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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. This seems suspiciously similar to ...let's say, any large college lecture class.

    Fran Stephens - St. Paul, MN, USA /

    Hmmm .... that boring huh? - David

  2. Now that you've got us hooked is this where you start charging us to keep up our addictions? My mother told me about people like you: People who supply and use those with no ability to control their own unwholesome desires. You're evil. You live off the anguish of others. Have you no morals? You must, I repeat, MUST, supply an antidote for the Big Green... ugh...I can't even say the words... Please...Give us another one. I can't stand it. I need a fix...

    The Bad One - Naples, FL USA /

    If you're that desperate try the new BGB2! - David

  3. Like I wasted my time.

    wen - Strange Creek, WV, USA / The Little Shack in the Woods

    Sorry to have bothered you! - David

  4. *sobbing, weeping* I feel so ... REBORN!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity to see myself in a new light!

    Katie - Utah /

    Which light would that be? Sunlight? Moonlight? Torchlight? Flashlight? Miller Lite? - David

    Katie also wrote ... Well ... I DID get to the black page. And I tried to find that stupid little button. But I couldn't. And you know what, I don't care. Because I have a life outside of the Big Green Button. I know I said something before about how much the Big Green Button changed my life, but I was lying. It didn't change my life. It didn't even effect it. I could go the rest of my life without even knowing that the Big Green Button was in existence and I could be more happy than I am now knowing that it IS around. And I could go the rest of my life without ever coming back to this place and die a fulfilled woman. So, well, I don't know what all the excitement is about. It's only a stupid button.

    My sentiments exactly! - David

  5. You finally bugged me enough via e-mail to make me visit your website, and now I'm holding you entirely responsible!! Some friend you turned out to be... those buttons are way too addictive...so you, in an act of lunacy have to create another one!! Unfortunately, (ah ah ah!) I couldn't find the last BGB1 button so I'm going back for more....(THANKS D. It's made my day!!) P.S. How do you cheat? Just in case.....

    Julia Bagg - Canterbury/Kent/England /

    Jules, it's nice to see you've finally made it to my website! How long have you known me?! And as far as cheating is concerned, I'm shocked you're even asking! Hope to see you soon - David

  6. I feel tricked! I just couldn't stop. I got addicted to the big, green button! Oh, I am so sad. I just couldn't have the thought if I quit, "What would have happened if I kept going?" So, I kept going. I finished with pride!

    Kendra - Oklahoma / The best homepage ever!

  7. You are an evil, sadistic person. You derive pleasure out of luring innocent, kind people (like myself) into your world of horror, grief and big green buttons. It's as if you must make my existence more pathetic than it was previously. You feed on compulsive personalities and naive youths to fuel your thurst for pain and misery. Even though I don't express much adoration, my therapist certainly thanks you. With all the big green button victims that you have created, she definitly will not become impoverished anytime soon.

    Sarah Emily - New City/NY/USA /

    Actually Sarah, I get a percentage from your therapist! - David

  8. A little bit confused. Is there really a button on the last page?

    Chelsea - Charlotte/NC /

    Apparently - David

  9. I feel such a sense of achievement and well-being. My life is complete.. I can now die in peace.. thank you so much for allowing me to partake in this phenomenon.

    Marta - Pa/USA /

    You're most welcome Marta, but I really don't want to be a party to your death! - David

  10. why did you waste your time with this thing... i mean, you must have worked on this thing forever... i feel sorry for you

    billy bartleby - salina, ks /

    Thanks for your sympathy Billy. It's appreciated really, but coming from someone from Salina? Not the most exciting place in the world! - David

  11. Empty and let down. It kept going and going and going. I was left with a feeling of needing closure. Is that what the Energizer Bunny feels like?

    Carole - Pennsauken, NJ /

    I don't know Carole, but I'll be sure to ask him next time he comes banging his little drum rounf my neighbourhood - David

  12. figured I'm OK....the guy/gal who thought this up is the one who had better worry about possible sanity questions! LOL I thought it was pretty hilarious, however. It would be interesting to know how many went all the way to the end, as I did, and how many hit the quit button earlier. I kept hoping the idle threats did not lead to actual computer failure!

    Jerry Christian - Barberton/Ohio

  13. I feel like a total moron. At first I felt like a rebel, for pressing the button when it said not to, but then it did indeed become a mission. LoL. By the time I got to the black screen and was scanning around for the button, I had "IDIOT" pasted on my forehead.

