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big green button
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"How do you feel?" ...

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Did you move my button on the black page? I need my button!!! You stole my buttton!!!! BUTTON BUTTON BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!! Where is MY button??!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHaHaHaHaHaHahahahaha

    Chrissy - Skowhegon, Maine

    What's all this "My Button" business? Erm, excuse me, but it's actually MINE! It must be all that Maine fresh air! - David

  2. Numb

    Ray Alderette - Springville, Ca.

    Well, there's no need to beat around the bush! - David

  3. Ha, ha . . .I found the little black button I am invincible. Two mega clips up and it's to the right. I got through your page in about 2 mins, maybe you shaould make the black button smaller, you know?

    Hanalei - NJ ,USA

    It's like you've just won a game of poker or something! - David

  4. made me feel kinda funny...

    love rhino - houston, tx

    Well, I always did wonder about you NASA guys - David

  5. This is way too much fun! Thanks for cheering me up, somewhat...

    silverwhale - finland / Home Page

    Be careful, too much fun can be bad for your digestive system - David

  6. There is now a meaning to my life. Thank you!

    Kathy Wetenkamp - Ceres, California

    Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear that before you had a meaningless existence. So what does life mean to you now? - David

  7. Great!! But you should put in a bit of HTML code that shuts down Netscape when they get to the last button...See how many people go thru the whole process again just see what went wrong..

    Antony Ryan - Australia / Home Page

    Cool idea! How to piss people off in one easy lesson! :) - David

  8. I feel much better, the people in my head have all gone to bed, maybe now i won't have to kill my pet turtle.....

    rana - lancaster, pa

    Yeah, I'd hate for you to do that! What a waste of a good turtle - David
    PS. You live in a great part of PA - I stayed at a friends' in Ephrata for three weeks

  9. I experienced a satisfying transcendental uplifting of the spirit, culminating in what I can only describe as a near death experience.

    John Simmons - San Diego, CA / John's Binary Bit

    Did you see a white light at the end of a tunnel?! Did you?! Did you?! - David

  10. This is TRULY a usless Web Site but I FOUND the BLACK BUTTON! Then again, I cheated!!

    Chuck Abernathy - Scott AFB, IL

    Well done old chap! 'tis not every man who can boast of this grand achievement! - David

  11. That was cool man...way cool...my kinda thing...

    the Artist - Jacksonville, FL

    Hey everybody, check it out .... not just 'cool' but 'WAY cool'! But surely you must have 'kinda things' other than computer generated buttons? (So how are the Jaguars gonna do this season?) - David

    The Artist later emailed me with ... The Jaguars??? They suck...really bad...I hope they lose every game...(if you couldn't tell, I really don't like living here...I plan to travel to wherever else I can as soon as I'm out of college...that's about 5or6 years away, bummer...) You can write to me if you want to...or you can post this and make fun of me...I'll be happy either way...Thanx

  12. USED

    Gregory Fittinghoff - Portersville, PA

    .... and abused? - David

  13. This is retarded.

    dana johnson - washington, dc

    Thank you for your honesty! - David

  14. I thought it was stupid!

    Jim Powers - Greenville, NC 27858

    You and me both mate, but why send me your zip code? - David

  15. I love that little green button. I want one of my very own. Do you sell them or do I have to wander aimlessly through the web looking for a unattached green button?

    Unbuttoned Greg - Carson City, NV

    Greg, if you really want your own button, send me an email and I'll create your very own individual, one off, once in a lifetime, collectors item button - David

  16. BGB Best Comment Award Green

    dave - Belgium

    And as Kermit the Frog once sang, "It's not easy being green ..." - David

  17. Very relieved

    Leigh Anne - Kissimmee, FL / Leigh's Place

    Relieved of what though? If you mean Button Frustration then be aware that it will undoubtably come back and haunt you one day! - David

  18. Nooo... nooo... must stop the button...

    Tucker - Bleaksburg, VA

    Oh dear, another one bites the dust! Sucked into the pit of button despair - David

  19. Can't answer...have to do it again...and again...

    Bongwater - USA / Bongwater's Abode

    Well, when you've finished let me know how you feel! - David

  20. damn proud of myself. But when are you going to put in more buttons.

