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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. BGB Best Comment Award My life was as lonely as a small piece of grass until alas the day I came upon this heaven sent meadow of sweeping bliss. It's heaven man! Look you can see the fire sprites dancing in the flames, Jim Morrisson, The Doors, Hey its wonderful. You got to have a go of this. Save me from my eternal ecstacy, thou who is great, greater than all in this earthly universe. I am but the smallest blade in a complex chain of neverending nouns. How sweet is thee, thou that has brought me to this place. Never shall I encounter such a distinctly herbivorous feeling like today. O how time flies! I must dust my grass collection.

    John - Billingham /

    Dust your grass collection? Sounds like you've smoked it all already! Enjoy! - David



    Yeah, it's usually a good way to get to sleep! - David

  3. The best page on the net. How did you get a idea to do something like that. To all the other readers: send me an Xmas present. My adress is: Anders Eriksen, Sxrtorvmyran 8, 9400 HARSTAD, NORWAY
    P.S. A claudia Schiffer calender will do.

    Anders Eriksen - HARSTAD, NORWAY / Anders' Place

    Well, you all heard the guy ... send him that Calendar. If Claudia herself reads this, make sure you come see me before heading for Norway! - David

  4. I feel healthier, happier, younger, more successful than ever! You are truly a genuis and a philantrophist for providing the rest of the world with this outlet. This is the freshest site on the web, altho as a writer I linger longest at Inkspot and Senior Site/Poetry, and of course with all my favorite home pages.

    Lorraine Marie - Round Rock, TX / Lorraine's Lair

    How healthy? How happy? How young? How successful? We all wait with baited breath! - David

  5. Tired, weak, clammy. Like I've been underwater, yet not underwater. Like I'm in a Spumco cartoon, and dripping. As if I were a squirrel, underwater, dripping, smoking on a chaise lounge, but not underwater and full of clams. Tired, yet Spumco on a chaise lounge that's dripping clammy squirrels. Weak. Underwater. DRINK MORE PEPSI.

    Frisky A. Mittens - 3-Cities, WA. USA / Frisky's Fairground

    Frisky, sounds more like you've been at the Pepsi for too long! However, I'm afraid that you will have to enlighten me as to what this Spumco cartoon is! (Please excuse my apparent ignorance!) - David

  6. It's one of the finest moments of my life!!!

    Sebastian Scheel Rey - Oslo, Norway / Sebastian's Place

    I'm happy that I could be the inspiration for your finest moment .... but obviously you're very easily amused! - David

  7. Can't you add just one more!! green button? Oh, please, oh, please. I promise that after that I will quit. Honestly.

    Frieda Flint - Portland, Oregon, USA /

    I'm sorry Frieda but I just don't believe that you will quit! It's for your own good! You'll thank me one day .... maybe not today, but some day and for the rest of your life! - David

  8. Well now I have a nice girlfriend, born in Germany and I thought I was pressing her green button so I feel pretty good about it. By the way, my friend now a Canadian, is really a Leipziger. I do like your page very much. I will be here again. Filicitations et bonne chance. Au revoir.

    Bernard Archambault - Hull, Quibec, Canada /

    Bernard, forgive me for asking but just what might you be referring to when you say your girlfriend's "green button"?! - David

  9. For searching the last button I tried using 'The Force' for a while, (hey, you told me yourself : I AM CRAZY) but then I woke up and just made the width of my browser smaller, and TADAAAAAA, there it was! Tanx for the fun man!

    Kurt Driessens - Leuven, Belgium / Kurt's Place

    You're welcome man! (Duct tape is like "The Force" ... it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the universe together!) - David

  10. Ahhh. Addiction is bliss... the big green button was my first addiction and admittedly I was hooked but good! Guess I'll have to go in to work tomorrow and make an appointment with the substance abuse counselor, because no doubt I'll be back when I need a fix. I plan to hook my friends, too. Actually, I feel a great deal of pride that I stuck with it and found the hidden button...I accomplished something and that felt swell. Thanks for a truly good time.

    Elizabeth K. - Lincoln, NE, USA /

    well, I suppose that in Nebraska there's not much else to do, is there?! - David

  11. Fun, fun, fun.

    Thanes Seniwongs - Bangkok, Thailand /

    "... till daddy took the T-Bird away"? (Nice to hear from you Thanes! You're the first from Bangkok!) - David

  12. I am going to take that green button and stick in you know what then it be red the color of your blood

    Shane Lager - Springfield, IL / Shane's Place

    Hmmm ... mid-westerner, huh? You probably don't get out much do you Shane? - David

  13. BGB Best Comment Award There were whispers in the hallways of Einstein Jr High, excited whispers .."BGB...green button....did you see it yet?..". But the kids all got suddenly quiet when one of the teachers came near. Finally, my daughter took pity on me . Secretly, at home, she showed me the Big Green Button. David, I do love your sense of humor. Thanks.

