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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. How the heck did you come up with this thing??? I'm envious, it sounds like something I would do :) This is great (more more more!!!!)

    Brandi Ford - California / Fallen Roses

    Well Brandi, I arose one morning and found a small piece of old mouldy cheese behind the fridge. I proceeded to devour said product, whereupon I experienced a wondrous vision and was directed by the Almighty Button (Behind The Fridge) to create the Big Buttons in question .... or something like that - David

  2. The Big Green Button rules!!! The second was just as cool. I think next, there should be a little green button.

    Rachel Beck - Indinapolis, IN, USA /

    But then the Big Green Button would get jealous - David

  3. This is really cool and very annoying. Perfect invention to make a person go insane! Well done!

    Lindsay - Cincinnati,Oh,USA

  4. BGB Best Comment Award
    I was a nobody-
    My life was worth nuttin
    Until I encountered
    this magical button.
    It made my hair shiny,
    and made my teeth straight.
    And at last I achieved
    my perfect weight!
    It did such wonders
    even fixed my figger-
    my bustline's now
    three sizes bigger!
    I'm popular now
    I get so many calls
    I've erased my name
    from those bathroom walls!
    It's a great habit-
    I'll never kick it
    since it gave me the winning
    lottery ticket.
    It's wonderfully cool-
    and really quite keen
    all that has happened
    since the button of green.

    julz - Somewhere ... gaining on you. / GRACIE'S PLACE!

    Julz, what can I say? I'm speechless! How long did that take you, or are you a natural poet? I hereby award you with a poetic Cool Comment Award, as the only thing I can do - David

  5. This was a great earning experience for me. It told myself i could stick with it if i really tried to and i would like to give my advice out to all that seek the BIG GREEN BUTTON 2

    Sara Flirt - Manasquan,NJ

  6. This was almost harder than keeping the Mir Space Station in good working order. I am just gratefull to still be alive.

    Jason Rangen - Daytona Beach, FL

  7. After a series of button pressing, I think that it became personal for me to find the end. Now that I have, I am going to return to my normal life and find whoever it was that sent me this link and hurt them.

    Lauren - GA/USA / Lauren's Home Page

    I just hope it wasn't me! - David

  8. OMG i hadda friend tell me about this, and she DARED me to finish .... little did i know what i was getting myself into.... well one hour later i DID IT!!!!!!!!! please do NOT tell me if you make ANOTHER one!!!!! (ok DO tell, dammit)

    michael - chicago, IL U.S.A.

  9. What a waste of time !! Are you earning a dollar each push or what ? Such A Bloody Experience, Never Again !!

    Geert Staelens - Merelbeke - Belgium /

    I certainly wish I was earning a dollar a push! Sadly, no one wants to pay me! - David

  10. I love this game!!!!! You need to make a BGB3!!!!! Me and my friend XxAHGIRLxX played it together. We both agree there should be a BGB3 and 4 and 5 even.

    Kim Muggeo - Hilton Head Island/South Carolina/USA /

    3, 4 and 5?! I think two is enough for the time being! - David

  11. I think this changed my life. I was always such a slacker, I never saw anything all the way through. But once I got going with the buttons, I had to find the correct path. I started doing better in school. I grew hair in places I never had hair before. I found really cool TV shows at 3 AM. My life is altered. I owe you a great debt of anything but money. I love you, man.

    Gordy Wheeler - Stevensville MD /

    Just out of curiosity, where did you start growing hair? If it's the palms of your hand I'd start worrying if I were you! - David

  12. BGB Best Comment Award David, I have figured out your scheme ... You devised these damn green button programs in an attempt to overtake the world of internet users. You know that green button is addicting and puts the world of people on edge for at least an hour at at time. This halts all productive activies while you mezmorize your victims one at a time. I figure by the time Big Green Button 3 is out, it will halt productivity for at least 2-3 hours at time. Soon the world will be full of Big Green Button junkies all strung out and confused looking for their next fix. ALL UNDER YOUR CONTROL. I will not be a victim! I fell to BGB1 and BGB 2, but you will not control me any longer. I must do all I can to stop people from visiting this site. The list of people that get your link forwarded to them must be astonomical! If it wasnt enough that you trap them this button adiction ... you even cause them to waste more time coming up with poems about your site. YOU ARE AN EVIL MAN!!!!!! If they havent had enough of your buttons .. they read these comments and have more buttons to link to.... its just the big grey e-mail list now ... another plot in disguise. I linked and mailed everyone something ... I have nothing more to push and i'm totally adicted. I have wasted hundreds of hours that could have been used doing something of need and fell to your horid plot. Oh well i figure if you tortured everyone with those buttons I could torture you with an incredably long comment. I am trying for your special longest post award, since my life is so useles that i wasted all that time on your big green buttons. I have sunk to aiding your plans by taking up more peoples time if they read all the comments like i have done. I would just like to add that it was a great site and I really enjoyed it after all. Oh one other thing I would also like to comment on your selections for best replies ... everyone you chose had used parts from big green button 2 like telling how their tub was full, or hair in the drain, or the 747, or the cat was still in the dryer .....

