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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. David, you're a riot and made my day, but heh, I've got a 5 month old and don't get out much! The BGB is loads of fun for compulsives like me. Thanks for the "good time."

    Suzan Kurdak - Orlando, FL /

    You're welcome, but the kudos should go to you, for dealing with a 5 month old! - David

  2. It was f-----g GREAT! Please add more of them!!!!!

    Viggo Normann - Norway / Viggo's Place

    Somewhat of a strong conviction there, methinks! - David

  3. I feel much better that I've wasted 15 minutes of my life pushing buttons!!!!!

    Rich - Brick , N.J. /

    Well, that's what it's all about, eh? - David

  4. You're right, I should have quit while the going was good! Now I cannot find the final button on the black page. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!

    Graham - Gloucester UK /

    Nice to hear from another Brit! - David

  5. i feel as though i really got in touch with myself. it was a great learning experience. the knowledge i have gained at this site i will be able to use in the near future and from this day i will pass my great knowledge onto those who i feel are deprived of being smart as i am now a genious!!!!!!!!

    smoothness - melbourne/fl /

    A Genious Maybe, But You Should Try Using Uppercase Characters Occasionally! - David

  6. A little stupid, like some days ago when some joker misrepresenting a button told me "OS2 Warp 4 will now be installed on your computer" and the only "out" was hitting . It's also the reason why I "quit", not liking to be taken in twice.

    Karl de Leeuw - Benissa, Alicante, Spain /

    You have a fair point there Karl! - David

  7. Dissapointed!!! I want more.... Sorry have to visit my shrink, bye bye

    Roger Enlid - Trondheim, Norway /

    Don't forget to write - David

  8. almost as good as the 'touch-the-screen'-feeling! excellent entertainment for the easily amused (that means us web-surfers over here at the office). too bad i'm the type that takes the easy way out: i turned off the bgcolor. say could we translate the BGB for you into german? :)

    attila - munich, bavaria, germany /

    Translate away my German friend! - David

  9. I feel at a loss because there are no more green buttons to press I tried to quit but as you said it is SUPER DUPER addicting. I want more and more buttons to press! I am going crazy crazy crazy. heeeeee!

    Jessica - St. Louis Park, MN USA /

    I feel at a loss too, as no one has called my buttons Super Duper before! - David

  10. BGB Best Comment Award aahhh... I couldn't help myself... I even got stuck when there was one screen that would not come up. The first time I tried it I had will power and pressed the quit button early one, however, when I read others comments I read that there was a black page and I had never seen the black page. I just HAD to go back and try again. I started from the beginning with a mission in mind: to find that black page. I got stuck when one page didn't come up correctly so I skipped it and changed the URL to the next page to continue on. I don't normally think of myself as one with little will power for participating in stupid or menial types of activities but this one had thrown me for a loop. When I finally got to that cherished black page I became frustrated that I couldn't find the button right away. My blood began to rise and I felt a sense of urgency creep up from my toes. I HAD TO FIND THAT BUTTON !!! Whence I found it and pressed it I became very thankful that you saved me from hours upon hours of pressing the button. I may never be able to allow myself to return here for fear of spending my life pressing the button. But rest assured that I will send my friends here though. Thank you for the button.

    Whitney - Richmond, Virginia USA /

    Just one question for you: How do you feel urgency creeping up from your toes? - David

  11. Refreshed and ready to take on the world

    Sean Farmer - Albuquerque/NM/USA /

    Like after a drink of Mountain Dew? - David

  12. Annoyed at your silly attempt to be cute

    Kirk - Grand Junction, CO /

    Oh, you kidder! You say the sweetest things! - David

  13. BGB Best Comment Award Damn you!! Only a sick, twisted bastard would put a human being through that kind of torture. Just when you think "Nah, no way will there be many more, I might as well keep going," you realize that you've been staring at Big Green Buttons for fifteen minutes. But you just can't stop, even though you want to. And then there's always that little red Exit button, sitting there, taunting you. I think I've been emotionally scarred.

