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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. I feel a deep urge to do it again. Can't explain why.

    Herman Koles - Norway / Herman's Place

    Herman, I would advise you to keep your urges to yourself! - David

  2. Used. Cheap. Dirty.

    Laura - Boston, MA /

    Excellent! - David

  3. I feel that anyone who has enough free time on his hands to do something like this needs a MAJOR LIFE change. Also, I am not addicted to some stupid button thing. GET A LIFE. You've been in the sun a little too long. EXPOSURE!


    Well, I reckon that someone who has enough time to actually sit through all the buttons himself and then send a long comment like that should also get small prescription of life to help them along! - David

  4. It's even better the second time around ----- I think (after reading your guestbook) that I am one of the lucky few who are officially insane after finding the button on the last page. LALALALALLALALALALALAL----(i told you i'm cRaZy!!!)
    P.S.---i see my friend took my advice and visited the page---a growing number for my army of the insane!!!!!!! *manical laugh*

    Ryan - Munster, IN /

    I have no idea what you're talking about Ryan, but just keep taking the tablets and you should pull through okay! - David

  5. Ifeel good, but i am also sad. I had a hope that it would last longer.

    Christian Mjelde - Oslo Norway /

    We all have hopes that some things will last longer. I wouldn't worry about it - David

  6. Rolling around on the floor, laughing!!!

    Roger Andreassen - Oslo, Norway /

    Careful! You might roll over a milk carton, and then you'd regret it - David

  7. I wan't more big green buttons!! GIVE THEM TO ME NNNNNNOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! I will be forced to hunt you down and hang you from your testicles off the centre point tower in Sydney, Australia!! GIVE THEM TO ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Calum McKintosh - Northmead N.S.W. Australia /

    No deal! You can't scare me like that! - David

  8. I feel great. Its like i'we been running the maraton

    Roar Halten - TRONDHEIM, NORWAY / NRK Site

    Thanks for plug on your radio staion!- David

  9. I heard about your pages on Norwegian Broadcasting. They got this radioprogram called Safari. When I heard about the big green button I could not restist the curiosity of what was behind. Now I feel satisfied!!!!!!

    Henrik T. Klemetsen - Oslo, Norway / Henrik's Hide-Away

    Well, I bet that you now thank God that you were listening to NRK's Safari! - David


    Pearl little girl blue - Sweden /

    Just hit that little "back" button! - David

  11. Feel like it must be a very insane person that has got the patience to make such meeningfull homepage!! I found all the buttons and I'm proud. Everyone needs something to be proud of.

    Stian Breivik Barmen - Norway /

    Absolutely!! - David

  12. Absolutely fabulous! Got any other pages like this?

    Kristiina Vahvaselkd - Tampere, Finland /

    Just click that mouse and explore! - David

  13. Gosh! I feel tingly all over. It was a moving experience. I'm all a-twitter. Thank you, thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou..... (ad nauseum)

    Eric Duckering - Seattle, WA /

    Calm yourself my good man! It may have been the best experience in your life but you gotta act with dignity at all times! - David

  14. Comfortably numb!!! I expected your home page to be as pretty as your name... The 'Something Entirely Different' reason for stumbling across the so called BGB's was your name

    Pramod - sacramento, ca /

    As pretty as my name?! What's that supposed to mean?! - David

  15. I want more, more, more green buttons. I will tell others so they can get addicted too.

    Billy Foss - Orlando, FL, USA / Billy's Place

    Well done, my good and faithful servant! - David

  16. It was more fun than eating soup with fork. Next time make the button change shapes or move when you go to click it.

    Jason Jallo - Wylie/Texas/USA /

    I dunno Jason, have you tried eating soup with chopsticks? Now that's fun! - David

  17. AAAAAAAarghhh...... Omf, krfffrgjh! Ok.. I'm fine!

    Loke - Norway / Loke's Place

    Are you sure you're alright now? - David

  18. It make me consider to stop smoking again...

    Joern Stoeylen - Oslo, Norway /

    And what did you decide in the end? - David

  19. Very clever. You urged on my obsessive/compulsive nature. I just *had* to press ONE MORE button because I was SURE that there would be something at the end to reward my perseverance! Fireworks, a different colored button, a dancing bear...ANYTHING.
    Ah well...guess I just insane. Or are you the insane one? Hmm...

