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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. It turned MY proverbial frown upside down.

    Rach - Honolulu, Hawaii / Rach's Room

    Well, Rach, you were the first person to do the BGB2 (even though it was before I had actually linked it up!), so accordingly you should be the first to grace the new BGB2 Comments Page - David

  2. it was VERY frustrating. too bad i didn't memorize the number. could you make a BGB3, but a LITTLE easier? thanx.

    Mindy - NC /

    Mindy, nice to hear from you again! It's taken me a year to do the second one and now you want a third already?! - David

  3. Oh, boy. This feels great, just great. I'm a bit addicted and very proud of it. This was quite easy though, sorry to mention. Am I really in the end of Buttons? Why am I not insane this time, am I cured or what? Absoflutely free advice, this really helps.

    Aku Virtanen - Finland / Tirlittan

  4. Even better than the first. I actually pushed those buttons for almost 15 minutes. It was frustrating but I was in good spirits because I just got a letter from the greatest guy in the world and he said that I was definately beautiful and he is really really nice and he looks really really good too and this is a run-on sentence but I don't care and I love Justin.

    D.H. - south carolina /

    Dana, it seems like you've gone 'doolaley' over this Justin dude! However, I'm vary happy for you and Justin is a lucky guy I'm sure! - David

  5. It took forever but I did it I spent forever doing it but I am done and happy

    Julianne Kozar - Parma Ohio USA /

    I, therefore, am also done and happy - David

  6. Woah!!!! It's even better than the first. I have left your page with a new meaning of life: to find the BGB!!!! Oh, and by the way, I think you should start a BGBAA (Big Green Button Addicts Anonymous) support group.

    Katherine Maddox - Macon, GA, USA / Fair Lilith's Web Dream

    Nice to hear from you again Katherine! Regarding the BGBAA, set it up and you can be Chairperson! - David

  7. You are Satan. That was the most evil thing I've ever seen. :)

    Heather Bartell - Milwaukee, WI / Heather's Place

    That's a little harsh don't you think?! But thanks anyway hon'! - David

  8. I think the person behind this Big Green Button Idea.......needs to get a life Along with the rest of us!!! Great Fun....... wonderful imagination...... Leaving now..... to go find a life :-)

    Lynn - Tulsa, OK, USA /

  9. Ahhhh...I went through every single button. i thought, "he couldn't have just ended there..." but you did!!! why why why??? i want my buttons... you've done this to me agian... you've made me crazy, once again. i love the BGB and the BGB2. both are fabulous and you are an absolute genius to create them. thanks for the laughs. whens the 3rd one coming??

    kelly E. Bogart - williamsburg, va /

  10. BGB Best Comment Award
    B is for Beautiful
    I is for Ingenious
    G is for Gosh-darn enjoyable

    G is for Gremlin
    R is for Radical
    E is for Enjoyable, gosh-darn it!
    E is for Easter Bunny
    N is for Navel

    B is for Boggles the mind
    U is for Utopia
    T is for Tantalizing
    T is for Torture
    O is for Omnipotent
    N is for Nervous Breakdown

    2 is for 2 good to be true!!

    Boomer - Fort Worth, TX / The Madhouse

    Speechless .... - David

  11. I Have the will power and I made it. I survived the green button 2 and it was ten times better then the first. Sequel....Sequel....Sequel!!!!

    NoirMyst - Michigan / Myst@RainForests

  12. AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!! I used 7 days to get to the end of bgb2. I hope I'll never see a bgb 3!!!!!!

    Tone Lise - Mo i Rana, Norway /

    7 days? But it hasn't been up that long TL! :) And if I do make a BGB3, you'll be the first to know! - David

  13. Dave... I've been looking about your pages here for quite some time now, they're very amusing, and BGB1 was great... but when I got to the page full of BGB2s, and I started looking through them, I came to realize something... you are one sick bastard. I love it. Thanks for a great time!

