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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. Hilarious stuff! feel much happier *smiles*

    aidan yee - Singapore / Aidan's Place

    Thanks man - David

  2. confused & somewhat hungry.


    Hungry?! Most excellent way to feel! Cool! - David

  3. Frustrated and eager for more (NOT)

    chengyi - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Frustration and Eagerness! Two wonderful feelings that absolutely do not complement each other! But I can totally understand! Hey, Click Here Chengyi - David

  4. OK, but you are to supply "press32.html" page for people who are smart enough (and addicted enough) to type URL manually in "Location" field... :-)

    Cyril Slobin - Russia / Cyril's Cyberia

    Okay, I'll see what I can do! By the way, where in Russia are you? - David

  5. Great !!!

    Rene Rossi - Munich, Germany

    Great !!! - David

  6. Anxious, depressed, and I think I want to jump off a bridge.

    Elrod T. Snidley - Providence, RI / Elrod's Friend's Page

    If my memory serves me right there's a good few Interstate bridges in Providence. Just don't leave a mess, okay? - David

  7. Finaly my face changed to green

    Peter Neumann - Hannover/Germany / Peter's Place

    So what happens now? Is it still green? - David

  8. Green......really big and kinda buttony...

    richard strachan - johannesburg, south africa

    Yeah, I hate it when you feel all buttony. Bleugh! - David

  9. great idea! till 20 is was allright, then it started to get boring anyway, great idea! my own homepage isn't finished yet, but i'll let you know. maybee i can creat something more stupid.,

    jens katlschmidt - germany

    Go crazy man! - David

  10. HAhahaha It was a lot of fun! Very clever, I wish I had thought of it. Thanks for a laugh!

    Gord Locke - St. John's, Nfld., CANADA / Gord's Page

    You probably don't get out much up there in Newfoundland do you? - David

  11. ...More fun than a bottle of Niquil and a box of Q-Tips

    David Bayer - Wichita/Ks / David's Place??

    Yeah, and we know how much fun those can be together, eh? (Wichita is a cool city! I learned to ride a motorbike in the park by the river - I forget the name) - David

  12. Big deal - I knew this guy with some little blue pills once . . . now that was exciting!

    Adam Zar - Madison, WI, Good ol' US of A

    Little blue pills? You mean Reece's Pieces right? - David

  13. I feel humbled. Wish I thought of it. Why? I dont know. And that's what frightens me the most.

    Jim Mizerock - Akron, Ohio

    Hey Jim, don't be frightened! Calm yourself in the knowledge that at least you have acknowledged your humbling experience and come to terms with it! Now go and do the buttons again! - David

  14. Flatulent!

    Tim McColm - North Hollywood, CA / Tim's Place

    Hey man, keep it over your side of the modem, dude! (btw, cool license plate!) - David

  15. I've a great idea David, (we're on first name basis by the way, i tried yesterday under my friend's name [#3]. It just isn't quite the same 2nd time round). It's boring, but I have the time. Why not have a photo of you and we can press your belly-button? It'll be 'Way Cool-er' and $50 everytime someone pushes your button? Then I'm hooked. Have a nice life...

    Fania - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    $50 for each belly-button push, huh? Sounds like a deal to me ... oh, wait a minute, who gets the money? You or me?! You have a nice life too Fania, and maybe one day you'll get to see my navel! - David

  16. Great! But you should put in a panic button just in case my boss comes in.

    Erik - Sweden / Erik's Place

    Good plan Erik, but should you be playing at work anyway? Of course you should!! - David

  17. Used. Degraded. Discarded like a used, discarded thing.

    Guy Hoyle - Dallas / Guy's Place

    So what you're saying is that you feel used, degraded and discarded like a used, discarded thing? So what's new, right?! - David

  18. Well, I cheated on button 30. After 10 minutes of scrolling and pressing I couldn't find it, so I just typed in press31 at the top. I kinda feel bad about that, so much so that I think I will try to go back and find it

    Matt Baright - Urbana IL

    I think you'd better! Otherwise the button monster will come out and get you one night in your dorm at college! - David

  19. Entertaining, almost made me laugh.

    Andrew Scarbro - Raleigh, NC

    Almost? What, were you sort of teetering and snickering, but not actually really laughing? - David

  20. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

    Brian Switzer - Guelph, Ontario / Brian's Binary Boudoir

    I'm sorry, I have to ask .... which part?! - David

  21. I feel...fulfilled! My thoughts are now flowing in an entirely different plane! Everyone should press the BGB's.
    --A Very Satisfied User of the BGB

    Duckie Choi - NJ, USA

    Which plane would that be? Hopefully not a ValueJet flying over the Everglades?! - David

    Duckie later wrote .... Honestly, the first thing I did was press quit...then I read all the other folks' comments and realized there was more to it. So, I kept on pressing and pressing the stupid button until I got to the black page. And I cheated... because I didn't have time to find out where the button was exactly since I'm at work right now. Man, why did you have to do this??!