    (I'm trying for that award also! See .... HA!) Oh well I think its time I end this reply. Just hoping I was able to repay your favor by forcing you to read this. You could have passed on at any time, you can quit reading this now if you like. I know your still wondering when the hell is this guy going to end his comments .... It's almost over ..... your close .... Sorry you have to go back and reread this to understand what I was put through! Ok I think I'm done for now ... just kidding its still going on! I think I will name it the big black and white e-mail response ... everyone can enjoy it. Call it a waste of time but your still reading this arent you? You could have deleted me hours ago but your curious just enough to continue reading it! Im just toying with your emotions now. Ok i will end this. Press here to QUIT..... Ok you can stop now its really over. If your wondering what the hell kind of wierdos visit your site .... I am a prime example! HA !!! Oh well i think I should stop now since AOL keeps reminding me how long I have been on and I still havent read my other mail. I was trapped into this green button thing from a forwarded email link. OK gonna say bye now. BYE!!!!!!!!!

    Anti climactic isnt it? Oh well just think its not over yet! Ok Im also trying for the most annoying e-mail response award also.... see I have some goals! LOL! Ok David thanks for all the fun and I hope to see another green button thingy! Just think cant you wait for another response from me ..... E-mail from hell part 2 by Mike! Ok Im really saying goodbye now! See ya around and I hope to hear from you in an E-mail. Thanks Again!

    Mike Polhamus - Bloomfield/NJ/USA /

    Okay Mike, you win the Longest Comment Posted Award! And yes, I read every word of your comment, wondering when you would get to the point! You are as sick as me my friend! Thanks for putting a smile on my face for a change! - David

  13. I am...umm..to say the least...a bit...oh nothing...be quiet...I like beans...can you help me get a house made of Green Buttons? i would like that much...I am too hot...I'm kinda cold though...would you please tell me what kind of dogs are best to train as Green Button Pushers?

    Jeremiah - Knoxville, TN /

    Jeremiah, you need help. Trust me - David

  14. Ok first of all I have to say I must lead a very sad and boring life to have ended up here. By being here it is saying I sat her clicking on that green button ... how crazy is that?

    Alison - OR / SprngRayne

    That's pretty crazy - David

  15. woah, what a time eater, seriously, I've been at this for almost an hour!!! that was pretty cool, I'll recommend you to all my friends, and all you people, out there, come, push a big green button, your last peroid spare will never be the same!!!

    Valerie Winterbourne - Mississauga Ontario Canada /

    What the smeg is a 'peroid'? Is that like an 'Altoid', but minty? - David

  16. that must've taken a long time to make! I think it is awesome, but I liked the first one better. There's just over a thousand buttons on that page, and just as I clicked one in the middle, I thougt about all the buttons that I've pushed before thaat and told myself that if that one was not it, then I would just quit, and that one was it!

    Robyn - Manchester NH USA /

    The buttons were obviously feeling kind to you that day! - David

  17. I'm truly saddened...I ventured through the BGB2, made it to the end, posted a comment, and you didn't even reply! I was hoping for one of those *kewl* comments that you give to everyone else! Oh well ::sigh:: I guess I'll go play with someone else's buttons.

    Chuck - Pocatello, Idaho /

    Chuck ... simmer down! I obviously cannot post every single comment I receive, otherwise these comments pages would be HUGE! As for the "kewl" awards, well, it's hardly everyone! - David

  18. Defininatly annoying at the end. But i was intent on finishing it. I think you should make another one with NEW and IMPROVED statements.

    Ayla - PA, USA /

    Sounds like a commercial for washing powder to me! - David

  19. I just discovered both your Big Green Button and the sequal. Yes, I do have a lot of better things to be doing right now! You have ruined my afternoon! I just couldn't resist clicking the darn buttons. I'm addicted. Great work. If you were to charge money for this, you'd be rich. ::chuckle::

    Astara V. Wong - California, USA / Astara's Place on the Web

    Don't remind me! - David

  20. The big green button rocks!!! David, you should be put on a pedestal and worshiped as a god. I got five G's on their way for ya.

    Dan - Warren/MI /

    Would I be allowed down occasionally for potty breaks? - David

  21. It took me FOREVER to complete it! It must have taken just as long if not longer to make. I love it! I think its very unique and original...and hilarious! (although a little frustrating also) but that just adds to the fun. Keep making them! They are great!

    Tiffany - Las Vegas, NV, USA /

    You'll never know how long it took me! (Four days from conception to completion) ... Okay, so now you do know! - David

  22. IT took me 1 hour to get throught The Big Green Button2!! I told my parents, my sissy's and bro's, i told my friends, I told everyone I know on the internet! I think I'm hooked on the Big Green Buttons!!!!!

