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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. TOTALLY FRUSTRATED....... but.... something about the big green button..... looks kinda like a green m&m.... and you know what they say about them..... LOL

    Cats - Las Vegas, NV /

    No, please enlighten me! What do they say about green M&Ms? (Who is this 'they' anyway?) - David

  2. I dont know, i'm still suffering from wihdrawal. do you have betty fords address please?!

    john turner

    No - David

  3. I stopped! Yeah!

    Jon - Summerland/BC/Canada / Superfreak

    okay, so what do you want? A medal?! - David

  4. This is alot of..........well...yes FUN!! The key to persistence is the power of will. However, my power of will to find the big green button on the black screen was overcome by the lack of time. I will return!!!!

    LDYFISH204 - FL.USA /

    I'm looking forward to it LDYFISH204! (Bit of a mouthful, your name) - David

  5. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    Andrew Bowden - Durham, United kingdom / Planet Bods

    A-smegging-mazing! - David

  6. Refreshed!! ALIVE!!

    Kenny Thorn - bend, or / Kenny's Page

    Just like after a Big Gulp of Mountain Dew? - David

  7. well I've always had an obsession with pressing buttons, but I am now exhausted after pressing so many of the same button. Also i have to admit that the final hidden button was not found by me but my interfering boyfriend sitting next to me who i might add cheated by looking at the source code!!!!!!!! enough exclamation marks do you think, oh maybe just one more!

    emily coombs - faversham,kent,england / me stuff

    Ah, but Emily, that's what boyfriends do .... interfere! It's our job! So, it appears that you live just a few miles from me .... pop over for a cuppa sometime! - David

  8. David, I have a few things to say. First, you and I should get married. Second, you are demented. I can't believe I fell for you last damn black page. As of this writting, I haven't found that last button. But don't worry, I WILL find it. Third, I know your true identity. You're Batman! Am I right?

    Martha "Sexy Knickers" Stewart

    1-Okay; 2-Yup; 3-Maybe - David

    Sexy Knickers later wrote .... David, there is no last green button on the dark page. I try clicking my mouse over every inch of that place and I still didn't find it. Needless to say, my finger is in a cast now. I think you owe me the answer.

    In the immortal words of that BROS classic (???), "I Owe You Nothing" !! However, mail me and ask me nicely and I'll see what I can do! - David

  9. Certainly had me going...! Clever!

    Marie Phillips - CA /

    Going where? - David

  10. It kind of turned me on. :-)

    Isabella - Redondo Beach, CA

    Ooer! - David

  11. WONDERFUL!!!!!!

    Kistin - Florida, USA / Kristin's cool World!

    Not much I can say to that really! - David

  12. Marvelous, Excellent, Bravo, Hip Hip Horray, you are ingenious, clever, cheerful, comical, adventurous, care about others, entertaining, and I like You.... You kept it clean !! Keep up the good work...... mail me anything else you do....

    Ann G. Daugherty - Alva, Fla /

    Stop it please! You're embarrassing me! :) - David

  13. It.changed.my.life.forever.........i.feel.....so.relived......thank.you.David!!!!!!!

    Candi - Tulsa,ok,Usa /

    Two things: 1) What's with all the periods/full stops?! 2) What's with the Tulsa Shuffle?! - David

  14. The BGB's were very efficient in getting me where I was going. I have found many little buttons that are completely inoperative. It was definitely a refreshing experience and deserving of a sentence or two in response. Or three. Make that four. Make this six if you count "Or three." as a sentence. Of course, if you start counting "Or three." as a sentence, there are now three of them to count! Fortunately I have better things to do with MY time than counting sentences. Ten. Well ... twelve if you count the last sentence itself as well. Of course you have to do that! And yes I'm counting "Ten." as a sentence. Sixteen! I think.

    Joe - Maybrook/NY/USA / Beginner's Guide To Life And The Internet

    Hmmm, you're a bit odd really, aren't you? No worries there then! - David

  15. Oh, WOW, that was INCREDIBLE! *gasp, gasp* Your Big Green Button is AWESOME. But... will it bring me breakfast in bed???