    Cathy - New York /

    A dancing bear! Now there's a good idea! - David

  20. Well, what can i say, IM ADDICTED. I just have to do it once more :)

    Jon Terje Friis - Norway / Jon's Place

    Be strong my friend! Just say NO! - David

  21. BGB Best Comment Award I feel as though the sands of time have run lower since our last encounter and in doing so I have become wiser as a result of the BGB's perpetual influence on my life since that fateful day....... in reality, of course, I'm now a total fruitcake...

    Duncan Patterson - Canterbury, England / The Porridge House

    Well Duncan, my old mate, as we'll be sharing a house this year I reckon that we'll both have to be complete fruitcakes in order to get along! So, no problem there then! See you soon - David

  22. I have shown courage, and feel like a true hero.

    Bjarne - Norway /

    The world needs heros like you Bjarne! - David

  23. I am disappointed/Happy. Because I have tried something like that before, and unfortunately that program shut down my Netscape. I feeled like a stupid after that experience. But after all your buttons has been pushed, I feeled like Superman himself. Because there was so many buttons, and I get really tired. After all: It did not shut off anything, and that will make you to a good guy......

    Kurt Inge Bjerkestrand - Norway /

    ..............???..... - David

  24. Jeg juksa ! (It's norwegian, you have to transelate it)

    Espen - Norway /

    Anybody? - David

  25. i am very angry. I'll think i'll writ a letter to the angry organinzation and ell them about my frustration. Thanks for your joyable pages. You vill have problems when you meet St pater...

    Kim - norway /

    St Pater? I don't recall him being on Pearly Gate duty - David

  26. i feel sad cause now i have to go do my math assignment!

    nandy mariko - edmonton alberta cananda /

    So, how did it go? - David

  27. BGB Best Comment Award The earth moved, I became breathless, .. Got a cigarette?... I saw the face of .... ah..ah..ahhhh..Benny Hill , Yes I saw the face of Benny Hill.. and..ah...ah...he said..."great work pushing the button wardell" and I said "thanks " and then at that instant Hill Angels came dancing out around me. They were wearing tiny sequined thong bikini's. Louise English put her arms around me and started singing La Vie En Rose - I melted into her arms...Then a horrible sound shrieked like a banshie I was instantly terrified. "W A R D E L L DID YOU TAKE OUT THE GARB..A..G..E...!!! "

    Wardell MacAdoo - Ashland ,Insanity,USA /

    Well, did you take out the garbage? - David

  28. I have more pressing needs than to answer that question

    Rose - Edison, NJ, USA /

    Fair enough - David

  29. I got addicted nearly right away. It was fun!! On the last page, where you have to find the button in total blackness, I didn't give up. I found it after about five minutes. I would like to know more about the other button places. I enjoyed this place.

    Johnny Von Mutius - Orlando, FL /

    You want to know more, huh? What exactly do you want to know? - David

  30. it was really silly! but fun! take care, God bless you and all that good stuff!

    Kathleen A - Des Plaines IL, USA /

    Why thank you Kathleen! God bless you too! - David

  31. It made me laugh like crazy! I thought it would never end.

    Aimee - clermont fl /

    Yes, sadly all good things must come to an end eventually - David

  32. great ! I love your site ! You're imagnative :)

    Saleem - Muscat/Oman / Saleem's Place

    Thank you! I try my best - David

  33. That HAS to be one of the funniest web sites I have ever seen! My whole family was laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Well done. Thank you for the laughs

    Mark - Seattle,Wa /

    Mark, you and your family are quite welcome. It's good to know that the BGB's have helped to facilitate some quality family time, which is oh so important these days, right? - David

  34. me want more buttons!!!!!!!

    Ryan Van Sant - Los Angeles, CA /

    Me won't give you any! - David

  35. What is it with button fetishes?

    adam gallagher - College Station, Texas / Adam's Place

    I don't know Adam ... ask the others ... they all copied me! - David

  36. At first, I was interested. Then I was very interested. Then I was extremely interested. Then, I wasn't so interested.