    Carol - San Antonio, Texas /

    Well, I didn't like to say Carol, but now you come to mention it .... ;p - David

  14. What is this? Is there any point to it?

    Jesse - Oviedo Fl / Evil things

    Of course not! - David

  15. You! You're working with the government, aren't you? You get us addicted to that big, beutiful, shiny, forest green button, then when we're least expecting it, you zap us with a mind control ray so when you say a word like fiddlesticks or something and we become mindless zombies! Well let me tell you something! I know all about your evil plan for world domination! I'll stop you with everything I have! Visitors to this website! Heed my warning! You think you're so smart don't you ... oh no. The doctors have discovered me! I don't have much more time! I swear by William Shatner's toupee that the Big Green Button will be stoped! You'll never-let go of me you thug! NO! NOT THE RUBBER ROOM! ANYTHING BUT THAT! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    MISTER FIZZY - Meriden, CT, USA

  16. Angry, useless, pissed, agrivated, mad, and, "does this really lead up to anything or are they all just little agrivating buttons?!" (That is a real true question to you and answer it would ya?)

    Shelby Prindaville - Kansas /

    A real question?! Oh my god! Do they lead to anything? I don't know, what do you think? Do they have to lead to something? - David

  17. It was great! so great I made my mom do it! but she's lame and quit like 10 pages too fast! so I finished the game!

    Carla Carter (my mom) - Ferndale/Wa/usa / Music & 420

    I expect she just had far more important 'mom' things to be doing! - David

  18. Very keul....:) Kinda like the snake that ate it's own tail...:)

    Don - FL/USA /

  19. This thing makes me sooooooo hyper i luv it. just one thing tell me NOW where the green button is on the blank page. I feel Hyper! I found it at my friend house and loved it so much that it made me wanna download it to my computer. it is too fun. it makes me so hyper. everyone should know about this! You are one confusing person. Were you neglected as a child. Is that why you came up with this big green button joke. I am not having fun pushing your buttons!

    Lauren Daiutolo - Delran/NJ/USA /

    Hyper? No kidding! you've been at the Jolt again, haven't you Lauren! - David

  20. I feel so fresh and clean....... I think I'll go horseback riding!

    Rich - NY / USA / RIDERGL's Homepage

    Okay, thanks for sharing - David

  21. WOW!!!.....I made it!!!...I finally out lasted the BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!.... YES!!!!....... What a WONDERFUL Feeling!.. To know that I... {myself} ...did not let a "BGB"..... out do me...ROFL.... yep... that's it I beat the Big Green Button..... God I have GOT to get a life.... geesh... imagine that.. I have reduced myself to competing against a Big Green Button... not a person... not a game... but a "STUPID BUTTON".... GEESH......but guess what???.... "IT HAS BEEN GREAT!!!"... OH WHAT A HAPPY DAY.... to beat the Button!

    Joy - Austin, Tx. /

    I'm overjoyed for you Joy! - David

  22. i feel violated and used

    Elizabeth - san jose cali usa /

    Is that good or bad? - David

  23. He he! You know the last level, where you have to find the black button on the Black Screen. Well. It was easy! I right clicked the mouse, chose select all and all the buttons lit up! Weren't you dumped! Just Kidding! The rest of the BGB's were pretty kewl! I clicked on them like 30 times!

    Vladimir - Toronto/Ontario/Canada /

    Damn, you're clever! - David

  24. Empty, lost, alone.


    *sniff* - David

  25. it was really cute..... a friend sent the link..... and as he states very clearly it definetly fits in well with our group on aol... you will be having quite a few more numbers in a couple of days! thanks for the entertainment

    Michelle Alexander - Bella Vista, Arkansas /

    The more the merrier! - David

  26. Ha! I found your hidden button!!! At first I was curious to see what you would say next, then it became a challenge, like I dare you to cross this line, etc. Then I just HAD to succeed and I did. :0) Nice diversion.

    Jody - Oregon /

  27. Just don't show me any more green buttons! Even if there were a green button that said "pressing this button will end your life" I would have to press it, just to see, to see if there was another button that would pop up and say "I mean it, press it and you will no longer be here" And you are a mean scumbag, I want to find the button on the black page! It's not fair! I found the one that forces me to quit, but I did not want to quit! I was being challenged, and you forced me to quit! How dare you! Now I am left feeling empty inside, unable to face any more challenges in life. Knowing that any challenge that I am forced to face, I will, in the end, be forced to quit as well. Now look at what you've done to me, you've ruined my life. I have no reason to live.. go ahead, give me a green button that tells me not to press it or I will die...go ahead, do it.. I'll press it!