    AmazonFox - CT, USA / AmazonFox's Web Page o' Fun

    Sadly not... I've already tried that one, but it does do the dishes if you ask nicely - David

  16. I salute you!!!! You're a genius! Thanx for giving my life a new meaning.... *grin*

    Anna - Norway /

    Not much goes on up there in Norway does it! :) - David

  17. No big whoopy do!!!

    XUnEChatX /

    I quite agree! - David

  18. I feel all quivery inside, like I was transformed into Jello and eaten up by a beautiful woman

    Jefferson Davis - Sonoma/CA/USA /

    Oh, so you have that dream too! - David

  19. BGB Best Comment Award The Big Green Button really is addicting. It influenced my life greatly. I will never forget the Big Green Button *sniff*. I am sad that i will never again see the Big Green Button. I am never coming back to this sight becuz it will tempt me to press the button and that would totally mess up my button pushing recovery.
    I love you Big Green Button! Remember me. I am the one who pushed your button. Admit it, i was good at it. maybe even the best!
    May God send you a big yellow button. And let there be little blue buttons running around the house.

    Jessica - Massillon, Oh / JessLand

    Hey, I completely understand Jess, I wouldn't come back either! And yes, the BGB does remember you and says that you were pretty damned good! - David

  20. cracked up. I'm rolling on the floor. That may be because I was so entranced my house caught fire and I'm trying to put my clothes out right now, or maybe I'm just laughing really really hard.

    jennifer sloane - Tucson, Arizona, America /

    I don't know about you but I generally notice when my clothes are burning. Must've been some laugh! - David

  21. Help me... I'm addicted and can't find any more Green Buttons to push...... Very Nice Site.... thanks for making me laugh.....

    Orlin - Glens Falls NY /

    They're out there my friend .... you just have to find the buggers! - David

  22. I thought it was a hoot.. Whoever thought of it was definetly insame... LOL

    T L Wright - Colorado Springs, Colorado /

    What do you mean the barbie doll escaped the maximum security toy box?! - David

  23. Excited, elated, and kinda stupid. LOL

    Amy -Wellington, Alabama / SCANORAMA

    All at the same time? - David

  24. actually... feeling quite proud.. I stopped after 12 presses. considering my personality.. you'd be impressed!

    Terisa - Glens Falls/NY/US / Asiret's Mirror

    Actually, I do know you, and I am impressed! - David

  25. Silly

    Wendy - PA,USA /


  26. I think there needs to be at least 2 or 3 more buttons....no I'm not addicted...I just need a couple for the road ya know.....please?? My homepage was just put up this morning in about 15 minutes with my new software (it doesnt even have an email link yet) But as soon as time allows I hope to have a nice little spot :)

    Scott Flanders - Spanish Fort Al. USA / CeltMage`s Tower

    That's called desperation, Scott! - David

  27. I feel a little bemused. Believe it or not, my mail person gave me this web site. However, it did give me a giggle. Thanks, I needed that.

    Gale - Savannah,Georgia /

    And we all take our mail people for granted don't we?! - David


    Eileen - CHICAGO / USA Irish's WAVS, LINKS to WAV & FUN STUFF

    At least there's not so many to collect as Sound WAV's! - David

  29. Well,,,,,,,,, I feel very proud of myself for sticking with it to the end.......... A good exercise in perseverance.

    J. J. - Ca. USA /

    And so you should be - David

  30. didn't want it to stop, i forgot all life troubles for that time: kids, bills, taxes, insurance, dinner, wash, dishes, fix car, etc. thanks for the peace & quit !!

    Bruce H - trenton, nj /

    Anytime, now get back to your kids, bills, taxes, insurance, dinner, wash, dishes, fix car, etc. - David

  31. I wanted to wrap myself in Yellow saran wrap and jump into the ocean!!!

    emeralds - massachusetts, USA / sweet but sexy

    Why yellow? - David

  32. Laughed my ass off the whole time. Did find the button on the last page that "made me quit". Just moved the mouse back and forth and watched the bottom to see if i found something. Loved it!

    Ron - Chicago,Illinois,U.S. /

    Don't you hate it when you laugh your ass off? You always feel so stupid stickin' it back on - David

  33. iliketopushbuttons.... redrum... redrum... redrum... redrum... redrum... redrum... redrum...

    Boomer - Ft. worth TX / The Madhouse

    Scary psycho bloke! - David

  34. I feel depressed actually. All my life I thought I had willpower but now it's only a deflated dream, a balloon popped by the pin of reality. And I blame you. Damn you. (Have to blame someone, sure as heck ain't MY fault.)

