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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. BGB Best Comment Award I feel just a little bit sexier. My wife says that I seem to "glow" in bed. I have suddenly begun eating a balanced diet. My grades have come up from D's and F's to straight A's (except for the A- in Organic Chemistry.. darn). I do, however, dream of the buttons now. They take the form of anything I wish to pass through... a door.. a corridor.. a gated fence. I am constantly forced into yet another confined space. It seems interesting to note, however, that I've yet to dream of a scenario including the "quit" button! Still, I'll take the advantages, such as my superhuman strenght and newfound stock-market success, over the slight discomforts of urinating in my bed at night. This is a small price to pay for the many glorious benefits involved in the union of one meek man and his big.... green.... button!

    Wilder K. La Fond - Gainesville, Florida

    "One Meek Man and his Big Green Button" .... could be the name of a hit TV show! P'raps you're on to something there Wilderman! As for glowing in bed, that could be due to the unusually high quantity of plutonium dust in the Gainesville area ..... but then again maybe you've just been drinking too much Mountain Dew, which in turn could account for the bed wetting - David

    BGB Best Comment Award Wilder K. La Fond soon after replied with ....
    Hello Dave, Thanks for the posting. It has become a closing in the BGB portion of my life. It began like this...... {image fades into dream sequence}.... I had just finished submitting my BGB comment when my curtains came crashing down in a thunderous applause of glass on wood. I threw myself backward as a large green disk gently landed in the rubble just to my left. Through examination, I determined it to be a lime green frisbee. One of the neighbors' kids must have made a horrid toss. I set out my front door, still in my robe, smoking my cobb pipe, and in my plush slippers. It was time to have a chat with these children. Just as I cleared the row of hedges and had begun maneuvering across the mulched bed that lined our properties, a high-pitched whistleing sound seemed to permiate everything. I fell to my knees clutching my ears and pondering the velocity of the slug before me. Then, my attention was turned, sharply, toward the sound as it approached from the sky. I stopped. Holding my hand outward to sheild my eyes from the blinding sun, I was able to make out 31 green flying discs hurling toward the earth. I awoke to a throbbing headache. I was surrounded by green buttons. I attempted to rise from the green grass, but found myself confronted by a message instead. The message, handed to me on a green platter by a grinning invisible cat, proceded as follows: "To stand, press the big green button". What a concept. I looked around. Every where I looked, there were green buttons. Most of which were big, but I could definately see, though "big" is relative, that some were, infact, NOT big. They were small. I did however find one to my liking and pushed it. A loud clatter abounded and the cat returned. This time he mocked me, "Silly fool. This is the wrong button. Try again!". I tried and tried to no avail. I was growing fatigued as the day turned to night. This was no ordinary night. This night was much like a black screen. One, I know, I've seen before. You see, Dave. I've been stuck in this damp, dark, futile, black screen ever since I last wrote you. All things seemed fine until then. It has been over a month now and the cat has returned. His grin, I have come to equate with failure. Somehow, this was about to change. Today, the cat had brought me your reply. My quest was over. You had allowed me freedom from your pit of darkness, perhaps, on good behavior. For this, I am forever in your debt. Not really. But, it sounds like a fine gesture nonetheless. So, my friend from England, on this day that my people celebrate our independence from your country, I find it most appropriate that I celebrate my own independence from your wrath. In the future, should we ever meet, please do not be alarmed if I bolt from your sight. I think my reasons are clear.

  2. Zettai jamerarenai to omotta! Iraira shitakedo oikakeru no wa omoshirokatta :))

    Mihoko - Tokyo, Japan / Mihoko's Place

    Er, no, only on Thursdays ..... - David

  3. The same as before i pressed it. I have a quote for u: "Revenge is just a wild form of justice". Curse that Yahoo for bringing me to this inferno.

    Jack Downing - Phillidelphia,PA

  4. If they handed out oscars for this sort of thing, you certainly would win.

    John M. Hall - San Jose, California /

    I would like this opportunity to thank .... - David

  5. Oh...Well i feel Refreshed, Now I DO KNOW That I Am the KING OF SEEWEED.. When Was the Last time YOU Paid Tribute To the Seeweed, Not That Blue Crap.. The Nice Thick Green kind...Have You done IT yET?? Do It! NOW!! GIVE THE KING OF SEEWEED TRIBUTE!! Say "I Hail To You KING OF ALL THE OPRESSED SEEWEED!"

