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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. I NEED A BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!!!!!!! Can I link U 2 my page?!!!!

    Elizabeth Ling - Round Lake/MN/US / Elizabeth's Place

    Of course you can my dear! - David

  2. well I've tryed and tryed to come up with a feeling but I can't! I'm sorry!! I feel absolutely nothing... *sigh-of-despair* I'm sorry ...I..eh...well...uhm.....

    Frode Thorstad - Oslo, Norway /

    Frode, it would appear that you are devoid of emotions. It's not something that you should be apologising for .... accept it like a man, my friend! - David

  3. Good... It kept me from doing a research paper! Now I live in the BIG WHITE PLACE where people give me happy drinks and let me wear the funny shirts! Laaaa dee dah!

    Abdul the Butcher (no email or location)

    Glad to see you're feeling okay there Abdul! - David

  4. I now recognize the importance of reading instructions carefully

    Pooh - Walla Walla, WA USA /

    Puts me in mind of the time when I first used a microwave oven .... need I say anymore?! - David

  5. I never foud the button in the other page! Well, I feel... relaxed... green is a relaxing color, I guess... and I feel like saying: "who made this up? hehehehe"

    Fiorella - Florida, USA /

    Fiorella ... What a great name! Well, in answer to your question .... I made this up! - David

    Fiorella later wrote ...I came back for more! :) Maybe I really did get addicted! who knows... Thanks for the compliment on my name!
    E` il mio nome italiano. Oh! + I added it to my page (:

    Good to hear from you again, but what is the address of your page?! - David

  6. Eipd miltddn erikoiselta.

    Ilari Palmu - Helsinki Finland /

    Anybody have any idea what this guy's going on about? - David

  7. Thanks!!! I no longer need my therapist!!!

    Mike - Cleveland, Ohio /

    Great! The money that you save on fees can be sent to me! - David

  8. I feel very nice. How about you?

    Rahul Sethuram - Saratoga/CA/USA / Rahul's Place

    I'm just fine and dandy, tickety-boo, thanks for asking! Not many people bother to ask me how I'm feeling, so it's nice to find out that someone cares! I've visited your homepage ... not bad for a 9-year old!! - David

  9. my index finger is hyperextended. you can expect a summons in the mail. Duuuuuh.....I want a pretzel. seriously though, I believe you should hide a green button on the page which you make us quit. there isn't one, I checked.

    jovial1 - charlottesville,VA /

    Seriously though?! You expect me to take you seriously after you threaten to sue me?! Get real!! - David

  10. More fulfilled now than I was 15 mins ago.

    James Ryles - Canberra/ACT/Australia /

    Well, all I can say is that you must have had a pretty darned miserably boring existence 15 minutes ago! - David

  11. BGB Best Comment Award Imploded

    Rachel - Everett WA /

    Yeech! That must have felt weird!! - David

  12. Green is such a purty color, dontcha think? Hehe, your big green buttons rawk

    Saint Ashlar - Long Beach CA /

    "Rawk"?! Isn't that the sound that a parrot makes? - David

  13. Give usss more butttons, my preciousss!

    Anonymous - Finland

    What have I got in my pockets? - David

  14. Satisfied.

    Lars Eberhardt - Calw/BW/Germany / Lars' Place

    In what sense? - David

  15. very satisfied - and ready for a cigarette and a nap. You're not a cuddler are you?

    Carol Kato - Gainesville, FL, USA /

    Very satisfied? Again, in what sense?! And yes Carol, a cuddler .... definitely! - David

  16. love them... i told two friends and they told two friends and so on.. and so on

    shamsi evans - daytona bch. fl /

    I wish I had two friends to tell - David

  17. You're weird, but amusing.

    Mike - Albuquerque,NM /

    Why thank you so much! - David

  18. I gotta do it again! And this time, make MORE BUTTONS!!!

    Stevie - Waterloo Canada /

    More?! You want some more! - David

  19. Kewl! My life has meaning! I will now spend eternity in a seach for The Green Button!

    SS - California /

    Well, don't go blaming me when you don't find anymore - David

  20. I think it us a facinating idea. For those of us who are easily addicted to these kinds of fun things I think it is great. Especially when it is recommended by a good friend. It was lots of fun. Thanks to you and especially Shamzi.

