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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. I knew I wasn't gunna quit as soon as I started. I liked it alot because the person who wrote it was very funny and entertaining and pushed you to the limit to keep going and going. I like this big green button alot and they should come out with more!

    PNut - NYC,NY,USA /

    PNut .... interesting name! - David

  2. It was awesome and very clever - you have a great imagination - keep it up. It makes you want more!

    Andrea Ferrence - Longwood, Fl. /

    Thanks Andrea - David

  3. I have to tell you that was quite an adventure. I found I couldn't stop till I reached the very end. I'm not usually an addictive person, but the Big Green Button proved me wrong. It's like reading a book and dying to know what happens in the end. You just have to keep on reading till you get there. Glad I followed through and made it to the end. By the way, in the first Big Green Button, at the end, where is the hidden button? Did you mean the written word button that was on the page???

    B.DOUMAS - Queens,NY,U.S.A /

    Written word button? - David

  4. i think that the buttons should be in the same places. like if you pick the first one it should be on the left of the screen. if you pick the middle one it should be in the middle of the screen. and if you pick the third one it should be on the right of the screen. that is my thought. thank you verry much.

    kelly - queensburry-glensfalls ny usa

    HUH?! Sorry Kerry, you lost me after "i think ..." - David

  5. I ALMOST WENT CRAZYYYYYY! i actually made a whole chart and looked 4 it! good one though! is there a bgb3?


    No BGB3 until I get paid loads! So, it'll probably never happen! - David

  6. when I saw the "NEXT" at the bottom of the end page, I almost thought it was a surprise ambush of more Big Green Buttons... I'm just glad it wasn't... that would have driven me loopy... I already had the shakes, and my eyes were bugging out of my head....I'm just glad that I made it home safe....

    Mike Fillbrandt - Bloomington/MN/USA / The Worlds Of Lord Rutger

  7. Roses are red
    Big buttons are green
    It took me three hours to map
    out that damned screen
    Please send a yellow one

    robin caskenette - canada /

    And what would you do with a yellow button? - David

  8. my eyes hurt!!!!

    marthe - Norway /

    Then take your fingers out! - David

  9. That was a blast. Thanks for filling my morning with something productive. LoL

    Chelle - El Cajon, CA, USA / Chelle's Page

    Like a cinnammon raisin bagel with cream cheese? - David

  10. Tired .... Very tired .. This required a lot of concentration. But, that's over now. Okay, my experiement ran away during this time, but one has to make some choises in his life. Looking forward to the BBB (Big Blue Button, maybe) .... PS : Still a question in mind, I didn't figure out why it is GREEN, .... ooooh noooo, this makes me sick, no more ......

    luc desbaumes - Montreal/QC/Canada / Luc Desbaumes' frames

    Green? No reason whatsoever! - David

  11. I don't know what ever possessed you to go through all this work, but it is probably the same force that possessed me to continue on and on and on and on pushing the "Big Green Button 2" My life is now complete!!

    Maple Cameron - Golden, B.C. Canada /

    My possession was boredom (at the time!) - David

  12. This is great for my insomnia!


  13. I make my living by working on the internet, and this was much more fun than my crappy job.

    Brian Simpson - Tucson, AZ USA /

    Ah well Brian, at least you get paid for your work! I don't make a dime with this! - David

  14. The Big Green Button CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! I am a better More Humble man for it. The Big Green Button 2 was nothing short of a religous experince for me. I Love the BGB!!

    Alec J therins - Ogden UT USA

  15. Awesome! however did u think of that?

    Julie - NY USA / Gems Page

    well Julie, I found a piece of old cheese behind my fridge which I thought tasted a little odd at first but then I had this Big Green Vision ..... and the rest, as they say, is history (or something like that anyway!) - David

  16. WOW!!!! This was great! I can't wait to tell my husband to come here :D

    Kelly - nashville, tn usa /

    No Kelly! Don't let your husband find out about us! - David

  17. Extreemly entertaining. Would you mind if I put up a link from my page ? :) I run a Kid-Safe sight on AOL

    Mike Gibson - Lakewood/Wa./USA / DrFeelgood's Web Page

    Link away DrFeelgood! - David

  18. This is the funniest, most enjoyable site I've ever been to. Sent the address to all my e-mail buddies and told them if they didn't have internet service this was the best reason to get it. Even played one friend in BGB2 to see who could find it the fastest.

