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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. BGB Best Comment Award It's like you want to do something even though the computer(ie society) tells you not to do it. Curiosity is what drives mankind to new discoveries and new leaps of the imgaination. The big green button it totally COOL

    William C.R. Major Jr. - Columbia, S.C. USA...BABY!!!!!! / Will's Wigwam

    What a way to start my fourth page of BGB comments! Thanks WCRMJr! - David

  2. that was fun ... p.s where is the button on the black page

    Paul Clifton - Atlanta Ga /

    Not telling ... - David

    Paul later wrote ... I still can't find it even with the source code

    Keep trying! - David

  3. It was better than SEX.

    Martin Medley - Chattanooga, TN / Martin's Place

    Sir, I refer you to Page 3, #58 - David

  4. A bit befuzzled and a tad woozled.

    Jill Resnick - Marietta, GA /

    Befuzzled is good; Woozled is just excellent! - David

  5. BGB Best Comment Award Like no button pushed will ever be the same. How many buttons must one man push before he's called a man. Buttons, no problem, bring on the buttons. I wonder if Dave's downloading a virus evertime I push this button? I look forward to the days of no buttons! Hey, I really pushed Dave's button. How many hours will these Green buttons last? What purpose do these buttons serve? This man is sick and that is probally why he is the friend of a Fezatte. Thanks for the entertainment Dave. I will recomend to everyone!

    Val Fezatte - Lansing, Michigan /

    Well, a friend of a Feazatte! That is one of the many accolades that have been bestowed upon me that I am genuinely proud of. I also look forward to the days of no buttons. Then peace will finally lay its' head on my shoulder and I will be free .... - David

  6. ha ha! you'll never make me quit! i can use the "back" button on my browser!!!! .......i can push the buttons again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and.................

    looney (no email)

    Bit of a nutter that bloke .... - David

  7. a very cool page!!! I am now in denial of the fact that I was sick enough to actually search the whole black page to find one more button to push. Thanks for enlightening me on just how bored I become from time to time.

    David G. Violett - Grand Forks ND /

    Well David, you know what they say ... boredom breeds buttons and buttons breed .... or something like that - David

  8. "..just another victom."

    Brandon Smith - Atlanta GA / Brandon's Binary Boudoir

    We're all victims in one way or another .... some of us just don't know it yet - David


    Capt Krock - StarFleet Academme (no email)

    I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for someone taking to Star Trek immitations as a means to an end - David

  10. BGB Best Comment Award Like the sound of a road, in the early morning. Nothing at all.

    Victoria - Sweden /

    Right on! - David

    Victoria wrote again .... YEEAH, I found it. At last, I was over the dark side. Okay, and know I don't have to do this anymore. See you in other places.

    Victoria ... well done now get back onto Telegraph Road! - David

  11. a light diversion

    Wayne Sharon - Marshall, VA /

    A light diversion?? A light diversion is catching a glimpse of a pretty girl crossing the street, or a game of solitaire during work! - David

  12. Pretty cool idea. The only thing I would change is the name of the next page linked to the hidden button right before the end. I couldn't find the button so I went up to the URL and changed the number in the address to the next in the series. That got me to the last page. If you made that number something else, people would really have to search the previous page for that hidden button.

    Brooks Harper - Hermitage, TN / The Binary Brooks

    Your wish is my command - David

  13. Need something cool after hunting around in all that black space. Maybe free cyber-sex or something.

    Pax - Cary,North Carolina /

    Well, don't look at me .... - David

  14. Hey! Had a great time!

    khaden - Wetumpka, AL /

    Hey! That's what we're here for! - David

  15. I HAD to get to the end - IMHO, it is a very diluted/unadventuresome sort of person who could just quit without knowing how it all turned out. To find your black page button, I went straight to the bottom of the page and began sweeping the page w/my mouse, watching for a URL to appear at the bottom of the browser - it didn't take but a few seconds. I don't consider that cheating, not like looking at the doc source code like some unsavory types... Yow, that sounded like moral superiority...like there's a code of conduct for finding the Big Green Button or something... :-)

    Shelly - Chattanooga, TN (no email)

    I don't think you're a bad person Shelley. btw, what's this 'IMHO' thing? I keep seeing it and I feel as if everyone else knows but me. Someone enlighten me please?! (PS. Don't worry ... thanks to Rizzn for the enlightenment!)- David

  16. You have brightened my day! It has been fun. Oh well, back to work.

    John Leonard - Tucker, GA /

    What? You were pushing buttons whilst at work? I do hope that your employers don't read this! - David

  17. I'm not real sure how I feel, you know sortta like my life's not complete anymore something's missing or something... Are there going to be any meetings to attend or something, I don't think I can quit all by myself... I think i'm gonna have to do it just one more time... I'll be back later .... gotta go find that damn green button..............!!!