    Cyber Dave - Hope, Arkansas, USA /

    I take it that you must be one of Shamzi's 'two friends'? So, who did you tell?! - David

  21. I really liked it. It was fun. By the way, Where was the last button on the last page? I don't think there was a button! You were lying! I knew it all the time.

    Tara Sloan - Lawrence, Kansas /

    Tara, I'm very sorry to have to break this to you, but there are buttons on the black page ... yes, plural!! Go get 'em girl! - David

  22. It was pretty cool

    Steve Bayer - Monouth, IL U.S.A. /

    Steady on now Steve! Don't get too carried away! - David

  23. It was amazing, I needed a Big Green Button to make my life complete.....I feel like a whole person again.....I was able to reach inside myself and find things about myself I never knew....Thanks Shamsi and of course you David...

    Hope Devine - New Zealand (no email)

    So, another one of Shamzi's friends?! She seems to be a very popular girl! - David

  24. This is my first site on the internet , heard about it on the radio and got really curious.

    Gunnar - Norway (no email)

    Well Gunnar, I feel privileged that you chose the BGB's for your very first virginal experience on the Babbling Binary Brook! - David

  25. hahahahahahahahahahahaha (ad infinitum) .......

    JorneMac - Norway / JorneMac's Place

    Inspired comment my friend! Simple, yet effective - David

  26. It's one of my favorite examples of the power of interactivity. Well done.

    Aage Wedoe - Oslo, Norway / Aage's Place

    Thank you! I try to keep my "interactivity powers" in shape! - David

  27. Not like you did while making this crap

    Ingrid Espelid Hovig - Langtvekkistan /

    Obviously not! - David

  28. It was a fantastic feelling. This is the best button I have ever pressed!

    Morten Thorsen - Ulstrup, Denmark (no email)

    WOW! How many buttons have you pressed in your life would you reckon? - David

  29. Way cool!!! Gimme more of it!!

    Gert Doering - Germany / Gert's Place

    Gert, you need to calm down a bit and take things a little slower! You might do yourself and injury otherwise! - David

  30. well... :))) great! :-) (I've found the Button at www.lamer.de)

    neko (simone Demmel) - Munich (Germany) / Neko's Neck of the Web

    What is that Smilie after the "well"? Is that a fat guy with a triple chin? - David

  31. I laughed 'til I stopped.

    Aaron Schweinsberg - Lewisburg, PA /

    So, how long did that take?! - David

  32. The initial excitement leaves one hollow and expectant while somewhat fulfilled

    Kevin Morris - Penticton, B.C. Canada /

    Indeed sir! - David

  33. Tara--I couldn't stop (hardly). What happens at the very end? Aunt Carolyn
    P.S. Add the word "realize" to your spelling list :> !

    Revers - Lawrence, Ks. /

    What do you mean, "what happens at the end"? You didn't try it for yourself?! Oh and BTW, maybe you should try spelling "realise" properly!! ;p - David

  34. very devistated! I couldn't find the last button!!!! I think I'll go home and cry!!!! I'm going to link you okay??? I will unlink you if you don't want to be linked but that's not too common so I figured what the hell and linked you!

    Danielle - Canada / Danielle's Place

    Bit of a confusing sentence, but yes, go ahead and link me baby! - David

  35. I feel cool. I feel powerful. Yes. I am the man. I wasted uesless time and money doing something dumb. Oh man. The power.

    Powerful Man - Powerful Country /

    Don't let that power go to your head my friend .... that's always the start of a downfall! But enjoy it while it lasts!! - David

  36. Step 1: Admitted that we were powerless over the big green button -- that our lives had become unmanageable...

    David Repath - Tucson AZ USA / David's Place

    It's good to admit it David, but what's Step 2? We all wait in anticipation!! - David

  37. I feel like a much stronger person. I'm more in touch with my button-pressing side and I'm much happier for it. Thank you oh so much. :) I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm off to write Geoff a letter. :) Peace.
    (a little circle with a straight line going vertically down the middle half-way and then splitting into 3 equally spaced lines down to the end.)

    Tyra Louis - Lincoln/NE/USA / Tyra's Place

    Well Tyra, it's a pleasure to have you grace my web pages! I've heard much about you from the aforementioned Geoff! Most of which is good! - David

  38. That which does not kill me makes me stronger. I can now conquer all those silly LITTLE obstacles in my life. You have made me a better man. Thank you.