    Rick Brogden - Raleigh NC USA / Cream of Soul Home Page

    Now that's what I call dedication to a cause! - David

  19. I don't think that was very hard. The only thing that could have made it last as long as it did was that I stopped to read some of the comments. Other than that, it was a PIECE OF CAKE. Yeah, you heard me! I dare you to make a Big Green Button 3, and when you do, tell me about it because I wanna try it and see if it's remotely hard! Ha ha ha!

    Becca Miller the Champion - Aurora, IL USA / Sword Swallowing Ninjas Nuns and the Women That Love Them

    Well, for all you arrogance Becca, you have the best titled website I've seen in a long time! - David

  20. I'm curious to know - has anyone done any kind of study on how many pathetic folks like me have no life and just keep hitting these damn buttons? I suppose we could optimistically say that it shows a kind of incredible stick-to-itive-ness, but seriously, give me a break! Anyway, whoever created this puppy must be out there laughing his or her a** off! Thanks for the distraction!

    Michele - Gorham, ME USA /

    I guess that would make a good subject for a university thesis! This 'puppy' is all my own and as for my ass being laughed off .... well, I do get a kick out of reading all the things that you all say, good and bad! - David

  21. Wow...it was so incredibly simple, All I had to do was to stop pushing the buttons. But I couldn't. It became my life, my addiction, my love. Thank you for the "Big Green Button" and "Big Green Button 2." Now I feel as thought my life has meaning. I am forever in the debt of the genius that developed this wonderful phenomenon.

    Tori Wood - Medford/Oregon/USA /

    In that case, send me your life savings! :) - David

  22. Definitely a welcome relief from all that useless crapola floating around the web! Something with a purpose! A dream! Someday our children will learn lessons of fortitude and loyalty and honour from these BGBs!!

    Amanda - Mission Viejo, California / Amanda's Home Page

    I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all these accolades and kudos! Thanks Amanda! - David

  23. THat was the longest experience that I have ever had. It was also the most unusual!! I would definitely recomend it to all my friends!!!

    sally - LaCrosse WI /

    You could say that about a lot of things! - David

  24. Just whem I thought it was safe to surf again, along comes the BGB2. The first one was cumpulsive to say the least. I couldn't stop pushing the buttons. The main disappointment I hane with the BGB2 is I didn't get to push all the buttons on the last page. I figured it out too soon. I now have an emptyness in my soul that can only be filled by a return visit. Many return visits. Many, Many return visits. AAARGH! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!

    Gary Diana - Champaign, IL, USA / Warthog's World

    Good to hear from you again Gary! Glad you liked it! - David

  25. What a soaring sense of accomplishment! The rush, the boost of self esteem... never would I have imagined that such a dogmatic, mind numb excursion into futility could bring such elation!
    (OK, where's my $20 for writing that? Come on, You Promised!)

    Scott Herrick - Cleveland, Ohio, USA / The World of a Sealess Sailor

    The cash is in the mail Scott! - David

  26. This is just terrible, I blew a deadline hunting for the right green button, and lost my job!!! Now my wife has left me, my kids think I'm a looser, and I collect bottles for a living. This thing should be banned... It's more addictive than snorting milk. I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Andri Sjxberg - Norway / Riddlers

    Milk snorting again? Full cream or skimmed? - David

  27. The BGB is awesome, and BGB2 is now even better! It sucks you in and doesn't let you out! Let it have you, it has great effects on you!

    Mike - Richmond Hill, Ga, USA /

    Ooer! - David

  28. Man was that a pain! I tried 12 other ones before I got to the working one! Sheesh you say! Ya I know. If you like messing around with funny stuff go play some games or chat or even find out how to do some java stuff on my home page! It is cool. Hope you enjoy it! And another comment: THIS PAGE ROCKS, I PUSHED MY BRAINS OUT TOO! (Of course that is a figure of speech). That was goin to go try for the cool comment award. Mabey I will get it, mabey I won't. L8R

    Doug - The Colony, TX, USA / Gi4GET's Just for fun page!