    Ben Cannon - Fairbanks/Alaska/USA

    New buttons are on the drawing board right now! Keep yer peepers open everyone! - David

  21. I don't like the way you forced me to quit, you jerk. I think I should get something for finding that last button!

    Gary D. Thompson - Colorado Springs, CO (no email given)

    I'm sorry Gary, but it's a tough world! - David

  22. Like a big idiot.

    Greg Swedberg - Ames, Iowa / Greg's Place

    Well, you know what they say - You are what you feel! - David

  23. It is very silly. I'm going to show it to a class I'm teaching on the Internet.

    Huckle - Madison/Wisconsin

    I hope that your class was successful! Let me know how it went and what your students thought! - David

    Huckle later wrote back and said ...I thought you may be interested to know that most of the students thought I was strange for being so amused by the button, but a few really got into it and were laughing. They did get upset when the button disappeared and they couldn't find it and didn't know what to do about it. We used your button to teach how to use the location box, so thanks, it's a fun and silly page.

  24. Incredibly Wonderful! I have been illuminated!

    James Fossel - Alna, Maine, United States, North America, Earth / House of Fossel

    I'm glad you feel so good, but doesn't being illuminated suck? I mean, people will always be able to see you! - David

  25. Accomplished

    Kevin - Plano, IL USA / Kevin's Place

    Accomplished? You make it sound like a military manoeuver - David

  26. I think you need to get a life!! You have WAY too much time on your hands!! YOU are the one that needs help!

    Big E - Shortsville, NY (no email given)

    Tell me about it! - David

  27. My face hurts from smiling! Something tells me that I can cure the pain with another button, but there are no more! no more! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! the paaaaaiiiiin!

    Justin (no email or location given)

    Life's a bitch, eh? - David

  28. I wanted to stop in the begining, but have to admit nearer the end I could not have stopped, if you had not stopped me. Really Neat and Cool Idea.

    Steven Hazelden - Cape Town, South Africa / Steve's Place

    That's what button addiction is all about! (Nice to have a Button Pusher from Zuid Afrika) - David

  29. intellegent

    Jeff Gabriel - Northboro, MA USA

    Well Jeff, if that made you feel intelligent I'd love to know what instigating world peace would do for you! - David

    Jeff then wrote ... Whoops ya foold me agayn... i done guess that i figgered 'dat 'dis time it would be differint, and ailsow i fergot i was 'ere five minites agoe!

  30. That you're a dork, because there WAS NO button on the black page.... Liar! Just kidding..it was fun while boredom struck.

    Rachel Howard - San Jose, California

    Rachel, dork maybe, but at least I know where the hidden button is! - David

  31. Cool, Man!

    Paul - New Jersey, USA

    Short and to the point! - David

  32. I feel like going to the waterslides with kim but she doesn't want to or anything.

    cameron sessions - riverbank california (no email given)

    Oh, okay - David

  33. Just fine....I might even do it again!

    Merle - Alpine, CA

    And? How was it the second time? - David

  34. I feel tricked!! Finally, at the last black page I searched for the button, but it wasn't there. Nevertheless, it was an experience I'll never forget!

    Theo - Groningen, The Netherlands / Theo's Page

    It was there, but I'm glad it was unforgettable! A moment to cherish and recall to you grandchildren in years to come, right? - David

  35. I want more...

    Dr Crazy - Hungary

    I want, I want, I want! A very selfish attitude, but I may be able to satisfy your instatiable button desire .... keep checking for new buttons any day now! - David

  36. Moved and motivated!..Thank you!!! Best Button I ever pushed.. I'd recommend it for the whole family! The Big Green Buttons are so much easier to use than the Big Red Button.

    JS - USA (no email given)

    Well, yes, it is a good, wholesome, quality family time activity - David

  37. Envious

    Laura - Decatur, Ga USA / Laura's Place

    Envious? Envious of what my dear? The buttons? The other people who have pushed my buttons? Me? Carpet underlay? Do tell .... - David

  38. I have one thing to say....don't push it :)

    Rhyme - Philadelphia, PA

    It didn't get to you did it?! - David

  39. Dang! That was great! I'll have to do this every 10 minutes for the rest of my life now! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Dave - Tampa, FL

    Heh, and some people thought that I should get a life! Have a great life Dave! - David

  40. Incredible!

    Michelle - Perth, Australia / Michelle's Place

    I didn't realise that my buttons had such healing powers! - David

  41. Something like that.

    Victoria - Sweden

    How do you feel? "Something like that" ..... ???? These Swedish people are a funny old bunch! :) - David

  42. Sad, lonely and BLUE

    Arjen van Mierlo - Netherlands / Arjen's Place

    I'm so sorry that it affected you this way! Go and read my story - that'll perk you up! - David

  43. This is a great page, who would of thought something so simple could be so hilarious!!!!

    Heather - Kalamazoo, MI USA / Heather's Page

    It's the simple things in life that usually are the best! Thanks Heather! - David

  44. Better than any orgasms I've ever had !!!

    Christine - Quebec/Canada (email withheld!)