    You Nasty Man you... - Canada /

    Yeah, whatever! - David

  6. You, you ruined my life! i searched and searched for that REAL big green button on the black page and u made me QUIT!!! do you hear me!? i HAD to quit!!! there were no ther choices to make no other ways to go!!!!! all i have left is my twisted, bent soul that is and will always just be hanging by a thin thread, thanx to the ending of the BGB!!!!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT I AM SAYING?!?!!? I hope i didn't take up too much of your time in saing this. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Klymatix... a 13 year old kid who now has absolutely nothing whatsoever to look forward to except maybe just one more coveted BGB...
    P.S. i think i went overboard actually, i am still in perfect shape...but it was fun!

    i shan't say

  7. I'm feel like making tapioca pudding.

    TIM - CORDOVA/ TN/ USA / A good home page

    Yes, there's nothing like a good steaming bowl of tapioca pudding after a crisis - David

  8. BGB Best Comment Award How can I possibly describe how I feel? It is such an emancipated feeling. I feel as though I can finally live! All of my life I have been searching for some kind of meaning. Some kind of stability. Now that I've pushed the Big Green Button I feel as though I finally have my place in society. Yes, indeed, the Big Green Button has changed my life and it can change yours too. By pushing the Big Green Button you are actuallizing your inner self. You see it is all about finding the inner direction. Finding the meaning. Life is all about insights and the Big Green Button is one of those doors that lets you see the insights and thus in turn allows you to guide yourself on your own course. Thank you Big Green Button. You have helped me more than you can ever know.


  9. I don't feel any differnt.

    Leticia - Burlington/Kansas/USA / Pooh's Corner

    Fair enough - David

  10. HA! I found the last one! I really MUST be insane! You have a very fun homepage! Greetings from Seattle! C ya on Paddynet!

    Ocelot - Seattle, WA / The Freedom Homepage

  11. My friend and I were here earlier. But I had to come back and see the BIG GREEN BUTTON again. I need help. You know, I could sue you for all you're worth. Yup. All I would have to do would be to say that due to your page, I am so incapable of functioning that I cannot go on, nonetheless get a job. It's a good thing for you that I'm a nice person. But I want a reply. And I mean it! Okay. I think I'm done now. Um, bye. I'll be back. BGB. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............

    Katherine - Macon, GA /

    Well Katherine, I must say that I am deeply sorry for having caused so much strife in your life at this time, so it's the least I can do to reply to you. I'll even email you personally! (Gosh! How exciting!) - David

  12. huh......huh........I dunno...........I thoght it did something.....but all it did was give me a headache.....

    PsiCo - Miami/Florida!!!

    Hey, a headache's better than nothing dontcha think?! - David

  13. I feel GREAT..baby!!! That Big Green Button gives a great sensation!!!

    Daisy Masintonio - Pittsburgh,PA, /

    Indeed they do, baby! - David

  14. Of course, I feel much better. I proved myself I will never give up if I want to know something!!!! Thank you so much :)

    Sophie - Joliette, Qc, Canada /

    Hey, you're most welcome! - David

  15. idle minds are the devils work ... still intrigued about where the real end is

    Christopher Goodrich - Albuquerque, NM USA / CMGoodrich's Home Page

  16. You took away the big green button, and I looked all over a black screen and found other buttons, but they were all wrong, which really pissed me off for a while... Ahh, but then I got smart and presses the BACK button lots of times (you can't take that one away from me) until I had the green button again, but I knew what would happen if I pressed it, so I pressed the QUIT button instead (another different button, thank you so much) and here I am. I win!

    I'm not gonna tell you - Surrey/BC/Canada

    My hearty congratulations to you sir! - David

  17. ....Bring it back... Please... I'll be good I promise! Just bring it back....sob,sob :(

    Ricky Pak - Ft. Collins, CO. USA /

    Just keep on sobbing Ricky! - David

  18. Much betta....

    Amy - Missouri, USA /

    ... than what? - David

  19. I couldn't find it on the dark page.... Goodbye world.....Ack *cough* *cough* uuuuhhhhh....uh
    Now, I'm dead. Feel better now?