    Vera Morgan - Shoreline, Wa.,USA /

    Vera, it is my secret hidden agenda to bring another north-western junior high school to a grinding halt. It's interfering adults like yourself that hinder my progress and will ultimately cause my inevitable downfall! How could you do this to me!! Actually, I think it's your daughter's fault, for divulging the BGB's to you and you obviously saw right through them to the underlying meaning! Please relay to her that her exclusive membership in the 'BGB World Domination Tea Party' is terminated, effective immediately! - David

  14. *laughing a lot* Thanks for the button David.. :) It satisfied my need to push Big Green Buttons and rebel against societal norms... (not that Norm ever says anything to me anyway) Gimmie an email...

    Aviendha - Chicago/Illinois/USA /

    What would these societal norms that you refer to consist of, just out of curiosity? I have a friend in Lancaster PA called Norm, if you want his number - David

    Aviendha replied .... Thank you for the email David...:) I rebel against societal norms like eating with silverware, not running down the street at 2am singing Beatles songs at the top of my lungs, (you'd be AMAZED how many people hate "Ob-la-di" at 2am), and pushing every button I see...I LOVE buttons!!! :)
    RE: Norm... no thanks, I have a friend with a cat named Norm and that's good enough for me. (besides, I heard about those Pennsylvania people)

    Re. Norm ... He does own a Lambourghini Countach .... - David

    Aviendha then wrote me .... *rethinking her hasty decision* Hmmmmmm.... Let's consider the options here... Does it include a CD player? I think I could handle anything up to delerium for an in-car CD player...

    I'm not entirely sure, I'll have to ask him. His Ferrari 348TS didn't ... - David

  15. Well, it killed ten minutes out of a boring work day, so thanks! I live for the simple pleasures in life... :)

    Kirsten - Chicago/Illinois/USA /

    Don't we all Kirsten! - David

  16. Wonderful. Amazing. Fabulous! It changed my life completely. I now spend many a happy hour clicking big green buttons wherever I see them. Oh! If only I had the words to tell the whole world about the wonders of this huge green button! I need to find my own personal green button to carry around with me every day as I crave something big and green to press. Without you, oh green button, my life is devoid of all meaning and hope. Oh why did I have to find you, now I can't stop and will carry on pressing this button for all eternity!

    Mark Harper - Billingham England /

    Matthew's brother, John, wrote .... You're all sad you wierdos!!!!

    I couldn't agree more John! Is your brother always such a lost cause?! - David

  17. I really want to inform that you should make up T-shirts saying that "I CONQUERED THE BIG GREEN BUTTON!". I spent a lot of useless hours on the internet and I have to say tonight that I did do something important for mankind. I, pfleck, conquered the big green button and I am proud of it. Thank you.

    Phil Fleck - Cary, Illinois /

    Well Phil, as soon as someone wants to produce them you'll be first to recieve a complimentary one! - David

  18. I just couldn't stop...I, I, I, I couldn't stop... the chance was..... there, but there was nothing I could do.. there was no turning back..... searching endlessly for that button in a black world of darkness, it was too much to bear.... I just can't get the button out of my head. Help me, please... I beg of you... *slamming head repeatedly against the desk* help help help help help help help help me please.

    Shane Chiaravalle - Hibbing/MN/USA / Shane's Shed

    Shane, it sounds as if you really do need some help, but the kind of help that I can't give you! Get back to me when you're feeling better - David

  19. Your button is VERY useless, but for those of us who stumble into things unknowingly, it adds a bit of humor to our lives amid all the frustration.

    Celestial - Abingdon/VA/USA / The Celestial Cabin

    I know what you mean my friend. I'm always stumbling into things unknowingly .... the other day I was happily sauntering down my road when I unknowingly stumbled into a deep dark pit that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Quite a scary occurence I can tell you! - David

  20. funny! i wasted long time, thanx so much! i enjoy! thanx ...

    kenshou suzuki - japan /

    You're most welcome! .... *Bows Rapidly* - David

  21. You're insane! You're mad! You're crazy! I love you! Marry me! I want your butt.. I mean, kids!

    La cantatrice chauve - Trois-Rivieres, Quibec /

    Well Marie-Louise, for once in my life I'm speechless ... I mean, you think my middle name is a very aristocratic Aristotle, and now you want to marry me ... but you hardly know me! As far as my kids are concerned I'm not sure you've thought this through properly. Would you seriously want to bring someone else like me into this world of ours?! As far as my butt is concerned, or did you mean 'Buttons' ......?! - David

  22. I'm incredibly enlightened. David i thank you!! You and your button have given me the will to live...... by the way there is no button on that black screen is there?