    Erin - Sarasota, Fl /

    Life sucks, huh?! - David

  14. The only thing more addictive than pushing the button was reading the comments that people wrote afterwards. I was finally able to pull myself away from the comments so that I could have the pleasure of writing my own. My only suggestion is that you add more buttons to push. I think I'm going through post-button withdrawal.

    Keith Jones - Napanoch, New York /

    Hey, it's nice to know that people actually read these comments and that I'm not just spending hours posting them all, replying and maintaining it for nothing! - David

  15. where can i find more green buttons??? you did it ! i'm hooked ---- i haven't been to my local pub in over 3 months i can't even leave to got to the grocery please help me give me more green buttons!!! hhhheeellllllpppp


    I'm sorry Jim, but it sounds like you're way past needing my help! - David

  16. I feel depressed that the big green button wasn't big at all

    Doug Hurd - Las Vegas,Nv /

    Doug my man, you should know by now that size isn't everything! - David

  17. Woozy. Empty. But not that bored anymore...

    Carla "Q" Hewitt - Santa Barbara, Ca / Carla's Cave

    It's good to know that being woozy and empty is fun - David

  18. I'm very happy and I m waiting for you to come and press my big pink button

    charlotte - grenoble /

    Oooer! And which big pink button would that be Charlotte?! - David

  19. I feel so empty inside now that there is nothing left to push.... I mean, after i found the button on that black page, it was all over.... I'm gonna cry...

    Ross Robbins - Dillon Montana USA /

    Ross, don't cry over spilled buttons now - David

  20. Okay, I admit it, I pressed the BGB 4 times before I chickened out! Then I started thinking.... what if this guy is right? What if I really WILL regret getting out of bed this morning? Then I thought.... I'm not gonna let some BGB get the best of me!! Oh-h-h no, I'm an adult!!!! I can push the BGB as many times as I want, and nobody can stop me!! Then I started thinking....

    T.G.Nick - Berthoud, CO /

    Thinking is over-rated! - David

    T.G.Nick came back again .... The first time I came to your BGB site, I chickened out after pushing the BGB only 4 times. This time, I pushed the BGB until I got to the "Black Room". I found 2 of the "wrong buttons" and the third one gave me a chance to quit. I admit it, I took the easy way out, but hey, I'm afraid of the dark!! Unfortunately, I am hooked, so I know after getting my courage up, I'll be back to try and find the "right button" in the black room. Thanks so much for helping me face my fears.

    Hey, it's the least I could do Nick! - David

  21. I just did as you told me to. To some people you must feel like their personal Big Green Button Deeler.

    Paul Nyheim - Norway / Paul's Place

    Yes, I stand outside school yards and offer BGB's to all and sundry! - David

  22. This was a nice change from the whale-killing I do for a living. My hands are red of blood from cute innocent whales. Your button is green.

    Bjxrn Hatterud - 2380 Brumunddal, Norway (no email)

    Hmmmmm, interesting philosophical thought! - David

  23. I think that they are fun, but a little stupid.

    marion - Greenville, North Carolina /

    But of course! - David

  24. Like an idiot!!!

    Oystein James Wright - Marina Del Rey/USA / OJW's Place

    Well, with a name like that (if it's real!) then I wouldn't worry about it! That's the best name I've heard in ages! - David

  25. I feel both stupid, and good, at the same time. Stupid, obviously because I didn't stop pushing the buttons. Good, because it only took my 3 minutes to find the correct hidden button. And I found the damn button!!!

    Lord Scorch - Sapulpa OK U.S.A / Scorch's Place

    What can I say? You're the MAN!! - David

  26. This is the best. You seem to be the type of guy i would hang out with. Have you ever thought of a big multi colored button?

    ben jackson - lawrenceville ga usa /

    Re. Point #1: Thank you!;
    Re. Point #2: Thanks (I think!);
    Re. Point #3: Frequently, but it normally gets me in trouble! - David

  27. The buttons are always there, therefore you also has to be there. Well I was there, and I quited in time, at least not to late. It is always a matter of time and place, and I will always wonder what that would happened if I'd pressed just one more time.