    Green Button Fettish - Hotlanta, Ga / Blue Rose Enterprises Trust Web Page

    I'd say you have a bit of problem there! - David

  28. I feel ready to go on with the rest of my life, knowing that I have pressed the infamous GREEN BUTTON!!! BWUHAHAHAHAHA

    Robert Jones - Calhoun/GA/USA / BOB'S CRAZY PAGE

    So what have you been doing with your life up until now? - David

  29. Was it as good for you!?

    Heather & Jaimie /

    Oh definitely! - David

  30. I'm speachless, I sent earlier and said nothing, but I can speak/write now. Well, the button was wonderful. It's big, It's green, it's insane!! But not big enough... hahaha

    Emma /

    Size isn't everything you know Emma - David

  31. What Big Green Button???? I didn't see a Big Green Button... *looks over at her cat and asks* Did you see a Big Green Button?... Didn't think so... Hmmmm... Where am I???

    myhrmaid - California / Myhrmaid's Underwater World

    You're in a special hospital my dear. You're being taken care of. However we've had to sedate you ..... - David

    Myhrmaid also then wrote ... Oh... here I am... *whew*... Had me scared there for a minute... Okay.. so I finally found the hidden button.. *smiles and pats self on the back*... do I get a prize??... Pretty please??? *smiles again and bats eyelashes*... Oh.. Okay... *pouts*... how about if I add a link to the BGB on my homepage? YES!!... that is it!! Then I can torture... er... torment... er... tease... er... trick... er... TREAT my friends with the BGB!!! Thanks!! *waves and blows kisses as she hurries out of the room*

    What kind of prize would you like? - David

  32. Since I now have carpel tunnel from manuvering the mouse so much, I will have nothing else to do but use my hand to consume only green M&M's so that I can recover my stamina. My mother always told me that handling things would make me go blind. Now I understand!

    Troy McKinney - Houston, Texas USA

  33. i am fourteen, and i rather enjoyed this dumb website. My father, however, thinks it is a heinous waste of time. I found every button, including the real one, on that black page, WITHOUT CHEATING, in about five minutes!!

    Derek Olson - Amarillo, Tx, USA /

    Not just a waste of time but a heinous waste of time?! Actually, your dad's got a point Derek! - David

  34. i have laughed my ass off doing your big green button... thanks for such a good laugh! :)

    belinda - florence, alabama /

    Belinda, don't you get some funny looks with your ass missing? - David

  35. I'm in a post-orgasmic state

    Lisa - Buffalo, NY /

    Wow! - David

  36. Wonderful page...Too much fun!!!! Thanks for making me Laugh... Ellie

    Ellie - Lancaster,Oh / EllieO's Own Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

  37. I have stopped eating for weeks and needed counseling with hopes to one day resume a normal life.

    Bill Mongan - Clifton Heights, PA USA / Mongo Enterprises

  38. Two thumbs up for the BGB. I laughed! I cried! I would definetly try the BGB again. Next time I visit I'll bring a friend.

    Phyllis - New Jersey/USA /

  39. Ok everyone. Quiet now. Are you ready for a story? Once upon a time there was a man. He liked to sit in the forest and play jacks. This man could pick up one, he could pick up two and eventually got good enough to pick three and four. But the man could never pick up five. He tried and tried but could never get it. One day he got so frustrated he threw his jacks into the forest and started walking home. All of a sudden and large rabbit appeared before him. "You shouldn't throw jacks into the forest." The rabbit said. "I will give you three wishes." "I want to ride on a magic carpet" The man said. So Poof! the man was eating ice cream. The end.

    Kim - Iowa/USA / Mr Blue's Guide to Spiffiness

    Um ... er .... - David

  40. It was better than sex...........so you see how bad my sex life is......

    vicki stone - Clinton, WI usa /

    Sorry to hear that Vicki. Let me know if I can be of any help ;p - David

  41. Mindless Fun for a Mindless Society! Huh-huh.. You comment on all that button pushing, But someone had to write ALL those comments, and post ALLL those pages of code. Think real hard on that one...

    Drax - / Insane Dragon's Nightmare

    I'm thinking real hard .... someone posted all that code and that someone was me - David

  42. Having already completed the Pressing of the Big Green Buttons, I feel that I've progressed through a phase of my existance and am now able to transcend to a higher conciousness. Thanx 4 the Freudian Zen Karma 2 Karma Dood :)

    Brian Thomasson - Huntington, WV USA / Brian Thomasson's Home Page

  43. I feel inspired to make more buttons....buttons that never end. People can press and press and press and....well...you know the rest. Except...except...I'll make a game of it, that's it! You'll all thank me for my buttons one day! They'll be even better than Big Green Buttons....they'll...be...::trumpets heard:: Big Purple Buttons!!! Purple buttons that might lead to more purple buttons, a choice of which one to go to! That's it, you'll see....I'll be famous someday, just wait and see!

    Josh Hedlund - Buffalo Grove/Illinois / I Am Kyrajen

    I'm waiting! - David

  44. AHHH... The big green button, the epiphony of insanity. The very heart of our society, yes this is not just a web page, but the ever growing buttocks of evil that we must beat into submission. So chums what have we learned today, not only that the big green button is the evil-doer of this fair city that we so lovingly call the world wide web, but that people young and old are attracted to snazzy names and nice shiny green objects. Good bye for now chums.