    Nikki - Hartland, Michigan, USA /

    Nikki, I'm very happy that I have given reason to your existence, but sadly I must inform you that there is a button on the black screen .... in fact, there are FOUR! So keep looking! - David

  23. I don't like the big green button and I think your insane!!!

    Cornholio - Earth /

    Keep the accolades pouring in people!! - David

  24. This REALLY sucks!

    Emily Lysen - Lawrence, KS /

    Thank you so much! I wish more people would appreciate the BGB for what it really is! - David

  25. Feeling totally pissed that my winter coat contains ONE button and having to find it's buddies to sew back on I decided the hell with the coat let's surf. Fiddling around in Yahoo I hit cool links and bam Green button. I couldn't resist. Surfed on over and lo and behold a BGB. To push or not to push..... still peeved over my coat I figured they pushed mine I'll push there's. I am happy to say yes I found the hidden button yes I am insane and can you mail me 9 buttons that are One inch in diameter and black. My winter coat still needs to be fixed.

    Sliver /

    Well, I'm sorry about the coat, but by now you should have received the buttons from me! - David

  26. ya know..i just got my on line yellow pages and this was the first, well okay maybe not the first, (but it should have been), search I did on games. Any chance you might have a sequel... like the big yellow button, or do I dare hope.. the big MAUVE button (for all our interior designer friends)... I can only shudder in anticipation.. Very funny and enjoyable... (Actually just gave me an excuse not to do laundry..)

    Susan /

    Hey Susan, we all need excuses not to do laundry! As to the MAUVE buttons .... I'm thinking about it! - David

  27. I was so afraid to stop pressing it. I thought the, "quit" button was a trick. I pressed the BGB about 2.5 million times and finally realized that it didn't work... DAH, I mean it worked, but not for what I wanted it to do... I didn't want to quit, but had to get back to my real life. I have been changed forever. Every time I see a green light now, I will want to stop my car and go press it. Thanks..

    A friend - /

    Okay, but just make sure that you don't stop your car in the middle of a busy 6-lane highway! - David

  28. Wow. All I can say is wow. That was really deep. I found the button. I am cleansed...whole....happy again...complete. Um...yeah... I really dig your style. Thats' just a really hip button you've got there. I wish I had one of my very own.

    Tom Martin - Arizona / Tom's Tee-Pee

    Well Tom, I'm happy that you feel clean now. There's nothing worse than feeling dirty! But, you 'dig' my style? What, are you stuck in a 70's timewarp?! - David

  29. BGB Best Comment Award I'm sure by now that you are so utterly tired of replies to the Big Green Button that you're ready to push yourself off a big green cliff. I wasn't going to bother you, but I felt I must. It's pages like this that show why the web doesn't suck. Nobody can turn down the chance to press a button, it's human nature. In fact, I'm pushing buttons to type this, then I'll push a button to send it to you, then I'm going to push buttons on my microwave, then I think I'll push my cat...

    Fang / Fang Online

    Life is just full of people pushing stuff. If this continues like this for much longer we will have pushed everything too far and the world will fall over. Maybe we should start to PULL things for a while to counteract this pushing phenomenom? - David

  30. I guess I must have always had a thing for big green buttons inside of me. I kept going to the end - and it didn't even take my mother and I that long to find your ridiculous button in the dark!! An intriguing and creative site you have here, Dave... can I call you Dave?

    Katie - /

    Well Kate, you've obviously pushed buttons before, to enable you to find the 'hidden' button so quickly! Oh, and no, you can't call me Dave, but you can call me David! - David

  31. BGB Best Comment Award With what delight I tell you I am cured. I was up until today, a MUD addict. I know it began to eat into my life in a big way when I failed uni and lost 5 jobs in the course of 2 years. It disintigrated my social life and sex life. My dog packed his bowl and left me.
    I've tried everything, counsellors, self help, MuddersAnon, Scrabble, Crosswords. Then I stumbled on the useless buttons page. I clicked my way through all of them, nothing worked. I continued to fight monsters, drink potion and traverse my muddish world. Then I hit it. It was your green button. I went through the agony, clicking clicking. I cannot stop. I searched through the darkness of that last page, and the darkness in my soul, and I found that sacred button! All in one moment, my need for mudding was dispersed into the air.
    So I thank you in earnest, you are my saviour. I will click on your green button everyday. I will seek out the secret buttons on the black page as a ritual, reminding me of my days in the dark! Hark hark! The green button can be your deliverance too! Do you smoke? Watch too much tv? Eat too many chocolates? Click the button. Click it now .....