    Brad - Sherman, TX /

    Actually, yes, I do feel a lot better, thanks for asking! - David

  20. I loved it! It made my morning coffee and bagel much more enjoyable this morning! Thnaks. Got anymore?


    Was that a plain bagel or one of those scrummy cinammon & raison ones? - David

  21. I THINKS IT TOTALLY INSANE, and now i am addictid to Big Green Bottons. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Don't mess with me or the little voices in my head will come after you!! Now i have to press all the Big Green Bottons i see cuz i always think there is going to be another one!! I need a quit botton!! I'm not suffering from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it!!!

    Cindy Lou

    BGB Best Comment Award Cindy Lou also wrote ... Hey, I might be insane but i found that stupid hidden botton ok? And for another thing we are just human if you tell us to push a botton we will push it and if you tell us not to push the botton we will push it anyway. But for the most of this whole botton pushing thing i would like to say Thank you it has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me since the Big Red Botton That Doesn't Do Anything!!


    Georginia - Ewing/NJ/USA / Short14eva's Wonderful Page

    Yes, it's always good to have something to do for a while, huh? - David

  23. Cute, Winky, real cute. You almost had me begging. :-)


    C'mon, beg! :) - David

  24. It's F*****g stupid.

    Christian Andersen - Oklahoma /

    Why, thank you for your generous words and your obvious candor, kind sir! - David

  25. BGB Best Comment Award Before finding your page I was so bored I was beginning to resemble a wet, trampled sack of goose feathers. Upon running through your BGB pages, I laughed so hard I now feel like a chipmunk with too many nuts in it's cheeks who had to spit them out so as not to choke. Very difficult to push buttons while laughing that hard, but with a mighty effort I managed! This gives us bored web surfers a TRULY meaningless task to pursue. How can one not keep pushing the button, especially when prodded on by your charming wit? Although I think this page is more indicitive of your obsession with making webpages than my addiction to pushing buttons. :P
    Definitely putting a link to the BGB on my homepage... as soon as I get around to it, that is. :)
    PS - It took me about 6 minutes to find the button on the black page. Decoys, too! Clever, clever! Kudos to the BGB God!

    Kim - San Jose, CA /

    A wet, trampled sack of goose feathers? Sounds pretty nasty to me! Yeech! - David

  26. As i went on it became more fun, but when it went black, i was like "oh shit". but at least it gave me something to do

    sabine - london,england

    Miss Sabine (cool name, btw, albeit with an exceedingly long email address!), I refer you to the reply given in Comment #22 above! - David

  27. All that I see now is Big Green Buttons. They're EVERYWHERE.

    Natalisa - Bremond, TX, USA / Greetings Earthlings!

    Yes, they have that effect don't they! - David

  28. You've driven me to madness, I tell you! You've destroyed my value system! I *cheated* to find the hidden button, that's right, I cheated! Changed the background color to white and found the buttons. Normally I'm an honest guy, but now I'm an addict and you know how we addicts are -- we'll do *anything*, lie, cheat or steal, to get that one...last...big green button!

    Kenneth Simon - Oakland, California / Peace, Love & Homepages

    You should be ashamed of yourself Ken! You should know better! - David


    Lisa the button master

  30. childish, immature, somehow more stupid for having done so. THANKS A LOT!

    Steve - Alliance, NE, USA

  31. I think it was fun you had me going for a while !!!!

    Jeannie - Brockton PA USA /

    Going where? - David

  32. Ok so I've nothing better to do!! I admit it I'm a sad git!! Is there a helpline for the purely insane green button addicts such as me? I need help all I can see are these big green circles - I even see them in my sleep. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    Green Button Addict - England /

    You're right John, you are a sad git! :) - David

  33. Very sad and disappointed! I was almost done checking the black screen and poof it disappeared! Help ! Send me back to the black screen!

    Karen - Phoenix, AZ, USA

  34. I feel used... i think you used my time to keep pressing that damn green button.... after the buttons were gone.. i almost cried.. i had nowhere to go.. nothing to do... it wasn't worth living anymore.. but luckily i found the button on your last page.. but looking for it gave me hope... hope that if i found the button.. more would continue on.... but once again... you crash my hopes... there were no more buttons... thanx a lot!

    Jessie - New York/ USA / The Truth about BedBugs

  35. It was fun. The last page was a bit difficult but I couldn't stop. I had to know what it said, though I could have quit anytime I wanted to :)

    Jon - USA / Realm of Mystical Wonders

    You think you could have quit, huh? - David

  36. great, even though when I pressed the invisible button I burped, when I pressed the other invisible button I farted, and when I pressed the correct invisible button I sneezed, other than that, I'm great!