    Dan Oliver - Somers/CT/USA / The BattleTech Arsenal

    Thanks for the compliment dude! - David

  14. I wanted to comment on your BGB2 page and how insane I went trying to find the end of it. Of course right this minute I am late for work. I was going to bookmark your page but then this little voice said "do you really think this is going to be in the same place if you try to come back later?" What is happening to me? I've got the big green button syndrom. I guess I will just have to stay here forever. I mean why not? It only took me an hour to get here right? And what a fun hour it was. It beats work any day!!! Thanks for the entertainment. I am going to pass this site on to all my friends. They will waste hours and hours and be really mad at me. Thanks!!

    Lynda Burgess - Liverpool/NY/USA /

    An hour, huh?! Excellent! It's obviously working and having its desired effect! - David

  15. Did it earlier today on a friends computer, and couldn't save the place where I stopped in the Green Button 2 fiasco... so I'm doing it again to see where I can get in it. I'm definitely hooked

    Carol - San Antonio, TX /

  16. BGB Best Comment Award I don't have a chicken in the oven(that's why the cat is in the tumble dryer). The cat isn't finished yet so no he can't come out of the dryer. I cleaned the hair out of the bathtub drain yesterday. My Grandma is dead so no I don't have to thank her for that notepaper she sent. I am at least appearing to be flying this 747 and I will get back to running the country in a few minutes. No I couldn't think of anything else more productive to be doing.... actually now that I think of it I could have been cleaning the lint out of my jeans pockets.... I guess I'll go do that now.

    Leann - Saskatchewan/Canada /

    Well at least it sounds like you're keeping busy! - David

  17. You are such a doody-head! You and your stupid buttons had me stuck to the computer so long I wet my pants! I hope you're happy. You should really add a rest site periodically throughout the buttons to avoid future disasters like this one.

    Paige - Ft.Worth, TX /

    A 'doody-head'?! What kind of rest site would you like to see? - David

  18. You are so gosh-darn lovable and seem like such a nice guy. Can I take lessons from you or something?

    Billy Jell-O - Haltom City, TX /

    Well, gosh-darn it all, thank you from the heart of my bottom! - David

  19. it is so addicting!! I dont think that I can quit !! This button thing has cost me everything ,my house, my car , my job, my wife, even my dogs don't want anything to do with me. oh well!!!! Just give me some more buttons please!!!!!!

    Mark Alexander - Bella Vista AR usa /

    Sorry, you've obviously had quite enough for one day - David

  20. I thought the big green button 2 was alot more exiting than the big green button original. It took me a while, but I got through it alive! (Or maybe this is heaven!) Yeah right!

    Chelsea - Charlotte/NC /

  21. must... keep... pressing.... green... button....... AHHHHHHHHHH!!! wait a second ... green button.... apple... green apple.... falls from tree.... must find out about gravity........ yes, YES! i've found my purpose in life.....

    Astral - California / ThE HaRuKa & MiChiRu GaLLeRy

    What, reinventing gravity? You know that gravity's a myth ... that's right ... the earth just sucks real hard! - David

  22. well David, I thought the original BGB was great for my sex life, the BGB2 was even better, The Big Green Babes I found through the first BGB helped me (and rewarded me) when I was looking through your page of buttons, I have though just contracted some side effects, like green urine, and a wierd liking for for green eggs and ham, but all in all my life will never be the same

    Colby Dempsey - Port St. Lucie, FL /

    That's nice to know Colby .... thanks for sharing - David

  23. You are a big freak! What is wrong with you? Were you droped on your head when you were a child? Or are you naturally this way? This must have been some sort of brain defect. I think you should look at your family line for cases of mental illness. You might find see the reasons behind your craziness. You never know. Let me just tell you that you are a big freak and you shouldn't be allowed to wander the streets with us normal people. You give our country a bad name! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, by the way, I loved the Big Green Button 2! You're a genius! @:-)

    Icki Vicki - Texas, USA /

    I get told that by so many people tese days. Why is that, do you think? - David

  24. BGB Best Comment Award You are an evil, evil man. You initially offered much hope that I would get out of the Big Green Button 2 purgatory, then snatched it back as soon as I had reached out to grasp it. You had me trapped. Cornered. I felt like a trapped, cornered person. Have you any idea what that can do to someone? I now dream about the buttons. At first, they were wonderful dreams in which I danced naked with millions of various green shapes. Later, the other shapes began to leave and I was trapped with only the round ones.... reminicent of... buttons. These, however, didn't dance. They just stood there and made me press them... over and over again. Now I am again trapped in a purgatory, much like your Big Green Button 2 page. There is no hope... no turning back... no....