    Kevin Mandich - Tigard, OR USA /

    Personally, I've always thought that that which does not kill you is very generous and I appreciate it's mercy all the more! But you're welcome anyway Kevin! - David

  39. This was great. I found it quite amusing. The last one was a little much, but it still amused me.

    Angel Robustelli - Napa, CA USA /

    The management apologises for any inconvenience or boredom induced by the black page of the Big Green Button. They wish you to know that they will make ammends to you in any way that you choose and they greatly appreciate the fact that you still found the whole affair slightly amusing - David

  40. Cheated ... I want something better at the end.

    Jay Zimmer - Austin, TX USA /

    I'm sorry you feel that way Jay - David

  41. Great! I won! I went all the way! HA-HA!! It wasn't so hard to find the hidden button, of course. Just took a little patience moving the pointer. (Why is this reply box so narrow that I have to add returns?) I also tried the "change the press30.html to press31.html trick", but got the "that's not it" page. It turned out to be press76.html. I wouldn't have had enough patience to go there one at a time. It's a cute game, and WELL worth the time spent on it, as opposed to doing something constructive. Thanks!

    YellsAtDog - Miami/FL/USA /

    Is that like a native american name? When you were born your mother yelled at a dog and hence your name was created? Incidentally, my brother is called TwoDogsShagging. Oh, and as requested I shall increase the width of the reply box ... just for you! Don't you feel special now? - David

  42. I cheated on the last page by using View Source, but it wasn't like pressing a button.

    Brian Jensen - Sweden / Brian's Place

    May you burn in hell for your crimes against Button pushers everywhere! - David

  43. You're a very sick man, my friend.

    Brian Hubert - Milwaukee, WI /

    Why thank you! - David

  44. That was just way too much fun! You have WAY too much time on your hands! Oh well, just one more addiction. Mommy will be proud!

    Ramona Butz - Chaska, MN /

    Yeah, there's always room for just one more vice in your life! - David

  45. Victorious. Hope your comment parser likes HTML or this will look really silly. Here goes...
    The hidden button shows up quite nicely if you just turn off image loading but you have to do it before you visit the dreaded hidden button page or clear your cache. I have downloaded "secret.gif" and plan to display it prominently, borderlessly and ubiquitously.

    Dave Hildebrandt - Piedmont/CA/US / Dave's Domain

    You're a very clever, sneaky man Dave! Just be careful what you do with "secret.gif", 'coz it has powers beyond human imagination. If it were to fall into the wrong hands ... well, let me just say that the results would be devastating ... not just to you, me and the rest of the BGB pushers, but to mankind itself! - David

  46. I need more. PLEASE, give me more big green buttons to push. I can't just go cold turkey. How about a big green button patch? Something, anything-stop this craving I have for big green buttons - PLEASE!!!!
    Please visit my homepage, but I'm warning you, it sucks! I only have time to press BGB's!

    Kathleen Crinklaw - Casa Grande, AZ / Kathleen's Patch

    Come on now Kathleen! Where is your will power? Get a grip!! And by the way, I think your homepage is great ... okay, maybe it needs a little colour, but as it has a link to my BGB's right at the top, it is now officially a TOP homepage! I've added a link to it on my "Other People's Pages" page - David

    Kathleen later wrote back to say ... I can't believe you wrote that I go to Penn State on your "Other People's Pages" page! I am offended. I go to the University of Pennsylvania, a much better school than Penn State could ever be. I'll take it as a lack of intelligence on your part and forgive you, but don't ever do it again. If you do, I'll have to search you out and kill you :) !!

    Kathleen, what can I say except sorry!! The ignorant mistake has been corrected! Please don't kill me!! - David

  47. Damn you, I want more buttons!!!!!!!!

    Lisanna - USA /

    Settle down! - David

  48. Funny. WOW!

    Tong - Bangkok /

    Well Tong, I do believe that you are the very first person from Thailand to grace my BGB Comments pages!! Congratulations! - David

  49. Having a fairly addictive personality myself I felt compelled to keep pressing the buttons. One by one I became more satisfied. As it went on the urge became greater to just keep pressing the button. I even started ignoring the messages because I couldn't wait to press the sodding button, the annoying little bugger!
    I might have to do it all again now and hope the feeling becomes orgasmic! Thankyou David for brightening up my otherwise sad life!

