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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. enlightining yet exaserating kinda made me tingle.

    Madison - Atlanta/GA/US / Madison Square Garden

    Exaserating? Sounds painful! Made you tingle? That'll probably be when you stuck your tongue in the power socket! - David

  2. It was a "pressing" need that had to be satisfied. Now, since it's over, I feel "de-pressed".
    P.S: I was so "im-pressed" that I decided to include this site as a link on my home page.

    Arjun Karavadi - Columbus, OH, USA /

    I'm glad it made such an impression on you my friend - David

  3. I'm so ashamed. It's like the button beckoned me, invited me, even teased me to touch it. It's scintillating back ground, the greenness of it, and the roundness it had. But I'm better now, thanks (press....press....press....press).

    Andrew Krause - Jacksonville, NC /

    It's quite a bizarre affect isn't it? - David



    Dawn, if Rob can find it then so can you! Come on girl, you can do it! - David



    Well, you ain't gonna have mine! - David

  6. i feel slightly insane, but accomplished--i managed to find the last one!!

    eric champlin - wooster ohio /

    Congratulations Eric, you win today's Star Prize ... don't know what it is yet, but you'll be the 1st to know - David

  7. I'd rather press your Big Red Buttons...(oups, sorry, your a guy!)

    Philippe Gaudet - Granby, Quibec, /

    Thanks for noticing - David

  8. BGB Best Comment Award I have happily and willingly participated in one of the most diabolically brilliant schemes to prove the incredible wastefulness and addictiveness of the internet, or more specifically, the WWW. Playing this game is equivalent to the Windows solitaire that used to dominate the minds and screens of America's work force. I wonder how popular this big green button thing is in other, less "cushy" places, like South Africa. I bet all of your "players" are American, like me.

    dave b. - wash dc /

    Dave, thankyou for appreciating the BGB's but once again I am proved that an American thinks that He is the only civilised person in the world. Have you ever been to South Africa? I doubt it ... there are places there that are definitely "cushier" than some parts of the US. And you know what, we even have electricity here in England now ... (Sorry, had to get that off my modem) - David

  9. I couldn't stop laughing ...

    Joachim Schaaf - Kvln/Germany / Joachim's Place

    Have you stopped yet? - David

  10. ...waiting for buttons 31 to 99

    Uwe Blumenthal - (beautiful) Switzerland /

    My third Swiss! I'll have enough for a decent fondue soon! - David

  11. Why must I continue to press the button? I know that no reward is forthcoming yet still I press. I initially stopped after the first button but then after reading the comments I felt obliged to discover what I had missed even though I had the knowledge that what I had missed was little more than a pointless diversion.

    Matt - Seattle (no email)

    Just goes to prove the futility of the mind - David

  12. Mahdoume ktir ktir!!!

    Cheaib Daniela - montreal /

    Absolutely sir (translation anyone?) - David

  13. I would have been very frustrated with the last page had I not edited it and found that there is no button! I like what you did with page 31 to stop those of use who tried to continue by changing the URL.

    Matt - Munster, IN /

    I'm glad you liked it ... would have been totally gutted if'n you hadn't! - David

  14. YOURE REALLY STRESSING ME OUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah , it was pretty cool,too.

    marisa - San Antonio, TX (no email)

    Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - David

  15. If I had a touch screen, it would be much more satisfying!

    Attila - Enschede / Ov / the Netherlands /

    Wouldn't most things! - David

  16. Relieved... Just like going to the bathroom in the morning.

    George Armstrong - Harbor City, CA/USA /

    Just a little more information than I needed George, but thanks all the same - David

  17. Cool! I found the button in the dark!

    Brian Jones - Rome, Georgia / Brian's Place

    Well done Brian, but why were you in the dark, or shouldn't I ask? - David

  18. I feel like I could use a cold beer.

    geoff cooper - Ottawa, Ontario / Geoff's Place

    What would you use it for? - David

  19. Cool page but is that it?

    Marje Thackaberry - Richland WA / Marje's Place

    What more do you want? Blood? - David

  20. do not press button while intoxicated or under prescription for Prozac

    denise Chroninger - ashland/ohio/usa /

    And why would that be, Denise? - David

  21. I have NEVER laughed out loud at a series of web pages before. Elegant in it's simplicity and diabolical in its execution. I salute you, whoever you are.