    Blake Rodgers - Cranston R.I.

  45. The Big Green Button is great. Brought a smile to a face that wasn't awake yet. It will be passed on to others who need to smile. Thanks for a good time.

    Donna - Indiana /

    How did you manage that without being awake? - David

  46. OMG if you only knew I used to be a reformed button pusher ....sniffle.....sniffle.... but then I fell off the wagon I cant beleive someone could be so cruel..... I dont know what I'm going to do now...I want my green button back oh god please give my green button. LOL that was great thanks for the laugh. Take care ... Heather

    Heather - Washington State /

    Thanks Heather, you take care of yourself too! - David

  47. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod! Someone help!! I'm gonna break out in prayer any moment!! My word, David, I think you just may be the one to reconvert me from years of being a non-Catholic Catholic to a reeeaaally Catholic Christian and back again...Oh what the hell what am I talkin bout anyway... My tamagotchi prays for your soul too and I hope to see ya in hell...

    Serena - Malaysia /

    - David

  48. Worse then the last time I maxed out my credit card.

    Tracy - Montreal, Quebec, / Virtual Study Centre

  49. What a neat idea. Of course, I had to keep pushing the button...just because you said not to. I always was a naughty girl. Now, I'm just a BIG naughty girl. LOL... Loved the concept. I just ran my little cursor across the last page and waited for it to turn into the pointy finger. Then clicked away. Of course you kept sending me back to get it right, and then I did. YAY!!!..I'm insane. But I already knew that, what do you think I was doing here in the first place? Great fun. Really a stress reliever. Thanks.

    Linda Williams - Shepherd, Texas, USA /

    Not just a naughty girl but a 'big naughty girl'?! - David

  50. I feel like the last bit of peanut butter in the jar that no one wants to bother to eat.

    B. L. Miller - Athens, OH, USA /

    Crunchy or smooth? - David

  51. wonderful, only pushed it once. i ain't no blonde, lol

    suisan baker - lexington,ok /

    And you're proud of that? - David

  52. If I ever get my hands on the guy who made this page!!! All I see now is that awful Big Green Button, wherever I go! I'm going mad!!! MAD I TELL YA'!!!!

    mike - seadlia/mo/usa / The Aliens Web

    Here I am! - David

  53. Completely satisfied. THanks for the fun! I'll have to put a link for your site on my elementary school's web page.

    Drew Story - Ventura, CA USA / It's Really Simple Software

    Please do! - David

  54. I couldn't stop, it was like out of my hands, i lost all control, it's like eating sugar frosted flakes as an adult. I must have blacked out, i've never felt the need to push on, so to speak. I feel as though my life has changed now somehow, like i have no control left inside me. I never thought about before, but i'm nothing more then a button pushing pig. It scares me to admit such a thing, but the proof is in the button. I give up, i'm a walking addict, worse then a drug addict, i've lost the edge, i've walked off the cliff. What will become of me now, i'm 43 years old, and i'm hooked on buttons, My God, Help Me....

    Bob Zeigler - North East, Pa /

    A button pushing pig?? - David

  55. i think this is a very cool page, its funny, but i liked it alot, who ever made this up is cool

    cheryl - suffern.ny,usa /

    Hey, I'm cool! - David

  56. I feel like I'm rolling down a hill on a sled while drinking a moldy milkshake full of maggots. It tastes like Calamari.... odd, since I've never had Calamari.....

    Jeff Hulford - Somewhere/Illinois/USA /

    You should, it tastes like a moldy milkshake full of maggots - David

  57. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. But for some wierd reason, I LOVE your page!!! It's just the whole "gotta get to the end gotta get to the end gotta get to the end." Sure I missed 3 Christmasssss with my family, but hey! I MADE it!!! Great page!

    Krisp - Austin, Texas usa /

  58. Well, I got to the end, where it said that there was another button I think that was button 30, and there wasn't one, it was a bit disturbing. but Hey, I've learned to become non attached to the outcomes of a lot of things and it doesn't really upset me in any way. It's actually a good practice for my non attachment skills. I really appriciate your dedication to the growth of emotional and mindful nonattachment. Thank you very kindly my fellow student in emotional growth. he he. gotta love me. I love me, I love you. I love all that happens in my life. Sarah

    Sarah - Lee's Summit, Mo / Litlbopp's Home Page

    Sarah, it's always great to meet such a happy (and cute!) person as yourself!! - David

  59. thought it was cool..but is it the end when it said your insane?? just wondering if I was really insane yet.. so I can get some help for my problem.. I knew I was easy to get addicted but not insane.. thanks it was great.. make another one...