    Kcp - BFE, US / Total Obscurity Magazine

    Well, I'm sorry, but if you live in BFE then it must be your fault! - David

  35. OK, in that black room is that button that says I'm insane the button I'm looking for? Because my doctor says he is the only person that can call me insane. Once I get out of the room with the padded walls I will chase you down and show you how insane I really am.

    Will - Nederland, Tx /

    Okay - David

  36. I'm EXTREMELY aroused. Too bad you aren't here to press MY buttons... only they're not green likes yours....

    Jenny Kim - NYC, NY, USA /

    So, what colour are they then?! - David

  37. Well.....I loved that text that you wrote on the top! The big green button made me relize that when someone tells someone NOT to do something, it vertuly IMPOSSABLE to resest it. WHY???? I guess we might never know.(or it may be the fact that you wonder what will happen if you read on or press a button or even flip the switch or maybe pull the lever. in other words, CURIOUS!) I liked that button and i found it.
    I feel like i know the secret to curiosity. i feel free! (i'm not insaine! I just wanna push buttons!!!!!!) humans can't stand it and thats why we do it. to see what will happen next. CURIUOS!!!!! (PS.16 more buttons) HE HE HEEEE!!!!!

    Mindy -

  38. BGB Best Comment Award I am very grateful that you helped me to quit. When I look back at it now, I see that it was truely a hell, although it may not have seemed that way at the time. At first I just wanted to try it. Everyone else had already tried it, I couldn't let them down! Then I thought, "Well ONE more time won't hurt!" Then I started doing it just on the weekends, but that didn't last long. Then I had to get my fix EVERY DAY!!! I lost my job, my house, my family, friends, yes, even my pet hippo! Then i started doing harder buttons, like blue, yellow and even red ones. At this time I was doing it only to forget my fierceful past. But at last I finally managed to quit, and it's all thanks to you. I owe you MY LIFE!

    Jon Anders Gaasland - Oslo/Norway

  39. I feel great, I had a good laugh, and it kept me entertained! I even found the last button, it was difficult, but I did it.

    SAM - Sparta, MI, USA /

    Well done Sam! - David

  40. You know, pressing the button is not all that funny. It's actually really scary to know that you are, indeed, addicted, as the narrator points out. Nope, this isn't humour, it's horror.

    Stuart Maxwell - Kelowna, BC, Canada / SAA - Stu's Alternative Art

  41. For some some re..... reason,,,,,, I I get the urge urge to re re re re peat repeat my self self self over and over and over and over again again. Also,,,, When When I wake wwww wake up in the morning, I stumble across li lil little wet wet spots on on the sheets. Last night I had had I dream that Kirmit the frog was was chasing me! No Idea why. Do you you know why? Could you tell me me?

    Nick Williams - Springfield, Illinois USA /

    So, you have those dreams too huh? - David

  42. Fantastic! I couldn't feel better! Thanx to the big green button, my life is changed forever.

    Jessie - Alta Loma, CA, USA /

    Glad to have been some help - David

  43. i am, at the moment very annoyed with my so-called friend who sent me the email containing the link to the big green button.

    teresa - eastlake, ohio, usa

    Well, just so long as you don't take it out on me! - David

  44. i feel skanky

    Mindy -

    Hello again Mindy! Shanky????? - David

  45. I feel like I have to go back to your homepage and start pressing the Big Green Buttons again, just to see if I can do it. I'm not sure how I found the last one, but I did, and I'm proud of myself! And I'm now going to spend the rest of my life in a pretty white jacket in a pretty white room taking pretty white pills, all because of the Big Green Buttons. Aren't you proud of yourself now? All this is added to the fact that I'm grinning foolishly and evilly, both at once.

    Calladona - Raleigh NC USA

  46. The buttons drew me in and I was hooked... I couldn't stop! Even while looking through the rest of your well-designed pages, I kept thinking about the buttons.... the buttons.... and of course... you!

    Kara - Youngstown, Ohio, USA / The Home Page

    Bless your little heart! Thanks Kara! - David

  47. We Loved the Big Green Button. It was so funny!!! We can't believe you took away our button!!! We would have gone on and on forever and ever. One suggestion, MAKE THE DOT PURPLE NEXT TIME. Thankx!!!