    Blimey! I guess you just haven't met the right person Christine! - David

  45. I feel like chicken with whipped cream in my hair I just did it again... it's fun... the chicken I mean...

    Sandi French - Maryland, USA (no email given)

    Whatever you say Sandi! - David

  46. Silly

    Stephane - Montreal, Canada / Stephane's Place

    Just how silly would that be? - David

  47. thank you. I feel very enlightened. um.. ok, I'm lying. I feel less bored than I did roughly 2 minutes ago. very good. :> My day is better and I think I shall be truly forced to add a link to this page to my own page. nice day to you )

    Amanda Olive - Seattle, WA / The Olive Branch

    Well Miss Olive, and a very nice day to you too! - David

  48. How did I do? could it go on forever? do I have to do it again to find out? can I stay and push the green button all day? will it give out food pellets???

    Helene - Los Angeles, CA

    You certainly may stay all day and push my buttons, but as for food pellets, I cannot say. I mean, no one has ever mentioned anything about food pellets or anything else, but there's always a first time, right? Keep on pushing 'em and let me know what you discover! - David

  49. Totaly satisfied!

    Alex Heylin - London UK

    Wow, there's been a lot of satisfied people today! - David

  50. I feel completely satisfied. I managed to get rid of a lot of frustration. Thanks for the buttons!

    Danny van Bruggen - Nijmegen, the Netherlands / Danny's Domain

    Maybe I should advertise for satisfaction guaranteed! - David

  51. Moronic, yet unreasonably peppy.

    Matt Janulewicz - San Diego, CA / Matt's Place

    Now that's more like it! Cool last name Matt! - David

  52. My gosh!!!! Pressing the Big Green Buttons was an experience I will never forget. Pure ecstasy. Well done!!!!!!!!

    Toon Hed - Rodeo, California

    I reckon some of my Button Pushers have been overdosing on the old pheremones! (Toon Hed?! Gotta be a made up name! Cool name if not!) - David

  53. Are you currently under medication? Get some help. But first, make up another Big Button game, maybe a Big Red Button or perhaps an off-white. I can't believe I am this pathetic, but I'm about to go back now and check to make sure there isn't a 'press32.html'. Sad, huh? Maybe I should found a support group for those who, like me, can't accept the fact that there just aren't anymore big green buttons to press. *Sigh*

    Gerry Canavan - Randolph, NJ

    Well Gerry, sad yes, but maybe you should start up a support group. You're not the first person to suggest it. If anyone else out there feels the need for someone to talk to about this problem, pleae feel free to email either Gerry or myself for advice - David

  54. BGB Best Comment Award I only pressed it once. I feel like the one girl in the room who only had sex once in her life, while every other woman was whoring it up. So, am I prudish or simply good at not wasting my time? Almost-virgin or Nearly-whore? Do tell.

    Kate - Westport, CT, "These Here United States" (Kate asked me not to post her email)

    Prudish, no, because you were simply being cautious, not wanting to get into something that you weren't sure was the right thing or not. A very wise decision, and probably the most honest excuse I've been given yet. Regarding "Almost Virgin" or "Nearly Whore" then you're neither; you're most likely to be a practical, careful girl who knows where to draw the line - David

    Kate later wrote .... You know what? It takes a hell of a lot of will power to stick this thing through until the last damned button has been pushed. Thank heaven I haven't got anything to do tonight except use up the fifteen free hours I got from AOL. )
    I may not have a life at the moment, but I'm very patient. And I could give two fried rats' buttocks for what someone tells me to do

    BGB Best Comment Award Kate even later wrote ....My dear, darling, devilish David, it was too easy. I just clicked, clicked, clicked, and there I was at the Big Blackness of Button Page, and I clicked a little, less than a minute of clicking, mind you, and there it was. And it was only the thirtieth page. I was expecting it to at least go on to one hundred buttons. Perhaps more. With greater challenges each step forward. And I would have conquered them, too. Without cheating. Mostly 'cause I don't know enough about codes and the web. But a little 'cause that's just the kinda girl I am. But you know what? I'm not addicted. I don't know why. I could care less if you made another flat touch-pad of a button. And that saddens me. All these other, lovely, if somewhat unstable, people are expending numerous points of exclaimation in describing their pangs of withdrawl and frustration. And here I sit, writing this Stephen-King-novel-size commentary.
    When I came to your page the first time, I just hit the first button, then quit, just to see what was there and be different. Then I decided to see what was at the end, no matter what. And I did. And now there's no challenge. I need a challenge. Challenge me, David. You can do it. Go for it. Show me that BIG Green Button of yours. Show it with gusto. And we'll see how I push (or do not push, as my whimsy sends me). Certain buttons need to be pushed. Certain buttons, when pushed, send a thrill through you. Others, pain. But this one, this one is a challenge. I like that. Challenge me, David, as only you can. I thirst for challenge as they, the maddened, hunger for buttons.
    Or maybe we all just need a life.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! - David