    Corinne - Canada /

    Yes, you are totally insane .... sorry! - David

  60. BGB Best Comment Award EXHILERATING MAN!!! I haven't done anything like that since I wondered how many seconds it would take to blow up an egg in a microwave. I just set it in there and pressed 1 sec. When it finished I looked to see if it had exploded, and it didn't, so I set the microwave for another second. When it finished I looked to see if it had exloded, and it didn't, so I set the microwave for another second. When the microwave had finished I looked to see if the egg had exploded, and it didn't, so I set the microwave for another second. At any rate, it took me a week to get it to explode. I was really excited. I called and told all my friends, and when they asked me how long it took, I forgot. But we partied anyway. Thanks for bringing back some old memories man!

    Domster - Denver, CO /

    Now there's a good party story! - David

  61. much better for having had the experience...but I better not ever meet you in a dark alley.... :) :) :)

    CDrohan - Denver Co /

    Er, why not? - David

  62. HaHaHa .. that was so cute! I loved it!

    Julia - Missoula, MT, USA

  63. Mister Rogers says that everybody's special, but now I just feel so extremely extra super special! The unique specialness of the green button just hit me and i can die happy now! in fact, after experiencing the BGB, i have nothing left to live for. Nothing can compare to this experience! Goodbye, world!

    Sheri - LA/CA/USA / the n0thing pages

    But Mister Rogers wore funny shoes - David

  64. so embarrased i feel like sucking my elbows

    Jonathan Dinstel - Kingston Pa / Seldom

    Now there's a new one! - David

  65. Oh my gosh!! This is the best web site I have ever seen in my life!!!!

    Linda - Cleveland, OH /

    And the accolades just keep on coming! I might start believing it soon! - David

  66. It seems that now that i have conquered the incredible Big Green Button that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders relieving the strain that i once had to complete the Big Green Button Quest.

    Tommie - Memphis, Tn. / Tommie's World

  67. BGB Best Comment Award Pushing your big green buttons really changed my life. It was a remarkable experience. For the first time I can say that I actually came to terms with my "inner self". I would recommend pushing your buttons to young people, old people, fat people, skinny people, kids that have chicken pox. Please let me know if you're planning to have any additional big colored buttons. If you're planning to I expect there to be an extremely long waiting list for people who want to push them. Kindly add my name to your list. I truly can't thank you enough!

    Bart Dadon - New York, NY USA /

    You're being prejudiced! What about tall people with four fingers?! - David

  68. I feel like I can die a complete man now... Life seems to hold no more meaning since, alas, I have found true pleasure in the wonderous green button. There is nothing to compare it to... REALLY!! At 36 years of age, I can say I have experienced the epitomy of what, say, Armstrong and DeGama must have in their journeys into the unknown. Thank you for fullfilling my lifes ambitions, and remember, my blood is now on your hands...

    Jay - Bedford, Ohio, U.S.A.

  69. I feel that my life is now complete, I highly enjoyed pressing your Big Green Buttons. It gave me a sense of direction in a world full of confusion.

    Lindsey - Massachusetts /

    Which direction would that be? - David

  70. I Love that button! I will dream about that button! I want to marry the button! Is the button single???

    Elizabeth - Raleigh, NC /

    The BGB is currently young, free and single and up for offers! - David

  71. BGB Best Comment Award oh my god. I WAS INSPIRED TO GO WRITE A BOOK entitled.."MEMOIRS OF MY EXPERIENCES WITH THE BUTTON" has a ring to it dont you think? i think there should also be a support group thing cause like that one part with all the fake links thats hard so like "technical support" that would be good. Have you ever thought of like THE HAND HELD GAME version? eh? theres food for thought. you could like make sneakers..TV show even. HECK you could get your own damn commercial deal. THIS COULD GO CORPORATE....or like no. lol ok so YEAH THAT IS MY CLEVER INPUT thank you for this oh so uhm well its kind of like..this is like tupper ware in a way..kind of..well no. lol ok ------PEACH

    PEACH - NYC, NY, USA /

  72. Leave it to HollyWood to come up with this...LOL... and leave it to us New Yorkers to fall for it... Thanks for reminding me..

    Patricia Romano - Brooklyn, New York

  73. OK - went back through with pressing the button. Reminds me of Grover and the Monster at the End of the Book! I would do it all again, I tell you, I WILL conquer the Big Green Button! Bring on Big Green Button # 2!!!

    Stefanie - Carrollton, TX, USA

  74. I feel like my life's purpose has been fulfilled. The simple act of pressing . . . and pressing . . . and pressing that Big Green Button has completely changed my perspective. I will never look at anything the same way again. I could die now and be happy. I feel so happy, so joyous, and yet . . . deep within me, a yearning, a need to press a Big Green Button . . .