    Steve S. - Lanett, AL /

    If you need some help with your BGB problem mail Gerry for some help (see 2nd 100, #53) - David

  18. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    cmf - ft laud, fl /

    So, you're saying that you're as happy as 13 happy smiley people? - David

  19. Not very much, actually. Why?

    William J. Healey III - San Francisco, CA /

    Just curious .... some people with a sense of humour write all sorts of stuff. Other people either don't write anything or ask me why - David

  20. I feel cheated, liedto, made a fool of. there was no button on the last dark page. I clicked and clicked but no you took control of my psyche and tore it to shreds. thanks alot!

    Cynthia Harper - San antonio, Texas (no email)

    Anytime Cynthia! - David



    How many laughs exactly would that be? Ten? Twenty? - David

  22. big and ..... green!

    Per - Stockholm / Per's Place

    Well as Kermit the Frog once said, "It's not easy being green ...." - David

  23. The big green button is better than sex!

    Ravensfield - Portland, OR /

    Well I guess you've been doing it wrong then - David

  24. Odd

    Kevin O'Keefe - Arlington, VA / Kevin's Page

    Odd ... is that like Odd Peculiar or Odd as opposed to Even - David

  25. Better ...

    Dan Kennedy - Grandville,Mi /

    ... than what? - David

  26. Emboldened, as if I've stepped into the beginning of a new, freer life. I think it's even cured my cold. Incidentally, *I* found the hidden button just by pressing Tab (after searching vainly with the mouse). Jumped right to it!

    Robert - Roswell GA /

    Cured your cold? Please don't tell anyone as they'll all be coming to be with their illnesses and diseases - David

  27. Can you say... Half a bubble out of plumb.
    ... One brick shy of a load.
    ... My elevator doesn't stop on all floors!
    Funny, sorta -- but do you maybe have too much time on your hands? Perhaps I do for even writing this!

    Gene Kelly - Monroe, GA /

    No, I can't say those things .... someone just tied my hands and gagged me .... otherwise, yes I'd be able to - David

  28. I'll tell you, it was an unraveling experience, I must tell my other addict friends. you have really got something here, possibly an alternative to beer drinking. you have just reinforced my awareness that I have nothing better to do with my time. Thank You.

    jesse cregar - atlanta ga /

    An alternative to beer drinking, eh? Well I suppose you wouldn't wake up the next moring with a mouth like a camel's armpit after fifteen years in the desert - David

  29. Better than the big red dot!

    Matt Stancliff - Smyrna, Ga / Matt's Place

    NO? Not the Big Red Dot?!!! - David

  30. I had to cheat. I'm so ashamed. I found the next page by looking at the source. '=
    (I think that was a "Duckman" emoticon!)

    Quentin - Atlanta GA /

    Quentin, you will no doubt burn in hell for your heinous crime - David

  31. Well, after reading those comments, I felt like I needed to offer something more of substance. I want you to know that to me, pushing that bgb was very theraputic. I'm not even joking.. It lacked the substance of most web pages and was the cyber-equivilent of breathing deeply and murmuring "ahm.. ahm.. ahm .. ahm.."etc, etc ad nausium. Also, the comments (i'm sure it was meant to be this way) is a good pick-me-up for the depressed.. and full o'substance... well, maybe humor, if nothing else. One final thing... ahh, very clever changing up the numbers at the end.. one would suspect, all they have to do is put in 31 or whatever, but if they do that, they lose out on .. o wait, why do you have a 76, and a 31... doh!

    Rizzn Do'Urden - Menzoberranzan, House Do'Urden, Underdark / Rizzn's Ranch

    Yeah, okay, so I forgot to delete the 31! It's all changed now ... - David

  32. prefered a blue one

    Niek - Netherlands /

    Don't we all! - David

  33. BGB Best Comment Award It's like popping those bubbles on the plastic shipping sheets

    michael huggins - roswell,ga. /

    Hey Michael, have you ever tried driving or cycling over them?! - David

  34. you took it away from me! Bastard!