  22. I hate you and everything about you.

    Doctor Duh / The Doctor's Place

    You're welcome. Please call again - David

  23. E' il momento del merchandising! Ho messo in produzione 10.000 Grandi Bottoni Verdi (TM) in latex, da vendere 10$ l'uno ai bottone-dipendenti che visitano il tuo sito. Mettiamoci d'accordo via e-mail sui dettagli.
    It's time to merchandise it! I have just produced 10,000 latex BigGreenButtonTM to be sold at 10$ to botton-addicted people visiting your site. E-mail me for the details of the bussiness.

    Dome - Italy

    I'll be in touch, and maybe thousands of other needy people out there! - David

  24. Stupid!

    Leon Malinofsky - Northampton, MA / Leon's Lair

    You said it, not me! - David

  25. This thing is so dumb, i actually like it. It is my destiny to find all the cheez that I can on the web.

    Ron Capute, "Zep" - Glen Burnie, MD / Ron's Place

    Pretty sad destiny .... but I suppose someone's gotta do it, right? - David

  26. Clever, since I cheated on the page 30 and wrote the URL for the next page directly...

    Jouni Alkio - Finland / Jouni's Place

    Oooh, you sneaky little fink you - David

  27. This is by far one of the coolest web pages I've ever encountered. I would like to coerce my friend (and owner of this computer) into dropping a link to the Big Green Button from our current page, The Slop Cooler www.nuc.net/~jnfuller/slop.html

    Eric - Florida / The Slop Cooler

    Coerce away my good man - David

  28. This has got to be the funniest and most fun page on the internet. Good Job.

    Bob Braden - Anoka MN USA

    Why thank you Bob! (You probably don't get out much, do you?!) - David

  29. BGB Best Comment Award well all i can say is that is was... well... an absolute and totally complete waste of time... exactly what i look for in a web surfing experience... thank you kindly pahdner..

    mark panning - bloomington, in

    Hurrah! - David

  30. I fell funny

    Roger Cohen - Indiana (no email)

    Well Roger, I suggest that you get up and fall over properly this time - David

  31. Hahahaha I liked it it's kewl ... was lmao ...:)

    Dan Vanderpols - Paris Ontario

    Was what?! You Canadians sure are a funny bunch! - David

  32. this is a good idea, useless, nonsensical, brainless, etc, but at least it's original.

    Brendan Peveril - P.E.I Canada / Brendan's Pad

    Shame that you couldn't think of an original comment, eh?! ;) - David

  33. This time it was an intellectual game for me: I had to change the html code: bgcolor=ffffff. Make it impossible to make your selfcontrol test more difficult.

    Amaury DELESALLE - Thionville/FRANCE

    Salut mèc; you're a big hairy cheat!! À bientôt - David

    Amaury later wrote ... Hi David. This time, it was more difficult to find your big black button in the dark because you put 5 different buttons. Changing the html code was more difficult but still easy. I changed each "border=0" into "border=10" Write it in Java, maybe. See you soon, mec!

    You're obviously too damned clever for me! But then you French people always did like to spoil us English's fun!! ;) - David

  34. I just wish that I could have found the button on the dark page.

    Byron - Santa Maria, California

    Patience and endurance, my friend! - David

  35. BGB Best Comment Award What green button????

    Peggy April - Middleboro, MA

    Aha! I love you Peggy! I've waited 234 comments for that one!! I'm a happy man now - David

    Peggy subsequently emailed me with .... Geesh David... Lub you too... but you never TOLD me where the green button was!

    No, I didn't, and I'm still not going to! But that doesn't affect my love for you of course! - David

  36. I looked all over that black room and I couldn't find that button. I guess that i'll have to try harder. I imagine that you are a person with a lot of free time, aren't you?

    sandra zuker - Clayton, mo

    I refer you to 'Second 100 Comments' #55 - David

    Sandra also wrote ... I just want to know one thing. Does the Big Green Button ever stop?