    Sarah Knapman - Guildford, England /

    Sarah, it sounds like you really have a problem there! What could I possibly do to help you overcome this awful predicament. Suggestions to the usual address. Until then, may the Oil of Lurve be with you! - David

  50. I feel all happy and green inside

    Ken Allen - Boston/MA/USA / Ken's Place

    Ken, that'll probably be the mildew - David

  51. Good idea! It's really a good idea! but I tried a invisible button I'd found(file #53), and it had no effect.... What am I? ...sad. And, please don't visit my page till end of this year. You'll feel very unhappy because my page support only Korean yet. sorry!

    Riseo Cha - Seoul/Korea / The Place That Riseo Doesn't Want You To See

    What do you mean "don't visit your page"? That's the worst thing you could possibly say! It's like saying to a kid, "don't touch that candy", when you know that he will! - David

  52. Lovin it! I am now officially addicted to buttons!

    evacm (online nic-name :)) - San Ramon, CA, USA, Earth, etc. /

    What makes it official? Did some guy in a suit tell you that? He could have been a false official you know. You gotta be careful these days! - David

  53. I feel so...released. How do you feel? Making me think that I could not find the button. HA!!!

    Leslie Daffin - Salisbury, MD USA / Leslie's Lair

    How do I feel? I feel satisfied that I was able to help you feel so .... released! - David

    Leslie later wrote ... Can't stop....can't stop...ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

    You must try!! I know you can do it! C'mon now Leslie! - David

  54. Pretty Cool But I Cheated By Saving The Htm And Then Finding The URL

    Ben Rhodes - Decatur, IL / Ben's Binary Boudoir

    I hope you feel terribly guilty for commiting this heinous crime and just be thankful that I am not going to report you to the ICABC (International Crimes Against Buttons Commission) - David

  55. I felt nervous, when I pressed the button. I'm not exactly a hacker, I started my internet career one week ago. So I wondered nervously what would happen? Would the computer burn or something? But it's alive!

    Caroline Andreasson - Sweden /

    You mean to tell me that your computer is alive? A living, breathing organism? Small piece of advice .... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! - David

  56. OH**WOW**MAN** Like it was totally awesome*** TOTALLY MAN It was sooo ***GREEN*** man. Do you do any other colors?

    Dan Schilling - Pittsfield Ma. /

    Yep, I have plenty of other colours, but it would seem like you've seen far too many already! - David

  57. A lot better....

    Jan - Norway /

    I'm glad for you ... - David

  58. i feel great. it was refreshing.

    dan lo - champaign, il /

    Refreshing? You mean like a Mountain Dew 'Big Gulp'? - David

  59. I got started and didn't think much about it but the further I got the more I laughed. By the time I got to the blank page There could have been 10 buttons in view and I still wouldn't have seen them I was laughing so hard. Thanks!

    Brian - Titusville Fl. /

    I remember the last time I laughed so hard that I couldn't see buttons ... I ended up starting World War III! Bummer! - David

  60. What did it mean?


    It all has deep and significant meanings that are applicable to certain people in different ways. You must discover your own meaning of the BGB's! - David

  61. I feel happy, elated, I have now acheived something with my life! In a way you can say I feel de-pressed. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

    Nikolaj - denmark (no email given)

    Anytime Nikolaj, I mean after all you did give us Danish Bacon! - David

  62. I had to cheat. Sorry.

    Mark Baerlocher - Sackville/NB/Canada / Mark's Manor

    Mark, thanks for your honesty. However, I would never have known that you cheated if you hadn't told me and I wouldn't have thought any differently about you, but now .... well, that's another story - David

  63. Absolutely relieved! Thank goodness I found the will power deep down. I need some pie now...

    Rebecca - Medford/Oregon/USA(duh) /

    What kind of pie? Apple and blackberry?!! - David

  64. It was an experience unlike any other I have ever known.... hahaha :)

    Carrie Anne Perll - Evanston, IL /

    Funny, that's what most people say after having met me .... and I'm not sure if that's good or bad! - David

  65. I feel like I'm OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY.

    Tom - Sioux City, Iowa (Sorry, I'm all for privacy)

    I take it that those would be big green hills? - David

  66. I feel... purified! I'm a different person now! THANK YOU FOR ENHANCING MY KARMA! Thou shall be my future guru!

    Holli - Regensburg/Germany / Holli's HideOut

    Excellent! I've always wanted to be a guru, ever sice I saw "Robocop II" - David

  67. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm....!!!!! This is what I mean when I mention the words "Cool Site" !!! Great!! What next? A "catch the flying button" site?