    Melissa Cormier - Florida / click if you dare

    - David

  25. I pushed so many of those buttons, I can't feel my fingers anymore!!!!!! So, i fmy typi ngloo ksba d, it' sno tmy faul t!!!!! Thi stru lysu cks!!!!!

    Psycho B*tch 2 - San Clemente, CA, um USA? /

  26. Since I experienced Big Green Button 2, things have been getting weird around here. Suddenly, people seem to be a lot nicer to me. The other day I got a check in the mail for $547.83. My dog has stopped crapping on the carpet. Even my little sister has offered to clean my room for me, with a smile. I don't get it... but I like it!

    Henry Herman - Washington, DC / Henry's World

    It's always nice when the dog stops crapping on the carpet. There's a local cat that craps in my back garden next to the fence every now and then, which is very disconcerting - David

  27. Wow, I never thought I'd make it, but I trained hard and it all paid off! When's the third edition?

    Beth Kotora - Philadelphia, PA, USA / Elizabeth Kotora's Homepage

    Hello again Beth! How's life treating you? - David

  28. Wow Finally! After days of searching and searching I finally found the BGB2 comments page. I am now sudddenly fuffiled. I think it was the cup of cinnamon and vannila coffe I drank well searching for the right button that made me find it. Now matter how long it would of taken me to find your button the word give up is not in my vocabulary. My next step is to convince you to make a BGB3. Some sequals get old but not to the BGB!

    Mel - NY /

    And how will you convince me to do that Mel? - David

  29. Hello my name is Simmone and i am a button addact. Although i am an addict of buttons I want more I need more. Dave make a BGB3 and a BGB4 and a BGB5 and 6 and 7 and so on. Hey dave do you remember mr you still owe me the prize for trying to find your middle name.

    Simmone - NY /

    Indeed I do Simmone, but as of yet you have still not guessed it right! - David

  30. My sister sat here for 3 hours pushing the Big Green Buttons and she is now in a state mental institute claiming "More BUTTONS!!! I NEED MORE BUTTONS!!!" Actually this is me, have no sister that was just a figure of my overacting imagination used to cover up my button pushing addictation. I was a model lunitic and they awarded me with a laptop computer and access to the internet. They still think I am crazy, but it is not I who am crazy they are! THEY ALL ARE!!!! BUTTONS!!! BIG GREEN ONESFLOATING ALL AROUND ON THE PADDED WALLS!!! I TRY TO PUSH THEM BUT THEY MOVE TOO FAST! BUTTONS! thank you Dave for the new Big Green Button 2 page

    The #2 Button Master - Somewhere in Buttonland

  31. I am going to have nightmares about Big Green buttons for the rest of my life!!! I thought it would never end!! But it was so cool!

    Nat - Texas / Greetings Earthlings!!

  32. hm. well i liked number one better... that one just got boring after that scary page filled with bgb2's. i dunno i feel different though, like i feel as if this graet popularity for the bgb has gone to the new kid... but deep down inside the new kid ain't that good. Good Luck

    Avenger Boy - psychopathic maniacland / Quake Codes an' Stuff

    Parts of me agree with you .... like my left earlobe, for example - David

  33. Hi There David. :-( Sad to say that Big Green Button 2 didn't tickle my funnybone nearly as much as the original. Maybe this is one of those things that shouldn't have had a sequel. I understand that once folks get their sense of daring tittilated with no dire consequence, they will naturally clamor for more. Maybe this is the lesson to be learned by Big Green Button 2. I do believe you have a marvelous sense of wit and do encourage you to continue in your endeavours with bringing lighter moments to those of us who have nothing better to do than to chase your silly ideas all over the websites you produce. I would be happy to be on your beta test for your next effort, when it is ready. I need a job anyway. LOL

    John M. Hall - San Jose, CA /

  34. I liked BGB1 better

    Keith - Grand Rapids/MI/USA / Keith's Homepage

  35. Sittin' home and doing nuthin'
    (I have no life, you see.)
    Until I spied the Big Green Button,
    my chance for fun and glee!