    No award, but at least you got posted! - David

  29. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's the world famous Simmone. The one who trys to get everyone to tell them your middle name. i will find out. i have guessed alot and still not received the prize or were the roses the prize? Anyway I loved the BGB2! Even it wasn't satisfying enough. I need more. I need a BGB3. I could even help you design it! Since i've pressed every button atleast 14 times each I found a new way to handle this withdrawl. Writing comments. Hey it helps, The comment page is just another thing that you deviasly put here trying to get us to keep writing comments. Then checking them to see if we get the BGB2 comment award and if you don't you still kepp writing and writing until you get it.I'm on to you. Even though you are my friend I know how that sneaky mind works of yours. hey i have one of my own and I'm damn proud of it.


    Simmone, what would I do without you?! - David

  30. big green button...big green button...big green button...i see spots...hello, is someone there...big green button...i think...well...i think i've...um...i think i've lost my mind...no really officer i only wanted to press the big green button...and they told me the little men in white suits would come and give me a nice new jacket and take really good care of me ...i'm ok now though...big green button...big green button...big green button...big green buttton...big green b

    a guy called him - BUTTONville ONT Canada /

    This guy seems to have pushed just one too many buttons, methinks - David

  31. I'm tired......I need a nap....I don't want to see the color green for about a month...I feel like I climbed a mountain...looked down and saw absolutely nothing.....But hell at least I tried......Thank you for helping me waist about an hour on a saturday evening.. Geez do I have no life or what....

    susan - Castro Valley, Calif /

    Susan, at least you didn't waste your time! *grin* - David

  32. Now tell me this: If the I am bored enough to actually push all of those BGB on the page from hell, who was bored enough to actually do all the work on this page?? I like it!!!

    Jenn - Michigan /

    That'll be me! - David

  33. Your Big Green Button 2 was hard and very annoying but it was fun and it really proves that a lot of people have too much time on their hands.

    Jenni - Delhi/California/USA

  34. I LOVE YOUR PAGE! The BGB has made me see things that I never have before! I left my wife, and I've never been happier! Thank you BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!

    Michael Scarna - Staten Island, NY USA / The Mike Scarna Homepage

    So tell me what you see with your new clarity of vision - David

  35. This was really mad kewl. I loved it...sent it to all of my friends so they could go crazy!!! Keep up the good work!

    Jessica - Staten Island, NY US

    Mad kewl? - David

    (falling out of my chair rolling on floor laughing my a** off can't stop laughging out of breath gasping for air face turning blue passing out from laughing)
    Do you get the feeling this has already happened? l know l sure do. l love your work. You inspire the child in me to keep pushing and pushing till l can no longer push. l only wish that you would have continued the button indifinately. perhaps on your Big Green Button The Trilogy?

    Rizme - State of confusion

    Rizme, now that acronym, although very apt and and precise, is some what longwinded and would always need accompanying translation, so I guess that it won't really catch on, but keep pushing for it! As for a BGB3, I'm not going to do one unless I get paid this time! Wishful thinking? Maybe, but there's no harm in trying right? - David


    Chelsea Kidd - Charlotte/NC/USA /

    Yeah, blame it on the voices. Easy option! - David

  38. I was just about to give up after all the annoying little notes, but I had hope and tried one more-- amazingly, it was the right one!!

    Rebekah - Myrtle Beach, SC

  39. I thought this was a great laugh I sent it to all my friends and family! I think maybe there should be a couple more just to finish it up to see how many people can make it!

    Dani - Bondurant,Iowa,USA

    Just a couple more always leads to a full blown addiction you know - David

  40. When do we get Big Green Button 3?!?!?!?!!?! I need it, man...you don't understand.....I can't go a day without my BGB!!! It's like a day without my Crack!!! It is addicting......i need a hit bro...give me #3!!!! Please, man, i will do anything for it....i gotta have it......