    Rachel - Morgan/Ut/USA

  23. I LOVE this button....how about a big PINK button?????

    Jessi - Tucson, AZ, USA /

    Fergedit! - David

  24. How about the Big Pink Dot? I still like it even though it is green.

    Pink Dot - Tucson, AZ /

    What is it with Pink suggestions from Tucson today? - David

  25. Oh my head HURTS!!!!! Whoever it is who made this thing is sick! Cruel and unusual punishment!! WHY COULDN'T YOU MAKE IT AT LEAST NUMBING!? The pain!!!!! Ooooooooh!!! BUT...i FOUND the end of The Big Green Button 2!!!!! I did it!!! Nah nah nah nah!!!!

    John H.

  26. Even my Prozac won't make those green buttons go away. Running red lights, so confused, green buttons everywhere. Lots of fun, Family Enjoyed. Thanks

    G. Williams - Wyoming, Delaware USA /

    Glad to oblige! - David

  27. Hmm. While here I managed to sort out my career, discuss social plans with a friend, and speak deep philosophy with another. Cool.

    Eric - Littleton, CO, USA /

    Such is the inherent beauty of the BGBs! - David

  28. This kicks ass!

    Priscilla - Mountaintop, pa usa /

    Whose? - David

  29. Mind-Boggling fun! For a second I though my head might explode, but I DID it!!!!!

    Kelly Mitchell /

    Exploding head? Could be messy! - David

  30. This page kicks ass!

    Ryan - Newton Falls, OH /

    Sir, I refer you to Comment #28 above - David

  31. God, that's the funniest thing I have ever seen! You should get paid for that! (hey dont look at me) That was sooo hilarious yet amusing to us dumb humans. Very amusing. . . .a wild goose chase in which I survived. . Took me about 20 minutes. . hehe. . . MAke BigButton3. . . .Make it like really really confusing. Award anyone who makes it through! You are really cReaTiVe! The WORLD has gone mad! Thanks for the insanity David!

    Alicia Arcidiaono - Wilmington, DE /

    Funniest thing you've ever seen? Well, that figures seeing as though not much goes on in Delaware, right? (Just kidding!) - David

  32. Evil!!! I'm surprised you don't have raging bible-beaters throwing bombs into your belfry. And by the by, the big green button idea is, I believe, a blasted big time-waster... I approve from the bottom of my blue suede boots. P.S. Be on the watch for BGB3... it's back. With... buddies?... bell-bottoms?... balloons?... bedecked with black blossoms?... I'll cease my bogus belittling and bugger off. Bye-bye.

    Avri RAhamim - Palo Alto/California /

    Thanks for your mindless mutterings! - David

  33. oh my god....that was so fun....and yes i am weird!!! now you say that i have no life for playing that... well what kind of a life do you have if you sit there and make that??? not trying to be mean or anything cause it is really cool... keep up the good yet strange work

    Sarah /

    Thank you for your nice yet strange words! - David

  34. Searching for the correct big green button has brought out so many great qualities. It has served as a literary metaphor to my life, has signified the virtues of persistence, dedication, and belief in a God. I bless you for allowing me to experience your magnificient lifestyle of "buttoning."
    P.S. Next I wiil try it on acid.

    Jeremy Weiland - / Jeremy's Chakram Juice Official Web Page

    Jeremy, let me know how your experiment goes - David

  35. BGB Best Comment Award
    WALKTHRU On THE BIG GREEN BUTTON 2 v 1.0.1 by Anders Wighus

    Ever wondered why people sit by their computers trying to push the correct big green button 2? HERE IS THE SHORTCUT TO FAME AND GLORY!!!

    1. press the big green button 2
    2. press the big green button 2 again
    3. press the big green button 2 once more
    4. press the big green button 2 for a change
    5. press the big green button 2 6. press the big green button 2
    7. press the big green button 2 (duh!)
    8. GUESS ONCE !!! (press the big green button 2)
    9. press the big green button 2
    10. press the big green button 2
    11. press the big green button 2
    12. press the big green button 2
    13. ahem...... you know what to do
    14. exiting eh ??
    15. CHAOS! you have finally reached the REALLY big challenge LOTS OF BUTTONS ????? WHICH ONE TO PUSH ????? well all i can say is that tis challenge really did mess up my mind and furthermore.... i couldnt find the right button ages... well first i tried to push the first pushable button then this happened.... i had to push some more big green buttons for some time and then i finally found out i had gone wrong.
    THEN i tried to push the second pushable button then this happened.... i had to push some more big green buttons for some time and then i finally found out i had gone wrong.
    THEN i tried to push the next pushable button then this happened.... i had to push some more big green buttons for some time and then i finally found out i had gone wrong.
    ... etcetera ...
    FINALLY I THOUGHT I HAD FOUND THE RIGHT BUTTON BUT .. UNFORTUNATELY ... it was also another wrong button.
    THEN i tried to push the next pushable button then this happened.... i had to push some more big green buttons for some time and then i finally found out i had gone wrong.
    I FOUND THE RIGHT BUTTON HOOORAY!!!! i got to the end..