    I'm not telling! - David

  37. i feel that you are a pathetic loser and you have too much free time. if i were you i would get a life, or commit suicide. now if you would like to press big green buttons all f.....g day you can just shove it up your ass, you piece of f.....g shit bastard. do you understand?

    Anonymous (surprisingly!)

    Another satisfied customer! - David

  38. Really dumb

    Edwin Day - San Jose/CA/USA / Edwin's Place

    Hey man, don't worry, it happens to us all sooner or later ... it's just that some of us get over it! - David

  39. Pretty silly, hahahah.

    Ben Bosarge - Lanett, Alabama

    Why do people write "hahahah" (or similar) in emails? I mean who laughs like that?! - David

  40. Cute program - made me laugh! Only problem is that I had to press the back button as I couldn't find the last button. Are you sure it's there? Even if it is, I'm not looking for it - my clicker finger is cramping!

    Nikki Ferriol - Woodstock, GA

    Another unbeliever!! Be away with you! Yes it is there, and is an 'html' document really a 'program'? Anybody? - David

  41. Great

    Joe Blackmon - Columbus, Georgia

    Thanks for the enthusiasm Joe! - David

  42. It's with some satisfaction and self-assurance that I can decisively kick the big green button habit at will.

    Daniel D. Fineman, Sr. - Tacoma, Washington

    Well sir, I most heartily congratulate you on your tremendous success. May you never start again! (I'll always remember Tacoma, WA for John Candy's role in "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"!) - David

  43. Jogi - Manila,Philippines

    Jogi left no message! Please feel free to email Jogi and ask what he/she thought of the buttons! - David

  44. I feel a tremendous releif like i finaly accomplished some thing in my life. the feeling was so graet it was allmost like i've ben touch by god

    motor rikke - copenhagen/denmark / Motor Rikke's Domain

    Hey, I'm glad you felt good about it, but the chances of the Good Bloke Upstairs endorsing my Big Green Buttons is just a wee bit remote .... don't you think? - David

  45. Damn thing near wore out my mouse!!

    Sneaky Pete

    You obviously are not aware of the fact that I'm actually attempting worldwide mouse destruction through my buttons. My plan is to rid the world of these pesky contraptions and bring about my own invention for computer input .... damn it, I've told someone now! Crap! - David

  46. i feel like i have serious complusive disorder

    Desirae Holliday - Guntersville Alabama

    .... and that would be along with your serious capital letter disorder? (I've been getting a lot of email from Mindspring.Com .... turns out my Buttons have been advertised there today! - David

  47. i feel very depressed now that there are no more big green buttons!! GIMME ANOTHER BUTTON!!!! NOW!!!

    Mandie - Perth, Australia / Mandie's Place

    Calm down Mandie! Just because this is your second comment posted here (2nd 100/#87) what right do you have to demand more buttons?! I can't go around making new buttons just for anyone you know! ;) - David

  48. I am green with envy.

    Scott - St. Louis, MO / Scott's Lair

    Well, as long as your not green with scurvy I'm not too concerned! - David

  49. I feel like I need more... I've pressed the Big Red Butten that does nothing and the one that does somthing... Isn't there a yellow, black, blue, vayn, or some other button i can press?!

    Nick Gosey - New Orleans, LA

    What, isn't green good enough for you Nick? 'Vayn'? Is that a colour? - David



    Efficient? Efficient is the length of your comment! - David

  51. Wow! Oh Gee! Golly! Gosh! That was the greatest experience ever!:)
    I liked it so much that I added it to my web page!

    Iggabod - Ontario, Canada / Iggabod's Igloo

    Thanks for the link, but I reckon you'd better cut down on the caffeine! - David

  52. I am at peace with myself and with the world. You have performed a great service for humanity -- truly the way to enlightenment has now been found.