    Becky - CA, USA

  75. I feel green. I feel like pushing anything green, like grass or my walls, my oh my, my walls turned green. ok gotta leave you now, going to the hardware store to buy green light switches. Thanks for that, mr. green button. I hope you're happy. Ok, before i go to the hardware store, i'll go through your green buttons, just once more ok? (lol)

    Adam - Los Angeles, Ca

  76. As Jim Bowen would say: "Look at what you would have won - A holiday for seven in Disney World - all gone on the throw of a dart - thats the gamble"

    Phill - Bristol, Britain /

    And we all know what a wise man Jim Bowen is, eh Phill? (Lovely Jubbly!) - David

  77. Great! Wow i'm addicted to something else! this is great! first AOL, then the chat room fourteen and now this! wow!!!! what next? anyone have any where kewl to go send me a link and i'll try it out. wow! C-ya

    Jess - Pinellas Park, FL, USA /

    Addicted to AOL, huh? Fair enough! - David

  78. I don't get it. What's the point? To see if we can resist temptation?

    Lucia - CT, USA /

    Not really Lucia, there's no real point to it! If there was it wouldn't be so good! - David

  79. You are awesome!!! That's a great site for people that don't have a life!!! (I know, I know, I was one who tried it!) I've told all my friends to try it and they love it!!! We're getting psyched up right now to try the BGB2!!!!

    Kendal - Gridley/IL/USA

  80. I feel much better. I had to release some tension and it was kinda kinky to press someone else's Buttons! Question is, how do You feel now that I've pressed your buttons? :) Actually, it's preety cool and addicting. I had to know what was next. I'd do it all over again!

    JJabber470@aol.com - New Mexico, USA /

    Wouldn't you like to know how I feel! - David

  81. I tried it the first time thinking, it won't happen to me. I won't get addicted. As everyone knows, that never happens. When I first tried it, I said to myself, I can control it. I got to the point where I was told to quit,...so I did, but then I was addicted and had to go back to push the button. I pushed and pushed, and pretty soon my finger started getting tired, but I couldn't quit. I had to find out what was at the end of the button pushing. I got to the black page and started the search for the elusive and spendor that is the Big Green Button. I found it! I can now die a happy man.

    Ryan Hays - Monterey, CA /

    I can just see the obituary .... "Ryan Hays: Died With A Big Gren Smile" (Monterey, nice part of the world!) - David

  82. I'm happy to say that I only pressed it twice before I knew what I had to do.....I had to quit! I didn't get into Harvard for pressing big green buttons.....that's for sure! OH yeah, I didn't get into Harvard...doh. Guess they aren't looking for intelligent people....

    Amanda - Ocala, Florida / Amanda's Special Spot

    Amanda, I guess Harvard are just looking for that 'special' kind of person, huh? (Nice pic on your homepage, btw) - David

  83. BGB Best Comment Award i believe it was a late nineteenth century poet who said:
    "To push the green
    one must be inseen
    to stop
    to stop
    means leaving one drop
    but to go on
    and on
    and on
    one must consider
    a job well done."

    (i think the boy was irish)

    maury - huntingdon valley, pa / Lost Quotes

  84. BGB Best Comment Award Oh David! You are a bad bad guy!!! I can't believe i did that the whole time... then i realized i was scrollin the stupid little mouse up and down that stupid blank screen for no reason! Then! after scrolling, I clicked here, and then clicked there, Oh how foolish this is!, but that didn't stop me. Oh No! just had to find that button.. So I started at the top and slowly moved cursor across the page until I found that lil hand ditty! AH! here it is!, click, a sense of satisfaction, but Oh mY GaWd!!!! you mean it was the wrong button?? You mean there is more than one button, and I have to find the right one!?!? Gees! :::who is this person anyway::: None the less I clicked on the back arrow and repeated moving cursor until I found another hand ditty! Oh surely this must be it! Nope... gees! How many of those buttons are there??? Oh well, clicked on the arrow and repeated again...ALAS!!!! ahhhhh I made it! Well, now that I have burned supper, totally alienated my family with all this maddness, I shall feel some satisfaction for completing this mission and and definetely some recourse from burning dinner. but Hey!!! There are always consequences to pay for indulgence... right? ...That has to be the worst trick ever played on me!

    You can call me Sunie :)

    Okay, Sunie! - David

  85. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! more! more! pleeeeaaasssseeeeeeeee! just one more little button! I just need one more button! That's all, I promise! Please! oh Please! ONE MORE BUTTON! NOW! HAND IT OVER. WE CAN DO THIS THE EASY WAY OR THE HARD WAY! GIMME A BUTTON NOW!!!!! please? c'mon, i'll be your best friend...i'll trade you....

    scooby - NEW YORK, USA /

    Trade for what? - David

  86. I feel slightly aroused and really in need of a pizza. And David, please don't die carelessly - put some thought into it.