    WEED WACKER / The Cyber Adobe of Frank A. Guthrie

    Well I guess you've got yourself a personal problem there! - David

  37. I'm addicted. I've no where to go, and no one to turn to. I need a BGBA (Big Green Buttons Anonymous). My family deserted me after i spent a few weeks looking in the big black screen for the button. Then I looked at the source, but I cheated. i don't think i can live with myself. please help

    Russell - Nevada /

    Why should I help you Russell? It clearly states in the fine print that I take no responsibility for any personal problems induced or invoked through pressing the BGBs! - David

  38. It was the best thing ever for a lunatic insomniac such as myself! Kudos to you! Bravo! (judging from the frequency of submissions from the Midwest, I'd have to conlude there was something in the water here that engenders the love of Big Green Buttons!)

    Bunky - Columbus, Ohio, USA /

    Kudos received gratefully! Regarding the midwest water, I think you've got a point there! - David

  39. all f****d up ... i want to ring your f*****g little neck.

    Dominic Contreras - Chandler/az/usa /

    Methinks you probably mean "wring"? Yes? But thanks for your kind thoughts anyway - David

  40. i love it! My heart goes 'thump! thump! thump!'

    Mjjk - Malaysia /

    No, that'll be the neighbours banging on the walls telling you to keep it quiet - David

  41. Excited and delighted, depressed and regressed, sad and mad, what a feeling of accomplishment (not!). Don't I get a prize for doing all of this???

    Steven King - Fairfax, Virginia / Firefighting, sex, privacy, hacking, and more!!!

    A prize? Steven, the prize is pressing the buttons themselves! What more could you want? - David

  42. A friend of mine told me to do it!!! - some friend. I am now addicted to green - and I used to hate green. Maybe if I change my screen I can change the color of the button and it will release me. Cap why did you tell me to do this??????

    broken finger (no email)

  43. Wanna hear a story? OKAY! Once upon a time there were these people and a goat. Just one goat, mind you. Well, these people were kind of strange in the fact that they didn't use their furniture. Not even the sofa. (gasp, you say) Well, this really ticked off the goat so he tried installing a ceiling fan. Unfortunately this didn't help at all so the goat sold the people and got a fish. The End

    Kristy - Iowa, USA /

    Hey Kristy, that's a cracking story! You're a bit odd though, really, aren't you? (Oh, and yes, I did *gasp* at the appropriate place) - David

  44. Like I just had sex!! Gave me a great feeling!!!

    Valarie - Pittsburgh, PA /

    If that felt like sex to you then either you've just never done it right or you're pushing them buttons in a very novel way! :-) - David

  45. Man I feel like I regained control of myself - I think for a minute I was sexually stimulated by the first big green button. The second one had me in its' grip but I pulled through and hit that quit button before I succumbed to the potential inevitable outcome. Thanks for the ride

    Charles Michel - Cincinnati, Ohio

  46. you are a butt hole


    Oh, I do so much love original witty comments! - David

  47. Good. It took me almost ten seconds to find out that I could change the "PressXX" number in the locationfield to find out that there was 30 green buttons, and another ten seconds to find the last one. Not so bad, but it was too simple to figure out. Maybe you shuold rename the files to make it harder?

    Bjarne Sverkeli - Norway / Bjarne Sverkelis hjemmeside

    Hmmmm .... don't you think you're taking this just a tad too seriously?! Kinda defeats the object of the whole thing really, but whatever floats your boat, I guess - David

  48. Was apprehensive at first, but thougth oh well what the heck... Had a blast doing it!!! I do have to admit that I cheating a bit...*g* Thanks for making me laugh with all the sayings that were on each page though...And it must be true "I'm addicted" Now I'll go search for some Internet anonymous groups to join *g*

    Shadow Dancer - San Antonio, Texas / Shadow's Getaway!

    Haven't you graced my pages before? I recognise your name and email - David

  49. I feel GREAT!! I loved it I just had to keep pushing that button to see what was next. Great thing to keep me amused.

    Michelle - Grand Marais, Minnesota

  50. HaHaHaHaHa.... If you load your big black page without loading the images, you get a nice 'image' icon where the buttons are.... HaHaHaHa.... p.s. enjoyed it actually!