    Darin - California /

    you gotta quit my man! Ween yourself off slowly! - David

  41. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! This was addicting!!! Don't try to eat breakfast at the same time, it's too difficult!!!!!!

    Sherry Kurtz - St. Louis, MO

    .... unless of course you're eating Cap'n Crunch! - David

  42. Well, besides the fact that I went insane trying to figure out the right button, missed breakfast and missed the school bus... I loved BGB2!!!

    Marc Epstein - Brooklyn/NY/USA /

    .... as long as you didn't miss a bowl of Cap'n Crunch! - David

  43. I thought there was no end! I went through every single BGB2 button and finally it came to me! There must be a back door or something! And then I finally finished it! It was the happiest moment of my life!

    Sheri - Jerseyside, Newfoundland, Canada

  44. Hey, I still want to know where the expression "Wild Goose Chase" came from!!!

    Dan - Long Island, New York /

    You and me both Dan. Hey if anyone out there does know, please let me know! - David

  45. That was really cool... I made one with JAVA on my page... but these are better... Really neat! but I cracked that big button one in not time.. Clocked at 2 min and 55 seconds... not bad huh? ISDN rules I down each page in seconds.... Looking forward to BGB3 ? ? ? more wierder......??? Try it dude.. keep it up.. make HTML a more interesting waste of time... for people it works well and basically I bet some people make this one of there daily links so they can visit it every day to see if they can do it faster!

    Patrick Sassine - Burton/MI/USA / tHEpTSmAN's PAGE

    I like the Java button on your page, but I don't think you wrote it did you?! - David

  46. hello sweety, cool games, as you heard me and marie laughed our asses off *HUGS*

    ellesse - canterbury kent UK /

    I think the rest of the Internet B@r heard you too! - David

  47. I didn't know If I could do it the BGB1 has hard but I finily did it I pressed the BGB2 I did not know it would say to me and I woundered what am I going to do if I get in a jar (Just a saying) But it was fun I live to tell the tale.

    Ross - Calgary, Alberta, Canada /

    i guess it would have to be a big jar, huh? - David

  48. My cousin made me do it

    Missy - Deland, Fl, USA /

    Sure, pass the blame onto your poor unsuspecting cousin why don't you! Charming! - David

  49. After that little excursion, I should be locked up in a green padded room. Green? I hate green. It makes me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a green padded room. Green? I hate green, it makes me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They put me in a green padded room. Green? I hate green......

    Chuck - Pocatello, Idaho

  50. Big Green Button 2 was the turning point in my life! I feel euphoric and complete. That, or there's a gas leak in my house...
    Once apon a time there was a girl who was very good. In fact, she was so good that the town were she lived had awarded her with three medals: one for kindness, one for helpfulness, and one for something else which I can't remember. She wore these medals around her neck and they clanged together when she walked, so everyone would know how good she was. The mayor of the town where this girl lived had a big mansion with a large garden where everyone in the town could come and have lunch or sit and talk. In this garden, there were lots of pigs. The reason there were pigs was because the mayor had wanted pigs and flowers, but one of his advisors had told him that you can't have pigs and flowers in the same garden the pigs will eat the flowers, or the flowers will eat the pigs or something like that. The mayor had chosen pigs. Anyway, one day, the very good girl was in the garden walking around and people were telling her a good she was. A wolf was also in the garden, looking for a pig to eat. The girl walked to a far corner of the garden where there were many trees and bushes (pigs don't eat trees or bushes, and trees and bushes don't eat pigs). The wolf attacked her, mistaking her for a pig. The girl tried to run away from the wolf, and she was able to leap into a bush and hide. The only problem was, she was breathing so heavily that the medals she always wore around her neck were clanging together, alerting the wolf to where she was. The wolf jumped into the bush, and ate the very good girl.