    It feels very good... so why don't you try it ... ??? it makes you feel mighty good. good luck .... :) and happy days !!!

    anders wighus - trondheim, norway / anders wighus

    Anders, thanks you so much! I'm sure that thousands of button pushers out there can now breath a sigh of relief and return to the BGB without fear! - David

  36. Ok, I tried the first one, and then the second, and I have this question. What the HECK is the point? I dont think I understand.

    Rachael - Toronto Ontario Canada /

    Rachael, if you have to ask what the point is then I'm afraid you won't understand! - David

  37. the big green button 2 is more interesting than a 3 hour biology lab!

    jennifer - decatur, ga /

    Well that's hardly difficult really! - David

  38. I started out giggling..then the smile disappeared..then my forehead got creases in it as I started gritting my teeth and setting my jaw..the harder I tried to find the end..the more frustrated I got..occassionally a smile would break through at your witty comments..even a slight giggle..but not the carefree little girl giggle I once had..no, it was a twisted giggle..a giggle that had hidden meaning like "I bet he's enjoying driving us crazy..". But then...what's this? OHMIGOD! I DID IT!! WOOHOO!!!

    Heather Goode - Oregon/ USA / Heather's Place

    Heather, I most humbly fall on my knees and beg for forgiveness. It is not my intention to reduce once carefree and happy girls into warped and twisted people! I'm sorry! - David

  39. Clever! Even dumping out the HTML wasn't much help. I assumed that you would duplicate some of the paths from the button array - but when you did, you didn't re-use names. I also - for some reason - got blank pages on the 2 final pages (including this one) - until I used "Back" and "Forward" to re-draw.

    Pete - Florida, US /

  40. How in the world could you have spent all that time creating such a ...a...a...anyhow, can you do another silly game like that? It was fun and one of the best! Good for you!! Guy with the green button. Thank you!!! :)

    HSCYN@aol.com /

  41. Uhh...my eyes hurt. I'm seeing Big Green Buttons everywhere!!!

    Jennifer Bigley - Youngstown, Ohio, USA / Gridmaster's Castle

    Your condition is not unusual Jennifer, it's called Button Vision. You'll eventually return to normal sight within 12 to 15 years - David

  42. *ROTFLMAO* You're my hero man! *hehe* I'm gonna start a big blue button, so I can be just like you... J/K. Seriously, great idea, I can't belive I actually sat there and pushed all those buttons, but... Oh well, I'm an idiot!

    Molly - California, USA / Sillabub's Homepage

    An idiot? Not at all ..... just a weak willed individual who is easily controlled by little green buttons! *evil grin* - David

    Sillabub also wrote ... Ok, this is serious! I'm ADICTED! I went back an did BGB2 all over again... HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP! *singing* It's not easy being green... La la lalalalalal laaaaaaa! *hehe* I see a light.... A big green light.... It's comeing to get me... Ahhhhh! It's Franky the green button... Eeeek! And the little green buttons in my head are talking to me, telling me to push the green button, but there's no more buttons... Ahhhhhhhhhhh! *Despratly trying to find a button* No more... There's no more buttons.... I need more buttons... more buttons.... more.... MORE!!!!

  43. Hi there...I can't believe that I wasted all that time on BGB1 & 2, but have to admit I can never pass up a challenge. And you provided the greatest challenge I have found on the internet to date. Other than trying to figure out how to keep AOL from kicking me off for no reason at all! So just a heart felt thanks for a delightful way to waste some time... Fran

    Fran - Cape Coral, FL, USA /

    You are most welcome Fran! Stop by again sometime! - David

  44. I loved it. I'm a blonde, i.e. easily entertained. The comments were witty and hilarious. How'd you know about my paper needing to be finished?

    Katie - Chicago, IL, USA / Katie's Place

    I know because I am omnipresent and omniscient ..... (or something like that anyway) - David

  45. Um, this is relly weird and nutz. I think this is one of the best pages I've been to. I think there's some thing wrong with the way I think and I don't think I have much of a life. I wish there were more Green Buttons to press. Maybe even blue or red buttons! I'm telling my few - not to mention messed up - freinds about this page. Buy now, save later!

    Robert Harris - Raleigh, NC US



    What? Better than Mountain Dew?! - David

  47. BGB Best Comment Award I really enjoyed your big green button it really buttoned up my day. I can now happily button my way to work and button all day. Too bad it's going to be a button day outside today. I could really button it out there. Button I gotta button to work. Do you gotta button any buttons today ? Oh, I gotta button my button it just popped outa the button (my engish button I eat before I have to button for work). I button you english button aint as good as my english button! Button no time to chat now, I gotta button. See ya later big green button. Oh, did I say that I really button your big green button? Well I really do !............ Oh, MAN, where did I lay my buttons ! NOW I'm gonna be late for button!

    vella - michigan /

    Man, you've really got a major problem there, huh? I hope that this BGB Award will help to ease the pain a little? - David

  48. Well I've made it through BGB and BGB2 without cheating and I just have one thing to say.... David, I love you! xo Cam
    P.S. On to BGB3???????????????