    Dave Moreman - UK / Cet

    Good sir, I refer you to Comment #47, above - David

  51. ok you done it now! i hope you're happy!! I can't eat... i can't sleep... i... just keep thinking.... BIG... GREEN.... BUTTONS!!!!!!!

    Rich - Luton, England /

    You need to cut back on your caffeine intake Rich! - David

  52. i feel like ten thousands animated hotdogs are running around my head... means i'm sane?

    Lorenzo Colloreta - Florence Italy / LcS Personal and WebDesign Page

    Hmmm, not sure about that Lorenzo... Just keep counting them hotdogs! - David


    Victor Solanoy - San Luis Obispo, CA USA / The Cell

    Not much I can say to that really .... - David

  54. Well, since I was extremely bored, it entertained me for a while, especially the black screen! But I am not addicted, got that??? p.s anymore buttons anywhere?

    Mariella Ferreyra - Lima, Peru /

    Look out, you're in denial Mariella! A very dangerous situation to be in! Admit you've got a problem and you may, just may come out in one piece. I'll be thinking of you - David

  55. I cheated, was there actually a button to get the heck out of there?

    Karen /

    Yep! - David

  56. Thanks a lot guys. I got fired today because of your dumb page. I work in a nuclear power plant, and when I got to work this morning, I went around pushing all the green buttons I could find, and they'd have none of that, so they let me go!

    Doug - bethel park, pa, USA / Doug's Page

  57. Cant . . . see . . . monitor . . . anymore . . . . but gerbils....so CLEAR.... Must wipe away . . . blood . . . from mouse, where is finger? Must destroy little spinning starz......

    The Gerbilman

  58. I feel like the button doesn't love me :(

    Adie - Palm harbor Fl 34683 /

    Sorry! It doesn't, it's a graphic interlaced file - David

  59. I feel exhilarated yet a wee bit naughty.

    The Jell-O Master - Fort Worth, TX / The Blue Raspberry Jell-O Zone

    I won't ask! - David

  60. this had to be the strangest page i've ever seen, (I must applaud you on it) though it seems that the big green button's force was oddly pulling me towards it. Once i became very attached to the button, it disappeared. How could you do this to me?? Where O Where Is My Big Green Button??

    julie - richmond, VA /

  61. Does the button wear boxers or briefs?

    Boomer - Ft. Worth, TX / The Madhouse

    French Knickers, actually - David

  62. I think you wanted us to get button addiction! Remember when you took the quit button away when we had gone to far! Then you gave us the stupid black button to look for on a black page! I couldn't stop until I found it. I dremped of buttons in my sleep. Once anyway. Is this a case of button addiction!? You! All because of you!

    Becky - Upstate New York

    "Dremped"? - David

  63. stangely ingenious

    jeff rallo - Tolland, CT, USA / Hello,Howdy,Hola,Bonjour...

    How so? - David

  64. Relieved

    Don Raleigh - Blaine, MN USA / Lifemember.com

    Well, as long as you wipe up after you - David

  65. I feel betrayed after my withdrawal and if i see i see another button again i will not touch it but close my eyes and count to a thousand HAPPY!!!!

    Luke Meadows - Sydney/NSW/Aus

  66. Relieved!!

    Lisa - Staten Island, NY /

    Ooh, is that spooky or what? Two 'relieved' BGB pushers on the same day! - David

  67. I'm glad I got to press your big green button more than a few times and I am fascinated by the rebellious streak that continued after the threatening began. Keep on having fun!

    Jim Morris - Uddingston/Glasgow/Scotland

    - David

  68. BGB Best Comment Award It seems that I have a strange fixation with finding green buttons. I have decided to wallpaper my room in green buttons, with matching curtains and a bedspread. For breakfast I eat green eggs in the form of buttons, and I rebuttoned all of my clothes with green buttons. I seem to notice green buttons all over the place, and I seem to be the only one who is seeing them..... but I know they are there...... they are just blind. I got rid of my cat, and decided to keep a green button as a pet, and I named it Gus. I am also growing my own little garden of green buttons, which have been sprouting nicely. And you have inspired me to go to college to start a green button store. Thank you, you have had a great impact on my life :-)


    Just one question: Why Gus?! - David

  69. BGB Best Comment Award I am eternally thankful. Before coming into contact with your Big Green Buttons, I felt empty... Void of emotion and completely cut off from all that was meaningful in life. You helped me to overcome all that. Now when I find the weight of oppression on my shoulders (nowadays nobody respects the youth of the world), I can come to your site and disappear in an ocean of Big Green Bliss. All hail the Big Green Button Creator!! I now have something in which I can believe!