    I clicked it once, clicked it twice --
    my efforts were in vain.
    One hundred clicks -- so very nice!
    No! NO! ...I'm not insane.

    Now I emerge victorious!
    My name in (big green) lights.
    A light is shed so glorious
    upon a geek's dull life.

    Kenneth Simon - Oakland, California / Peace, Love and Homepages

    A glorious poem Ken! - David

  36. Help me! Help me! Everywhere I look green buttons! When will this madness ever end? I hope never!

    Laurie and Karen - Phoenix, Az USA

  37. I made it!!!! For GOD's sake....I MADE IT!!! Now, I can resume my life (of course, if I had one, I wouldn't have wasted my time on those damn buttons). I'm just glad it's over. Finally, I have a reason to rethink my viewpoints on sanity and popping bubble-wrap. Wow!!! You have restored my faith in living my life. I made it through BGB and BGB2, but I will NOT fall victim to a BGB3....or will I? Only time will tell...

    Brad Brinkley - Sherman, TX, USA /

    Brad then wrote ...BGB Best Comment Award I know I've already commented once, but as with the buttons, it's just so gosh-darn hard to stop. At any rate, I wrote a poem about the Big Green Buttons. Hope you like it...

    Looking into forever and back,
    I see myself locked into a world of color.
    Mostly, olive or hunter green or Army green,
    But, green nonetheless.
    Although my world is set before me to view,
    It is hard to separate the hues of green.
    But, as I fly my 747 to the end of the tumble dryer,
    I begin to redefine the tinctures of green.
    Split pea soup, hazel...both green, but nethier impact me.
    As Elmo is inaugurated (with Pope Sadam by his side),
    A light is apparent at the end of this proverbial tunnel.
    GASP! It's Big. Green. Oval?!?
    Yes. YES!!!

    Thanks a lot, David. Keep your ingenious alive.
    P.S. This comment was written to prove that I'm not as ignorant as my first comment may have suggested.

  38. Are you ready for a story?!? Okay! Once upon a time there was a chicken named Orville. Since he was chicken, his life was rather dull. So he bought a plant. It was a lettuce plant named Johnny. Orville and Johnny had lots of fun together they would go to tractor pulls and art museums and even the circus. Johnny (the lettuce plant, remember?) really liked the circus. He decided that he would leave his friend Orville and become an elephant trainer. When Orville heard Johnny plans he was very sad. "Johnny," Orville said, "how can you leave me?" "I must," said Johnny and he walked off into the sunset. The End

    Kim - Iowa/USA / Mr Blue's guide to spiffyness

    Kim, after reading your BGB1 comment I thought that you were just slightly odd, but now I'm convinced that you are seriously disturbed! I like you! - David

  39. Woah. I have a headache, and I'm nauseaus. I no longer like the color green. But that really was kinda cool.

    Sarah Rajala - Connecticut, USA / The Paris Covenhouse

  40. at first i was sceptical. i wasn't sure if i could make it through all the big green buttons, but i finally found the right one! i am so proud to be number 152. long live the big green botton!

    Elyse Nardick - Scottsdale, Arizona /

  41. Holy Moses! Way cool - until the same message popped up under different green buttons. Would've been cooler if you out a different message on EVERY button - then people would klick through all just to see all the "humor". Now, I almost didn't bother to find the "right" button - the "wild geese"-message got somewhat boring... Thanks for the mail, anyway. the URL is already passed on to some of my friends.

    Jorn Scholz - Norway / the Virtual Garden Homepage

    Hmmm, I'll bear that in mind - David

  42. You are the craziest M@#$%R F&*%$#R I've ever come across. My blood pressure went through the ceiling seeing all those damn buttons. Shame on you for picking on all of us obsessive-compulsives like this. I need a good stiff belt.

    Matt Baright - Urbana/IL/USA /

    I think it's best if you keep your fetishes to yourself my friend! - David

  43. I can't believe I did it AGAIN!!!!!!! But somewhere deep inside was this urge to push and push and push that Big Green button! BTW I like this button better, it's roundness just makes you wanna push it LOL

    Sliver - Canada / I ain't Famous but I am Gay!!!!!!