    Evilyam - USA / Evilyam's Cyber-Abode

    You're a bit odd really aren't you? - David

  51. I think I am now certifiably insane, but in a good, warm fuzzy sort of way. (EMAIL) Ladycub2k@usa.net (NAME) Brandy (WHERE) Oregon (URL) http://www.angelfire.com/warehamplace/brandyspage.html (TITLE) Brandys Page

    Brandy - Oregon / Brandys Page

    Is there any other way? - David

  52. Ye gods... I think I'm going to have carpal tunnel syndrome from all that damn clicking! I'm going to sue! Though, I did inflict the pain on myself... fine, I'll sue my parents for giving me a masochistic streak!

    Melon - Decatur, GA, USA / A Slice of Melon

  53. I thought this was awsome yes you could say you get addicted because you just have to see whats at the end. I marked this in favorites and even had hubby play and he was the same way just had to see whats at the end. Keep up pages like this and ya could have eveybody addicted. LOL

    Carrie Springer - Apache Junction,AZ USA /

  54. I think you should have put in some false trails on your false trails...woulda made it even MORE maddening! lol

    Terri - Los Angeles, Ca. /

    Terri, I wouldn't like to be the reason of suicides the world over, but I'll give it some thought! - David

  55. thank you so very much, Now here's something to think about. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have all progressed through the following sequence. From bondage to spiritual faith. From spiritual faith to great courage From great courage to liberty. From liberty to great abundance. From abundance to selfishness. From selfishness to complacency. From complacency to apathy. From apathy to dependance. From dependance back again into bondage. where are we at today?

    Leroy von Flaguelhoffer - Dillweed, PA /

    All very interesting and philosphical but what's that got to do with the BGB? - David

  56. Hey you guys, you got me -) So, now what do I win!! Money, a New Car, TV, VCR, a New Computer, a BoomBox, a CD Player, a Vacation For 2 to Hawaii?? Come on you guys this is not very funny anymore!! You will pay for my Counseling right? This is all of your fault you know!! Is there a number I can call for help...your little Green Button pushed me over the edge...Now I see little Green Buttons Everywhere And I have To Push Them All. Is there a self-help group I can join!! Okay, now you will get yours...I have a Little Red Buttin I'm going to Push..better DUCK!!

    Red - Phx, Az /

  57. After doing both the original big green button and big green button 2 at 12 O'clock at night i feel the need to sleep. I did however find it a great tool for the easily amused.

    Amanda - Springfield, Oregon /

  58. I can't believe I just spent all that time searching for the right stupid green button when I have a web site to work on! I am going to e-mail this to all my co-workers so they can be just as unproductive as me!

    Laura Wells - Toms River, NJ, USA /

    Unproductive workers! That's just what the world needs more of - David

  59. Where is it? WHERE is it? I can't see a button on this comments page. I need a button. I must press it. Where is it?

    Marcus Hill - Manchester, UK / The Song of Steel Page

  60. At First it was cool...I thought it was great! But that multi-page is a real bitch! I'm so shocked I got out! I was stuck! I couldn't shut the window and I couldn't keep going! I was so confused! I have to make sure everyone I know gets here!

    Christalee - East Haven, CT / The Alternative Dimension

  61. Hello! My name is Kylee, and I'm addicted to the Big Green Button!!! I've tried and tried so many times to just ignore that green button appeal. I've even gone so far as to erase the email from which I was first introduced to the button. Yet I forgot about the one thing that would allow that Big Green Button to remain a part of my life forever. I put it in my "favorite places" I'm so weak!!! :( Please don't be ashamed of me, for I have learned to deal with my affliction! My name is Kylee, and I'm addicted to the Big Green Button but I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Kylee A Carroll - Baton Rouge/LA/USA /

    Kylee, I am not ashamed of you! I'm proud of you for standing up and admitting your problem. It takes a strong person to do that! - David

  62. I have three comments to make:
    1: Your final button was in the middle of the bottom of the middle of the top of the bottom of the group, so I didn't get to push all the buttons before I was booted out, which really sucked, which made me go back and push . . . he he .. . .. the BIG GREEN BUTTON! Again so that I could make sure there wasn't another route out and I was just jiffed and got the wrong one, or something.
    2: I love the BGB1 and BGB2, so if money is what it takes to get a BGB3, then I'm going to go out and get a job, just to see that green button again.
    3: I liked the BGB2 so well, I saved the picture and am now using it as a background (many, many, many, many, many, many, many BGBs) I can just click on the buttons and satisfy my button cravings without wasting valuable time online (even though I have unlimited access) Genious, no??? well, I have blabbered on long enough. BYE Now!!!!