    (not really - do you have a lot of spare time or something?)

    Zac Miner - Augusta/Maine

    Spare time? Not any more, I have to read all of these comments and think up replies! - David

  56. I feel satiated. is that the word? or maybe just satisfied. Maybe I shouldn't have started this sentence with 'Maybe'. Either way it's all good. I mean hey, don't get me wrong, it's not "All that" but it's definitely a piece of it.

    Larry Cac... - USA

    Well as long as you know what you're talking about then it's fine and dandy with me Larry! - David

  57. Really it's just a symptom of our button pressing, fast food culture.

    Adam Burke - Australia / Adam's Pad

    Um, yeah right, whatever you say mate! - David

  58. The green button is nothing but green, is that okay. It is greenish kind of green color and that is but because it make me feel green and green high. There is defenatlly something about the grren color

    No name or email given, but just had to post it!! Any thoughts?! - David

  59. I'd like you to press MY button!

    Diane - Connecticut

    And which one would that be Diane? - David

  60. That was cool!

    jim barrett - Quincy, MA

    Glad you liked it! By the way, I know Quincy well. I stayed with a friend of mine there back in '91 - David

  61. Dear Midori: You crazy girl! You tricked me about the green button! However, I like it. You spent a lot of time on it. After my finals, I am going to revise my homepage too. But I will not trick people. See you!

    Sarah Sun - Cal State, LA / Sarah's Sun Spot

    Sarah, who's Midori? As far as I know it's a gorgeous melon flavoured liquor! - David

  62. Reminded of Monty Python

    Brent Smalley - Livonia MI

    A compliment beyond all compliments! - David

  63. Interesting. I plan to add a link from my page.

    Mike Hamilton - Birmingham, Alabama / Alabama Democratic Party Web Page

    Thankyou for the very interesting comment! I look forward to the link! - David

  64. Glad my ISP was having a free-traffic promotion morning!

    Dale - New Zealand (no email)

    I'm glad that my ESP is promoting free traffic mornings - David

  65. very satisfied in overcoming this life-conflict... my homepage is a mess...please excuse it!

    Vanessa Marquetti - boston, ma / Vanessa's Not-So-Messy Page

    Vanessa, I've been to your place and it's not at all messy. In fact I think it's dead cool! I love it! - David

  66. I want a copy .. is there a written program???

    Steve - Portland, OR

    The words "sad" and "muppet" spring to my mind - David

  67. BGB Best Comment Award I found - I pushed - I quit. Time to surf to other areas.

    Doug Kotinek - Rapid City/SD

    What a guy! He know's what he wants, gets it, then moves on without batting an eyelid! - David

  68. Really dumb and pointless, so I linked it to my homepage. duh.

    Omega - no way i'm gonna tell / Omega's Bit of the Web

    An absolutely natural thing to do, so I shall link to you too - David

  69. I couldn't find the black button. Frustration overwhelmed me and I killed my cat by throwing it at my monitor. Are you happy now?

    art wells (email withheld)

    I haven't been this happy since breakfast! - David

  70. I feel like barfing! What a great way to kill time on a Sunday morning. Well, you gotta excuse me but it's time to throw up.

    Steve - Pickering, Ontario

    Be my guest, but look out for those diced carrot bits. Where DO they come from? - David

  71. That's pretty cool stuff...pretty clever. I'll send my friends over there!

    matt kalemba - raleigh, NC / Matt's Page

    And which friends would that be? - David

  72. This is dangerous to the youth of the world.

    Wm Waugh Turner, III - Georgia USA

    Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?! - David

  73. continent

    Binky_Wonder_Dog - Houston,TX,USA

    "Continent"? Perhaps you mean content? Incontinent? - David

  74. You have to much free time, don't you

    Charles Naden - New Jersey

    My good man, I refer you to comment #55 on this page - David

  75. A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My latent desire for button pushing has been satisfied. Thank you for providing an invaluable service.