    Round is better huh? - David

  44. Damn, that was good!!! The first green button had a simple cheat that I could use, but this was way better, harder, and took about 100 times longer!!! *S* You must have been really dedicated... or bored to make a second one!!!

    Justin - Australia / Frosty's Home Page

  45. Very intresting. I love it! I wish I had the patients to make a site like this. I think I would just break down and stop half way thru it like Ross Perot. Or something. Luv you hope you make BGB3. Just for me.

    Allison Sabo - West Valley City, Utah /

    Allison, all you have to do is head down to your local hospital and you'll find all the patients you need! - David

  46. Phew, I'm glad I got through, because now I can deliver my important message: D.H., that Justin guy's wrong for you! Geez, can't you see? Or something. Damn. This is what you get when you read the comments page before entering a comment.

    Matt Franklin - Palo Alto, CA USA /

    Matt, just one question .... What are you talking about?! - David

  47. After finally completing this thing, someone is banging on my door--it's two men dressed in white, and they keep trying to sell me this "unique" white jacket with straps, buckles and zippers that you put on backwards. Hmmmm. . .

    Sharon Crowder - Huntsville, AL / Putty_Kat's Lair

    Is that one of those funny bondage things? ;p - David

  48. You're a big pile o' stinking poo, in that you've wasted all your time, and mine, doing this. I've wasted my college fund on internet time. I'm filing a lawsuit. THIS IS SERIOUS.

    Mike the Ungay

  49. Is this a button which I see before me,
    The handle toward my mouse? Come, let me click thee.
    I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
    Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible
    To feeling as to sight? Or art thou but
    A button of the mind, a false creation,
    Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain?

    Hans J. Mennecke - Germany

  50. The Big Green Button 2 is better than SEX!... okay, but damn, it comes close! The mind boggling extasy of each and every button is exquisite! it's addictive! It's frustrating! It leaves you with that spent and warm fuzzy glow.... it's good to be aive with the Big Green Button 2!

    Carla "Q" Hewitt - Santa Barbara, Ca / Q's Corner

    Hello Carla! I remember you from your first visit. Maybe you should tell me what you're getting out of the BGB2! - David

  51. i now know i'm insane. *babbles*. have you seen that big green button that comes bouncing through once in a while? Its name is Billy Greg Bartholomew II. It has a twin sister too - do you have a twin? I once knew somebody who did, but they once slept in the same bed and grew together, ohhhh looik, my freckles are turning green! Its Little Green Buttons!!! hahahahahaaaaaah

    SlvrDrgn - Bjert/Denmark

  52. You have no idea how much more complete you've made my life now that I've completed BOTH buttons!!!! I advertise your BGB pages on IRC and so far, I've driven hundreds of people completely insane! Great work and I look forward to another one! :)

    Keith Fiske - Allentown/PA/USA / Prescient Dragon's Homepage

    Keith, thanks for plugging for me! - David

  53. Better than a lime green leisure suit button! Better than the love button! The Big Green Button 2 tastes terriffic!

    David Glenn - Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

    Um, I don't think you're supposed to eat it, but whatever floats your boat! - David

  54. And I thought my breakfast was fun!!

    Kevin - usa /

  55. Well Dave I will have to quote myself again, "I (twitch) need more (twitch) more I say MORE! (twitch)(twitch)(twitch) He He He He!" [Comment #582, BGB1] and add, "I think my girlfriend had more fun this time than I did!! And for the question if I remember what I was doing before I started this... wouldn't you like to know

    Eric Pykonen - Beaverton, Oregon / Eric Pykonen

    No Eric, I don't really want to know! - David

  56. Very Sublime, though I would have put in a few hidden buttons. Next time, maeby you should move the correct button from place to place to make it possible for someone to never get out!

    Robert Barrone - South Pasadena, CA / Robert

  57. Pretty messed up. I think it'd be cool if you wrote it as a java applet, though, that randomly picked a green button to be the correct one when you first load the applet.

    Billy - US /

    Hey Billy, if you know how to do that feel free to write it for me! - David

  58. It has been one of the most irritating experiances of my life. It just proved to me how difficult it is to preservere. My ego is shot. I am sending you my shrinks bill. Bye for now.