    Matthew Franklin - Santa Ana, CA /

    Yup! That's just the kind of guy I am - David

  35. That's the coolest thing in the entire world. Now I will change my home page so that it is composed of nothing but hundreds of teeny tiny buttons linking to the big green series of buttons.

    Andrew Denyes - Kaneohe, Hawaii / Andy's Place

    Been to your place, and I don't see a single button anywhere! I think you were lying to me Andrew! - David

  36. MMMMMMM Good....

    Jerry Stamey - Atlanta, GA / Jerry's Jalopy

    What's that? Is that a dreamy kind of "MMMMMM" or an undecisive "MMMMMM"? - David

  37. This is a cool page! Thanks for a good laugh. :)

    Julia Faulkner - Newnan, GA / Julia's Place

    You're welcome Julia. (The majority of today's comments seem to be coming from the Atlanta area. Are y'all having a BGB Conference or something?) - David

  38. I feel somehow cheapened and yet at the same time strangely satisfied by the whole experience. It's like I became the button, and then the button became me. I'd do it again, for sure.

    Jeff Brush - Gaithersburg, MD /

    You'd do what again? Become the button, or press them again? - David

  39. O.k. I admit it. I'm insanely compulsive and obsessive when it comes to buttons... just gotta click those buttons. I don't have any on any of my pages. I just like to push other people's buttons. No pun intended. Great page!

    Sharon Crowder - Lacey's Spring, Al / Sharons' Page

    Well, just keep on pushing Sharon - David

  40. Silly, but it made me smile!

    Bonnie Lee - B'ham/AL/USA /

    And that's the main thing, right? - David

  41. It was funny...not addictive feeling at all..I expected a bigger reward for pressing the quit button..like a cool pic of Brad Pitt or something...just how many green buttons are there anyway...???

    Brittany Shain - Alameda, California /

    Ah, but what you expect you usually don't get! And regarding the number of BGB's, that's for me to know and you to find out! - David

  42. i enjoyed it very much, thank you.

    alice main - cincinnati, ohio /

    You're welcome ... I'm just glad that I could provide such a valuable public service - David

  43. Great! It was insaninty heaven!
    How do you feel now that 2002 people have experienced your Big Green Buttons? P.S. I do not have a website but will be working on one soon. :)

    RaceDay /

    How do I feel? You're the first person who's ever asked me! I feel exhausted! The BGB's started out as a private joke between myself and my friend Duncan just a few weeks ago, then just spiralled into worldwide proportions overnight. Sure, it's great to get so much response, but it does take up a heck of a lot of my precious free time! Let me know when you Geocities site is up and running .... c-ya - David

  44. I know what a Republican feels like now!

    Monty Tate - Wichita,KS,USA / Monty's Place

    Chortle Chortle! - David

  45. GREAT.... GREAT..... GREAT..... GREAT..... GREAT.... GREAT..... GREAT.... GREAT................ GRETA.......... GREAT............... GREAT................... GRATE............. GRATER.................. GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEEE ................... i been telling everbody bout dis, hee hee, haw,haw,ho,ho,ho..........

    Queen Victoria - TEXAS, period

    You don't really have any problems, do you?! - David

  46. BGB Best Comment Award Heart Rate increase, Carple tendon syndrome flare up, Puckered sensation similar to eating small pinches of spunge rubber from the seat of my office chair, compulsive tendancy to open and close the refrigerator door, hopeless feeling causing me to gaze into outer space.

    Dale McClain - wpb.,fl.,usa / Dale's Domain

    Wouldn't worry mate, that's normal for Friday afternoons! - David

  47. Extravulted

    Hal - Atlanta, GA /

    Extra who?! - David

  48. After a hard day of Tech Support for the internet, I'm glad I can press SOMETHING!!

    Matthew Waldron - Mableton, Georgia /

    Hey Matthew, fret not young man, the answer is here .... you need not wait till after you've finished your hard day's work to press something ... don't forget that your nose or your navel are always at hand, ready to be pushed for instant gratification and relief - David

  49. Even more anal-retentive than usual.

    Alexandra Mitchell - Atlanta, GA /

    Are you proud of that, or just stating a fact? - David

  50. Fine. In other words, I will sleep well tonight. :-)

    J.Meade - Melville,NY /

    Are you saying that the BGB's bored you?! I'm hurt! - David

  51. It's all better now :)
    I can get back to work.

    Heather White - Atlanta, GA / Heather's Hacienda

    What was wrong in the first place Heather? - David

  52. That was fun!

    Chris Spirito - Norwood / MA / Chris' Cave

    WooHoo!! - David

  53. Complete, yet strangely empty, like I had simply whittled away 15 minutes for nothing. I would have gotten here regardless of whether I persevered, or simply bombed out early. I'm upset!