    Lucas Hendrickson - Nashville, TN /

    Well, that's just the way it goes sometimes, isn't it? - David

  37. Clever! Finally, some good clean humor!

    Yan - USA /

    Yeah, I wash it nearly every day! - David

  38. that sucked - i want a refund!

    unhappy - horicon WI /

    Could I interest you in an exchange for a similar item, or maybe a credit note? - David

  39. How in the world did you ever come up with this?? How do you get and design your own web page?? This is really wierd!!

    Laurel Worthington - Oak Park/IL/USA /

    Laurel, there are hundreds of places where you can get your own web space. There are also a few places that offer free space and have Home Page generating sections. It's real easy. Check out Tripod, Geocities or Angelfire for details - David

  40. cool site. ya know, i just couldn't find any button on that last page though:)

    scott - seffner/florida/USA /

    Well you just didn't look hard enough! If at first you don't succeed .... - David

  41. That was Awesome. Very clever. I was laughing the whole time. Thanks!

    Tim Whitfield - Denver, CO, USA /

    You're welcome Tim - David

  42. i feeel much better, i was looking for buttons like hell ... thanks a lot david ... u let me feeeel fine :> i admitt that i'm addicted :> but i'm fine now ...

    farfalina - Kuwait Internet Caffee / Kuwait /

    Must be all that coffee you've been drinking at the K.I.C. - David

  43. I feel totally stupid!

    Lisa Huberman - Youngstown OHIO /

    Excellent! - David

  44. Great deal of pure satisfaction!! :-)) Coolest page ever! And who says there are a lot of crap on the internet??

    Oyvind Larsen - Norway /

    I don't know ... do you say that? I certainly don't! - David

  45. MUST PRESS BUTTON!!! NEED MORE NOW BEFORE TOO La..... By the way, even though I just died because you ended the button thing (how could you, you evil, evil fiend! You got me hooked and then just left me there to die!) I found the button on the page! Whoohahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!! I am the champion!!!! Make me your new god!!!! Erect a temple to honor my superiority!!!! HA!!!!!!!

    Cora Books - New Paltz/NY/USA / Cora's Corral

    We're not worthy! We're not worthy! - David

  46. MUST PRESS BUTTON BEFORE TOO LA.... Okay, even though I just died (because you took it away from me, you evil, evil fiend! Die! You got me hooked and then ended my little utopia for good! Waaaahhhh!!!!) I found the button on the page! I found something else too, but it wasn't the button! Because, of this, you will make me your new god(dess)! You will erect a temple to my superiority! WORSHIP ME!! NOW!!!! WHOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zea Rose - New Paltz/NY/USA / Zea's Place

    You two are just slightly mad you know that?! - David

  47. Inside everyone of us is the rebel raging against the clicking of the Big Green Button.

    Colin Pye - Halifax, Nova Scotia /

    Too true - David

  48. I feel like a fool, but so what everybody can make a mistake. I done more folish things than that. So it dont bother me so mutch.

    Tom Arne Larsen - Norway /

    Does your spelling bother you mutch more? - David

  49. Just a little "pushy".

    Kriss - Dayton/OH/USA /

    Arf Arf!! - David

  50. I need more. Its just not fair you lead me on and then the next thing you know just when it's getting intresting the buttons dry up, There's no more!!!! What am I going to do all day in work now.

    Mark Taggart - N.Ireland /

    Mark, I suggest that you make your own buttons to help while away the hours at work, but don't tell your boss I suggested it! - David

  51. very amused... and very addicted... I will now try to press every green buttons I will see in my entire life...

    Pierre Bergeron Jr - Brossard. Quibec Canada /

    Sounds like a great plan! - David

  52. it is really annoying that i can't find the hidden button on the black screen. do you live your life to annoy people? just kidding. okay buh-bye.

    Michelle L. Shiles (aka Tigger) - College Park, MD /

    Yes Michelle, that is my raison-d'être - David

  53. On my arrival to your site I did'nt quite know what to expect but the button had shown me a new meaning to life. I have discovered that there is more to life than love, money, and education. If there is any way that I can repay you for helping me find this new meaning of life I would greatly repay you in any way, any favour you may have I would gladly repay you. You are a hero in all time and I will remember you forever and hopefully be able to tell my future children about this wonderful person, and especially the "THE GREAT GREEN BUTTON".

