed to be doing, right now, but...ARG!!!

    Sarah - Dallas/Texas/U.S.of A /

    So how did the speech go? - David

  82. Friday: I DID IT!! I DID IT! Can you see my absolute tears of joy?!? Wait, if I'm done, that means there are no more of those lovely, charming, tempting green buttons to push! No more little humorous antecdotes to read! NOOOO! It can't be! I must go back and push the green buttons again, and again, and again. The green buttons must not stop here........
    Saturday: My name is Kerry, and I have am a green button-a-holic. I just can't resist the temptation to push those bright green buttons. All I want to do is push the green buttons, but when they stopped I wanted to cry! {:-)

    Kerry /

    Sunday: My name is Kerry and I have decided to send the BGB Creator a personal check for $25,000. I don't know why, I just feel so compelled ..... - David

  83. well, i had a sleepless night last night. I dont see how a big green button can cause so much anxiety, but it can. i finally spent all afternoon searching for it and clicking everywhere. When i finally found it it was like a burden had been lifted. That big green button now has a special place in my heart. I will mis the challenge of the first button, but soon i will have a whack at the BGB 2 and conquer it as well. thanks for the laughs.

    Perfect Breakfast: a bagel with lox spread and som cranberry peach juice

    Amelia - boston/MA/U.S.A. /

    a special place in your heart, huh? yikes! would that be your aorta or your pulmary artery? - david

  84. Hee hee... Was that it? That was short. Got to the end on my first try. So lets see, that would make my time under a min. Over all it's not that bad, even if it is short. :)

    Perfect Breakfast: One that I sleep in past (huh? - david)

    Badacoo Earthwalker - Aurora, Ontario, Canada /

    size isn't everything, mr earthwalker! - david

  85. I was just wondering if the only way to get past the black page was to view the source code. That was the only way I could think to do it.

    Perfect Breakfast: Coffee

    Keith - Pentwater MI /

    you viewed the source code? the unforgivable sin! may the fleas of a thousand nomadic egyptian camels infest your armpits for a thousand years! - david

  86. I spent my last 33mins of internet time going through all the big green buttons. At the time I didn't have the advantage of hindsight, but when asked if I could do it all again... Yes I would do it exactly the same!

    Perfect Breakfast: Ecoli Elephant

    James Rowell - Canada /

    hindsight .... where would we be without this wonderful tool?! - david

  87. BGB Best Comment Award Hey Davey-boy! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Remember me from last year? Comment #15 in the 12th hundred group of comments? Mister Fizzy?! The one who's mind was so horribly twisted from your demented button mind-warping game Well guess what? I broke out of the psyco hospital and on the run from the evil Republicans that you sent after me when I exposed your sinister world domination plan to the entire world! I plan to stop you, and nothing short of a radioactive, thirty-foot tall, deformed swedish yodeler will stop me!(Fizzy's Brain: You idiot! Don't let him know your weakness! He probably has a deformed swedish yodeler! Quickly, change the subject!) Er..Ah...Oh! I bet you can't find out where I'm hiding! (He'll never figure out we're hiding out in a Starbucks kitchen!) Yeah, especially not the Starbucks in the Meriden Square Mall! (Now you've done it! He'll find us now! I can't believe I have you as a body!) You knoew what? I think you're addicted to controll! ing me! (Duh!! I'm you're brain! I'm supposed to control you! Without me, the only thing you would be able to do is drool all the time!) That's it! I don't want anything to do with you anymore! (Fine!) {foot steps...door opens and slams} Fine! {foot steps...door opens and slams}

    Perfect Breakfast: Starbucks coffee

    Mister Fizzy - CT /

    hey fizzy bloke, you really do need help! - David

  88. That was soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! It's so perfect for someone as easily entertained as me!! Now for the BIG GREEN BUTTON 2!! I will try my luck with that now!! thanx for the entertainment!!!

    Perfect Breakfast: Cap'n Crunch

    Kristin - Boulder, Colorado /

    ah, kristin ... cap'n crunch! the breakfast of kings! it sucks that i can't get it here in england though! wanna send me a box?! - David

  89. BGB Best Comment Award Over my computer at work, I have a cut out of St. Dogbert, patron Saint of technology, hanging on a string of paperclips from the ceiling. I have discovered a wealth of perverted pleasure in sending him flying by whacking his little feet every time I have to WAIT for some program to decide to crash on me.

    Dogbert would approve of the Green Button!!

    My whole department was recently "reassigned," and my new boss, who has no idea what I do, had me voted employee of the month. But since she, nor human resources, ever stopped by long enough to see what I do for this company, they had to ask my previous boss to write the blurb to announce why I deserved it.

    All of those dreams where you show up for school naked, make more sence to me now. Can I have a green button installed on my forehead?

    Perfect Breakfast: Cottage cheese

    Doug - Ft. Worth, TX /

    i have this great mental picture of your little dog swinging perilously from his chain of computer frustration. how many times has he fallen down though? (re. your dreams: you still have those too huh?!) - David

  90. The willy big button scared me!

    Perfect Breakfast: mustard

    Baby Lady - Beanville, Beanie State, Beanie Land

    one too many beans for you my friend! - David

  91. (COMMENT) Awesome Man! A great way to spend a few hours when you are bored. Will there be a BGB3?

    Perfect Breakfast: A GIANT (I mean Huge, like 10 ft diameter) waffle!

    Eric - Urbandale, Iowa /

    that, eric, is one BIG waffle! how many maple trees would you need to sacrifice though? - David

  92. I love the BGB and BGB2, but I only wish there was more... :) I only have one question, though... Why was there that one extra BGB2 at the bottom of page 15? There was a nice, neat block of buttons, with one making it's own line at the bottom. Why the extra?