    Jason M. Sullivan - Raleigh, NC / Jason's Place

    Hey, who said life was fair?! - David

  54. Stupid. Useless.

    Matt Cohen - Houston, TX /

    You feel stupid and useless? Oh well, if you say so - David

  55. I feel brave! and I feel like a rebel! I feel liberated!!!! I feel like a rule breaker! I am a rule breaker, I am brave, and I am rebel!!! and....Liberated too.

    fore! - panama city fla /

    So, your creed in life is that you are what you feel, right? - David

  56. BGB Best Comment Award INGENIUS! BRILLIANT! AMAZING! AWE-INSPIRING! STUPENDOUS! You are my idol. Thank you. This is the reason why America's the greatest country in the world! Actually, judging from the funny way you spell, I realise (sic) that you're British. This is the reason why England is the greatest country in the world! UK #1, US #2
    F_ _ _ John Major! My vote's for the Big Green Button Man.

    Eddy B - San Jose/CA / Eddy's Place

    Whaddya mean, funny way I spell? It's you guys who spell funny, but anyway it would seem that you change your mind more often than .... um .... a thing that changes a lot, so you'd be no good for my political spokesman. Maybe the fingers that loiter over the nuclear buttons will soon be loitering over Big Green Buttons ..... - David

  57. depressed

    shayna - Forest Grove, OR /

    Could you be more specific Shanya? - David

  58. I have to admit. i cheated too, i used the source code to find the last button. but hey, it was better than studying anatomy for med school

    Kim Blumberg - Phila/PA/USA /

    My thoughts entirely! Good luck at Med School Kim! - David

  59. That was indeed a fun game. I think I will tell all my friends about it. That's a little sad, but hey! it sure beats the Big Red Button that Doesn't Do Anything...

    Tina Fraction - Evanston/IL/USA /

    Yes I have some competition now! There's a new Button page out there now ... looking spookily somewhat familiar .... check it out! - David

  60. BGB Best Comment Award The earth moved.
    Of course there's an electrical storm in the area, which would explain that.

    D. Winfrey - Louisville, KY /

    Yeah, I think I felt that one too - David

  61. I feel as if I've wasted alot of time! But it was kinda fun....

    Lee Harris - Glencoe,AL /

    You have wasted a lot of time! - David

  62. Exhausted! Allmost as useless as the circlepage you'll find at my site.

    Olle Viksten - SWEDEN / Olle's Place

    Well, there's nothing wrong with a bit of free advertising! - David

  63. I am utterly disappointed that there's no press32.html for the really adventurous souls like me. )

    Hans Juergen Mennecke - Germany /

    Well Hans, I'm sorry that you feel that way, but there's not much I can do about it ... you see, if I create one more then poor desperate button seeking souls like yourself will plague me for another, then another, and another, and so on. It's a 'no can do' situation I'm afraid - David

  64. BGB Best Comment Award Just how old ARE you? Were you dropped on your head as a child? How long did it take you to make all those stupid green button thingys? Why did you hide that other button? Do you know how long it took me to find that? Do you have any IDEA how FRUSTRATING that is? So what's your sign?

    Whitney Leigh-Anne Browne - Gering, Nebraska (no email)

    1) Not telling; 2) Continually; 3) Sadly, not long!; 4) I was bored; 5) No; 6) Yes; 7) 'No Right Turn On Red' - David

  65. Well, superbe. Really cool, just we didn4t find the last one!!! Help us!!! Where is it??? PLEASE TELL US!! We need it!

    Gruenbaer & Julia Santiago - Bonn, Germany /

    Seek and ye shall find, my friend! - David

  66. I pressed them alI yes, all of them -- even the hidden one. I feel very fulfilled, very calm, very ... sane.

    John Pelham - Suwanee/GA/USA / John's Place

    Hold on to that sanity John ... you'll need it really badly one day - David

  67. Damn, I hate rainy Friday nights.

    Kevin Heath - Howell, NJ /

    Well, that's what you get for living in Jersey I guess! You should try living here in England ... you'd hate every night! - David

  68. Tempted .. but I'm not going back to press the other button.

    Pam - Nashville, TN / Pam's Place

    I bet you did, didn't you Pam?! - David

    Pam then wrote again ... OK so I went back and pushed the button just to see what was there. But I must admit I also cheated and looked at the source code to locate the final button. Hmm does this mean I'm addicted ??