    sveinung reheim - norway /

    Well, my friend, it's probably best that you don't think about it! - David

  28. That was fun!! :)

    Shelly - Ann Arbor, MI / Shelly's Pages

    What did you expect? - David

  29. I'm gonna send the URL to all of my friends so that they can be equally tortured. as my grandmother always says, "CURIOSITY killed the cat... but SATISFACTION brought her back!"

    paula - ann arbor, michigan / Paula's Pesky Pages

    You have a very wise grandmother Paula! - David

  30. I feel as though I've accomplished so much today. Even after the negativity, being told to quit, etc., I stuck with it, and was greatly rewarded. Just when you think your day can't get any more mundane, you come across something as scintillating as the Big Green Button...

    Meredith - Pittsburgh, PA /

    Yes, the mundane things are always best! - David

  31. I have a web tv and I found the button on the black page cause web tv highlights clickable stuff and so it was kinda easy except for the fact that there was four clickable things.I like when the quit button dissapered.The button will rule the world! ALL HAIL BIG GREEN BUTTON!

    Ryan Mead - Bloomingdale NJ /

    Translation anyone ???? - David

  32. hhmmmm....what can i say after an experience like that? at least your site loads fast!

    LOBOxSBx - Florida / LOBOxSBx's Page

    Thank God for small mercies, eh? - David

  33. I feel... well... kinda... funny. Not "ha, ha", funny... but... oh well. Great page! I just want to press one more button...

    Cliff Huizenga - USA / Cliff's Place

    So, you mean "funny peculiar"? - David

  34. I need to know where the button on the black page is located.

    laura - Miami, Florida /

    Sorry Laura, I can't divulge that kind of sensitive information over the Net! You never know who's watching! If you want to know mail me personally :) - David

  35. Well, I tried your big green button. I tried. I *clicked* and *clicked* and *clicked* and, well, you get the picture. But I think I've clicked too much. You see, I can no longer click! All this clicking has damaged my ligaments in my clicking hand. All the clicking!! Clicking and clicking! It's ruined me!!!! And you knew!! You knew the whole time didn't you?!! "Stop now, you're addicted!" and "You're sad", you knew!! Yet you still kept giving the Big Green Button! Oh, you knew all right!!! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!!

    Mark - Pembroke Pines, FL USA / Mark's Mansion

    Sounds like a plot from a "Murder One" episode, although without the homicide .... - David

  36. I love this page it's great, I've never felt so inclined to press a button in my life!!!

    Lizz - Crofton, BC, Canada / Liz's Lair

    Cool! Another convert! - David

  37. Big, Green, Smile!!!

    Shaana - Coquitlam, B.C., Canada /

    That's all you need in life! - David

  38. BGB Best Comment Award The "BGB" will set you free! You don't have to press your pants, you don't have to press the issue, you dont have to press garlic, you dont even have to press gently or hard... But you do have to press the "BIG GREEN BUTTON" ! Go on, do it, I did and my whole life has changed.

    Chris - Austin, Texas /

    What?! Are you campaigning or something?! - David

  39. You know what, the only reason I filled out the form is to press the button at the end!

    Haley - Nashotah,Wisconsin,USA /

    Now there's a serious case of button addiction! - David

  40. Cathartic to some degree. I now feel that I can live the rest of my life in some sense of peace. I thank you.

    Bob Devereux - Worth, IL /

    Which sense would that be Bob? - David

  41. I feel cheap and violated. It was wonderful, i need to go smoke now thank you...

    christian rocco - nashville,tn / Christian's Place

    Anytime! - David

  42. All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

    Net~Quake - Australia / Net~Quake's Place

    Aw, how sweet! - David

  43. I feel liberated by the fact that i managed to quit. I take it as a victory to myself. Thank you for giving me this oppertunity to show myself what i'm really made off. Thank you

    Ralf Jxrgensen - Trondheim Norway / Ralf's Place

    So, what are you made of?!!! - David

  44. i feel i could still go on looking for the big hippo in the little box that my invisable mime frog told me was after me I was just going to quit looking and move to South Dakota and raise 200 purple cows

    Jyoti - Laporte IN /

    200 purple cows? That specific? - David

  45. i feel like eating some cereal. or maybe even a moonpie

    eric anderson - austin/texas/usa /

    Cap'n Crunch? Golden Grahams? - David

  46. it's time to go home now, I think...