    Carol Leung /

    Carol, what can I say? Maybe you've stumbled across a deep subconscious pyschological thingy that is the answer to life, the universe and everything .... please keep me up to date with your scientific discoveries! - David

  32. Silly ... This reminds me of a book I used to have when I was young. It had Grover from Seseme Street, who was trying every thing to make you stop turning pages. It was called "The Monster At The End of This Book", or something like that.

    Amy - Indianapolis, IN USA /

    Amy ... do you still have this book?! Can I have it?! *grin* - David

  33. hi. i'll have you now that i became very sad when i didn't find the last button. i was heading straight for a nervous break down i hope you are sadisfide with the pain you bring the people that have no life. these people do become addicted to stuff like that i should know i am the leader of the addicties with no life. i think it is a cruel thing to do. by the way were's the last green button.
    p.s. jess says "thanks"

    ted/karen/jessica/gwen /

    Am I satisfied with the pain I inflict through the BGB? You betcha! - David

  34. BGB Best Comment Award After having gone through your buttons, i found myself strangely attracted to ducks. So after having gone about peeping on ducks for a while i realized that i had a problem, so i went to see a psychiatrist. He said that the only thing that would help me would be for me to get hypnotized...... I told him that i was willing to go through anything to get rid of my strange passion for ducks. So he started, i cant remember his exact words but it was something like this:
    You are getting sleeeeeeepy......... Your eyelids are getting heavier........ You feel yourself drifting off into a deep deep sleeeeep....... You feel an intense itching on your left buttock........ When you hear this sound:(then he snapped his fingers) you will feel an urge to press a button, any button. When you do press enough buttons you will be rid of your buttitching........ When you hear this sound:(then he blew a wisstle) you will awaken and follow my commands......
    Thats when he blew his wisstle and my problems started....... I cant keep my hands off any buttons or ducks , please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

    Are Berge - MOLDE, NORWAY /

    Well, it really sounds like you have a bit of a problem there! What with butt-itching and duck fantasies .... I'm not entirely sure what to say! - David

  35. I loved my experience with the BGB. I found it in a listing of bizarre links. Some of the others I saw included A Guide to Urinal Etiquette and a site about how strawberry Pop-Tarts can produce an 18 inch high flame. But yours was the best..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!
    P.S. I actually found the button on the black page after three tries..... honest!


    Three times, huh? That's pretty good! - David

  36. That kind of stunk ya know? I mean, after the black page, it forced me to quit. The only thing I'm addicted to now is, well, nothing! The dumb black page kind of threw me off. That last page was mean! Calling me insane! I'll go back there and push the button again! Loser!

    Alex Winder /

    Well, life sucks doesn't it Alex?! - David

  37. I dont understand what could provoke someone to do domething so time consuming. I made it to the black page but personally I think there is no button that gets me off that page. I found two buttons on that page but they said no.

    Allison Sabo /

    Just keep on trying Allison! - David

  38. Let me put it to you this way, my friend; I've never laughed this much EVER in my entire life!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Alexander Eriksson - Nyköping, Sweden / Alexander's Place

    Well, I'm glad that my BGB was able to make your day! - David

  39. I thought the BGB was a complete waste of time........... I LOVE IT!!!!! Well done and keep up the good work.

    Aleph - Australia / Aleph's Lounge On The Net

    A 'complete' waste of time? Excellent! Most people just think that it's a slight waste of time! - David

  40. BGB Best Comment Award You must have spent more time dealing with everyone's comments than I have ever spent brushing my teeth in my entire life. It is 1:12 AM, I have LOTS of homework, and I have wasted my time by reading these things. I wonder how many people are going to become bums by failing in life all because they wasted their time on this thing that you have created.. It must be an alien plot to take over the world! Pretty soon our entire population will become disabled from addiction to these green buttons (GREEN!! THE COLOR OF ALIENS! THAT IS PROOF!!). Well I am not going to fall for it! I am telling my mommy on you and she will come and beat you up!