    T.E.Snell - Sunnyvale CA /

    Well I'm glad that I was able to be the first for you sir! - David

  22. It was execpionaly interesting...I will be making my own home page one of these days and I want it to be of this high humor and quality. It's good. Write me with some suggestions.

    J. vechey - West Lafeyette, IN /

    Suggestions .... well, you gotta be original to get noticed ... but failing that copy someone else and hope like hell that you don't get found out! Also, don't get caught in the trap that fancy stuff (ie. frames, etc) is necessarily good. Simple and eye-catching is usually best ... and saves a lot of extra work! Good luck and let me know when you're done - David

  23. BGB Best Comment Award I feel so cheap. I feel like I have been used. Not that I couldn't have quit at any time, because I could... you don't know where I might find some other buttons do you? The don't neccessarily have to be GREEN. Please. Come on, I know you're reading this. Really, it's not for me. It's for a friend of mine. He's a shut in and he's REALLY addicted. Not like me. I just press buttons recreationally. I'll just sit here for a while and wait...

    Paul Vaughn - Atlanta, Georgia /

    Well Paul, I understand your friend's predicament. I get a lot of mail about friend's problems. One way to get some other coloured buttons would be to tamper with your monitor's CRT and increase the individual colours to the screen. Failing that, you could always make some buttons out of an old Golden Grahams box and stick them on your TV. Please pass this information onto your friend and tell him that he's a bit of a sad muppet asking you to ask me for help - David

  24. I found the damn button on the black page! I didn't cheat either! You're sick. I think i love you. Off to view your homepage now, thanks for the work break... (if only my co-workers would stop looking at me so funnily)

    Daphne - Los Angeles /

    Daphne, just how funnily were your co-workers looking at you? Was it "Funny Ha-Ha" or "Funny Peculiar"? (PS. I think I love you too) - David

    Daphne later emailed me to say ....Funny as in "get the straight jacket"

    Okay, I see what you mean Daphne! - David

  25. How do I feel now? It ain't easy bein' green. Ms. Greenjeans

    Ms. Greenjeans - Satellite Beach, FL /

    So why are your jeans green? Is it because you never wash them? Is it because you accidentally washed them with a small eucalyptus tree? Or is it because they just happen to be green? - David

  26. I feel completely fulfilled now that I pressed your button 14 times.

    Mike - Atlanta /

    Only 14 times? Where's your 'stickability'?! - David

  27. It's really fun and it's make me really curious that I wanted to keep on pressing despite your "WARNING". Still I'm curious to know where is the button on the black screen?? Are you sure that's a button there? If so, how come there's know finger pointing on the screen if there really is one??

    Priscilia Lim - Singapore /

    Priscilia, yes, there IS a button on the page, and the pointer only turns into a finger when you actually find the hidden button! Good luck! - David

  28. I wish it could have lasted longer.

    John Carroll - Atlanta /

    I bet you say that about a lot of things, John! - David

  29. It's all True, goddamit!!! I'm addicted! Give it back! More buttons! Of all colours! Blues, Reds, Purples, Yellows, mauves, browns, blacks!!!!! Ah, hah, hah, hah, hah....... Now give us your e-mail cause we needs someone to talk to! :-)

    Nulenvoidic - Australia /

    Not very demanding are we?! - David

  30. Oh please oh please oh please, jes' gimme jes' one more HIT

    Don Radcliffe - Decatur, GA /

    No!!!! - David

  31. That was definitely interesting... I commend you on your creativity. I must admit after the buttons I quit but then went back ot observe the rest.