    Melissa Y Cormier - Florida /

    Big Green Bliss, huh? Sounds pretty good actually! Melissa, take me with you - David

  70. Truly a twisted, insidious plot. Clearly perpetrated to occupy the rest of us while you hoard all the rest of the web for yourself. And I found the hidden button too... Ha! ..:):):).. Enormous great fun. Thanx

    Mz Liz

    Enormous great fun! Now there's one I haven't heard before! - David

  71. After 60 hours at work this week, and at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday... How do I FEEL?? How do I FEEL? It was a hoot!

    sam o'cain - san francisco, CA /

    I'm glad I could oblige you Sam - David

  72. Fine! I've outdone my wife! SHe kept on going, I hit the QUit button after only going twice!! LOL

    Rick - Staten Island, NY / RCW News and Views

    Does your wife always last longer than you Rick?! - David

  73. I hope ya'll are happy now!! I am going to live the rest of my life, forever looking for a BIG GREEN BUTTON to push. Thank you ever so much!

    J.R. Shaw - Gallatin, Tennessee, USA /

    "ya'll"? It's just me here JR! Oh, and you're most welcome! - David

  74. I feel I have experienced a very emotional and deep satisfying urge. I now can go on with my life knowing I have had the pleasure of pressing the big green button.

    Dan Rigg - Independence, Mo USA /

    But hey Dan, it just keep on getting better .... the Big Green Button 2 is on it's way! - David

  75. BGB Best Comment Award I like monkeys. Especially big brown hairy ones. I once saw a monkey run straight into a tree. He knocked himself unconcious for a while and fell on another monkey. That monkey got really pissed off and threw some food at the other monkey, who was still unconsious. When he finally came too, he saw a whole bunch of nasty, chewed up food all over him. He looked really angry, and he ran into the wall again. This time some of the food stuck to the wall and it looked like a big green button. I like monkeys.

    Zokbar the (V)agnificient

    Indeed! - David

  76. I have reached a point of zen with my green button experience. I will meditate to the black button page. this has totally changed my life and my sexual capabilities. please send me buttons of all colors not just green.
    your humble servant, Colby J Dempsey

    Colby J Dempsey - Port St. Lucie, FL /

    Please tell me, how have the BGBs changed your sexual capabilities?! - David

  77. BGB Best Comment Award My life will never be the same since I have become intrigued with the big green button. You were right, I am having big green button withdrawl, it's not fair. Why must you torture me this way? Since you took away all the buttons I will be in years of therapy trying to cope with BGBD (BIG GREEN BUTTON DEPERVATION). You shouldn't have done this to me. Why must you deprive me of my only joy, the big green buttons? With all the horrors and undecencies that i must endure on this earth I beleive I am entitled to the refuge of the big green buttons.

    Mel - A place where there are men in white coats /

    Mel, indeed you are entitled to the refuge of the BGBs - David

    Mel later wrote ... Dave, in order for me to get my refuge you need to hurry up and finish Big Green Button 2

  78. I feel culturally enriched to the point that I feel I can push buttons of all colours. Red and yellow and white and blue and purple and gold and brown and red and fuschia and black and cyan and that special *Brie* yellow.

    Jesse Martin - Nepean/Ontario/Canada / The Jester Pit

    Brie yellow? I could live with that, methinks - David

  79. Know where I can buy a life?!

    Delisa - Cleveland, TN /

    Try Wall-Mart, they have most everything else - David

  80. You know dave even though you wont tell me where that button is your ok. Infact your more then ok. Your more then more then ok your more then more than more than ok your infact great. No your more then great No your more then more then great no your more then more then more then more then great. Your wonderful. No your more then wonderful. No your more then more then wonderful. No your more then more then more then wonderful your excisit fantastic. Now that I said all this nice stuff about you tell me where the button is?

    Simmone /

    Nope - David

  81. I feel PRETTY DARN GOOD!!! It so very good to know that I can push somebody's buttons that much and they will actually appreciate it!!! I think I have found my new stress combatant on the net. This page is bookmarked in MY browser.