    Bob Littlepage - Birmingham, AL / Bob's Little Page

    Oh, okay then .... - David

  47. You really have no life...

    Matthew Bohne - Milan, OH / Matt's Little World in a Box

    Hmmm, maybe that explains why I haven't been feeling too good recently?! - David

  48. Pissed off!!!! But happy!!!

    Justin Frost - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia / The Outdoor Park Home Page

    Excellent! - David

  49. Once I started pressing your buttons, I just couldn't stop! It was like some great addiction had taken hold, and I was not going to free myself of that harrowing monster until each and every button had been pushed. And you KNOW I combed every pixel of that great, black, monolithic screen until I had found each hidden button. And now I am SOOOO fulfilled, knowing that I've listened to the Big Green Button, and pushed, pushed, pushed.

    Matthew M. DeLoera - Durham, NC / Matthew's Pages

    Somewhat obsessed, methinks?! - David

  50. I feel that you are a moron with way too much free time on your hands. I also feel that I am a moron with way too much free time on my hands for visiting your page and actually filling out this form!!!

    Jonathan Stanley - Mishawaka, IN /

    My thoughts exactly! - David


    Andreas Samios - Cholargos/Athens/Greeve / ASAM'S Web Site

    OKAY! - David

  52. I haven't experienced such fun at 12:04 in the morning since who knows when. So simple and yet so entertaining.

    Mist Over Water - CANADA / The Gallery Of True Sight

    Well, MOW, you obviously haven't experienced the elicit pleasures of munching OREO's with milk .... far more exciting at 12:04 in the morning!- David

  53. Not exactly satisfyed, but I'm all right...

    Stian Rxdven Eide - Norway / Suppe's Place

    Glad to hear it! - David

  54. I feel a large sense of withdrawal. I was disheartened after finding the right hidden button only to discover I had to quit. I don't know what I'll go back to doing. I may never press a button again after that sort of trauma. I'll go back to eating spam now.

    Chuck - Michigan / The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

    At least spam has no real nasty side effects (at least not that I'm aware of) - David

  55. it was so wonderful. it was even so more wonderful when i used my left hand. i cried and wet myself then shorted out my keyboard.

    k buresh - mesa, az usa /

    Fair enough! - David


    KAREN SEVERNS - Tifton, Ga. /

    Don't know what to say! - David

  57. Just a bit stupid and tired. But it was fun. Thank you. My husband, by the way is the one who found this and challenged me to find the BGB on the black page and I did, so there. Again, thanks for the funny BGB!

    Linda Blakemorew - Citrus Heights, CA /

    So tell me, did your Steve find it? - David

  58. My life has finally found fullfilment. i can now make it through life...I know I can.

    becky campbell - arkadelphia arkansas /

    Good for you Becky! (Arkadelphia?!! Is that real? I'll have to get out my Rand McNally USA Atlas later to check!) - David

  59. I'd like to kick you in the nuts.

    Mike Hesselbacher - Woodbridge VA / Mike's Homepage

    Well Mike, I'd really rather you didn't, but at least you're not prevaricating around the bush and getting to the point! - David

  60. I feel great! I found the hidden green button! To find it: save as source, change the background colour to white and remember the place! Ha Ha!

    Alex Conlin - UK / Alex's home page!

    My my, what a clever chap you are! - David

  61. I think big green buttons rule!!! Big green buttons and fingers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Thank you and please send me more big buttons.

    Kedrick "the stud" Black - Green River/Utah /

    I know what you mean, but slightly less sticky I would imagine, huh? - David

  62. Stressed out, dammit. hehehhehehee - and a bit crazzzzzzy~~~ got lost in the black hole and had to go "back" to get the hell outta there! So much for boredom @ the end of a 9 hour day... and curiosity!