    Paul D. Santangini - Wilmington, DE / Paul's Palace

    Thank you for your honesty (I know someone in Willmington and have been there myself! It's a small world .... but I wouldn't want to redecorate it!) - David

  32. Smarter than the average bear!

    Ron Johnson - Fort Worth, Texas /

    And just how smart would the average bear be? - David

  33. it's like eating a big pineapple and finding out it's really your best friend's head.

    b2 - marlton / nj /

    Yeah, whatever ... just keep on taking those tablets! - David

  34. I feel lied to, betrayed... I just don't know what's real anymore. Did you know that 75% of all roadkill is intentional? How about a bumper sandwich, boogerlips?

    Andy Hofmann - Peoria/Illinois/USA /

    No, I didn't know that ... that's really quite interesting (btw, you're the third person from Peoria on my BGB comments pages ... that's also pretty interesting) - David

  35. satisfied, yet amazingly horny!

    Meredith Canode - Fort Collins/Colorado /

    I'd like to offer some advice, but this is a family show after all - David

  36. Stupid, thought this would be a better site. It was listed in our newspaper (Atlanta Journal Constitution) in their NETWATCH column. Normally, I find really neat suggestions in the paper, but this was not that amazing.

    Judy Chasey - Stone Mountain, Georgia /

    It's not meant to be! btw, I went to Stone Mountain a couple of years ago to see the famous light-show, but the whole place was flooded out! Bummer! Did I miss anything? - David

  37. cheated ... cause I had to use the view source code to discover " press76.html. I tried everything but I could get there. Never the less GOOD JOB!!! by you.

    Robert Mundy - Kennedale, TX /

    Robert, you didn't have to read the source code! - David

  38. I think the Big Green Button is part of a greater plan to take over the planet. A tool used to insidiously jam our brain waves, and alter our consciousness. Keep up the good work.

    Ms. Jones (no email or location)

    Uh oh, I've been rumbled! - David

  39. Great! Can touch your titties too?

    Freida - Canada /

    In your wildest dreams! - David

  40. Wondering who is crazier? Me for continuing on and on and on... or you for putting it there for me to find. It was different though. Thanx for a good laugh. We all need to laugh a little more than we do.

    Jay - Atlanta, GA /

    We're probably just as crazy as each other Jay - David

  41. I saw a Finnish ex-politic pushing your green button on TV (it seems like he had nothing else to do), so I had to try it myself...

    Aaro - Lammi/Hdme/Finland /

    So I've made Finnish TV now? Look out world, here I come! - David

  42. I feel completly insane now

    Rob Hymers - Paris, Ontario, Canada /

    Marvellous! That's what I like to hear! By the way Rob, Iggabod believes ya now! - David

  43. A very entertaining site - especially for geocities

    Steven LaPha Jr. - Cocoa, FL /

    Thanks Steven ... so you're saying that most Geocities sites are lame? But yours is on Geocities! Go figure, right? - David

  44. Tdd on aika pelle sivu mutta saanko kysya missd se vihred ndppi on mustalla sivulla

    Juho Pennanen - Valkeala,Finland (no email)

    Yeah, whatever! - David

  45. I feel good. Had expect some more green buttons though. I have to visit your buttompage again...

    Anna - Stockholm, Sweden / Anna's Place

    Please feel free to visit my Buttums again! - David

  46. I beat it!!! Hah!! I found the hidden button and I pressed it!!!!!!

    Christina - Pittsburgh, PA /

    And how does that make you feel, Christina? - David

  47. its a serious waste of space, but still very unique

    John Gresham - Charleston, WV /

    Thank you! - David

  48. EXCELLENT...a thrill right down to the end!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

    FancyFace - Milwaukee, WI

    You didn't fall off did you? - David

  49. I love your big green buttons. Actually, I love them so much, I think I'll play your game again and make myself lose! :)

    David J Hyland - Geelong/Victoria/Australia / David's Place

    Now here's a guy who's gonna go far! Same name, just different middle initial! - David

    David later wrote ... I've just been back for more, and *cannot* find the button on the black page! I've lost a bit of hair over this, as well as my mind... David, WHERE IS IT?!!!! (I feel like I'm talking to myself. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I'm completely insane).... Well, thanx for robbing me of my sanity, doppelganger! :) BTW, you can see a pic of me (alias Mr H) in the cyberfamily album. The pic's a couple of years old, and I've grown a goatee since then...