    Cameron - Chicago /

    Cameron, I love you too! - David

  49. I have no will power!!! That big green button is just way to tempting!!! I had to get to the end, or my mind wouldn't be satisfied. Now I got a headache........

    Janet - NJ /

    Just take a couple of asprin and lay down for half an hour - David

  50. I went to the first BGB and I was thinking, 'gotta get to the end...gotta get to the end...' It was like I was possessed or something!! I JUST COULDN'T QUIT!!!!!!!! Then that addiction made me go the the BGB2...more confusing! That page with all those buttons....::: headache::: Now I'm seeing big green buttons everywhere I turn! It's invaded my mind!

    AsterQet - NJ, USA /

    I refer you to Comment #49 above! - David

  51. The BGB and BGB2 are very mind-boggeling! But, I found out that I'm officially insane (you must be insane if you didn't already know that I'm insane)! They were kinda fun actually...... but what's the point to them? That's ok, you don't have to answer that. I'm afraid of what you might say.

    Tisa - USA /

    There's no need to be afraid of what I might say Tisa. I'm as harmless as a harmless thing. I won't think anything less of you if you speak your mind! - David

  52. Well, I was so frustrated after a night of pushing and pushing and pushing buttons to no avail, that I got up this morning and went at it again. At least I had the sense to PUSH the button. I forwarded the page to several friends last nigt, and 2 had e-mail to me this morning asking "What do you do with the button?"!!

    PH /

    your friends are obviously not really bright sparks, huh?! - David

  53. This is certainly the most unique page I have seen on the web. I certainly will be telling others about!

    George Rugar - NY / The Rugars Homepage

  54. The Big Green Button has changed my life, and it will yours, too, if you just push the luscious, steamy, sensual green button above that will take your breath away, as well as your family and friends, who happen to be eating knockwurst with cheese hats on at the jello eating contest of Knoxville, Tennisee....oops off the subject! Anyways, JUST DO IT!

    Zanna - Hansonville, OK, USA / The BobWhite Web Page!

    One too many bowls of Jello for you, methinks! - David

  55. The only way to explain this is to say that you must be more insane than I am to have gone to this much trouble to try and drive someone such as myself to total sanity with something this insane. hehehehehehehehe... Yes, I am insane...that always helps with buttons to push.

    Gene - Oklahoma City, OK / LegsRBest

    Yes, insanity is always a bonus! - David

  56. This was the greatest!!! Had me going on for about 1/2 hour! or who knows maybe longer!! Never admit to any longer though!! Big Green Buttons indeed!! You're a genius!! Good stuff!! Thanks!

    June - Nashua, NH /

    A genius?! Demented maybe, but thanks anyway! :) - David

  57. They said it couldn't be done, but this Big Green Button page may even be better than the original. It provideds a catharsis to the daily hum-drum, and you can kill a couple of slow hours in the mean time. Thank you for all the hard-work that must have gone into this page, and I am truly eleated.

    Jeremy Daniels - Texas / EnterActive

    They said it couldn't be done ... who is this infamous "they" anyway? - David

  58. Remember what it was like when your three year old child kept asking "why?" At least the BGB did end before the child became a teen-ager (although not much sooner.) I pray that there is a BGB question on my final tomorrow, because I have spent more time with it than with my text the last few days. It was interesting.


    I don't know what you're talking about (although I can imagine) as I don't have any kids .... at least I don't think so! (Mother, that's a joke!) - David

  59. What wierd compulsion drives people to follow such an obviously non-productive trail of misguided hope? The reason I started "using" the BGB was that a supposed friend thought I would like it. It started out innnocently enough, but the urge was never satisfied. I just had to have more BGBs. With BGB2 I thought I would finally be sated, but I found the correct BGB. Now what?

    Clark - Iowa /

    Now Clark, you have to find your own raison d'Ítre - David

  60. Never did Find that damn black button on BGB1! Gotta admit though, that thing gets frustrating! Lol..i think i spent WAY to much time looking for it. BGB2 was easy..somewhat pointless. I think you should just give in and tell Us where it is on BGB1--- We'll like ya for it! But then again..who cares. LATer U

    Raegan - Louisiana--U know the country /

    What makes you think I'll tell you, eh? - David

  61. Oh my God!! I can't believe I made it here! I've been wandering around in there for days on end. Haven't slept or eaten since I can't remember when. But I must go on, where the heck is the next Big Green Button?