    David Jonathan Pesta - /

    Well David, you obviously don't spend enough time brushing your teeth! Dental hygiene is an area of our lives that is often neglected and not taken seriously enough. Also, how do you know that aliens are green? Okay, I know that's the stereotypical image (with antenna on their heads, right?) but to say that the colour of the BGB is proof that I am behind a conspiritory alien plot is spurious. And as far as your mom is concerned .... I'll set my mom on her! - David

  41. Know what? I've stolen your button, just to be able to press it as often as I want. I made it a link to itself on a small page I keep on my own computer. Then I won't have to wait that long to connect to your site whenever I start sweating, and realize it's the good old BGB-addiction coming up again. But, just as expected, there's nothing like the real thing, so occationally I sneak in, just to get the taste of it, just to make another attempt to really find the button at the black page (I admit, I had to give up, and look at the source-code) I didn't mean it, i just had to. I'm very, very sorry!!!

    Olen - Norway /

    I feel honoured to have one of my little BGB's residing on someone else's computer too. I know that it appreciates your reverence greatly! - David

  42. I now see big green bottons everywhere. Yet, when I push it, more appear. I can't find the logic in the botton. Yet it compels me. I have no other wish in the world, but to push the botton. I searched for the hidden button and found it. I not only found one, there were two others. I think I have been cheated. You stated there was only one on the page. I pushed them all, so It does not matter.
    I not only found the botton addictive. The responses you got were even more addictive. I found I could not stop reading them. I still don't understand comment 1/#65. What red button?
    I am currently sending this sight to everyone on AOL. I think it deserves to be recognized as one of the marvels of mankind. It is useless, yet it is fun. You are powerless against it. I feel I must return and press more bottons.
    I am in awe of your amazing response, to such a senseless thing. I hope to oneday be able to achive such insanity. Thank you for a moment of pleasure.
    I am The PEPSI LORD. I can do anything.

    Pepsi Lord

    Quite an addicted button pusher we have here, methinks! I apologise to everyone at AOL who may now get unsolicited email from the Pepsi Lord!! Oh, and regarding the mysterious 'red button' that Emma was talking about ... she simply is referring to .... - David

  43. Is that all there is?........If that's all there is, my friend, then let's keep dancing.......

    Charlotte Ferris

    In that case Charlotte, you lead and I'll follow! - David

  44. BGB Best Comment Award My cousin and I joined forces in our holy quest for that blasted BGB. After 25,653 random pushes on the left mouse button, we found the fake button. Noticing that the cursor changed when hitting the button-field, we began moving the cursor round in circles instead. Then we discovered we could scroll the page. Despair caught us. After a looooooong search, we suddenly stumbled over the correct button. It was Nirvana, Jackpot, Christmas Eve and a lot of other nice things all at once. Having sex will never be the same again.

    Joergen & Simen - Oslo, NORWAY

    Regarding your last statement .... is that good or bad?!!! - David

  45. my heart pounds.. i have this really neat queasy feeling in my gut.. i think i kinda like it. if the same effect happens next time, i just might be here all year. then again a yak might fall from the sky and smash my nice little plastic thing here. wouldn't that be a shame? but, i am the abuser, i trust no one. well.. except for the mailwoman... she gives me my mail.. its just the kinda person you have to trust.. i knew you'd understand

    Aden the Fourth - Newport, PA, USA / Aden's Place

    Of course I understand .... I'm a very understanding person - David

  46. I feel complete in knowing i successfully found the hidden button. And knowing what others have said all along has been confirmed - I AM INSANE!!

    Mark Tordoff - Maine, USA / Marks' Place

    It's good to know that it's official, huh? - David

  47. AGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find it!!! Hypervenalating, or however you spell it. I am seriously going to go insane if i don't find the button on that black page!!!!!

    Melissa - USA /

    Melanie, I think that you should maybe get together with Mark (above) as he found the hidden button and is still insane! - David

  48. I have found this to be an enjoyable experiance. It has surely brought a smile on my face during a very difficult time in my life. Thank you :-)

    Anne - Cleveland, Ohio, USA / Anne's Pad

    Anne, you are more than welcome! - David

  49. must...find...green...button...preferably...big....
    I feel i have conquored my biggest fear, i used to ONLY be able to press little red buttons but i have overcome that. i would like to say thank you to the creator of the big green button, without whom, i would still be clicking on little red buttons. thank you. thank you very much

    Anna - Hong Kong /

    Well, the creator of the BGB praises you for moving on from little red buttons. You will ultimately find peace and tranquility through the BGB - David

  50. The Big Green Button have changed my life for ever. I write this from "the funny farm". Maybe they let me out now ???? I want to go home and try it again !!!!! AND I'm hungry. Give me Kermit ....I only want green food.