    Jamey Heal - madison, WI /

    Glad to hear it - David

  82. i am upset and extremley hurt. never have i wasted so much time on such an unfulfilling chore. but still i love the big green button, even though i didn't find the final button on that dark forbodding black page. the green button calls to me and mocks me.. :) i'm gonna find that button!!! and when i do i will return triumphantly and say ha. i did it :) BITE ME! that day will come david ..I WILL RETURN ...until then. have a nice day

    Meg /

    Meg later wrote .... BGB Best Comment Award i feel ill. oh my stomach is turning. but no i can proudly say i am not addicted, just sickened by this evil plot. I have figured out his plan. beware he's out to get us. this big green button is actually a diabolical plan to take control over the minds of millions of innocents. David you want to rule the world. a nobel ambition. but we The Big Green Button Pushers will not allow you to control us. once he comes into power he might take the button from us. then he will have complete control over our already distengrating minds. tempting us by showing us that big shiny green button and not letting us push it!!! i warn you. i warn every last one of you. flee. quickly run little ones, run!!! it's not to late save yourselves save the children.... oh and dave.. i like a guy with power. =) ::hint, hint:: (we could rule together)

    Meg, I'm hurt that you really think I'm that devious ... *maniacal grin* - David

  83. Psycho. Not like the movie, just psycho. It did relieve a lot of my stress, though. But the ending simply made me psycho. Psycho. Like the person. Psycho. Button. Push, psycho. (And now for something Completely Different!)

    Matt / BlueMnM's Homepage

  84. I love it! It f*****g turns me on! *smile* It's the feeling of rage, pushing that green button! I mean i'm totally addicted now, I NEED another green button!!!

    Samantha - Washington or California /

    Well, the wait is nearly over Samantha! More buttons will soon be with you! Just hold that thought .... - David

  85. I feel so empty inside now that I'm done! I think I really was addicted! Help me!!!!!!

    Amanda - Southern CA, USA / BULLSFAN4's Homepage!

    Okay Amanda, if you live in Southern California, how come you support the Bulls, eh? - David

  86. BGB Best Comment Award You are evil. You are probably tattooed with with sign of the beast. You take normal individiuals, priding themselves with self control, and twist them into nothing more than Pavlovian dogs! Push the green button... another green button, push this one, yet another green button.... until finally we are dropped in a black lifeless void, surrounding by nothing but the screams of others trapped in the void with you. I know, I know, how can a void contain trapped individuals? I DON'T KNOW!!! ONLY YOU KNOW! You're a madman. One day I'll beat you!!! Mark my words. Thank you

    Janene - Phoenix, AZ, USA /

    Pavlovian dogs huh? Yeuch! You're right, that's pretty nasty! - David

    Janene later wrote ... Hey, Davey Boy! Remeber me...Janene...from Phoenix...you know, the one you sent screaming into the void a few days ago. Do you remember the vow I made? It was something along the lines of "One day I'll beat you!" Well.... I BEAT YOU! I FOUND THE BUTTON!!! Oh sure, it took 3 days and the help of my good friend DEMONika (figured if I was going to play the Devil's game, I should bring in one of His little helpers), but I beat you! OK, ok, so now I typing this from a cozy little padded cell, (uh, sorry, proper terminology is the Reflecting Room, kind of like a time-out chair for adults), where I'm served only finger food, (I'm not allowed to have access to sharp utensils for another couple weeks) but I DID IT! I played your little game, and I won!!! And don't think I'm afraid of your "BIG GREEN BUTTON 2"! Bring it on, big boy! The minute my release papers are signed, I'm on it. BIG GREEN BUTTON 2 will prove no match for my amazing powers! I am the Queen of all that's Good and Proper, and Master Slayer of Big Green Buttons! I'll be waiting for you, David A Hyland (if that is your real name), I'll be waiting......

    Well wait no more Janene ..... the Big Green Button 2 is waiting for you! - David

  87. There are 3 things you'll always remember in life. Your first kiss . Your first [ahem] "time" and the first time you pushed the Big Green Button.

    excitable - toronto canada /

    You forgot the 4th thing .... the first time you take a Spice Girls CD, cover it with lighter fuel, strike a match and watch the flames dance in joy! - David

  88. Okay, this was like, major league scary. And that I did it is terrifying...

    Sarah - Connecticut, USA / The Paris CovenHouse

  89. I feel VERY annoyed.

    Brooke - Missouri / Brooke's Photo Page

  90. I feel somehow better, purer. I feel that this experience with the BGB has made me a better person and a greater asset to society. The BGB has given me the strength I thought I had once lost, but now has been restored. I think this very moment I shall share my incredible experience with all my close friends and relatives in hope of enlightening them on what life COULD be like, what life SHOULD be like, what life IS like with the BGB! Thank you and God bless!