    Sunny - St. Paul, MN /

    Indeed! So, anyway, how about those Vikings? - David

  63. i feel lost - lost in a void with nothing but a big green button as my companion. i will never recover. i am lost forever with a green oval burned into my unblinking eyes. and it's all because of the button - THE DAMN BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!!


    Life's a bitch, huh? - David

  64. Amused :) But damn GLAD I found that last button.... More... I need MORE BGB's!!

    Kathleen - Baltimore/Md/USA /

    Sorry Kathleen, but BGB's only come to those who wait! - David

  65. OH GEEZ!! Every where I look I see those darned BGBs!! They are taking over my life and *sigh* I just can't take it anymore!! hehe.. This was a fun little game.. and you know what I found out.. I have no, I mean NO willpower!! *tee hehe*


    Don't let them take over your life Sharon! Get a grip while you still can, while it's not too late! - David

  66. There is a congress with nordic pshyciatrists in Trondheim, Norway at this moment. I need to call them up right away.

    Hanne Guro Lier - Trondheim, Norway /

    You do that my friend! - David

  67. I somehow feel more alive, more free than I've ever felt before but ... I now crave more buttons - not just green ones either!! I need blue! I need red! I need yellow! Give me a whole world full of buttons and I shall finally be content.

    Rana - Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia /

    Well Rana, your obvious addiction to buttons is distressing but I can live with it as your town name is way cool! Toowoomba! - David

  68. I feel a bit angry, maybe empty inside me! Why couldn't you add just ONE more button? Maybe a really BIG one at the end... I'll probably stay awake until this will happen.

    Xystein Bakke - Norway /

    Well, you'll be up for quite a while I'm afraid! - David

  69. FELIX feels great - sure wish I had pressed your button before now!!

    Katrina - New Zealand /

    I'm flattered, but who's Felix?! - David

  70. I feel...I feel....uhh...like an elephant in the GREEEEN river of chocolate...or maybe not. Your site is definetely extremely depressing and funny and cool and f*****g irritating....:) But do not... And I MEAN DO NOT visit my homepage.......:)

    Esmund Vonheim Seip - Velfjord - Norway / Esmunds FABOLOUS homepage...!!!!

    Okay, I won't visit! - David

  71. I can't believe that I pushed and pushed and pushed and found three friggin buttons on that black page and it didnt do anything!! The real question is how do YOU feel having pressed MY buttons??? Thanks )

    jennifer - scottsdale, AZ USA / Michael Nitro Group

    How do I feel after having pressed YOUR buttons? I don't know, but I'll let you know as soon as I have! - David

  72. I've got this huge high now...I need the buttons...hmm...I think I need some professional help now. How did you come up with this insane way of torturing people anyways? I think I may have to sue you for psychological damages. I think i know why all those people who smoke can't stop now. Do you have some kind of recupurative therapy avaliable for us green button addictees? SIGN ME UP (as long as it doesn't cost anything...)

    Sorka - Central WI / Cristin's (Sorka's) Poetry Page

    Your name sounds familiar. Have you stopped by my place before? Regarding the therapy sessions, I'm not aware of one existing but if you want to start one ....?! - David

  73. I FOUND THE SECRET BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee hee hee

    Becki - Bristol, RI, USA / HeyJupiter19

    Well done!! What do you want .... a medal?! :) - David

  74. I am truly insane... I love yer page and will put a link to it on mine with your permission... =)

    Nicole - las vegas, NV / jade's page

    Permission granted, O Mistress Jade! - David

  75. I plan to detox after a tapering off period, only pressing other colored buttons.

    dix - kansas / Dix's Delusional System

    Sounds like a plan my man! - David

  76. BGB Best Comment Award Thoroughly invigorated by the incandescent brilliance of the concept. This leads me to the main point of the exercise, According to quantum physics it is impossible to know a particles exact location while knowing it's velocity or to know a particles velocity while simultaneously knowing its location. What you've done has nothing to do with quantum physics, thus proving it silly. This level of extemporaneous button pushing exemplifies our society's urge to push other peoples buttons. Put a button in front of a moron and he/she/it is bound to push it. I hope this means the President isn't a moron, and just goes randomly pushing buttons.