    Quite possibly - David

  69. When you spend 45 hours a week working with numberds, being organized, and acting logically, this is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Thank you Thank you. It's been a long time since I laughed this hard.

    Bonnie G. Nukolczak - Baltimore /

    I'm glad you had a good giggle Bonnie, but just out of curiosity, what's a "numberd"?! - David

    Bonnie wrote back again .... I was so intrigued after reading others' comments, I had to go back. I had to find out if the quit button really worked. I need to try all the different combinations. I need to find out if there's more. I need more. Please, more. PLEASE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Easy girl! Simmer down, you'll do yourself an injury! - David

  70. Like I accomplished something today

    Donal - Champaign, Illinois / Donal's Place

    You obviously don't a have a particularly thrilling job! - David

  71. I reached climax when I reached the black screen. Please put a warning on this page for those using assorted drugs. This could turn a good trip into a bad one very quickly.

    Mo Curren - Salt Lake City, Utah /

    Point taken .... what was I talking about again? - David

  72. gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaggagagagagagagagagagpuhhhuhhhhhhuhhhyeaaaaaaa!!!!

    izumi - germany /

    I think I'll take that as a compliment! - David

  73. It's the most beautiful experience I ever had...

    Anonymous /

    Why thankyou .... - David

  74. I'd like to feel that I have fulfilled my purpose in life...but *sigh* I (like so many others before me) have also cheated...ah, the wonder of text-based browsing! No searching necessary on the black page, you see...the link just magically appears at the bottom of the screen. Score one for Lynx...:)

    Heather - Milwaukee, Wisconsin /

    Well you see Heather, some people just aren't as lucky as you! - David

    BGB Best Comment Award Heather also emailed me with ... I have checked out your competition as you recommended and found it extremely pathetic compared to your personal button-genius. It is full of empty threats of what will happen when you press the button as opposed to revealing the true nature of the human psyche by exposing each and every button pusher as addicted... Be proud that people have attempted to mimic your greatness and yet have failed to do so miserably.

    Heather, if you want a job in PR it's yours! - David

  75. liberated!

    Scott - Australia /

    Where were you held captive? - David

  76. I feel very good!! That button makes me very happy, i think it is the best green button i have ever met.

    Carl Hals - Uppsala, Sweden (no email)

    Yeah, you get a lot of Green Buttons walking down the streets in Sweden don't you - David

  77. A wonderful wibbly experience

    Thorwald Peeters - Drunen,The Netherlands /

    A wibbly experience! I like it! Now why can't everyone be as expressive as Thorwald? - David

  78. ummmmmm,what???

    Dragonfly Dream - Santa Fe,NM

    Uh Oh, I reckon we got us a serious case here. This peson has obviously been lulled into some alternative realm! Egad! - David

  79. hehe That was really cool :) I have no idea who you are tho...:)

    Stephanie Springer - Saginaw, MI. /

    In that case check out this page Stephanie - David


    LOILO /

    Is that good or bad? - David

  81. WOW! What a novelly useless idea! I like it. Even though I quit on the second page (does that mean I'm nuts or something?) but now I might, will, no must go back and take in the entire experience. I'll check back again and see if you've come up wth more uselessness. See you later.

    Andrew Mitchell - Banning CA /

    See me later? Not unless I see you first! - David

  82. This was really FUN! Glad to have found this home page. You are very smart to know how to do this!

    Kathe - Garland, TX /

    Smart? Thanks, but not really ... Disturbed mind? Quite possibly! - David

  83. Hehehe, totally weird :) hehehehe. Actually, it WAS addictive :) "Gotta find da button" "Gotta find da button" HAHAEHHAhehaehHAheh Noooo. I need MORE buttons .. HAHEHAHE .. Just one more? ANOTHER BUTTON??!? PUUUHHLEEAAASSSEEE!!!

    iLLuSioN^ - Pittsburgh/PA/USA /

    It all starts that way you know ... just one more, then it all gets outta hand! (Whilst we're on the subject of Pittsburgh, my good Pittsburgh friends Randy & Linda Lintelman have just celebrated the birth of their first son Andrew! Way to go guys!) - David