    Kelly - williamsburg, VA /

    Why purple? - David

  48. I was so scared I had no idea what to expect, but now that I have I want to press it agian and agian and agian.

    Heather - Canton,Ohio, USA /

    Well, go on then! - David

  49. What? What button?

    WenPigo - Newfane/Vermont/US

  50. I just can't help it man. . . . .I love the green button. . .I had to play with it again. . . . .I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BUTTON!

    belle - hf, ny, usa /

    Thanks you Belle ... I love you too! - David

  51. I feel lovely and relaxed whenever I play with your lovely big button. I just can't help myself, I need that lovely firm big button pressing against my...

    Mr. X - Manchester, England

    Er .... is that *Mr*, or was that a typo?!!!! - David

  52. Like someone trying to convert Fahrenheit to Centegrade in his head while his house is burning down (Douglas Adams, "Life the Universe and Everything")

    David Stigant -Houston Tx /

    Ah, a man who knows his classic books! - David

  53. a little dizzy...


    Well stop spinning! - David

  54. i feel like a whole new person. your button has opened my eyes to new experiences. i want you to know that that big green button has changed my life. i am now a brand new person. THANK YOU!!!!

    Brea - Mt. JUliet, Tn, USA /

    I have such a priviledged position, being able to actually change people's lives! Wow! - David

  55. i feel priveledged that i should have such an honor as to press the green button. i feel very special and loved.

    Amber - Nanuet, NY US of A /

    You are special and you are loved! Remember that, especially when no-one else does! - David

  56. I thought it was great!!! Really had me wondering if I didn't have anything better to do with my life than look for the Green Button!!!

    Terry Lowery - Knoxville, TN /

    Terry, you obviously don't! - David

  57. i feel sooooooo relieved that there are peoples buttons to push no matter what!!!! hahahahahahha! Actually it was fun, to be able to play this game of self control!!!

    Alicia - Peachtree City, GA USA / Alicia's Smashing Pumpkins

    Yes, it's always fun to push people's buttons - David

  58. umm....ok

    Lauren - USA /

    Succint and to the point! That's what we all need! - David

  59. Great Wonderful but what I would like to now in the last page where is the hidden button!

    Simmone - NY / Agent 007's secret page (shh)

    Not gonna tell you! Na na na! - David

  60. That hidden button was a real challenge. Why do I continue to search? Why do people climb mountains?

    Shira Goldman - Philadelphia, PA USA /

    I don't know, why do people climb mountains? - David

  61. I was dissappointed that at the end thats all there was. A lousy quit button

    Nikki - Chicopee/MA/USA / Whiskkas Home Page

    Yeah, sorry about that! Um, don't know about in the States but here in England Whiskas is a catfood! What flavour are you? - David

  62. cool. I want to do it again

    juliet Skywalker - calgary, Alberta /

    Any relation to Luke? (Jeez, I can't believe I just wrote that! How many times have you heard that?!) - David

  63. Confused that you have this much free time devising such a devistating device.

    Monique - Albuquerque, NM USA /

    Confusion is a wonderful thing isn't it! - David

  64. Cool, where did you get it?

    Mike - South Sioux City / Yogissc's Home Page

    It came to me in a vision whilst watching Rikki Lake (maybe) - David

  65. Veru good...very stimulated....energized..and ready to have a white Russian.........................

    Sharon Treat - dover Plains, NY USA /

    .... of the male or female variety? (arf arf) - David

  66. I suddenly don't care whether there is life elsewhere in the universe.

    Mike Mc Gill - Burbank, CA, U.S.A. /

    Like you did before? - David

  67. No fare! You took away my button! I can't live without my button! Now what am i a supposed to do... besides get a life?!

    Samantha Sanborn - MI USA / Sam I Am...Green Eggs and Ham

    You're right, there is no *fare* ... the BGB is a free ride! - David

  68. i want to press the buttons again YOU ARE MEAN

    michelle - pasadena ca usa /

    Hey, that's just the kind of guy I am! - David

  69. Damn... I need a nap now. I work in an area full of green buttons. How will I ever restrain myself???

    Dave - Lewiston/Me/usa /

    You'd better just try, Dave my man - David

  70. Glad it's over. That last week was humiliating & embarrassing to the brink: Being compelled to read all those comments & being compelled to answer the phone at my desk now & then, many a caller was confronted with hysterical laughter, horrible sounds of air drawn through a contorted body, & nothing more than some "SORRY!"s, "JUST A SECOND!"s, "OH NO, NOT YET"s, "NO I CANT"s, "OUUHHH NO!"s, "CALL YOU BACK"s andsoonandsoforth. Pooh. To know you're insane is ok. But if this fine little knowledge is harshly taken out into the open (not that I mind so much - I'm an honest creature after all) & you have kind of a public job (you know how the system works, don't you), it's embarrassing. Now it's over. I'm content again. To imagine a sudden screen-size BGB is still of frightening quality. Though.