    Valis Luminoso / Valis' Place

    I accept this Nobel Prize in the name of Whirled Peas! - David

  53. Very refreshed, thank you.

    Robert Ozee - Montgomery, AL,

    Thankyou .... they don't call me Mountain Dew for nothing you know - David

  54. You apperantly have a lot of free time on your hands, and I apperantly can't spell.

    Brian - St. Louis, MO

    It would appear that way, and apparently you've forgotten your email! - David

  55. Finally the proof that I'am addicted to big green buttons. My Dr. didn't believe me! Thanks David

    hans - the netherlands / Hans' Home

    Hey, you just can't trust these medical types you know ... I mean, what do they really know? Your last name's not Christian Anderson by any chance? (Probably not a new one that ...) - David

  56. How could you be so heartless? I NEED more buttons! Must have more buttons....Gimmee NOW!

    BMAN (the B's for BUTTON!) - San Francisco

    A true dedicated button fan this guy .... changing his name to reflect his new habit! - David

  57. BGB Best Comment Award It was not unlike having sex. Except it was less sticky. And not quite as noisy. Or smelly. And in the end, it was all good.

    Burrito - San Francisco (no email, but chances are this is the same guy as the one above)

    Well, if the button experience was akin to sex for you, then I pity any poor girls (assumption made there) that you inflict your sexual taste upon! - David


    Kathy - Canton GA

    Bit stressed out are we Kathy? - David

  59. Yes, Virginia, there is a button on the black page.

    Becky - South Bend, IN

    To whom would we be referring to, Becky? - David

  60. relieved

    Malcolm Bayly - Australia

    To be brutally frank and frankly brutal, I don't really wish to know about your ablutions! - David

  61. I found the button on the last page. It really wasn't that hard. You should make more Big Green Buttons.

    Kitty - Duluth, Mn

    Hi there Kitty; I'm sorry that my buttons didn't stimulate you enough intellectually. However, difficulty was not my main objective in the creation of the BGB. Regarding more BGB's ... they're imminent - David

  62. Woahhh! The satisfaction to withstand the quit button soooo long cannot be described. Maybe I'll try later to do hold on even longer.

    Elmar Bartel - Germany / Elmar's Place

    Please do try to hold on ... someone's gotta clear up after you - David

  63. You're sick, you know that?

    T.Jones - The Netherlands

    I'm sure I've heard that before somewhere - David

  64. I'm ba-a-a-a-ack. I was feeling rather frustrated but I took out my anger by pushing your buttons. Y'know, you should sell this little idea--you'd make piles of money. Then you could spend the rest of your life making more of these little pages so worthless people like me can figure 'em out. How 'bout that? I'll be your backer. You can call it... BGB Works or BGB Ltd. Yeah.

    Duckie Choi - NJ, USA

    Thanks for the return visit (see #21) Duckie. Sell the BGB's?! Who'd buy them?! You get me a buyer then we'll talk business, okay? - David

  65. Got any peanut butter? I like peanut butter.

    One Rad Chick - New York, New York (no email)

    Yeah, crunchy suit you? - David

  66. Trying to find my niche on the net, somehow I feel that the Big Green Button has steered me to the right track. I feel empowered by the instant gratification feedback the Big Green Button provides that I've done the right thing!

    Rick White - Ocean City, MD / Rick's Ranch

    Indeed you have my good man! You will now feel ready to tackle any problem that this awkward world of ours might throw at you, and you will do so with a skip in your step and a song on your tongue - David

  67. Probably as stupid as you did when you were creating the Big Green Button

    Kathy Jennings - Fairfield, VA

    Game on! Fair point! - David

  68. I feel that that was a very, usless, waste of time that provided no educational value whatsoever. Thank you for putting it there, it was very amusing.

    jordan brenner - Encino, California (no email)

    You ever seen "Encino Man", Jordan? - David

  69. I feel an incredible sense of pride and accopmlishment that I managed to hold out and not quit before I was done

    Shannon - Edmonton, Alberta

    Well done Shannon, but I'm not entirely sure what "accopmlishment" means! - David

  70. Like a truck

    Chuck - West Newton, Pennsylvainia / Chuck's Truck

    Yeah, I can see that, if I kinda half close my eyes and think real hard - David

  71. I need more green buttons, where are the green buttons, I need more green buttons, more more more more, help me, I've pushed a green button and I can't get up!

    Robert Barrone - South Pasadena, CA

    One very sad and desperate case methinks. C'mon Robert, you can do it! You'll be okay! - David

  72. Did you know that if you run around in a circle twice and then run around in a triangle twice and then stand in the middle of where you ran and yell "Come and get me" real loud that you will be abducted by aliens!