    Jessica - Israel /

  59. fingers numb and bloody. can't type much. thanks. now have to go back to bgba meetings. well maybe one more go around...

    Paul Vaughn - Atlanta GA /

  60. do you enjoy torturing internet junkies and people who have nothing better to do? I did the first big green button under moocow1@ix.netcom.com. At least I could cheat on that one. you had to go and mix up all them numbers 'n letters 'n whatnaught. Ah well, I guess I had nothing better to do.

    Rory Robinson - Lakewood, WA USA /

    Sorry to have made it more difficult for you! - David

  61. BGB2, you lowered my golf handicap, and cured my slice. how can I ever thank you?

    Steve - Alliance, NE /

    A check made payable to D A HYLAND would be appreciated! - David

  62. I thought that it would never end... but, I do have to say, that you are very clever. I thought that the BGB2 would be cheesy.. cause sequels never amount to anything, but you really out did yourself! So when is the third one coming out??? Hee hee.

    Sonja - Rockland Cty. Ny / Hugz's Home Page

    Thanx for your vote of confidence! - David

  63. It took forever!!!!! Specifically 29 mins.

    Kitty Blood - NY /

    That specific huh? - David

  64. I feel wonderful, magnificent, overjoyed, thrilled, etc.... Your BGB2 is even more awesome than the first one. I was worried about some things in my life and your button gave me chance to forget about them and just enjoy myself for a while. Thanks so much. When is the BGB3 going to be created? Just asking.

    Michelle - Hanover, MD /

    Michelle, you can ask, but I have no answer! - David

  65. Wow, what a rush!! I really feel like I have fullfilled all my life's dreams and desires. I lived through The big green button 2!! Thank you for giving me all I could ever want!!

    Danielle - Beaverton, Oregon /

    You now have everything you could want? - David

  66. It was so cool. I loved the part where you have to find the correct button. Dave my friend you have to much time on your hands.

    Marje - Richland, WA / The pad

    Tell me about it! - David

  67. This site really pushed MY buttons! Very cool, I am struck dumb by your imagination. (why else would I have stayed with it this long?!) Thanks for the memories.

    Linda - Michigan /

    Struck dumb? I don't know if that's good or bad! - David

  68. Truly addictive, good job!

    Chuck Anderson

    Why thank you Chuck! - David

  69. Look, On the computer screen!! It's big, It's green, It's the Big Green Button2!!

    Sprite - Aiken/SC/USA / The Dizter Zone

    And I've always assumed South Carolinans were slow! *grin* - David

  70. YOU HAVE A GREAT MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anna - canada /

    Now I've never been told that before! - David

  71. I made it, ONCE AGAIN! This one was hard, but I used the scientific method, started at the top, and randomly clicked on the buttons until one of them worked. Took a while, but I'm ALIVE! Alive, I tell you ALIVE!!!! AH, HAHAHAHA! oh...uh...sorry about that. heh heh...

    Jonathan Roy - SilverSpring/MD/USA / FunkyMunk's Temple of Humor

    It's good to have you back again - David

  72. Big green hit #2. Exhausting but once again... stupidly happy.

    Amit - Israel /

    :) - David

  73. Tell you my thoughts? TELL YOU MY THOUGHTS?!?!?!?!? I have NEVER been so frustrated with a website before. I had to click EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE STUPID BUTTONS ON THE PAGE WITH ALL THOSE BUTTONS AND I GOT SO INCREDIBLY ****** OFF! It's amazing that I sat there for 20 minutes clicking those stupid buttons and I didn't even think of closing the document to relieve my tension. Well anyway, uhhhhh gotta go.

    Heather - Naperville, IL / Heather's Wonderful Webpage

    Glad to see that I could be of service! - David

  74. Dear gods! The terror! Even more deranged than last time! And yet, I know I will have to come back... I know I am drawn to the mysterious power of the button... I'll have to hock my house to get the money for the internet fees so I can use the BGB2 ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Lysippe - CT / My page! Mine! Back off!