    Arthur S. - Rotterdam, the Netherlands / Arthur's Place

    Arthur, please ellucidate on your 'flying buttons' idea! - David

  68. Wonderfuel. :-)

    Stian Breivik Barmen - Bfrum, Norway /

    Wonderfuel? Is that some kind of new natural gas or something? - David

  69. BGB Best Comment Award I felt the System Energy flow through my body and it lifted me up and I got the feeling I was flying through the forest a rainy afternoon in late spring (just before my afternoon snack). Now when The System has me under control, I'll just continue press the Big Green Button.

    Thomas Axelsson - Stockholm/Sweden /

    Just out of curiosity Thomas, what did your afternoon snack consist of? - David

  70. They are awesome!

    Heather - Seattle, WA / Heather's Halo

    Thank you very much, but tell me, who (or what) are Red House Painters?! - David

  71. Neat!! Have you got anything else like this? I found the Green Button looking for Christmas Recipes.

    Dave Breznik - Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada /

    Not personally, but there are several other 'button' sites out there. And I have to ask ... how the smeg did you come across the BGB's looking for Christmas recipes?! - David


    Jeremy Eades - Zionsville, IN USA /

    Sorry man, but you've passed the point of no return .... there's no help available now. You just have to grin and bear it! - David

  73. I feel silly. A little green and wanting to push another button.

    Tony Mihok - Oakville, Ontario / Tony's Place

    It's a bitch, huh? - David

  74. I'm totally addicted. I could not stop until three big doctors from the local sanatory came and pulled me away from the computer. I'll send you the medical bill as soon as possible, as a response to this absolutely irresposible page...

    Audun Pedersen - Norway /

    Well Audun, I'm sorry to hear about your plight! Will monthly payments be okay as I can't afford a lump sum settlement? - David

  75. I feel like I've been pressing 30 Big Green Buttons. It's a groovy feeling. I think I'm gonna barf.

    Dr. Woofy - St-Lambert/Quebec/Canada / Dr. Woofy's Clinic

    Excellent, I'm very happy for you sir! Pass the bucket please! - David

  76. Me want more buttons! Gimme!

    Greg - Canada / Greg's Place

    A classic case of a spoilt childhood! - David

  77. BGB Best Comment Award BEWARE!! There may be a virus in the Big Green Button! I now have Big Green Buttons regularly and randomly appearing on my Macintosh monitor, leaking out of the screen and dripping onto the extended keyboard. The only thing that helps is Windex or a reboot, but they keep coming back! Apple says I should replace my monitor or erase the disk. Easy for THEM to say! But what do I do about all the sticky stuff between the keys? HELP!!!

    YellsAtDog - Miami/FL/USA /

    Well Y.A.D, it's good to hear from you again, but I must say at this point that on no account do I hold myself responsible for any Big Green Virus. To be perfectly honest I think that you're just making this whole thing up in order to be featured here on my BGB comments page. Either that or you've been at the Windex for too long!! - David

  78. Man, you're sick. That's one of the coolest pages I've ever seen. I'm linking it on my page, ifin' you don't mind.

    Billy Flanagan - Clemson, SC / Billy's Abode

    Sick? Possibly, but happy! Regarding link .... it'd be rude not to! - David

  79. You suck you stupid freak!! You gave me a headache and now my brain hurts!!!

    Thomas Rhydeout - Encinitas, Calif. /

    Well, in the perennial words of Dr Seuss, take two asprin and lie down for an hour! - David

  80. Amused to death.

    Karen and John - Rio Linda, CA /

    OBITUARY ... Karen and John, much loved couple, much missed .... apparently .... - David