    Kjartan - Norway / Kjartan's Place

    Will lettuce, brocolli and asparagus suffice? - David

  51. Hm...This was frustrating! I didn't understand what the point was until a friend of mine told me..I thougth something would come up..U know..a pic or something...But hey...This was really kewl! How did you do it? Do you have some kind of a super brain sice you have managed to come up with this great idea?? Well...I didn't finish it...because I was afraid something terrible would happen...U know...Or probably not! Too bad! When the "quit" button disapperad I thought I'd better get out of this now, but it was really funny!! But enough for now...C ya all around! *Kisses & Hugs* from Camilla!

    Camilla - Bergen/Norway /

    Super brain? No .... Disturbed brain? Quite possibly! But anyway, the *Kisses & Hugs* are appreciated! - David

  52. I feel great after a mad day on your crazy site. We need more like this. One of the best site's I ever visited.

    Geir Harry Ressem - Malm , Nord-Trxndelag, Norway / Geir's Gaff

    Thank you! - David

  53. There are few places one can go to feel really happy in todays world but the Big Green Button is one. I tell everyone I meet about it. Thanks.

    Lorraine - Round Rock, TX /

    I'm glad that you've found your tranquil place ... takes most people years to find their special place! - David

  54. Its kinky!!!!

    SoOoZie - california / soOoZie's seXy pLaCe

    Ooer! - David

  55. I don't care if it sounds like I'm a drip, but I enjoyed this little pointless green button game. I even found the link on the black page. That's how intrigued I was! I'm now obsessed and I don't know why.

    Amanda - Erie, PA / Amanda's Place

    A drip? Not at all Amanda! You should check out some of the replies I've received! - David

  56. i loved the page so very much. i'm in love with buttons on the internet. i just love pushing them. i love pushing people's buttons too...connection? i think so. i didn't want to stop though. i was depressed and missed the big green button when it disappeared. :( please make it come back. i enjoyed pushing it so.
    ps. i love your sense of humor.

    susan - pittsburgh, pa /

    I guess you got a bit of a button problem there Susan?! Cool city you live in though! Been there, done that! - David

  57. First, I thought it was just a dumb joke. Then, it began to take over my life. I became obsessed. I began to loose sleep. I couldn't eat. I lost my job. AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID WEB PAGE. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

    Vera Morgan-Graham - /

    Terribly sorry my dear! - David

  58. I just turned 17, and as was at that point in my life where I just didn't know what to do. What did my future hold for me ? Your green button answered that question for me. I am meant to be the presidant of the United States. If I could conquer the button, I could easily lead the world's most powerful country. Thank you for giving me the inspiration. I will be sure to thank you in my acceptance speech. Once again thank you dear passionate soul.

    Dan Bruce - Springfield, Il /

    Dan, when you make it to the head of the Executive Branch, just remember me! - David


    Trygve Lea - Sandefjord / Norway

    Somewhat better than puce though, methinks .... - David

  60. I feel that the author of this page is crazy. He/She/It is a toilet monkey.

    Exso - Encinitas/Ca/USA / Exso's Spill

    A Toilet Monkey?! Now there's a first! - David

  61. I feel great and quite addicted! Please make more buttons for me to press! I can't live without it!

    Snorre Ness - Trondheim, Norway / Snorre's Place

  62. I feel great! This was really a refreshing experience....I must say that I think I am a better person now. i seriously think that the BGB can put a stop to war, huger, pollution and other nasty things such as AIDS. If we all started worshiping the BGB there would be no religious wars either.....THANK YOU FOR MAKIN' IT!!!!!!

    Hanne Kapelrud - Oslo, Norway /

    Ah, but you'd soon end up with different people thinking different things about the divinity of the BGB and religious wars would start up again! Nice though though! - David

  63. My, my...what fun!!! I of course went immediately to the source code...very cute!

    Jennifer - Calif, USA / Jen's Place

    Of course! I would expect nothing less from you Jenny - David



    So, tell me something new! - David

  65. Better than my employer, who had to pay for this....

    Torgrim - Oslo, Norway /

    That's the spirit! - David

  66. Kinda warm and fuzzy. Sorta like when i used to wrestle with my dog. Just kidding. It was fun tho.

    Robert - Irving, tx, usa /

    Dog wrestling, huh? Hmmmm .... - David

  67. Oh my gosh, that was the craziest thing I ever did. Oh yeah, for your information, I didn't cheat, ok!! I just found that damn thing after about 10 minutes of intense searching thorugh that black page. AAAAAHHHH

    Jade - Manila, Philippines /

    Well done Jade! You are one of a kind! Not many people genuinely search for it! - David

  68. I used to find that my life was pointless, but now I found why I am really here. I clicked the quit button, but never clicked the big green one. I have the greatest mind power of all. I resisted the big green button. I must find a way to apply my powers to a useful cause. Thank you for giving my future a direction.