    Perfect Breakfast: Green Eggs and Ham

    Marcy - Des Moines, Iowa /

    well marcy, simple really ... there are 100 buttons ... you figure it out - David

  93. BGB Best Comment Award Its at times like these (i.e. completing the Big Green Button) that make one ponder some of the universe's more mind twisting questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why does two plus two always equal four? How does a super-nerd like Bill Gates become the most powerful person on earth? What force or being with all its infinite knowledge choose me to become another of the unlucky saps to fall into the sinister and vile cluches of the Fiend Incarnate, also known as David A. Hyland and to be subjected to his Doomsday Devise known as The Big Green Button. To answer these questions, namely the one about the Fiend Incarnate (Davey-boy)and the BGB, we will have to look at history from an angle different from one might normally choose, the point of veiw of a paranoid, Vietnam-vet, hillbilly. I belive to find the answers we seek, we will have to re-analyze the Roswell Incident. Some believe a UFO crashed there. The Air Force says it was a fallen dummy used to tes! t high altitude parachutes. The truth is that it was a UFO, but it carried an evil, alien warlord known as DavidAhIland. He had plundered many a world using a devise he called the Bringer of Destruction, but he spread all over these worlds under different names that sounded pleasing to the different worlds populance. Some of the names were: Shiny Uphoria Devise, Happy Green Thingy, and Kidney Poker of Cheech and Chong (to explain the latter, we would have to delve into the mystery of Barney the Purple Dinosaur, which requires comprehension skills that are many eons into the future, some time between humanity's evolution into a race of three-legged lemurs and the resurection of Howard Stern from cryogenic hybernation)DavidAhIland had not intended to come to this planet, but he dcided to conquer it anyway since he was here. With him was a Bringer of Desruction, but the Earth was atleast a half century less advanced than the other worlds he had plundered, and was thus left with! out a means of dispersing his machine of doom. His ship was utterly destroyed, he had no choice but to wait untill the Earth had advanced five decades. Sometime in the seventies, he decided to take on human form and altered his name to David A. Hyland. He had grown tired of going from one circus freak show to another, seeing as it was the only job he could find with his alien physiology. The hippie movement was in full swing at the time, and seeing it as a good way to best determine the means of dispersal of the Bringer of Death, he joined the first group he could find. He remained there untill the mid-1990's and had a revalation. he could digitize his Bringer of Destruction and turn it into a web page on the world wide web! It would still have the same effect on the planet! And so began the lethal rise of the Big Green Button. Seemingly harmless at first, but deadly in the end. With each visitor the world comes that much closer to a future of misery, torment, and eternal! suffering. I think the moral to this story is not to press green buttons created by people named David A. Hyland, but I'm not quite sure.

    Perfect Breakfast: Phylisophical chatter with Einstein, Newton, and Marilyn Man


    what can i say? my plot has been unveiled! you will now find your demise to be swift and involving strawberry jello! *muhahaha*! - David

  94. BGB2 is a great sequel to the BGB. Making you think that you've finally found the right button, then coming up to something else. Or making you think that you have come to another dead end, and when you press "quit," you end up having found the end! BGB2 is a great way to pass your time, and I'm wondering...will there be a BGB3?!

    Perfect Breakfast: I guess...bacon?

    Christina - IL, USA / christina's place

    christina, you sound very unsure as to your perfect breakfast! however, a bacon butty is definitely the snack of kings! - David

  95. I think this has to be the koolest thing i have ever seen.. thank you, BGB 1 AND 2. you have truely changed my life.

    Perfect Breakfast: leonardo dicaprio's bacon

    amanda - princeton/wv/usa /

    i think we have a bacon thing going on here today! but amanda, why would you want dicaprio's bacon? before or after he's munched on it? - David

  96. I'm going to have nightmares about big green buttons.

    Perfect Breakfast: Beer and a brat

    Dan - USA /

    sorry to hear about your future sleepless nights, but at least you'll be able to ease the insomnia with a beer - David

  97. lol .... i'll kill david for sending me this. its GREAT a must for buttunaholics like me. this and big green button 1 are so cool! hahaha! never give up

    Perfect Breakfast: hmmmmm hard to say since i dont eat it :)

    Jenn Nourie - Wilmington, DE /

    how can you not eat breakfast jenn? and you have easy access to boxes of Cap'n Crunch too! here in england Cap'n Crunch is just a dream of mine. consider yourself lucky! - David

  98. well, what can I say ???? I just couldn't stop when I first had started. I had to find the right BGB2, and I used about 30 min. of my life to find it. I had to click and click and click the buttons, and when I finally reached the end, I felt deep within myself that the clicking was worth it ! I've got to go now, I really need to find a Big Green Button to press......

    Perfect Breakfast: eggs and bacon

    Kate Oftas - Naples/FL /

    30 minutes? what better way could you want to waste half an hour of precious life? - David

  99. Man, let me tell you. I was introduced to the BGB (Big Green Button) by a fellow counselor at camp this past summer (1998). I got that one right on the spot and then we went right to the BGB II. What a trip. This is the tightest game in the world. Once you've succeeded in finding the right button, life is good. I am just so proud of myself, don't you know. And congrats to all who have finished this marvelous game. To all the BPG members, peace!

    Perfect Breakfast: Food

    Monica - Lusby/Maryland/U.S.A /

    what is the BPG? Big Purple Goat? Blind Philosophical Gorilla? Bloated Pig Guts? Bald Power Generation? - David

  100. I feel complete. My purpose in life has been fulfilled. I navigated both The Big Green Button and The Big Green Button 2, and i have completed the button-pushing phase of my life. I can now move on, a more fulfilled and spiritually advanced person. Thank you, Big Green Button 2!

    Perfect Breakfast: Lunch

    Jasmine - Des Moines, Iowa /