    Lysippe, I love your 'niam' page! - David

  75. It was great....I couldn't put it down...I think I've been fired, it's been so long since I've been at work!

    steve - Chicago, Il, usa /

    Sorry to hear that! - David

  76. You are too cute! Just when I thought there was nobody out there who could keep a smile on my face. By the way cool fish!! *SIGH*

    Lisa Howery - Los Angeles/CA/USA /

    Lisa, you are too kind! As for the fish, I had it trained especially - David

  77. I'm totally and completely rejuvenated by my experiences with not only the Big Green Button, but also the Big Green Button 2. Thanks for a wonderful use of my afternoon.

    Goddess / Detroit - Minnesota Flesh Rock

  78. This has to be the stupidest site on the internet, BUT, I LOVE IT!!!

    Joni - Pittsburgh Pa USA / Joni's Homepage

    Accolades galore! - David

  79. BGB Best Comment Award Theres a new face in town. And he's here to clean up the web. Addictive. Infuriating. Annoying. He's up to the challenge. Or at least he thought he was. Confronted with an (seemingly) endless page of BGBs he paled at the sight. So many buttons. So many links. So little time. And so, he stared. At the buttons. Glowing green images burned into his mind. His hands, upon the keyboard and mouse trembled. Then, from within, from somewhere deep down inside, he turned to face his BGB-phobia. Clicking like a madman, he opened each link in a new browser window. And followed the trails till each ended in a cruel red sign. And, when he came to the second last to the windows he had opened, again he faltered. Will it never end? This is so much longer than he thought. But he clicked. Oh he clicked. He clicked like never before. And was victorious. So the mouseslinger returns his Artec 45 to his holster at his hip. The button is dead. His work is done. But remember, for all those who fear the button, that someday it may be back. And you all know who will be there again to face this new foe that is known only as a Big Green Button.


    - David

  80. I made it man. For a while there I thought there was no end and then I thought about those immortal words from the people on the Titanic, "Where is all that water coming from?" And I knew that If I was going down it would be with a bang baby. Anyway this is too cool daddy-oo!

    Michael Farber - Jacksonville/FL/USA

  81. I love the Big Green Button!!! It is a good waste of time and especially if you are bored! Please come out with a Big Green Button 3 or even a Big Blue Button!

    Crystal - Pennsylvania, / Crystal's Homepage

    Crystal, why would a Blue button be better? - David

  82. That was the most annoying thing I've done today! That must've taken you forever! You rule! I'm just going to borrow that idea...

    Kerbuffel - Kerbuffelville / Rim Of The Hole

    If I rule then I command you not to 'borrow' my idea, Mr K-Buffel! - David

  83. DAMMIT! BASTARD! I just couldn't stop. All of that counting rows, seeing spots (er...buttons). And now i feel cold and frightened, and i think i wet myself...

    Mother Mary Godfather - Minneapolis, MN USA / Mother Mary Godfather's House of Love

    Incontinence? Nasty! Sorry about that! - David

  84. Oh wow! I finally made it! I'm sooooooooo proud of myself!!!!! i LOVE the Big green BUTTON! YEAH! I'm so happy i can hardly contain myself! You don't understand the amount of JOY i feel right now. i love you man. i love you.

    J - dumb town/New Jersey/USA / My Stupid Place

    My, that's a lot of JOY your feeling! - David

  85. OK whew....that's over! I had fun. Yes you guessed it...I'm addicted to button games. I noticed that the second one was amultiple of the first one, i.e. 3x_=__ not to give it away, so it seems I was mathematically correct.

    Larry W. DuBois - Bossier City, LA /

    What are you talking about?! - David

  86. This button-thing is great!!! I can't believe I just sat here and went through them all!!! What a cute and great idea!!! Thanks for giving me a chuckle!!!!

    Kathi Cipriano - Baltimore, MD

  87. OH Hail Lord of the Buttons! I have ventured far and many html pages of BUTTONS to get to the end! I am your servant to spread the chaos these buttons bring to continue the chain of insanity...and I would love to add a link from my home page to yours...LONG LIVE THE BIG GREEN BUTTON!