    Calla - /

  63. that must've taken a long time to make! I think it is awesome, but I liked the first one better. There's just over a thou. buttons on that page, and just as I clicked one in the middle, I thought about all the buttons that I've pushed before that and told myself that if that one was not it, then I would just quit, and that one was it!

    Robyn - Manchester NH USA /

    Now what were the chances of that happening?! - David

  64. I couldn't help myself I had to go through and do the button thing a second time......the first time just was not enough it got sooo addicting......and annoying.......I do like button2 better than the original though.....will there be a button3? Hopefully there will be.....I cant wait to see it if there will be another one......well i better go write my psych paper....

    Rebecca W - Sugar Land/Tx/Usa /

    How was the pysch paper? - David

  65. What exactly possessed you to take so much time and effort to program such a strange page? Nevertheless, cool. I'm still trying to figure out why such a prestigious search engine like Yahoo has a category like this :)

    Lorraine - Sparta, NJ, USA / Mossflower's Home Page

    Because even the most prestigious search engines need to chill out every now and then! - David

  66. It may be sad, or even scary that people (like me) take the time to actually complete the series, but the truly sad and scary thing is that someone took the time to make a web page for such an insane purpose. I LOVE IT!

    mary-gilstrap@utulsa.edu /

  67. Push...he he...push...uh, push... Hey?!?! No more buttons?? Wait, I see another one. What does this one do? There's one way to find out. I just have to push it like th--

    Rude - Bay Area, California

  68. All I hAVe tO sAy iS, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! MAN!!! That was sooooo frustrating. But now I feel as though I can do anything!! Whew!! As mUCh aS I hATeD iT, I tHiNk yOu sHoULd cONtiNUe tO dRiVe mE aNd oTHeRs CRAZY!! I cAN't wAiT fOR tHe BGB3!! ThaNKs aGaiN fOR tHe tORtURe!! =)=)=)

    SMiLeS - NY!! /

    I think you've got a small Caps Lock problem there Smiles! - David

  69. The BGB2 has been a learning experience that I will never forget. Before I came to the BGB1 I was lost with no course in life to follow. After BGB1 I was a changed person. Feeling my structure begining to fade I hurried back to the BGB1 and found the BGB2!!! Now that I've taken the ways of the BGB2 into my life I can truly say that I will never lose my way again.

    Erin Kisshauer - Northern California, USA /

    It's good to know that you're now found the straight and narrow path of BGB righteousness! - David

  70. At first I didn't think there was and end. It was driving me crazy but I am at work so I have some time to waste on a Friday afternoon. I felt like the energizer bunny.....I kept going and going and going and going and going and going .....ok that's enough. :) Great page!

    Jennifer Frost - Walnut Creek, CA USA /

    So, are you pink and fluffy then Jen? - David

  71. It was a terrible nightmare of self destruction! Oh, lord, say it's not true! My mind has been crushed by the brutal repetition! The reward was unfulfilling! Life is such Hell! But, of course, other than that, it was lot's of fun! Wahoo!

    Paul - New York, NY USA /

    Wahoo indeed! - David

  72. How aggravating! I had to remember which row I was in all the time. All those green buttons didn't help.

    Matt - Homestead/Florida/USA /

    Sorry it wasn't easy enough for you! - David

  73. I almost thought I wouldn't make it! It's button 76 for those of you who don't know. 19th row from the top. HE DOESN'T REALLY MEAN THIS. I'M HIS BROTHER! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM HE IS ALL THAT IS EVIL!!! Don't listen to Bessy. I'm not the evil one she is. Look at how she writes in capitals. THIS IS BECAUSE TO WARN THOSE WHO READ THIS!! UP THERE SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING FROM MYST, DOESN'T IT? MY REAL NAME IS SIRRUS AND MY BROTHER'S NAME IS ATRUS. HE IS VERY CONFUSED AND HE THINKS THAT I AM FEMALE! I'M NOT THOUGH. THANKS FOR THE AMUSEMENT.