    Yours Sincerely, Anonymous, Perth, Western Australia

    Don't go over the top, now will you?! - David

  54. Sad, I want more

    Cathrine Seiness & Brutus (dog) - Oslo, Norway /

    Well, maybe you can console yourself with Brutus. Have you tried dog biscuits? Apparently they're quite good - David


    Doug Smith - Sister Bay, WI / Doug's "MST3K" Place

    It's not cool to appear to be too desperate Doug! - David

  56. where is the button on the last page! i'm very frustrated because i coudn't find it.

    jon - orlando, fla /

    Hey, who ever said life was fair?! - David

  57. I cheated. I looked at the HTML code to find the hidden buttons. Should I be ashamed?!

    Rick - Daytona Beach FL /

    Ashamed? Hell yes! May you burn in a nasty hot place for an awfully long time! - David

  58. What do you think? My life is completely changed after this. I finally found the reason why I was brought to this world - The Big Green Button! I'll be back!

    Eldrid Aas - Norway /

    Bit of a sad existence then? However, I look forward to your promised return visit! - David

  59. The big green buttons are overtaking my life!

    Joseph Zamora - Lake Jackson TX /

    In the fast lane? - David

  60. You had me! I just couldn't stop.

    Tony Vigilante - Carlisle, Pa /

    Hmmm ... I think I would have remembered having you Tony ... not really into that sort of thing, but I'm glad it was good for you! - David

  61. Elated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cliff Barnes - Mars /

    Mars, eh Cliff? I don't think so .... I know where your house is! - David

  62. It was tremendous, my greatest experience ever. Now, I am addicted to those sexy little buttons.

    Torgeir Johansen - Oslo, Norway /

    I think a long cold shower is in order, my friend! - David

  63. Unsatisfied :)

    Jon Per Persent - OSLO / Jon's Place

    Well, maybe you weren't doing it right! - David

  64. Nice page. Is this a school project? Some color-clash on your picture hyper-text makes it hard to read. TTFN

    Roger N. Hoffeditz - Seattle /

    School project??!! The colour clash must be on your browser Roger, as it's fine on the others I've used - David

  65. BIG GREEN BUTTONS ROCK! I gotta Add Something Like This To My page

    William(AKA-MrGrimm) - LaMesa-Ca-US / William's Place

    Rock what? Well, if you must add something similar then go for it! Don't hold back! Give it all you've got! - David

  66. Buttons!!!!! I must have buttons!!!! GIMME MORE BUTTONS!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

    Ian M. Melsom - Trondheim, Norway / Ian's Place

    Settle down! - David

  67. It was a long strange cool trip but someone had to take it. Thanks!

    Therese - Albany, NY /

    The last long strange cool trip I had was when I ate a small piece of cheese that I found behind the fridge. Weird! - David

  68. I feel wonderful!!!

    Staci - Waterloo, IA / Staci's Place

    I'm very happy for you! - David

  69. BGB Best Comment Award i have no more willpower
    i have no more will
    i am nothing
    i am a tool of mass media
    .... I feel rather saucy

    pete aarestad northfield, mn / Pete's Place

    I don't really wish to know! - David

  70. stupid

    bill piepmeier - port aransas texas /

    Excellent! That's what I like to hear! - David

  71. Deeply, totally satisfied. thank you.

    Beth - Bloomington, IN / Beth's Excellent 'Vacant Web' Page!

    Any time Beth! BTW, I love your web site!! I would be honoured to be featured there! - David

  72. Happy.... I want to make a norwegian page like this one.... May I???..... Please I need buttons!!!!!! I will do it even if you say no!!! I'm desperate!!! Say yes... pretty please... pretty please with sugar and spice and everything nice????.... I will, I will, I will....
    Thank you for a funny experience!!!