    I am also now a member of the cyberfamily album - David

    David even later wrote ... Hey! I finally found it!!!!! I've gotta go rest my eyes now. Thanx again, Dave. :)

  50. Hi, I liked your Big Green Buttons. I've liked it so much that I have now painted my mouse green.

    Anna Sigurvinsdottir - Reykjavik, Iceland /

    Well Anna, you're the first person from Iceland to grace these comments pages, so welcome! I do hope that you like your new mouse! - David

  51. i..i.like it i want to d,do it ..uh again. please. i.. uh need it. yeah thats it i.. uh need it. come on let me have it again i promise, just this one last time. i'll never do it again. promise.

    stephen wilson - Ashland,ohio /

    Just another deep hidden cry for help - David

  52. I think I'm a better person now. Thank you, Mr Hyland, for opening up my eyes!

    Choc.Walruss - Cavetown, CV, USA /

    You're welcome Miss Walruss ... but which state is CV ?!!! (ChocWalruss is also a member of the cyberfamily) - David


    CHRIS CATALANO - LaGrange GA /

    You feel "grate" .... is that like "Cheese Grate" or "Fireplace Grate"? - David


    tyler - thunder bay Otario Canada /

    You passed - David

  55. Please, Please give me more!!!

    Frank Booth - Tulsa, OK / Frank's Booth

    Soounds more like a scene from "Oliver!" to me - David

  56. I feel like a million dollars rather grimy, but still worth something no matter how crinkled i get round the edges

    Jim - winnipeg Manitoba Canada /

    Very deep and inspired sir, and very true! - David

  57. It was all in the mind that emerges from a single point in time called "I"

    Fred Wahlstrom - St. Pete. FL /

    Anyone? - David

  58. I think that you should have many, many more green buttons. If it had just lasted a little longer I might have been able to tear myself away. But no. It just STOPPED. I feel button pressing withdrawl coming on. Thanks alot. By the Way, it really was cool.
    PS- Please sign my guest book..120 something people have been to my page, but only 4 have signed it. I feel rejected.

    Elizabeth Norris - Marietta, Ga / Elizabeth's Place

    Sorry about how you feel Elizabeth, but that's just the way it goes. I will stop by and sign your guestbook, but I'm having problems with my browser at the moment so it may be a while - David

  59. AMAZING! i was a junkie, but now i'm cleared .. got through all of the buttons :)
    AND my finger hurts :(

    Amund Gjendem - Trondheim, Norway / Amund's Place

    Try massaging the wounded digit with peanut oil ... works every time - David

  60. I wouldn't mind pressing the buttons on your chest if you get what I'm saying.

    John Doe - Cambodia

    No, I don't get it - David

  61. Very clever....but I just looked at your source code to figure where those buttons were on the black page. One left, one right, one center

    Silverlock..what? you want a real name? / Silverlock's Place

    Dammit, you're the first person who's ever done that! - David

  62. well at first i felt kinda regularly curious. womndering where these big green buttons would take me .Then after a while i began to feel this love/hate relationship starting to grow inside me. And at last i felt like i was going insane .. when i couldn't find the last button. Well well funny was is anyway .. the goal with these buttons would be to give each supermodel in the world one each to push so that we wouldn't be bothered with them anymore .. yeah!!!!