    Jason Jones - Fort Worth, Texas, USA / Jason's Joint

    Well at least your honest Jason - David

  69. HM I MUST MUST MUST ADMIT IT (OH FRABJOUS DAY) i cheated ... sob... i went to everyone of the urls in the htmlsrc. i coulnt help it ... I COULDNT!! AM I A BAD PERSON?? ... lol ... loved it it was great hon!!!! ( i still want MORE buttons darnit!)

    MISTI - LOUSINANA / Misti's Place

    Yes, you're a *very* bad person!! - David

  70. You should try to be a comedy director one day, that's what I think, bye!

    Rasha Mozil - Nykvping, Sweden /

    Thanks .... maybe I will - David

  71. I understand now. I thought "what could one little Big Green Button do?". But one button let to another and another and somewhere in the middle I found eternal bliss. I thank you oh great one for showing me the pleasure green buttons can bring. I am eternally greatful. ...but...why'd it have to stop? why? why? WHY???

    Mr. Vortex - Far Reaches of the Galaxy /

    Mr V, you should know that all good things must eventually come to an end, otherwise they would not be good - David

  72. I think that this is the funniest idea for a stupid web page.

    Randy - Arlington Tx USA /

    You're too kind - David

  73. I thought I'd never stop!!!! But I loved it. I'm gonna see Big Green Buttons all week after this.. thanks for a good laugh! Hey! I haven't heard that this Green Button have been featured on the radio here in Norway! Damed.

    Silje Lfrk - Bergen, Norway /

    Yeah, it was some show called NRK, or something? - David

  74. BGB Best Comment Award So what? It's just a button. It's pointless and completely useless. A total waste of time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go press it some more.

    Paul Rundle - Niwot/Colorado/U.S.A. /

    :) - David

  75. Frustrated... I never found that green buttton on the last page, and I had to come back and hit "quit"! :-) Otherwise, this was a fantastic idea, and I hope hundreds of people will visit your sight each day!

    Tina Federici - Farmingdale, New York, USA / Tina's Place

    May your soul never rest until you find the hidden button! - David

  76. I want to press them again... and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again! and again!

    Carin - Charleston, SC USA / Carin's Place

    Go on then! - David

  77. Rachel sucks. She is stupid and in love with my Grandma's tree. She goes out every morning and sings love songs to it. Once she asked it to marry her, but it never answered her. If you think she is stupid please, write back.

    Tilly - richland, WA, USA /

    Sounds to me like Rachel is perfectly normal. But you're the one that seems to need professional help! - David

  78. Man, I feel sort of like a dope. After I read a second time, I noticed it said "Whatever you do, DON'T... It was actually kind of funny. Now that you have made me feel less than dumb (hehehehe), I figure you should help me. I need to find out how to get back in to the Melrose Place chat room. I think the addy has changed or something, I'm not sure. But the server kicked me out on April 2nd, and I haven't been able to get back in since. So if you could help me out, I would be eternally grateful. My e-mail and URL are below. But give me a month on my homepage. I have yet to even start on it. Thanks for the laugh.

    Brandon Best - Memphis, TN USA / Brandon's Spot

    Well, to perfectly honest I have no idea about the Melrose Place chatroom .... didn't even know one existed! Sorry me old mucker! - David

  79. I need more buttons, man! Come on, just a couple? Come on, man! I just gotta have some!

    emma / emma's place

    Settle! - David

  80. I feel aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwffffffffuuuuuuullllll! *tears streaming down cheeks* I-I I w-wanted to stop *sniff sniff* but I just couldn't! *weeping* They just kept on coming! I was addicted. David, help me through this. Help me stop.
    suggestion - put a green button therapy session on your site

    Leslie - SC, USA

    Therapy session sounds good, but I haven't the time. If you feel like coming up with something I'd be more than happy to endorse it and either link to it or put it on my site - David

  81. You made me quit!!!!!I can never EVER forgive you for this - you'll pay just you wait and see. I MUST FIND THE BUTTON. To quote a famous cyberbourg (or whatever) ..... I'LL BE BACK.......