    Jorgen L. Berntsen - Trondheim/Norway / Jorgen's Place

    Well, if you're gonna do it anyway then why ask? Merely out of politeness, perhaps? In which case, you have my blessing dear chap .... JUST DON'T COPY ME!!!!!! - David

  73. Buttons ? Was it more than one green button? I only pushed it once, then I pushed the red one. :-) But I must though say you must be a crazy guy to make som many pages. All this greeen buttons makes me see green everywhere now. My screen even is green. Funny.... guess that's all

    Inge Arnulf Hassel - NORWAY / Inge's Place

    Well, go back and push the rest!! - David

  74. This is rather too silly, I'll never come here again.

    VdinvTurunen - Finland /

    We'll all miss you! - David

  75. Funny... Not funny ha-ha, but funny peculiar. Like I just had something to eat that I'm not too sure about. I had a piece of whitefish once at a restaurant that made me feel this way. There were dried orange flowers in crappy blue vases with all these bumps all over them. I wonder what those vases are doing now?

    Dave Huffman - Milwaukee/WI /

    Those vases that you seem so pecurliarly attached to are now serving their purpose in a sushi restaurant in the West End of London - David

  76. Nice Button

    George Schmaltz - USA / George's Place

    Thanks; I try to keep them fit - David

  77. It was exciting!

    David Greenberg - Bloomington, IN / David's Place

    I don't really want to know! - David

  78. I feel like I have accomplished something important by finding the button on the black page.... Oh, by the way, my hand hurts.

    Megan - Princeton, Illinois /

    Megan, you have accomplished something far more important than that, but if I was to tell you what it was it would negate the whole purpose .... and I'm sorry about the hand hurting. Hope it gets better soon - David

    Megan also wrote .... I just had to write you again. I love that big green button! Hey, there's other buttons, too. Have you tried them? The Really Big Button that Doesn't Do Anything, The Really Small Button that Does Everything, Do Not Press the Red Button, especially Buttons Galore! That's for the REALLY addicted. Find them at Yahoo's Useless Pages:Buttons!!!! Try it!!!

    Megan, I have tried them and none of them give me the same buzz as my own buttons! ;) - David

  79. we enjoyed fondling with your BIG green BUTTONS!!......mmmmmmmBURGER


    I'm glad that they could bring you such satisfaction! - David

  80. Unexpectedly content - a warm, soothing feeling. Perhaps it is from knowing that YOU SPENT MORE TIME WRITING THE PAGE THAN I DID CLICKING THAT JET BLACK PIT OF HELL! HA! I BEAT YOU!

    Mark Kesman - Champaign/IL/USA / Mark's Place

    Dagummit! I spent days slaving over that 'pit'! - David

  81. After there were no more green buttons, I had to push something, so I directed my addiction to pushing the button that opens my garage door. The new motor for the door should be in next week.(You should have heard that thing in its dying moments.)

    Scott Roche (no email or location given)

    And how did it sound? - David

  82. I just loved doing something that someone urged me not to do! It reminded me of my teenage rebelion days. It was a bit like those signs saying "stay off the grass", they always make me want to get on the grass and roll around on it!

    Roger Dalsaune - Trondheim, NORWAY / Roger's Place

    Yeah, a bit like when my mother told me not to jump off a mountain pass in Switzerland, but I just had to do it! - David

  83. absolutely EXHILARATED!!

    Lori - Ontario, Canada / Lori's Place

    Steady on Lori! Don't get over excited! - David

  84. I thought it was a joke. so i just kept pressing it, it was cool

    richard kreick - palmer, alaska /

    Joke? A joke?! Of course you kept pressing it! That's the inherent beauty of the psychological impulses of the BGB! - David

  85. I feel a vaguely unpleasant feeling of guilt. I feel...void of life. I feel totally un-Fresh. I need a Mentos. Or perhaps a leek. Or a turban squash. Or a little jar of tutti frutti baby food. OH, GOD, LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! I WILL SURVIVE!!!! Just like my hero Gloria Gaynor, I FEEL STRONG, AND I'LL LEARN TO CARRY ON!!!! Now all I need is a Light Saddle Rental Car of Death and a triple cappucino with a shot of vanilla Davinci syrup.