    C. Scott

  87. I felt like I was floating through a big vat of cheese with one hundred naked gay badgers during mating season it has signified the importance of me fighting for gay-badger rights thanks big green button

    Matt Selby - Arlington, WA, U.S.A. /

    You can get arrested for that kind of thing you know Matt! - David

  88. How could you do that?? How could you torture me in such a way that I may never be myself again? I don't know if I can take the torement again. But I must. i must have another button!!!!!! Make another one, please!! I must have another button!! Make it yellow!! Or Orange!! Make more and more and more and more!! Make them all colors and shapes and sizes!! I MUST HAVE MORE BUTTONS!! Excuse me, I went a little out of control there. Your ridiculing made my self-esteme drop rapidly. I don't think it could be any lower. I'm calling my lawyer!! You can't continue to torment innocent people like that!! You just can't!! %%&*()@&_!&$@(#*%)@^&@@*^@*()

    Sprite - Aiken/South Carolina/USA / The Disaster Zone

    i guess you feel kinda strongly about it, huh? - David

  89. BGB Best Comment Award The black page is deep. symbolic of a society gone wrong. when you reach a button amidst the black wandering and press it, you find that it is the wrong button. then comfort sets in. you get used to the fact that you are in the black. it may be cold and dark but it doesn't hurt you, right? then you start seeing shapes within the darkness. finite edges that can only constitute that which you seek most...or fear most. an end to you your peaceful existance. now the electrons sting my eyes, and the radiation has scarred my skin, but i have found it. but do i press it? What awaits me at the end of this button? terrors unknown? The end of the world? nay...simple disappointment. after building my hope of more "buttons" of life to push I am left empty.......

    steve - huntsville/texas/usa / steve's place

  90. I am going to have to take a hammer to your green button!!!!!

    mischelle - superior wisc /

    That's a little drastic don't you think?! - David

  91. l feel so groovy, like this warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes me all nastolgic. HAHA, yeah right, pretty cool though, l guess people that do this are way too creative and have way too much time on their hands.... either that or they're highly paid professionals working for some diobolic internet lord... hmmmm...

    Dayv Lacy - Salt Lake City/Utah /

    I *am* that diabolical internet lord!! Muhaha! (that was supposed to be some evil, maniacal laugh, but it didn't really work, did it?) No, I'm just an underpaid student in England with very little time on his hands! (hence why it's taking so long to get these replies posted!) - David

  92. BGB Best Comment Award Hi. My name is Acheron and I'm a Big Green Button addict. I saw it for the first time just sitting there in the middle of the page. The perfect shade of green. "I'm in control here," I thought. "I can stop any time I want. I'll do it once just for fun." I soon found out how wrong I was. I clicked. The button was back. "Just one more time," I thought. Once again I clicked. "Now is the time to quit I thought. It would be madness to go on." For a second my clicker hovered over the quit button, but it soon darted back to the BGB. I was hooked. From that moment on it was nothing but a nightmare of green. I kept clicking and clicking and clicking. Soon clicking the button once on a page wasn't enough. I would go back to the page just to click the BGB again. Click click click click click... I soon found myself in that black nothingness. I clicked and clicked and clicked, but I couldn't find the button. I started shaking. "I must find the button. I NEED the button." I started losing hope. It seemed I would be in that awful darkness, that absolute absence of green forever. Then I clicked once more. I had found the button I made it. I was out. I had never been so happy in my life. This all happened months ago. I am better now, but I still brake out in cold sweat every time I see green. It was hard to come back here, but I just had to tell others like me out there that they are not alone.

    Acheron - Florida

  93. I feel so...
    so very...
    so very, very...
    so very, very, positively...
    so very, very, positively, inequivocally...
    so very, very, positively, inequivocally, emphatically...
    so very, very, positively, inequivocally, emphatically, inexorably,
    so very, very, positively, inequivocally, emphatically, inexorably, unflinchingly...
    (actually I loved it.)

    mzmantis@aol.com - USA

  94. Thank you for putting something on the WEB that we can all use in our lives. A little bit of insanity that we can touch. I love it!!

    Trace Brewer - Great Falls, MT /

    Trace, thank you - David

  95. BGB Best Comment Award BGB Best Comment Award I feel an empty victory. Blindly stumbling upon this page, I had little else to do but click the first button. Then I quit, thinking that I was not going to waste my time. I waste to much as it is. Just out of indifferent bored intrest I wanted to look at a comment or two. Wait a minute. Oh my God! 1200 people have experinced the buttons already. So I hit the back icon without looking at the comments. I wanted to experince it freshly. The counter - wow. 35,000 have been to this place that seems so pointless. Like the question "is rice good?", a logical answer is "five billion asians cant be wrong". And so, I concluded, that 35000 couldnt be that petty to have been here before, and one doesnt place a link on his page if it isint relitivly worthwhile. So I took the challenge.