  84. I laughed my ass off. Thanks. That's the funniest thing I've seen on the web.

    Kent - Canoga Park /

    You probably look a little silly now without a butt, right? btw, where's Canoga Park? - David

  85. more more more i need more. i'm shaking from withdrawal symptoms!! where are the other buttons?!? agh!

    erik - stockholm sweden

    Keep shaking! - David

  86. I feel like I'm empty inside..

    Bjorn Allvin - Vasteras, SWEDEN /

    That's probably because, if you remember, your guts fell out yesterday teatime - David

  87. At first I was exhausted, then after repeatedly pressing the button I felt exhilirated, You know, that kind of feeling you get after just completing the rino race at the African Safari Hut(TM). That warm slimly feeling all over my mouse hand was almost too great a reward. But, I must say, I'd do it again, given the chance.

    David A. Irwin - Oviedo, Fl USA /

    To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not all that familiar with the warm slimy mouse hand feeling .... maybe I'm doing it wrong? - David

  88. My clicking finger is still twitching!! I neeeeed more buttons! must click! must click! must click! why no more click?

    louie "the click-a-holic" Kamarinos /

    All good things must come to an end eventually Louie - David

  89. stupid, stupid, stupid !!! But...I'll try again!!!

    Sven - Switzerland /

    My first Swiss BGB Pusher! How exciting! - David

  90. You have the best Big Green Buttons that I have ever pushed. They are shmoo-rific even.

    stokes - La Crosse WI /

    Simple yet effective, that's what I like! - David

  91. BGB Best Comment Award Great Plot! You really can feel for the charactors! The storyline has so many twists and turns it will keep you guessing till the end. I see Michelle Pfeiffer and Tom Cruise playing the green and red buttons respectively. The breathtaking climactic scene will be when they finally find each other in the black void at the end. It will be the smash hit of 97!! (By the way I'm gonna steal the idea and write a blockbuster script around it. Don't bother sueing me, I'll deny ever having been here) Now visit my page and send money!

    Biff Yeager - Los Angeles, CA / Biff's Page

    Well Biff, as long as I get a 1/10th of a second subliminal message I'm all for it! - David

  92. You've given me a smile that should last all the way home. The fake button in the black window was a particularly nice touch, I thought.

    Fred Ridder - Princeton, NJ /

    Thanks Fred. I've always been told that I'm particularly good at faking - David

  93. I or my dad could not find the button on the black screen

    Josh Allen - Virginia, USA / Josh's Place

    Sorry Josh (and dad) but it is there! Patience my friend! - David

  94. An intense pleasurable experience. One that will be dificult to repeat, unless I press.

    Ralphido - Worcester/MA/USA /

    Well get pressing my boy! (Worcester .... interesting town ... had a friend there once) - David

  95. green

    amos biran - Israel /

    I refer you to #22 on this page - David

  96. What a nice site. Better than all of mine.. and I get paid to do site design!

    Simon - Ottawa, Canada (no email)

    Well Simon, when it's your own you give it your all! If you need a hand you know where to find me .... - David

  97. Healthy. Laughter is healing. I have told everyone I know about your Green Buttons. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

    Lorraine - Round Rock, TEXAS

    Lorraine, they're not really my Green Buttons ... I just rent them from a costume rental shop - David

  98. It's really changed my life. Before, life was drab and empty, the birds didn't sing,the grass didn't grow,everything seemed to be in black and white. But now I've been given a new lease on life. Everything is green and white. What a difference! I just don't know how to thank you. Would all my cash, assets, and charge cards help?

    Jurgen Brainsplog - Baghdad, Iraq /

    Certainly would change my life ... sounds like a good trade! - David

  99. i feel much better now that I have been able to stop pressing your absolutely genius, interesting button. But i have to admit that one day I will be back pressing your button all the way through!!! Just love it!

    Tom Buechi - Zurich/Switzerland /

    Hey Hey, my second Swiss visitor! - David

  100. there cummin 2 take me away he he ho ho ha ha.there cummin 2 take me away he he ho ho ha ha i like the men in there nice clean white suits there cummin 2 take me away.off 2 the funny farm were life is wonderful all the time.

    2 wild and crazy guyz - lalala /

    Well, what better way to end the 4th 100 comments than with a couple of complete nutters! - David