    Rod Julianus - Santa Rosa, CA / Rod's World

  62. BGB Best Comment Award On the first day, David created the Big Green Button and he saw that it was good.
    On the second day, David created the Big Green Button 2 and he saw that it was good.
    On the third day the rest of us went crazy pushing multiple green buttons.
    On the fourth day, David created the comments page for us to not feel quite so alone and he saw that it was good.
    On the fifth day.....don't you ever get tired of making green buttons???!!!!
    And lets suppose BGB I is a boy and BGB II is a girl, can they have lots of Little Green Buttons starting 9 months from now?
    PS. Not that i'm being greedy, but seeing how i got my very own BGB, can i get my very own BGB2?

    Shelly - Phoenix, AZ / Michelle's Coffee House

    And on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th ... 102nd ... 765th ... 2149th day David had to deal with all the emails and BGB replies from all you lovely people out there! - David

  63. I went through a gamet of emotions, but being as anal retentive as I am, of course I HAD TO FINISH. Very healthy entertainement, and thanks for the ulcer!!!!

    David M. D'AMico - Miami, FL. USA /

    You're welcome .... just don't sue! - David

  64. If one works in a methodical pattern, like picking only the ones on the left side or right side, and check out only those in your pattern, you find the right button a lot easier. I'm disappointed that it went so fast and no more challenges other than the multiple buttons page.

    Dolores - G.I. NE /

    I'm sorry to have disappointed you! - David

  65. A true masterpiece of the web. I tremble in awe. (and my clicking hand trembles with RSI)

    Barbara - Mountain View, CA

  66. Let me tell ya, it can be pretty addicting pressing all those green buttons...heehee. But hey!! I'm determined and I've won! J/K, I really enjoy this. Thanks for sharing your creativeness.

    Donna Dong - Pittsburg, CA

  67. I want to know how long it took you to do that! Have you done any others?

    Michelle Egan - Murray, KY U.S /

    1) About that long; 2)No - David

  68. This is sooooooooooo annoying, but when you get done, you feel you have ecomplished soooooooo much!!!!! and if i ever hear, wild goose chase and what does that mean anyways, again, I'm going to SCREAM? How long did it take you to do that? CrAzY, VERY CraZy, someone should check out your mental stablitity, what am i talking for i went for it 2 x's!!!!!!!!! I'm CrAzY

    Shanon - NY / BEST PIZZA HERE!

    Crazy? Are you sure?! - David

  69. That game is fierce.

    Moc - CA / The Page o' Ska

    Fierce? As in a three toed sloth with big teeth and a temper, or something like that? - David

  70. Not as rewarding as I thought it would be. It was the most excrutiating pain I've ever been through!! Thanks for taking up an hour of my life:)

    Jennifer - Conway,Arkansas

  71. I always thought that lucid dreaming was the way to go...the way to be in control...but now that i've found this...this exhilarating button...i doubt i'll ever be able to let a day go by without hitting the BGB. At first I wasn't certain if there would be an end...and i could feel my confidence slipping away at a rapid rate...but with every turn a little voice kept telling me to just keep on going...that there was a chance, a way to succeed (yes, i will be getting that voice checked out AGAIN...) and so i kept it up. When i finally got here i knew then that everything was within my reach, i know now that i DO have the potential and the will to take over the world, the last time i attend to do so I quickly discovered that after the first million that taking over the world would be too long and tedious...i read all of the Tony Robbins self-help and whatnot books...but nothing has inspired me as greatly as the BGB. I hope that one day there will be a red button out there...or maybe a blue one...or is that just wishing for too much? Well...i'll be in your head later...and u will do as i say, so, i'll discuss this with u later...

    Nicole - Calgary/AB/Canada /

    Woah! I wondered where those bizarre thoughts and images came from! Do it again Nicole! - David

  72. That was kool....much better than the first one. but u should have it more complicated like instead of only one page with several options have a couple....with all different links....none the same....make them go in circles and get lost...hehehehehe....well those r my thoughts...hope u take it into consideration...i might do my own like that though it would be cool.

    Joe - Vancouver, Wa US

  73. It was almost two am and I really just wanted to go to bed but I must have been a cat in a past life because curiosity is definately going to be the death of me!!!!

    Rhiannon - New York USA /

    Well, I'll leave a saucer of milk out for you, okay? - David


    Jenn - Mentor/Ohio/USA /

    Glad ya liked it! - David

  75. Ha, I have no idea why I just did that... guess it just goes to show you how wonderfully full and exciting MY life is...the only consolation I have is that there were so many other people before me do the same thing...I'd just like to add that I found my way through to the end of both "the big green button" and "the big green button 2"... now that's an accomplishment to be PROUD of

    Rose - Valens, Ontario, Canada / A Bit About Rose

    Now you can face the day with a smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that you have conquered the Big Green Button! - David

  76. I regret that I have but one finger to push the BGB2!!

    Terjan - VA, USA /

    Well, that's all you need! - David

  77. You suck. I hate you. Your puzzles are evil. A pure waste of time. I loved every click.

    David Perry

  78. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no more buttons? where did all the buttons go? ::thinks to herself:: Now what do I do with my life? Maybe I'll go clean the hair out of the bathtub drain, and by the way I don't have a cat, but I do have two dogs, maybe I should go and take them out of the microwave now... hmmm I LOVE THE BIG GREEN BUTTON PART TWO!!!!!