    Robert Betz - Tucson AZ /

    A very interesting and stimulating argument Bob (may I call you Bob?), but one that suffers from one small inherent flaw .... it's crap! No, just kidding! As far as President Clinton being a moron .... he is, but he's the best moron the United States has at the moment! (*jk*) - David

  77. David, life is now finally worth living again now I've stumbled across your site. Three months into a post-graduate, pre-starting-a-proper-job job, life was getting pretty mind-numbingly tragic. Then you came along and wasted ten minutes of my time, which was already being wasted by my employers so that I was on double-wasted time - which isn't bad considering it's not even a sunday - and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt ........ um ...... I'm still bored.

    Lyndon Jennings - Reading, England /

    Is your middle initial 'B' by any chance? (LBJ?) Anyway, I've always believed it to be Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny! Haven't you read your Famous Five? Also, you may not be aware of the fact that the reason why your life is boring is because you live in Reading!! (What's with the one way system there?!) - David

  78. wonderful... free... like a new man

    justin brown - usa / trip into the unknown (it's crappy... i'm changing it)

    Is that like a man of the 90's New Man or a new agey New Man? - David

  79. They called him Ernie (Ernie) and he drove the fastest milk-cart in the west.

    Rob the Roadie - England / Home of The Afternoon Tea Gang

    Rob, sounds like you've had one too many Rich Tea biccies mate! - David

  80. If there isn't a button on the black page that takes you to some magical, mystical place, your button totally sucks! Other than that, it's the coolest thing I've EVER experienced on the web!!! I'd like to know if there really IS a good button on that page so I can go look again. It truly is the weirdest addiction I've ever had!

    Krisp - USA /

    Well my Krispy friend, it all depends on what you mean by a magical, mystical place?! - David

  81. Well you got me!!! I pressed it... You bad boy you!

    Shadow Dancer - San Antonio, TX / Shadow's Getaway

    O Dancer of the Shadows, who is the foxy fox on your Getaway?! I must know! - David

  82. I'm sorry. I've gone too far. Will you ever forgive me? Because, face it, you've been violated.

    Bianca - The Netherlands /

    With a name like Bianca, of course I forgive you (But why have I been violated?) - David

  83. Sick, actually. A bit.

    Markus - Tumba, Sweden /

    Well, just take two asprin and lay down for an hour - David

  84. I think you fooled me here....i wrote you a lil while ago...but i HAD to go back n check...just to find out what happened...n now...my life is ruined.. i've been looking at that black screen for ages...n my eyes r hurting n i don't even think there is a button.. still i luved yer page....it just totally rawks...*whispering* is there really one more button? did i pass it? i found three buttons...plllleeassee tell me..i REALLY have to knw...it's a must thing... bibiib

    still Hege - Norway / Boidys homepage or something

    Sorry mate, but there really is another button! - David

  85. Are you directly out of your #$$*ing MIND!!!???? Apparently so. Your are out to make me MAD!!! (the cheese is biting me) I can't stand it. It's worth your time but... who is this stupid!!!??? (if I had thier web adresses I'd tell you.) (AHHH the spiders!!!) It's okay. Your not at fault little girl. It'l be okay. I forgive you. HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!. I say goodby now. meow meow meow meow meow etc ....

    Colin Lacativa - Lawrevnceville/ Georgia/ USA /

    Uh, yeah, whatever!! Colin, just keep taking the tablets - David

  86. frustrated, i can't find the last button....is there really a last button?

    gwen - scottsdale, az,usa /

    Yup! - David

  87. I'm really depressed. Your page just forced me to waste 10 minutes of my life. I'll never see those minutes again. Never. In effect you have just caused me to die ten minutes early. Congratulations. You're a murderer. How do you feel? Or maybe it's my fault. If I had been doing my job instead of f*****g around I wouldn't be in this position now would I? Well, actually that's not true. It's good that I came here cause I'm sick of blaming my boss for depriving me of 10 hours of my life everyday. Oh well, I suppose I'll go waste more of it elsewhere. Great page my the way! Good Job!