    I faced the first Big Green Button. Confident that it wold be a linear link after link untill an exciting ending. So I followed it, simplisitcally entertained along the way untill I hit a wall. The black page. I spent almost ten seconds blindly searching for the link. And I thought I found it. But no, agravating, infuriating, it was a decoy. I began another mouse pointer search. Then I stopped. My window blew open. An ominous voice thundered! "You are wasting you life". Angry at myself, I closed my browser and shut off my computer seconds later.

    A few hours later, I lay insominiac in my bed. I got up and dressed. I picked up a book. A Grisham novel. I didn't notice the title. I noticed, however, that the text was placed on a green seal. A button if you will. Robotically I crept through the sleeping house to where the computer taunted. As I flicked on the monitor, the ghastly glow reflected off the lid of a highlighter marker on the desk. Green. Like a button. And I connected to my server and open the history folder and was again faced with the darkness. Quite literally because the room was dark and a black screen doesnt illuminate well. I thought, as I fuitlely panned my pointer across the screen, there must be a better way to do this. Of course, I thought, I'll just move to the page next. So I changed the "30" in the address bar to "31". NO. IT WASNT THERE.

    So I thought, you know the buttons should show up somehow. I tried to "Select all". No luck. I searched for text like "press" or "here". I began to get frustrated. I noticed I could "view source". And so I did. I think I should mention that I am still quite ignorant to computers and it was a foriegn language. it didn't tell me which button I needed or where it was located, like I had hoped so much it would. Still, it did refer to some htmls. One of these must be the way out! So scribbled the numbers (in green button highlighter) the numbers and methodically checked each of them. I thought I had found it at 76, but I checked them all nonetheless. Yes, 76 was the finale. Rather anticlimatic, don't you think.

    Much dissapointed and empty, feeling led on, expecting so much more. And so I searched this "quit" page through and noticed, to my dismay, there were more buttons to press. I pressed them. I pressed like no man has ever pressed before. I boldy pressed. I pressed like there was no tommorrow. (Although it was tomorrow, in the wee hours on the morning). And I realised, pesimisitcally, that it was futile, pointless beyond most anything else. My life would not be changed if I did no longer press the buttons. And I noticed a lack of "quit" buttons. The "back" Icon on this browser began to go into use, untill I realized I was to far gone into the contest to simply back out. So I pressed the links again. And again. And then my eyes grey heavy. I realzied that my mind would again let me sleep. I had met the first challenge and temporaily stalemated the second. And so, this morning as I print a page of green buttons to ritualistacally place upon my dartboard alongside a "netscape now" icon and the phrsae "visit my homepage". I have met, and defeated a new foe on the web. THE BIG GREEN BUTTON IS DEFEATED!

    Dave - Alberta Canada /

    The first Double Cool Comment Award ever!! Thanks Dave for a great epic! - David

  96. GREEN with ENVY that YOU have big GREEN buttons and I don't!

    Janet - Bangor, Maine /

    Well Janet, you can borrow mine anytime! - David

  97. I feel so violated. To know that I spent over half an hour very carefully, very methodically searching the page all the way through, while i was supposed to be at work!!!! When all the time i could have pushed quit and it would have given me the same ending.......NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And now, of course i will probably be fired, since i didnt finish my calculations and the new reactor will be missing a piece when it starts up tommorow. Now my wife will divorce me, and my kids all hate me. Lets not even get started on the change in my breakfast habits. ALL BECAUSE I WAS SUCKERED INTO PUSHING THE BUTTON!!! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, BIG GREEN BUTTON, I SAY THIS: CURSE YOU, THING OF DEMONS! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU SPAWN OF SATAN! RETURN TO THE FIERY UNDERWORLD FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!!!

    John Doe - Richland/WA/USA /

    *big smile* - David

  98. "I feel as if I am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...hhhhmmmmm..."

    Carol :o^ - Des Plaines/IL / Huh?

    You've been eating that cheese you found behind the fridge again haven't you - David

  99. I was GREEN with envy that all my cyber buddies found it but ME!!! Two days later....I finally found this big green drive me crazy button!! I thought they were being silly and telling me there really was one button that ended it and not just more that said NO go BACK you DITZ this isn't it !!!!

    Jill - Houston, Texas USA /

    The best things come to those who wait (well, at least that's what the Heinz ketchup commercial said) - David

  100. Hi there!!! I just wanted you to know that yours is the most exciting webpage i have EVER seen :) love the green button.. but who doesnt :) Thank you very much for giving me TONS of laughs :) Ya have no idea how many peoples lives you have affected with happiness... or just plain silliness !! And that is SOOO good for the soul..... :) See ya..have a great day!!! Thanks again :)


    Rachael, it's messages like yours that make it all worthwhile! Thank you! - David