    Mr Strangelove - Trondheim/Norway / His Place

    You started to feel like you were going insane? Well, it obviously hasn't worn off yet! - David

  63. I bookmarked every one of them.

    Dean Thompson - Lincoln, NE / Dean's Domain

    A very wise move ... you never know when you might wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat just needing to push a BGB. But how to find them? Don't remember the URL or the path you took to get there? Simple ... use the bookmarks! Excellent move my friend! - David

  64. Strangely enlightened. That button has saved my life. I thank you.

    Erin Taylor - Sterling Hts. MI /

    Anytime Erin - David

  65. Wondergull, fullfilled

    Petri Haatainen - ESPOO/FINLAND / The Petri Dish

    Wondergull? Is that like a sea bird with extra powers? - David

  66. i hope i will have another buttons to press on (your homepage is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Yotam - hadera/israel / Yotam's Place

    Yeah, absolutely .... shalom! - David

  67. It certainly felt good...
    P.S. You and your button are really famous in Finland 'cause of that TV-show.. You should visit Mr Pekka Vennamo's home page!

    Kajsa - Finland (no email)

    Pekka who? - David

  68. HeeHee! heeheehee....Ni! HEEHEEeee!! Ni! Neeewong! Ping! Ping! HEEheeHee! EeeEee.... Ni!

    Melon - AgnesScottCollege/Georgia / Melon's Boat

    Don't worry Melon, they'll be here any minute to take you away - David

  69. Tingly all over

    jen /

    Well Jen, I suggest that you take a long hot bath and lie down until it passes - David

  70. The Price of pressing is forever vigilence.... When does the film "Button Wars" come out??

    Eerik Heijari - Nakkila/Finland /

    Sooner than you think! - David

  71. Tickled Pink and Feeling Shy.

    Ann Kornuta - Milton ON. Canada (no email)

    Ann, why so shy? - David

  72. I must admit, I'm not that really satisfied. This button stuff made me a little bit nervous. I think, I hate buttons now. Can you understand this? Did you want this? Tell me more about this! Or just press your own buttons!

    Anonymous /

    A little bit nervous? More like seriously paranoid! - David

  73. there is nothing i can't accomplish

    David Smith - Kennedale, Tx. (no email)

    That's the spirit! - David

  74. I have to go pee.

    Rita Anderson - Glenwood Springs, Colorado /

    I'm glad that the BGB's had such a profound effect on you and your bladder - David

  75. I sad, because I don't know if there are any more buttons on this site, which you just didn't bother to make a link to. IS THERE ANY MORE BUTTONS TO PUSH?!?!?!?!?!

    Jeff Phillips - Caro/MI/U.S.A /

    The problem of not knowing if there really are anymore buttons or not is the beautiful mystery of the whole thing - David

  76. There are too few of them, please add them

    Marko Teerioja - Finland /

    Okay ... there are 32 altogether! - David

  77. I feel at peace ... a sense of calm has come over me. I am at one with the universe now.

    Steve Baughman - Akron, Ohio USA /

    Hommmmmmmmmm Hommmmmmmmmmmm Hommmmmmmmmmm - David

  78. I feel anxious. I couldn't find that hidden button. I'll have to come back again to try to find it.

    Jim Solleder - Riverdale, GA /

    Once more into the frey! - David

  79. Unbelievable....excellent....GEAR....FAB....TERIFFIC!!!!!!! And even all those words together doesn't describe it!

    Sarah - Australia /

    Why thank you Sarah! You were pretty unbelievable too! - David

  80. How bizarre! Now if I could only remember how your address made it to my list of places to visit!!!!

    Paul Gandolfo - Atlanta, Georgia / Paul's Palace

    Somethings are best left unremembered Paul ... perhaps it was just fate or destiny that brought you to the BGB's? - David

  81. insane! why the hell am i doing this? Is it official now that i don't have a life?!?

    Elementary Penguin - D-town, PA, US /

    Yes, I'm afraid it's official, my fellow Cyber-Sister! - David

  82. I (twitch) need more (twitch) more I say MORE! (twitch)(twitch)(twitch) He He He He!

    Eric Pykonen - Shewrood, OR /

    Calm yourself Eric! It'll all work itself out in the end - David

  83. I feel...uplifted! I actually managed to do something that someone told me to do. This is proof that there's actually some will power left in me. I'm also a DJ/journalist on Norwegian National Radio (NRK), and will mention this page on my Internet-show "Safari" on Monday morning.