    A friendly alien (no email)

    Nothing to do with BGB's but a cool message all the same! I guess he meant to do my Alien Survey - David

  73. I feel insane, but it took me forever to find button on press30 :)

    TazQ - Listowel, Ontario

    Yeah, that's the general idea ... insanity - David

    BGB Best Comment Award TazQ then wrote ... You know, after pressing those buttons, I somehow feel deprived of BGBs. I need more BGBs, and if you don't supply them, I'm going to have to go invent my own. Maybe you can link 31 to my green buttons (or maybe I'll make them blue), and I can link my last button to your first button, and I can make a really agonizing black page, and I'll make a table so it'll be somewhere in he left two-thirds of the page, about 82.7654347% of the way down and I'll make it even smaller, and use a transparent .gif. Then, I'll make a page with lots of buttons! A red one a yellow one, a purple one, a rainbow one a plaid one, and grey one, and 16 big green buttons. Then, I'll write a program so users can press BGBs all day long without using up their internet time, and I'll have plugins for it, so when/if they get bored of the BGBs, they can download a pluging with 50 more BGBs, and maybe I'll have multi coloured button plugins. And plugins that will let there be 3D buttons, and maybe buttons with random colour changes. You can help design the buttons! I'll mention you in Help/About! I'll make you a hemidemisemi-god! Can we start a religion, David's BGB-ism?
    PS, on the black page, I found it. But I sneaked a peak at the source, and it was easy to find after align=right.
    PSS. I'll never be able to go a single day without thinking of buttons.
    PSSS. I hope your proud of yourself.
    PSSSS. I just had to make another PS
    PSSSSS. yes, I'm insane.
    PSSSSSS. Now i'm going to press the submit button. You should make it big and green.

    And people think that I have too much time on my hands! - David

    TazQ contacted me again with ... *sigh* You never game me your thoughts on the button program. Think, we could license distribution rights! Or.. better yet, we could base a restaurant on it! David's BGB Diner. Order yer food with a push (or 31) of a BGB. We could franchise! We could be better than McDonalds! We could be richer than Bill Gates! We could overthrow the American Government and replace red tape with BGBs! THINK OF THE POSSIBILITES! You have the world wrapped around your finger. (Well, 400 people is a good chunk of the world.)

    TazQ, you really are a determined guy, aren't you? We could franchise! We could be bigger than McD's! We could overthrow the US Government (and the UK's while we're at it!) and we could also get certified!! Still, if'n you really want to do something with the BGB, go ahead and mail me any thoughts, code, plans, gifs, etc .... - David

  74. Elated, I thought by clicking onward that the screen would explode and I would be left with a red button. Good show. Since I kind of bypassed your products, will they work with netscape navigator as plug-ins?

    Frank Wolniak - Carmichael, CA

    I have no idea Frank. Let me know if they do! - David

  75. Giggly

    Colleen Marsala - pittsburgh

    Well, we can't have that Colleen. Please stop right this instant, this is a serious comments page (PS. My friend Linda Lintelman in Pittsburgh has just given birth to Andrew James on September 6th! Congratulations Linda!!) - David

  76. anything BUT insane! :)

    Martine Traub - Australia / Martine's Place

    So you're saying that you remained sane throughout the process?! Wow! - David

  77. I laughed til I cried.... this started out to be the most *unfunny* site I'd ever visited, but.... ....well, like I said: I was doubled over with laughter as I scoured the black page for the hidden button. A nice way to make us laugh at OURSELVES...

    shea - Cuyahoga Falls, OH / Shea's Site

    Well all need to laugh at ourselves occasionally, otherwise it'd always be everyone else laughing at us, right? - David

  78. I need big green buttons, Please GIVE ME MORE BUTTONS

    Chris Brown - Greenwood, IN

    Another selfish BGB pusher ... always thinking of themselves! What's this world coming to? - David

  79. cute

    Robin - Little Rock, Arkansas / Robin's Ranch

    You felt "cute" after pushing the BGB's?! Now there's a first! - David

  80. I'd like to know how to REALLY press your BUTTONS.

    virtual vixen - Colleyville, tx (no email)

    I'm sure we could come to some arrangement. How's next Tuesday for you? - David



    I see we have a small problem with our Caps Lock button? And you think that the BGB actually IS God?! Or was that a typo .... - David

  82. I feel crazy and insane.(That's how I've always been)

    Kristina Babbitt - Medford,OR,USA / Kristina's Place

    Well, the two do go nicely together don't they .... kind of like peas and carrots, or skydiving and gravity - David

  83. BGB Best Comment Award hey, i found the one on the black page, what does that mean? AM I STRANGE? do i have some special powers?@! will this skill help me later in life? will this get my name in big letters on the page? am i better person because of this? DAVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME@!