    Katrin - Potsdam/Brandenburg/Germany /

    Indeed! Wise words! - David

  71. Im in a much better mood, thanks to the big green button. It is a great way to get ones frustrations out and is a good waste of time, ok? So MAKE A LITTLE RED BUTTON!!!

    SlvrDrgn - York,PA,USA /

    Give me one good reason why I should? - David

  72. I feel SOOOOOOO much better!!!! :)

    Keith Fiske - Allentown, PA, US / Prescient Dragon's Homepage

    I'm very happy for you! - David

  73. Big Green Button?. . . *drool drips down the chin* . . . What Big Green Button *giggle* . . . She would really like to have a Big Green Button . . . SHE WANTS A BIG GREEN BUTTON !!!!!! *screams as she is dragged off by two big strong-looking men in white suits*

    Anne Shindel - Denmark /

    Anne, you need help! You know it makes sense - David

  74. BGB Best Comment Award I feel a sense of accomplishment. Before, there just was something missing in my life, a void that made my inner being incomplete. I longed for fulfillment where could I turn I rep eatedly asked myself. I tried everything, yoga, meditation, crash dieting, new hairstyles (they may work for Hillary, but alas not for me) I tried to learn French, visited therapist after therapist, who made me look at pictures with little dots on them time and time again, but to no avail. I was a complete and utter failure, a loser in a giant pit of darkness, floundering for a grip, but finding none. I was on the trail of self destruction. And then, I found your buttons!!!!! It was as if a light came on before my eyes, and I could once again see myself for the person I am, and accept myself for it!!! I am all right! Yes I can! I can do anything, the world is at my disposal, and I owe it all to your Big Green Buttons! Thank you Big Green Buttons! You have ultimately changed my very existance!

    Stoner - OHIO

    Well once again I am honoured to be playing a part in touching the lives of some the weirdest and oddest people on the globe! Cheers Stoner! - David

  75. I LOVED IT!!! It was great... total insanity!!! i need more buttons!! you should do more things like this... if your not busy some time E-mail me... id love to talk to you. IRC maybe

    Jason Morris - New Vienna Oh US /

    Er, I don't do IRC I'm afraid, but feel free to email me if'n you want - David

  76. Really pissed off

    Tracey Crowder - Pomona, CA, USA /

    Excellent! - David

  77. like i've been deprived......... where is the button on the black page, huh???????

    kristin - boulder, colorado, U.S.A /

    Kristin, why should I tell you? (btw, I love Boulder! Great city!) - David

  78. like a big green jerk!! hey are you my brother, you sure sound like him, his sense of humor is about the same. hey dave, whats my real name. if you are my bro, you would know.

    Zog? Well Zog, if you were my bro then you'd never call me Dave! - David

  79. i feel this sense of static cling inside my spleen that is unexplainable, yet, somehow comforting...

    rachelle viviane cornell nash - oberlin/oh/usa /

    Static cling huh? My house runs on static electricity you know. To work the toaster all I have to do is pull off an acrylic sweater real quick! (btw, is that your full name? I love it!) - David

  80. what is this??!!!??? i don't understand .. i got an invite so i checked it out .. well, see ya' =)

    angel - san francisco

  81. i hate all of it

    timmy - new vienna,ohio,usa /

    Just come right out with it, why don't you! - David

  82. i felt like the small child I once was who came across the sign "WET PAINT". having aged a little its nice to know somethings don't change

    matty - UK

    Yeah, the simple things are always the best - David

  83. I loved it.... each comment that came up from the next page made me laugh!! = ) Great Job

    Banannie - Tucson, Az USA /

    Thanks - David

  84. Sad that its over. My heads pretty sore now that i've pulled all of my hair out. Well, thats all I'm wirting because it's just to painful to talk about.