    LizzardButt - Los Ageles, California / Lizzys Vampire Page of Death

    Well Shannon, tell me .... do you really have a butt like a lizard? Or is it just to be scary?! - David

  79. I pushed buttons for a long time. I just kept pushing... Just when I thought there was no end in site... It just ended.

    LiQuiDLeaD - Bloomington/IN/USA / Anomalies

    That's usually the case with most things in life don't you find - David

  80. I love these, I finaly beat it!!!!!!!! Who-ever made this up is very imaginative! :)

    Melody - PalmBeach/Florida/U.S.A / And this is it.......

    That'll be me! :) - David

  81. First, ya need two cups of coffee. Second, does Roswell know about this site? It is insidious. Workers around the world are not paying attention to the skies. They are pushing green buttons. Does this mean that the space aliens really look like green dots? Third, Bovlio says to put in different sayings. Poor thing got bored. Earth people - look to the skies. They are coming!

    WhiteWolf - Beatrice, NE USA /

    Hey, this entire website is sponsored by Area 51 .... but don't tell anyone! - David

  82. i think that it's all psychotic!!! that's ok though cuz i'm psycho too, but i think y'all had way too much time on your hands to make this up!!! i had fun, maybe, driving my roommate nuts trying to figure it out. thanks for helping me procrastinate! :o)

    j messer - u.s.a /

    Hey, procrastination is my middle name! - David



    Steph, please stop begging! It doesn't become you my dear! - David

  84. this is just hillarious... yes, I know... only pitiful, lonely, lost people will actually sit and go through all of this, but then again... what is the world full of nowadays??? *smile* Either way, I loved it... brought a smile to my face, which doesn't happen often anymore... thank you...

    Michelle Johnson - Anderson,IN,USA / Michelle's Place

    Ah, but the pitiful, lonely, lost people become stronger people with a direction in life! - David

  85. I can still feel the sweetness of the big green button on my hands! oh button where have you gone! David you are an evil and cruel man! Taking advantage of young hearts like that! Giving them a taste of heaven and making them lust for it and then taking it away! Have you NO SHAME?!?! NO SHAME AT ALL!?!?! DOES IT KEEP YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT?!? Wait, I have just realized something. David I love you and want to have hot passionate steamy sex with you on an island, you creative man, you. You, who have brought this button into my life, bringing everything I want. You should be sculpted and worshiped in small foreign countries. I LOVE YOU. I love your big, manly button. WAIT!!!!!!!! this is all a trick to get me to succumb to the big, sexy button. Oh no, not THIS woman!! We WILL have our revenge! (that is, after I marry the button) WE WILL NOT buy your Big Button merchandise, panties, bras, socks, sheets, curtains, miscellany, OH NO WE WONT! BTW, how good is the button in bed?

    Ashlee the Faery - Pensacola, FL, USA / my box

    Wow, what can I say to that?! What about BGB placemats? Would you buy those? - David

  86. dipsy tinky winky la la po

    pleb - canterbury / Pleb's Place

    Duncan, one too many mornings of "Can't Cook Won't Cook" and "Teletubbies" - David

  87. That is something that you can do when you have nothing else better to do. The pick any button was getting a tad bit frustrating because I couldn't remember which ones I'd pressed...but I'm sure that's the point. I had loads o' fun though!!

    Faith Broughton - Bowling Green, KY, USA

  88. It was awesome! It only took me an hour and a half. I have a real sense of accomplishment. Just when I thought that I wasn't worth anything, now I know that I finished the BIG GREEN BUTTON!

    Rachel - Philadelphia/PA/USA /

    Rachel, now you are a whole new person! - David

  89. BGB Best Comment Award SibSta laid on the bed in the ER. He dies from overexposer of radiation from his computer monitor. No one knew why he stared at his computer screen for 3 days and nights straight. His soul traveled up to God. God stood over SibSta and said with a loud booming voice... "SibSta... You were a selfish man... Your robbed everyone from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor. You never gave even a single penny to help the needy, and every word you spoke, was a lie. But I am a forgiving God and will let you go to Purgatory, to help you understand what you have done in your life, and ask for Fogiveness." "Forget it God, I don't want to waste my time in no stupid purgatory. Send me to Hell... Give me your best shot, God. I'm a man, I can take it!!!" replied SibSta. God turned into a Fiery Beast... "FINE!!!! TO HELL YOU GO, SINNER!!!!!!" yelled God and laughed a wicked laugh. SibSta was now in a place of fire and evil. He was burned, stabbed, beaten, boiled, sliced open, and tortured. His soul was going through, what is called Human HELL. But SibSta actually took it.... It was painfull... But SibSta never seized to ask for Forgiveness "You can't hurt me, GOD... I'll show you who the toughest is...." But then, something wicked happened. Something that would make any person plead with God to be in Hell. Something worse than the thought of God turning to Satan's side. SibSta was now in a place of computer screens... Millions and Millions of computer screens, all with the same image.... The BIG GREEN BUTTON 2!!! "NOOOOOOO.... Please God... Don't be so Cruel!!!!!!! I'll give all my possions to all that is needy... Please God... Don't make me do this...!!!!" begged SibSta. It was the Big Green Button 2 the reason SibSta's body is now six feet under. But all he could hear was God's voice booming "Let's see how tough you are know... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