    You can call me Annie - Plymouth, MN / Yalta Underground

    I remember when I was living in Denver in 1993 I ate lots of Mentos ... I ate enough to collect the necessary wrappers to be awarded with a cool Mentos T-Shirt. I subsequently lost the T-Shirt. I was most gutted. I believe that it found it's way to the Goodwill store there. If any Denverites out there come across a bright blue Mentos T-Shirt at the Goodwill store .... well, it's mine Godammit! - David

  86. great. i'll do it again sometime

    Shaun Black - canton, MA /

    Don't put yourself out though Shaun! - David

  87. For some strange reason, all I can see is green circles!! I wonder why??? Maybe it's because I actually found the button on the last page, hmmmm?

    Tammy - Bloomfield hills MI / Tammy's Place

    You keep seeing green circles? I have a similar problem, although it's not green circles. I see purple spots everywhere I go. It's a bizarre phenomenon, and my doctor just can't figure it out - David

  88. You know what? You spelled hypothetical wrong. Yes - isn't it incredibly annoying when people tell you these trivial little things? Oh well. I live to drive you mad!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! By the way, you may have noticed Zea and Cora's site. well I am Zea and Cora! Yes, I am slightly mad! Then again, am I crazy or is everyone crazy but me (ooh, philosophical)? Think about it.

    Cheese Spray Goddess - New Paltz/NY/USA / Zea & Cora's Place

    I'm thinking about it ..... and .... hmmm ..... I think that maybe we're all mad? - David

  89. Jeg mette vite hva som var til slutt.

    Patrick - Sarpsborg / Patrick's Place

    Yeah right ..... ? - David

  90. Hi, I must confess that I was going into "button withdrawal" so I cheated and read your source code. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I was hoping that there would be at least one more button. What can I say? I've always had an addictive personality. And I already knew I was insane anyway. But I thought your page was fun, and I'm proud to be in the same "links" section as you in Virtual Insanity. However, I should be over on the Monty Python page sending you "Abuse Mail" for making me crazier.

    Becky - Nawlins / Becky's Place

    Becky, I don't know how you can live with yourself, knowing what you have done and how you have cheated yourself. Still, you have a cool web site, so I guess you can be forgiven! - David

  91. Can you imagine how boring it was to push the down scrool and search every line personally!

    Nick Albin - Caro/Michigan/USA /

    Um, actually Nick, no I can't imagine how boring it was, as I have no idea what a "scrool" is! - David

  92. Strangely refreshed and enlightened...

    George Perantatos - Dalton, GA / George's Place

    Strangely refreshed? As opposed to regularly refreshed? - David

  93. I hate you! That was the meanest trick anyones ever come up with!

    Mitch Machor - Medina Ohio /

    Thank you! - David

  94. oh,oh,oh,oh......oh yeah!

    titus brown - Abilene, TX /

    Settle down!! - David


    Carl Dreyer - Williamstown NJ /

    Well, I'm sorry that the BGB's failed to please you 100%. If there's any way that we can make it up to you please don't hesitate to contact me - David

  96. very good ... i don't know the email address ... it's my husband's computer

    anne wymer - england

    Well, it's been a pleasure to have you aboard Anne - David

  97. errrrrrrrr.....what does this button do? What do I do? What do I do about this? What am I doing? What?....... Ahh shut up, you're making me think

    Mental Debris

    Egad! We don't want you thinking! Remember what happened last time?! - David

  98. Your Big Green Buttons are nice.

    Kalle Bjorklid - Finland /

    Nice? NICE?! A cup of coffee after a big meal is 'nice'! - David

  99. My What an amazing way to waste loads of time. I might well have another go if I were medically insane like Mr Howard Watson who is sitting on my left. He's been very naughty and bought WipeOut 2097 and should be shot for letting me have a go because now (although not addicted to little green button pressing) I am addicted to that.

    Dan Beedle - Canterbury,Kent,England / Dan's Place

    Well Dan (fellow Christ Church student, even though I've never met you), I've played the old version of WipeOut, which was great. Now I Know that Howard has bought '2097' I shall be knocking on his front door, as soon as I'm done here, to have a go! - David

  100. Delighted, exhilirated, way whacked. I laughed out loud. Came close to tears. Blushed. Cried out like I was tickled. I'm gonna do it again.

    Russ - CA, USA /

    Hey, that's pretty close to sensory overload there Russ! Better take it easy bud! - David