  81. Like a Dick head

    petter Vasdal - Norway /

    Well, no change there then, eh Petter?! - David

  82. I love you.

    Fred - USA /

    Er, thanks ..... I think .... - David

  83. Stupid

    Marleen Marino - Moore, Oklahoma / Marleen's Place

    Come on Marleen, don't knock yourself like that, 'cause one day you'll believe it! - David

  84. I THUBK I NKJINfD (I THINK I'M BLIND AND MY ARM IS NUMB!) Thanks a lot you psycho!

    Elisha Hunt - Vermont, USA /

    Any time sweetie! Hope you regain your sight so you can read this! - David

    Elisha later wrote back ... Auntie Em! Auntie Em! There's no place like home... there's no place like home! NO MORE GREEN BUTTON! NO MORE GREEN BUTT*...
    Dear sir, We at Acme Home for the Criminally Insane have studied your "Green button" page and find it the cause of our guests Illness. We advise strongly that you remove it at once.
    Anita Life (Pres. of AHCI)

    Dear Ms Life, I am truly sorry to hear of the problem that you have described above. However, as much as I would love to remove the offending website I find myself unable to do so, due to the fact that I myself will be checking in to your marvellous establishment this very afternoon. Wibble Wibble Fnar Fnar Biscuit Barrel ..... - David

  85. nice green button, i actually found it amusing. But where is the last button in our life???
    Oh, by the way, I go to Naperville North. I'm a Junior and I knew you from word of mouth (Jane's mouth). Everybody in NNHS miss the seniors... See ya around.

    Kavan Patel - Naperville/IL/USA /

    Kavan, I'm glad that you actually found the BGB amusing .... So, who's Jane? - David

  86. I feel like the only man alive that can take Xena, the Warrior Princess...I mean REALLY take Xena, The Warrior Princess.

    flinch boy - new palestine, in, USofA / flinch boy's place

    I think you probably are the only man alive that can take Xena, the Warrior Princess! BTW, why 'Flinch Boy'? - David

  87. BGB Best Comment Award I seeeee.... Spinning Fishcakes in my head! Dogs are good... teach your dog to siiiiing. Green little fairies told me where to find their temple, the hidden button sancturary, your page! That's right, you have become a religious idol to thousands of gnomes, goblins, fairies, wizards and other underworld characters. Bet you're sorry now aren't you??!!!! Yeah, their coming to get you! And they'll do horrible things, using all the power of the fairy queen! Like... like, they'll move your furniture around and stuff! And,... they'll.. erm.... like, delete your 'bookmark.htm' file! Yeah! That'll teach you! You're mad! You're all mad!!! Hahahahahaha! I know the REAL truth behind green buttons. You don't know what you have got yourself involved with! You should have made the buttons RED! Fool..... I've got to go now. The nurse says I have to take the little pink tablet. NOT THE GREEN ONES!! Green tablets are EVIL!

    Paul Robinson - Manchester, UK / Paul's Pad

    And people have told me that I was a little .... odd! What are you talking about Paul? Don't you know anything? Apparently not! Underworld faries don't delete bookmark files! No, it's email address books you're thinking of! Oh, and fishcakes don't spin, they pirouette! See you back in the asylum! - David

  88. Exactly the same as before

    Jon - Midland, MI USA / Jon's Joint

    It would appear that the pushing of the BGB's did not have quite the same effect on you as it did on Paul, above! Either that or you've been at the fife and drum too much! - David

  89. I feel soooooooo stressed!!! I'm still trying to find that damn button on the last page!!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH ... *banging head on wall* ... OUCH!! ... *PRETENDING to bang head on wall*

    Nikki - Georgetown, Ontario, Canada /

    I know how you feel Nikki, when you do something that you actually meant to pretend doing ... or the other way round. For example of the former, this morning I was actually run over by the #148 bus, when I would normally be pretending; for example of the latter, this morning I didn't actually get any breakfast, as I pretended to eat Cap'n Crunch, and you can't buy it here in England! Anyhoo, I hope your head gets better soon! - David

  90. I found your stinkin button DAVE!!!! IT DROVE ME NUTS!!! MIRANDA HARTER WAS GETTING ANNOYED WITH ME BECAUSE I WOULDN'T TALK TO HER LOOKING FOR YOUR STINKIN' BUTTON! I loved it though, and when I make my site, I'll make sure I give reference to your enlightening page. Your an incredible man you hunka hunka burnin' love. But please don't get the impression that I'm gay. Miranda told me to say that. Hugs and Kisses, Chuck .... (She told me to say that too)