    Birger Vestmo - Trondheim, Norway / Birger's Place

    Hey there Birger ... thanks for the plug on your show! Apparently I've been on TV in Finland too ... wish I could have known ... I might have gotten some money out of it! - David

  84. Oh David....need i say more, second time round was even better than the first...but i'm ready now.
    "Hello, i'm Sarah and i'm a buttonholic"
    Thanks Davey-boy, i'll never regret this experience with you!!! *smile*
    Ps. Welcome to the cyber-family...what are...a big brother??

    Sarah Stewart - Australia /

    Well, thank you Sarah! The experience was just as good for me .... and by the way, I'm a Cyber brother, I think! (To everyone else out there, check out the Cyber-Family Album) - David

  85. i think it was very fun. i think it was very challenging.

    Jennifer & Robin - san antonio, Texas /

    I think that you're completely mad! - David

  86. I feel better. This task is done. Thanks, Doc!

    Kirtap - France / Kirtap's Place

    You're welcome .... now just take two asprin and lay down for an hour - David

  87. Smiley!
    p.s., I got here from your fractal lesson, via your GAP page, from your listing in InfoList

    Fred Mindlin - Capitola,CA,USA / Fred's Place

    Huh?! - David

  88. it was a learning experience. Please e-mail advice on how to make my URL(?) more attractive.

    Christian Rose - LA, California, USA /

    I would, but you haven't included your URL! - David

  89. i want you to press my big green button... i made one and hung it up in my room

    Heather Searfoss - Ashland/Ohio/USA /

    I'd love to press your button Heather, but Ashland's just a wee bit out of my daily route! I'm glad you have your own one in your room though! - David

  90. Nothing happened in the end and I really hated it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am not adicted, I will never use the green botton ever again.

    Lene /

    That's what they all say, mate! - David

  91. totally addicted. Where can I find some more Big Green Buttons?
    PS: I guess you've a lot of replies from Norway today, your URL was commented on a radio-show this morning!!

    Thor Aage - Oslo, Norway /

    Thanks Thor ... yeah, quite a few replies from Norway (see #83 on this page) - David

  92. It was really nice! I liked the feeling it gave me! Good work!

    Torgny Seland - Halden, Norway / Torgny's Place

    And what feeling was that? - David

  93. Just another useless page that represents a completely waste of time and space,I`m sorry to say.

    Petter - Norway /

    Thank you kindly, my Norwegian friend - David

  94. I feel obused.

    Remi Hansen - Norway /

    'Obused'? What's that? - David

  95. David I really feel much better for pressing your now legendary green button, it is even more exciting than it sounded in our conversation the other week. keep selling them same old shoes.... your friend geoff.

    Geoff Teale - Somewhere near the moon / Geoff's Masterpiece

    Well Geoff my friend, you've pressed my legendary BGB's .... now I need to play your legendary $6,000 guitar! See ya at college!- David

  96. uhm, kind'a strange feeling just came over me...... hmmm, Are you from Mars ?????? Kind a cool www.......

    Kjart Nils - Norway /

    Mars? No, but thanks for the compliment - David

  97. I did see the LIGHT, Hallelujah ... :-)

    A.S - Norway /

    Congratulations! What was it like? - David

  98. I'm born again. i hope i do not get a virus now.

    Rune Sxrensen - Kristiansand. Norway / Rune's Place

    You shouldn't do, but if'n ya do, don't come running back here! - David

  99. Good fun on a rainy day in Wales. U.K.

    Jed Farnell - Aberystwyth. Ceredigion. Wales /

    A rainy day in Wales? Well, nothing new there then, eh Jed? "Baaa!" - David

  100. I feel an incredible anger raging inside of me! I HATE the Big Green Buttons!!

    Thomas Johnsen - Trondheim, Norway / TJ's Place

    That's the spirit! - David