    Ali - Leeds - England /

    Oooeer! *knees a-trembling* Please don't hurt me! - David

  82. Funky fantasticly errodic. Can't wait to go again.

    zad /

    Well, what are you waiting around here for?! - David

  83. must... press... button

    Jason C. Brand - San Bruno, CA /

    Hey, take a deep breath Jason! - David

  84. All warm and fuzzy inside!

    Brenda - Nashville, TN USA / Brenda's Warm Fuzzies

    The best way to be, eh Brenda? - David

  85. It was really exciting! I've never got to push anyone's green buttons before. It almost sounds sexual doesn't it?

    Jodie - Lambertville, Michigan /

    Sounds sexual? No Jodie, it is sexual!! (maybe) - David

  86. Jolly good, actually! Too bad there weren't two buttons at a time, I've always dreamt about that!

    Daniel N. Heimstad - Lesja, Norway /

    Haven't we all Daniel! - David

  87. I certainly won't ever eat yellow snow AGAIN!!!!

    Bo - Oslo, Norway /

    Very wise indeed Bo, but what that's got to do with BGB's I don't know! - David

  88. erotic like Madonna with an asian butcher and a chimp

    jessica - Israel / 'Goblin Animation'

    Why do I get the feeling that you're quite odd, Jessica?! - David

  89. Totally rejuvinated. I really thought I wasn't going to do anything fun today. Yeah!! :-)

    Dianna - Twin Falls, Idaho /

    You said it all! - David

  90. sanctified. remorseful. quite stoopid actually. liberated. like i ought to invest in my own...

    christine - Oot-ville, BC, Canada / Christine's Niche

    Christine returned .... I had to go back and do it again - the first peek I did not have enough time to complete the Mission... And i will have you know that i searched on the Real Last page, damn sure that you had another one hidden in there!!!!!!! i thank you for making my life whole again....

    Well, it's good to know that you finally did complete the 'Mission'! - David

  91. I feel like ravishing you, you big hunk of a man you!

    Cami - La Jolla, CA USA / Cami's Camp

    Why thank you! You're not so bad yourself! - David

  92. more more more now i beg you now more more ... ok okokokokok i better now ... get henken food please pilllsss

    henken fillmore - fun city, mi, us / Henken's House

    You're a bit disturbed, aren't you! - David

  93. Well, your Big Green Buttons were quite silly , just a ploy for us easily amused fools out there... however i must say that the most disconcerting part of the whole escapade was me watching myself searching on the damn black screen for a button that probably did even exist. i mean we all knew that the exit in the small type was the true haven. well done - are you English or Irish, i noticed the spelling of realise...

    Jennifer - Boston, MASS, USA /

    Yes, the black screen is a good place to find yourself, to search your inner being for a true meaning to life the universe and everything. And as you asked so nicely, I am able to reveal that I am of English extraction - David

  94. satisfied. take a look at your write up at HumanSearch. It's in the features page

    tool boy - Barlow, RI / HumanSearch

    Thanks for the listing on your site which, by the way, is the best 'search engine' for research that I have come across! - David

  95. Actually, I felt pretty much the same when I pressed the first one.

    Toonman - Charlotte, NC USA / Toonman's Town

    Hmmmmm - David

  96. Jeg fxler meg helt normal, men er jeg det? Jeg har ne brukt 15 min pe tull, og det har gett ut over prosjektoppgaven som jeg egentlig skal skrive.
    You did not understand that, did you. Ha, ha, I'm iscane (gal, sprx)

    Galemattis - Norway /

    Insane? Really? I never would have guessed! - David

  97. Well my english class was REALLY BORING so i tried the button and i just couldn't stop!

    Bill Wylie - Kelowna, BC Canada / Bill's Place

    Sounds like a Pringles commercial! - David

  98. It was the greatest orgasme of my life - and I don't think I can handle leaving this page - ever - well - maybe in a few days.

    Tom - Denmark /

    Well, all I can say is that you must have had some lousy orgasms in your time! - David

  99. Well before I pressed the button I wuz low on self asteem and now after I pressed the button I'm FINALLY CURED

    Kevin - Pakersburg/WV.Usa /

    Finally cured? Like a piece of bacon? - David

  100. Do you really like people going around pushing your buttons? Don't you get agrivated???

    Siobhan - Connecticut / Siobhan's Lair

    Not at all .... makes me feel omnipotent! :) - David