    Chuck (WAGON) Grawcock - USA /

    Well Chuck, it would appear that young Miranda has quite a control over you .... don't you just hate it when women get dominant?! - David

  91. Well, I felt that the Big Green Buttons were not Big enough. It's probably because I have seen Bigger Green Buttons

    Aaron Damyen - Eldorado, Wi, USA (no email)

    Where are these supposed bigger green buttons?! Bring' em on and we'll see who's better! Size isn't everything, you know! However, I see that you're too scared to give your email address for fear of recrimination! - David

  92. You really should add more buttons, perhaps hide one on the last page and only those truly addicted will bother to search for it, and then they will indeed be rewarded by yet more pages, which you could infinitely add to whenever you had time, so that each time I went back I would be able to find a new page after the 157,000th that I hit last time (and I'll go through them all too, I promise!).
    P.S. Only a git would say this wraps when it doesn't. I have a lot in common with you (I love it, it made me laugh)!

    Richard - Sandy, Utah /

    Richard, only a git would sit there and press green buttons 157,000 times! Oh, and by the way, the text wrapping works for me ... maybe it's only certain browsers that handle it? - David

  93. I feel an intense satifaction in knowing that the big green buttons will always be there and that they bring me such a happiness no one will understand, yet, i can't go back, not after the incident.

    Kathryn Henderson - Kamloops BC (no email given)

    And which incident would that have been?! - David

  94. You bastard, you hid the button from me, but I found it, you can't stop me!!!!!

    Adam Brewster - Vancouver, WA USA / Adam's Abode

    I could stop you if I removed the Big Green Button from my website .... then what would you do, eh?! - David

  95. BGB Best Comment Award I don't understand... What green button? The button is grey. Being color blind the button is grey. Why did you type in the color green when its grey? Its a trick, right? Now I get it. You found out I was lefthanded. What's next a lefthanded button? I think not. Some of us out here just want... just want... what was I talking about. Oh that's right, I do believe the Cubs are going to the world series this year. Yea right!
    GREAT PAGE..................

    Joshua [aka Albert] - Maryland /

    Left-handed button? I like it! That'll confuse 'em all! - David

  96. wow, i feel soooo great... i.. i.. can't use words to describe my feelings.. but this text wrap thing is way cool

    KRiSSiE - Ontario, Oregon / KRiSSiE's Boudoir

    KRiSSiE, you must learn to express your feelings! I mean, if you were to get attacked by an Oreo cookie cunningly disguised as an Oreo cookie, then you'd need to file a 'Baked Edible' Nabisco complaint ("Free the Elves! Free the Elves!"), and how could you do that without the power of written expression?! Get back to me on this one .... btw, nice horse!! - David

  97. That was totally addictive. Especially searching for the buttons at the end. You wanna know how I did it? I was so pathetically addicted that I used View Document Source to find out where they were aligned and then I found them one at a time. Am I pitiful or what? :)

    Danielle Lovely - USA / Danielle's Domain

    Pitiful? No, Danielle, at least you're honest. Some people write me and boast of how they found the buttons straight off, when you and I both know that they obviously attained Found Button status by dubious means, most probably similar to the way in which you found them. So I find your honesty a breath of fresh air in this otherwise stale and musty society of ours! - David

  98. That was actually a lot of fun (in a odd sort of waste of time way).

    edgar garcia - Los Angeles, CA / Edgar's Empire

    Did you not think it would be 'fun'? Did the BGB's stun you into a new found sense of 'fun'? Has your wasted time actually been worth it? - David

  99. It was REAL COOL! My daughter and I both enjoyed the trail!

    Cathie Gerding - Alexandria, KY /

    Well Cathie, I trust that you and your daughter did not get lost, and i hope that you had a big bag of trail mix to keep you sustained throughout the arduous trip! - David

  100. ARRRGH! There's more than ONE button on the black page? AAARRRGGGGHHH!
    okay, i'm all better now. *sigh!* i'd better start over at the beginning, with the loverly VISIBLE green buttons :P

    rachel - BELLINGHAM, WA /

    Rachel, life's just not fair sometimes, is it?! - David