  91. I only pressed the first one. The second one said not to press it, so I didn't. So there.... ppttttth!

    Sue Donym - Salt Lake City, UT /

    "ppttttth" ... how do you pronounce that? - David

  92. BGB Best Comment Award For all of you who will read this listen to the buttons. They know the meaning of life. Thay have told me! Press the buttons! ALL OF THE BUTTONS! No matter who tells you to stop you must press the buttons! The buttons know all. Do not be fooled by warnings. They just want to deprive you of eternal happiness which can only be achived by pressing the buttons. The buttons can only lead to good. They protect you from all evil! The buttons also told me that in the year 2020 they will take over the world. All of the loyal button pressers will live eternally in happiness but all of you who do not listen to this warning will suffer eternal torture. So all of you must get to work on your one lifelong goal, search for the buttons, and then press them. This knowledge I have aquired is all thanks to the hours I have spent pressing the Big Green Button! All hail to the Big Green Button!

    Katie - Louisiana /

    Well Katie, I guess that they speak to you more than they do to me! - David

  93. I feel totally relieved from stress! It was really kewell to be able to take my frustrations out on your BGB! Maybe you could come up with a way to have it explode!

    Jaz Beeker - Zanesville/OH /

    Exploding buttons? Hmmmmm .... - David

  94. HOW DO I FEEL?! I feel betrayed, lost, bewildered, confused, mislead, and frustrated. The Big Green Button has lowered my self esteem. =c(. I hope no one else has to go through the terrible withdrawl symptoms I expereienced, including diarrea, constipation, stuffy nose, runny nose, insomnia, exhaustion, and hot and cold feelings.

    Shara - Princeton, NJ USA /

    That's a lot of sysmptoms! I don't envy you! - David

  95. I want more BGB's!!!!!!!!!!! I need more BGB's!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand the suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aaron Wright - Gerald,MO / Gerald Area Young Entrepreneurs

    Calm yourself! Click Here for more! - David

  96. I feel like this is the most idiotic site on the internet. So the person who created it must have been an idiot

    Sarah Billings - Lima/OH/USA /

    Uh oh! Busted! - David

  97. well...hmm...don't know how I feel. I can't wait to send a message to the so called friend that sent the URL to me, I can tell you that much -) I found the hidden button on the black page and it told me I was insane, but I already know that! and I could have stopped at anytime :-) but I don't dare visit your homepage, I think its a trick -)

    lesli@wf.quik.com /

  98. I've dedicated my life to the stupid button!!! I CAN'T STOP!!!!! I even found the end, press76.html!!!!! AAAhhh...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'll never give up!!! I'll FIND THE TRUE ENDING SOONER OR LATER!!! Wait a sec, am I being judged? I just realized that! How insainly COOL! Well...What to say....uh...I like...pickles...cucumbers in sewer water are my favorite. Soon putting my own page up in the same GEONRA as yours, stupid humor, but not a BIG GREEN BUTTON page, It'll probably be red...wait a sec, I shouldn't tell you that...uh...ignore that last statement. Anyway, my page next WILL [when I get it up] have a BIG picture of a dead elephant on it with the caption "What kind of person has a picture of a dead elephant on their homepage" OR "Who is sicker? The person who put up the picture of the dead elephant, or the person who is STARING AT IT RIGHT NOW???" Well, bye, have to work on homepage, making cool page now, will let you know about it...

    Jonathan Roy - SilverSpring/Maryland/USA / THE TEMPLE OF HUMOR

    Dead elephant, huh? Well, I can think of worse! - David

  99. It turned MY frown upside down.

    Rach - Honolulu, Hawaii / Rach's Place

    That's very sweet! - David

  100. Once I saw the button I felt a force telling me to press the big green button. I think it may have been the words warning me not too. Well only little angels do what they are told and I am no angel so I pressed the button. I kept pressing it hoping for something more than the green button but to no avail. I sent it to some friends and they thought it was a true hoot. My Grandma sent it to me and she gets a kick out of things like this. Rock on!

    Niki - Columbus/ Ohio /

    Well, all I can say is that you have a groovy granny! - David