    Kary - Alberta, Canada / K WEB-Enterprises

    Link away, good and faithful servant! - David

  88. I cant see anything... except a big green circle... how odd.

    Mike Washboin - Wakefield MA us / The Super Free page

    Indeed! - David

  89. MAN I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER WOULD GET THE RIGHT BUTTON, I SWEAR THEY KEPT CHANGING ON ME OR SOMETHING BUT I GOT IT FINALLY AFTER 20 MINUTES, THANK THE LORD! and i just want to thank my parents for sticking beside me when i won this great award. i need to thank my server (muenter telephone) and i need to thank my computer salesman Issac Buttwipe Melancholy (IBM) and i know i didnt have a speech prepared for this but i cant think of anything else.......wait my hair dresser Raz Ya! bye all you great people and David you are the C-4 man

    Emilie Klutschkowski - Gainesville Texas /

    The C4 man? As in explosives?! - David

  90. DUH! My mind is fried green and I do not like green eggs and ham, Sam I am!! Everything looks green...... I see a green light at the end of the tunnel.....little green people are waiting for me! Jeeeeeez! I am so green! It's the button...oh my goodness.... I.... think.... I .... am ...... very.....ill! Do it again! Do it again!

    Dottie - LaPlace Louisiana /

    Dottie .... a very apt name! - David

  91. when is bgb#3 coming out!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!! please make another 1!! this is the best game on the net!!!

    slappy - ohio usa / slappy land

    BGB3 will come out when I get offered lots of money to do it! - David

  92. I think it is so funny how a lil green button like this can actually get so addicting. Its not like i want to sit here forever doing it, but i can't wait to see whats next. Its so weird. I never thought I would actually sit here pressing the same button over and over and over again. I had a great time.

    Gigglyspin@aol.com - Bronx, NY

  93. Uh, by the way... it was too easy... it didnt even take me a half an hour.... *sulk*

    Amund Gjerde Gjendem - Trondheim, Norway / the Warlock's Dark Den

    Then maybe you should do it again to take up another half hour - David

  94. If I had to push any more damn buttons I was going to scream. Thank God I have friends, thank God they saved me from a lifetime of button pushing hell. Intervention - that's they key. We have to get the word out, some poor bastard will get stuck in an everlasting button pushing loop. We have to be prepared, we have to take control!!!!!!!

    Aleeana - USA

    Uh oh, a control freak here! - David

  95. I'm seeing BIG GREEN BUTTONS everywhere. Stop the insanity!!! No, don't let the buttons get me!! I want my mommy!!! No, make them stop spinning around my head, make it stop!!!

    Caroline Howard - North Carolina

  96. I made it!!!! I made it!!!! I lived through those evil twisted big green buttons and lived to tell the tale....so my kids haven't eaten in days...so they have no clean underwear....so the cat starved days ago... None of this matters I tell you as I've seen the light....the big green light!!! Buttons to the right of me...buttons to the left of me....Sorry but I have to go now...there are some lovely gentlemen in white coats and they have the cutest straight jacket in the loveliest shade of GREEEEEEN!!!! AAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!

    Chrissy - NJ, USA / Chrissy

    You've obviously been living in Jersey too long! :) - David

  97. I think the Big Green Button 2 was a test of endurance and patience and index fingers. It was a challenge of will power, the power to say "I can make it through the Big Green button 2 and when I do, I'll be damn proud of myself". Is there going to be a Big Green Button trilogy??

    Jacky - Las Vegas/NV/USA / Jacky's World

    Jacky, I refer you to reply #91 above! - David

  98. I was really glad there was an end... I wondered if you were setting us up to go over the 20+ bgb's over and over again =) what a great way to relieve stress. Thanks

    shelle - Naples, New York USA

  99. I DID IT!! It took a while, but I got some help from another crazed addicted fan of the Big Green Buttons and we found the right end to the Big Green Button 2. It was very rewarding and we had a big celebration in the end to celebrate the fact that we had made it through another Big Green Button series. But now we are still hungry! Where is the Big Green Button 3????

    Kerry - Washington /

    Kerry, I refer you to reply #97 above! - David

  100. Well, at first my friend just told me about this for fun. Then I started it and found myself determined to find the right button. I dtarted at the top and went through every single button till I found it. It took awhile, but I was very determined, and even starting scaring my friend a bit at my will to find the button. It was 1:27 in the morning and here I am trying to find a button. You know. Anyways thanks for the challenge.

    Jacob Meltzer - Medical Lake/WA/USA / Jacobs Homepage

    Yeah, I know! - David