    Ted Arthur - Gig Harbor WA /

    Sounds like you have yourself a guilt problem over your time wasting at work, cause you're justifying it to yourself! Have a nice day!! - David

  88. Hahahahahahahahaha The best fun I've had all week! Well done and thank you for spicing up my moring :)

    Dimitri Stoikof - South Africa / Websence

    Nice to have a South African here, but pray tell .... what is a "moring"?! - David

  89. I think it is brilliant.... (after going through all 32 pages :) just one question, why green? (sigh.... :))

    Carl Kotze - johannesburg, zuid afrika / Carl's place

    Ooh, more South Africans! Hurrah! Why green? Er, why not?! - David

  90. I think it is great i had a good laugh. I would have carried on and and on but I had to stop so that I could carry on working

    tania evans - johannesburg, south africa /

    Work's a bummer, huh?! - David

  91. I feel a bit wibbly all over. The adrenalin has finished surging and I'm snuggled in a blanket and sipping Mum's honey tea. I must say it was rather addictive and I think that this sort of narcotic should be ermmmm ... promoted )

    Pete - South Africa / stupid stuff

    Honey tea! Yum! - David

  92. BGB Best Comment Award It's such a lovely feeling
    Now my shoes are on the ceiling
    I threw them there to save me
    From the evil spots that plagued me
    I hope that you have seen
    I LIVE for one more green
    Just one button for me to press
    I need just one, I'm not obsessed
    Do you think that I'm insane?
    Maybe so......

    David Walker (Scary Dave) - High Wycombe, England / The Home Of The Afternoon Tea Gang

    What can I say? One too many Digestive biccies methinks! - David

  93. You are NUTS!!!! Just like me!!! BIG green buttons are my life! Happy birthday to my hat! Drink Me i am a glass of orange Jucie! Fear me!!! Just tell me one thing, Why do the big green buttons on the big green buttons' page don't go anywhere?

    Keith Gordon - Great Neck/New York/ USA /

    So, how old is your 'chappeau'? And are you OJ with bits or without bits? - David

  94. The best web site I have experienced in my short Internet History

    Dylan - Australia /

    Whay thank you my good fellow! - David

  95. i feel a little woozy and i can't use uppercase letters

    mushie - bellwood/pa/usa / melissa's page

    tis a terrible affliction you have, this lowercase disease. it spreads quickly too - David

  96. BGB Best Comment Award Whoa. "Images of BGB's which dance before me like a milion eyes, that call me on and on across the universe..." I have discovered my Mission in life: to find the Really, Really Big Green Button. This button will rule mankind. All will be conquered or crushed like a bug if they do not consider the Power of the Really, Really Big Green Button. I know It's out there.
    "One Button to rule them all
    One Button to find them
    One Button to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them."

    Shannon - Spartanburg/SC/USA / The Home Page with a Million Aliases

    You're a bit scary really, aren't you Shannon?! - David

  97. I was hooked, I couldn't Stop!!! hmm.. View Source... Okay, its in the middle of the page somewhere.... Hmm.. ahh there it is Douh!!! Not it!!! ok.. I've got it now... http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/5945/press32.html Dough!!!! Oh well, back--back--back---Quit..
    Ahhh.. Now This is a catcher! Great site! Great Idea!!

    Thomas Sarda - Havelock/NC/US / Band of Brothers WWW Hq.

    Nice 'as-it-happens' commentary! - David

  98. I thought it was pretty nifty... Gave me a few ideas for my own page. But of course, I respect your creativity and I won't 'copycat'. :)

    Roberta - Raymore/Missouri/USA / Lobby

    Of course you won't! I'll be stopping by to check someday!! :) - David

  99. Finally, a person with a sense of humor that is as twisted as mine! I'm in love with your elegant Big Green Buttons!

    Suzann Fladager - Bozeman, Mt USA /

    Love me, Love my Buttons (or at least that's what I've been told) - David

  100. I now have a feeling of oneness with myself and the world, thank you Big Green Button.

    BunJ - Shoreline WA. USA /

    It's amazing how the BGB has so many inherent powers! - David