    It was later found out that God was actually... David.. Creator of Life, Earth, Heaven, Purgatory and Big Green Button 2.

    SibSta - Farmington Hills, MI, USA /

    No! I am a false prophet! I am not the one! It is not I! There is another! - David

  90. This maze took me nearly 15 minutes using a T-1 Line & MSN to get here. Perhaps I had an unfair advantage ? If I used a slower line I probably would have given up after maybe 1/2 hour... Your counter currently indicates 65,282 people have pushed the BGB2... of that number how many have actually made it here ?

    Jonathan Eddy - Natick, MA USA /

    Hmmm ... tough one that Jonathan. But if I were to hazard a guess I'd say somewhere in the region of 65,282 .... just a rough guess - David

  91. The Big Green Button 2 has changed my life. I used to think there was a point to my existence, but the BGB2 has taught me the truth... there isn't!! Actually, I am being utterly ridiculous. There is a point to my life, and the BGB2, whilst remaining very humourous, is not life-changing or affirming in nature.

    Leigh Olivia - NOYB, CA USA / Leigh Olivia's Humble Abode

    Leigh, I love you for you honesty! - David

  92. WOW! That was definitely something different! And it's my birthday and green is my favorite color!! Gee, guys, you shouldn't have!! Thank you all!!!! :-)

    Wyn - Murphy, NC USA / Southern Sunshine

    You're right, I probably shouldn't have, but it's a wee bit late now - David

  93. It has been by far the most life changing experience. Before BGB2 I had no direction in life, it was as if I needed to be pointed in the right direction. BGB2 did just that. Knowing that BGB2 will be here for me in my time of trouble bring me comfort. Now I must spread the gospel of BGB2, and convert as many people as I can to the one TRUE religeon.... BGB2!

    Michael Taggart - Ft Worth/Texas/USA / El Web Page Del Miguel

    Well done good and faithful servant! - David

  94. I think that the Big Green Button kicks Ass! there should be a BGB3, 4 & 5!!! It should just keep giong forever or something

    Kathy - Rome, NY /

    "or something" being the operative words here! - David

  95. You.. are a sadist. :-)

    Brad - Connecticut /

    Thanks! - David

  96. You are one TWISTED person for creating the BGB and BGB2!! *lol*

    Estrella - Denver, Colorado, USA /

    More thanks! - David

  97. I think the original Big Green Button is utterly obnoxious as I still have not been able to find the hidden button. I thought that once I got to the end, there would be fireworks, men at my door with flowers and a check for.... oh, wait, that is another game! :)

    Renee Clare-Kovacs - Atlanta, Georgia USA / Mouseketeers Only

  98. If you had made the BGB2 the last button on the page, then i think it would have been quite ironic. But then again, there are those of you out there that just randomly clicked on buttons until you found it... losers. Not like us cool people that actaully have no life and spent half an hour (at maximum) going from one button to the next and following through every single one until the end. Now that's taking pride in your work. *breaks down crying* ...help me...

    Paul Purvine - Olympia/WA /

    Sorry mate, but it appears that you're way beyond help! - David


    Phoebe Chapman - brisbane, queensland, australia / Marvin the Martian

    So how did the paper go Phoebe? - David

    Phoebe later wrote ....You know, after that most awful yet satisfying experience (by the way, thanks for reminding me, I yelled out to mum to call the pest control about the cockroaches behind the fridge...shudder) anyway, after that, I got to reading the comments...read one or two...then a few more....a few more still...OH HELL!!! I CAN'T STOP!! THE GREEN BUTTONS HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE AND STRIPPED ME OF MY WILL POWER AND NOW MY PRIORITIES ARE ALL WRONG!! HEAR THAT, WRONG!!!! DAMN YOU GREEN BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are they getting to you Pheobe?! - David

  100. I am so addicted to the BGB 2! I couldn't make myself hit the little "x" in the corner to exit! You were right. I have no willpower. When I finally conquered the BGB 2, it was like the greatest accomplishment of my life. I was so relieved. That game is very clever. Maybe you should make a BGB3. Maybe not. I'll probably go to the Looney house if I even try it.

    Bethany - Manteca/CA/USA /

    You and me both Bethany! - David