    Christin Morris - New Vienna Ohio US /

    I guess you look pretty cool now, with patchy hair?! Send me a pix! - David

  85. My link crashed just as I found that last damn button and I had to start over! Ok, so I jumped to that page. Who cares? Try my waste of time. RockGolf at the address below. By the way, I found your page as a link from the AndrewGold page.

    Pat Kelly - Brampton/Ont/Canada / RockGolf: the world wide music trivia quiz

  86. I feel kinda funny, kinda like when I see a large green gumdrop, and I just brushed my teeth, and I don't want the little people to feel upset about the mushrooms in the plants

    Paul - Minneapolis, MN, USA /

    Hmmmm .... one too many mushrooms of the old magic kind, methinks! - David

  87. My arm hurts!

    Anna Jabas - prior lake minnesota

    Anna, I won't ask why - David

  88. I feel that you have too much time on your hands.

    Robert Numbers - Coopersburg, PA USA / Rob's Place

    Not enough Robert! - David

  89. I went back again to peruse what has now become a life long destiny for me. I spent hours on the black page clicking and clinking. I can't stand it. There are no more green buttons! But now thanks to me comes a new fascination. THE BIG RED BUTTON (brb) Where is it? How can you find it? I can not say. It is now YOUR destiny to discover it. I will give you one clue to send you on your way. Five simple letters. YAHOO.

    Ann - Ct

    Ann, I do hope you're not plagarising my idea - David

  90. I feel like a new person. Ever since I stopped pressing the Big Green Button, I have changed my ways. I stopped eating so much, and I stopped beating up my pet dog. THANKS BIG GREEN BUTTON

    cynthia - South Holland, IL, America

    well at least that's good news for your pooch! - David

  91. i'm a bad boy. I'm visiting my cousin and she told me about the BGB. I asked her what the BGB was, she said the "Big Green Button". She told me to check it out. So, I did. I got addicted to pressing it until the screen went black. I know, I'm so ashamed. I eventually got over it and pressed the back button. That way I could see the button. That's when I decided to press the "Quit" button. it changed my life.
    If there's anything else email my cousin. I'll leave my name with her address.

    Silkk - Chicago /

    Yes, you are a very bad boy! Do you always do what your cousin tells you? She should be ashamed of herself! - David

  92. Well, i feel all, BUTTON-y! i love it! if i make a home page i will tell you and you look for MY buttons! OK?


    Hello again Mindy! This is your 3rd appearance here! I guess you must be my Number One fan! And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing your homepage when it's complete, just let me know! - David

  93. Wow! That was awesome!!

    Kim - NJ /

    You doubted me???! - David

  94. I was asked by the screen to press the button, so I did. The button returned, but this time the screen asked me not to touch it. I felt bad at first, but I pressed it a few more times anyway. I started to feel like a rebel. I pressed that button no matter what screen said. It begged, pleaded, threatened, but I was feeling empowered & invincible. Finally, I got a bit tired and hungry. I decided to press the quit button. I secretly wished the Big Green Button was going to return after the quit button was pressed, but I guess it was best that it didn't...I was hungry.
    (p.s. Cold pizza is a great breakfast treat and it travel well on the commute to work!)

    John - Columbia/MD/USA / BridesPlan

    We all wish the BGB would secretly return, but then when would it end?! (Yes, cold pizza is the best!) - David

  95. pretty freakin' cool

    Todd - Oologah, Ok / The disgruntled tech support page

  96. I found the button on the black page...but I'm not insane! I just have way too much time on my hands. Oh well. At least it game me temporary enjoyment (while making me feel totally powerless and idiotic)!

    Shelly - Gladwin, Michigan / Everything You Need to Know According to Me

  97. My life has changed. I realize that tough-love is the only way. I FOUND THE INVISIBLE BUTTON!!!!!! i AM THE ALL POWERFUL BEING (next to the one who made it). I FOUND THE SECRET, SECRET BUTTON TOO! BUTTON 52!!!!!!!! aLL ON THE FIRST VISIT TOO!!! HAHAHA! bow before me

    Cosmo - Texal, y'all /

    Consider me bowed your worship! - David

  98. This is great! I feel alive and invigorated after pressing that big green button!

    Lillian Bartlett - Griffin, GA, USA /

    At least you don't feel dead and exhausted! Thank god for small mercies! - David

  99. This is absolutely great!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Karen - Roswell, Georgia USA /

    Not much I can say to that - David


    gerob kimball /

    Why? - David