    Sirrus and Atrus - The Island of Myst

    Dual personality? And I thought I was weird! - David

  74. The BGB is soooo addicting. it also can get pretty aggravating because you keep pressing all these buttons, and there is just no purpose to it. but you just have to keep pressing to see what will happen next. but now that I've gotten through both the BGB1 &2, I have no need to press anymore buttons.

    Kerry - Ma, USA /

    No need? Of course not ..... not until the next one anyway! *maniacal laugh* - David

  75. I love the way you acted like you thought I was insane... it kinda got me to thinking, how obsessed with the BGB I really was. I enjoyed it alot, thanx.

    Heath Mardis, Jeannie Landers - Leighton, Alabama,USA /

    Acting? I wasn't acting .... you are insane! - David

  76. Thought I'd never get through it but finally I got it and I am so proud of myself... patience is a big quality you know!!!

    Sophie - Montreal/Quebec/Canada /

    I'm proud of you too Sophie! - David

  77. Dear BGB2 god, Thank god that i finally beat that thing. At first it was a funny game...but at every wrong way i got more and more obsessed. I realized now that i was a victim of Big Green Button 2 syndrome. Now that i have won the game, i can now hope to live a better life and beat BGB the original. Thank you

    Katie Herzog - USA /

    You're giving me deity status? I don't think I quite deserve that, but thanks nonetheless! - David

  78. the experience i got when pressing the right BGB2 button was indescribeable. it's like when you feel that you're one of those who's on last place in a race, then you hear Vangelis 'chariots of fire', and suddenly you've won. BUT, that's never happened to anyone except in all those movies. So BGB2 is just fiction, it doesn't exists. sorry. it's a movie. like your life, like all like.. that's it. BGB2 - soon at a theatre near you. DAMMIT, BELIEVE THE TRUTH."!$%".. BECAUSE YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH.. uhm.. okey, nurse, let's go back to the cell.

    Thomas Axelsson - Sweden / Axl's Place

    "Chariots of Fire" invloves running in slow-mo too, but yet they still win! Go figure! - David


    Nicola - Leicester, England /

  80. It wasn't as satisfying as the original. The mystery is not there. You ass.

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    Your hope? You have just one hope Michelle? Surely not! - David

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    I'm not sure Brooke, but if I find it I'll let you know - David

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    A.J. - Modesto, California /

    I've lost count of the times that people have emailed me saying the very same thing! I'll say it once more ..... over here in England, where I'm led to believe that the English language eminated from, we spell realise with an S .... it's you guys in the USofA that have raped our beautiful language and spelt it with a Z! Okay, so maybe it makes more sense to spell it with a Z, to make the word phonetically correct but then England is a weird and complex place full of traditions and other odd stuff, which makes this country so, well, English! So get off my case! *smile* - David



    Why, thank you Pres for your kindly and reassuring words - David

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    Scott - Farmington Hills, Mi /

    Er, as far as I'm aware, the "winning" button, as you call it, has never changed. So if it did for you then either someone's messing with my files or you've been subject to some weird alien stuff and they've messed with your mind .... or something ....- David

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    The worst thing about being an air traffic controller is when the tea lady comes along and trips over the mains lead. This pulls the plug out of the wall and all the coloured blips that were so carefully stacked up an the screen suddenly all disappear down a tiny hole in the middle of the screen. Causes havoc, apparently - David

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  100. You know there aren't many things in life that you can strive for that can bring you such satisfaction as laboring through the Big Green Button and finally reaching the end. I would like to thank my friends and family for all the support and IM's they sent me to keep me going through the bad times. They will never know how much it helped and encouraged me. I would also like to thank God for the strength he gave me to complete my mission in life. Thank you all very much, but now I must go because now it is Miller time!

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