    Dennis - Waterbury, CT / Dennis' Den

    Well Dennis, it's like this ... 1) It means that you're patient; 2) Quite possibly; 3) Not that I'm aware of; 4) Who knows?!; 5) No; 6) Absolutely No; 7) Nothing ... you brought this on yourself, as the previous buttons warned you about - David

  84. What? There arn't any more buttons? [Wimper] I guesse I'll just have to go press the big red button for a while...But it just won't be the same.

    Treker L - USA / Treker's Tent

    It's not the same is it? That's because it's a QUIT button .... designed to help people leave before it's too late .... it's obviously too late for you my friend .... there's nothing anybody can do anymore. Sorry mate - David

  85. refreshed! great! best i've felt in years!

    joe kovach - wintersville,oh / Joe's Jalopy

    Better than a 50 mile bike ride, huh? - David

  86. I need more green buttons or else I will go through withdrawl.

    Mike Hunt - Up Yours, Nebraska /

    "Withdrawl"? Isn't that a southern USA accent? - David

  87. I need more!!!!

    Clint Wilson - Haughton/La/USA /

    Tough!!!! - David

  88. This experience has awakened something deep within my soul. I see things differently now. I no longer "just push the button" I am a part of the button and the button is a part of me. I am one with the button!

    Lethargo - Calif. /

    This is good. This is what we want. More psychological crap. Bring it on! - David

  89. i feel like i need a spanking. i've been a bad boy.i used the big green button for my own sick pleasure.

    ryan birch - dekalb, il /

    It's obviously been too long since your last confession. Say 20 Hail Caesar's and read my story as your penance (good advertisement!) - David

  90. More, must have more buttons, must have MORE!!!!!

    ZLB - Greensburg, PA / ZLB's Place

    Sorry, it just ain't gonna happen - David

  91. Spent.

    Roger Keyser - Atlanta, GA /

    Like a dollar bill? - David

  92. I feel...like there are many other buttons out there for me..Shiny, red candy-like buttons! No time to talk..must find buttons

    Glenn Stern - Gulfport, FL /

    Any luck? - David

  93. Great way to really get the blood pressure moving UP, UP, UP. I knew nothing bad would happen (I hoped), but I just couldn't stop myself until it got to "funeral" time. Thanks.

    Deborah Gilmore - Lithonia, GA / Deb's Domain

    Yeah, but how do you get it to go back DOWN, DOWN, DOWN? - David

  94. Just a little bit strange. I just wanted to see how far you had taken this. I only went through about fifteen pages and then I changed the URL to 40.html and then 30.html. I used the same method to find the button. Why would you make the page so large unless you were going to place the button close to the bottom. I guess you got me......

    Lance Allred - Atlanta, Ga /

    It's all a cunning ploy you see ... - David

  95. sure, whatever

    Stacey Johnson - Auburn, AL /

    I like that .... non-commital! - David

  96. BGB Best Comment Award I've wasted so much time it's hardly worth the effort to respond...however, The time you've wasted creating this worthless diversion requires a responce. Get a life! Get a cheeseburger! Have a beer! And for God's sake get laid (by a female) before you snap and start surfing child porn web sites, sitting naked except for a pair of over stretched "Huggies" and a bag of Doritoes in your sick puppy, twisted hands!

    Ripped Off - Atlanta/GA/USA /

    Jeez, how do you know all that?!! Are you watching me? - David

  97. Just one more please! I only need one more. I know I would have quit with just one more. PLEASE!

    Gary Robinson - Montgomery, AL /

    Ah but Gary, it's always the same ... one more leads to one more and then you're hooked again .... it's a vicious circle .... best to cut it now mate - David

  98. well, sort of satisfied

    Bud - Raleigh NC /

    Unsure? Go back, do it all again then write back - David

  99. I was just a bit disappointed that you didn't have another button in the black screen...... Next time, PUT ONE IN THERE!!!!!

    Chuck Baird - Powder Springs, Ga /

    Yes boss .... what do you suggest? - David