    You're welcome ... after all, I am that shoulder weight lifter - David

  76. That was exhilarating!! I want to do it again and again and agian and then maybe again after dinner and tommarow morning and then I'll just skip that hot date and stay home so I can do it again.

    Amber Allman - Petroleum, WV

    Then after that you'll probably stay in and work on your spelling? (So, is there really somewhere called Petroleum in West Virginia?!) - David

  77. Must press the pretty green button again... just kidding. HA ha hA Ha

    Jeromie Jarrell - Morehead, Kentucky

    Daggumit, you really had me worried there for a moment! - David


    Art Pacheco - Richmond, CA

    THANKYOU VERY MUCH ART!! (Just out of interest, what HAVE I accomplished?)- David

  79. Confused, was there a button on the black page?

    Andrea Sutherland - Ramsey, MN

    Andrea, I hate to confuse you even more, but yes there is one there! Patience is a virtue and all that .... - David

  80. BGB Best Comment Award I came back. I am sick. I can't stop! Please help me! PLEASE! I beg of you, I can't go on like this...I am installing Big Green Buttons in every room of my house. If I go for more than 2 or 3 seconds without the smooth feel of a BGB under my button finger, I break into a cold sweat. What have you done!?!? I want my Mommy....

    Gary Diana - Urbana-Champaign, IL / Gary's Place

    Gary, this is your second visit here! (see First 100/#46) You really should get some help my man! - David

  81. I feel much better now :) I think everybody should go through this :)

    Sec / Sec's Place

    Yeah, as I've said before, there's a magical healing quality ensconsed within my buttons - David

    Sec later wrote ... Just read your comments-page and want to add some things :)
    a)The 'highlight-the whole page and you see the button' trick is something i have to use every day... on my b/w monitor you normally cant find anything on these 'cool' pages
    b)There is something like an 'chameleon' image which changes its colour according to the background of the page.. it's called 'transparent' you can make these images by using a programm like "giftrans"
    anyway i think your page is just funny...
    btw. This Page is for all the people who need more buttons after visiting your page ...

  82. happy, really happy :)

    Andreas Eltrich - Munich, Germany / Andreas' Place

    I'm glad, really glad :) - David

  83. Great, just great :)

    Peter Bechtold - Germany / Peter's Place

    I'm happy, just happy :) (What is with these Germans?) - David

  84. Very ingenious idea also slightly warped, but hell aren't most of us anyways ?

    Derrick Manson - New York

    Absolutely Derrick, you hit the head on the nail ... or is it the other way round? - David

  85. This is truly a great site!!!!

    Darin Schneider - Peoria, IL / Darin's Domain

    Hey, you're the second person from Peoria to be here on my 'BGB' comments pages! Do you know Jim David? (see First 100/#29) - David

  86. Ooh baby!

    melissa - e. orange

    Ooh baby baby!! - David

  87. w00000zy

    Mandie - Perth Western Australia / Mandy's Page

    Hey, take a load off your feet, kick back for ten and you'll soon be feeling a whole lot better - David

  88. Couldn't find the last one, Thank goodness for back <--

    The Puppeteer - Perth Western Australia

    Indeed! - David

  89. I've got to show this to my friend. when she gets to the black page she will go nuts!!!!

    Shannon Hurlburt - Ft.McMurray, Alberta, Canada

    Now Shannon, that's not a nice way to treat your friends - David

  90. Bad ...

    Simon Scherieble - Stuttgart Germany / Simon's Place

    Ask me if I care! You shouldn't have started in the first place! - David

  91. I feel a sense of accomplishment

    Marc Bahr - Maryland Hts, Missouri / Marc's Page

    Well, as long as that's all you feel Marc! - David



    Yeah, in your wildest dreams Michael! - David

  93. Lightly refreshed. And slightly tasty.

    Eric J. Egolf - Yorktown, VA / Eric's Page

    Refreshed is good. Slightly tasty?! I don't wish to know! - David

  94. ...Kinda Guilty... I mean, It made me feel...all strange and stuff. And then I hoped I wouldn't get caught. But I liked it. I'd like to try it again, and maybe show some other people how to do it, too.

    jim - Morgan Hill, CA

    I reckon we got ourselves a prime candidate for the Buttons Anonymous helpline here! Jim, click here for some temporary relief! - David

  95. It's MY button now!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Chrissy - Skowhegon, Maine

    Hello again Chrissy (this page/#1), you still don't get it do you! You can't have it! But I hope you like your present! - David

  96. I thought it was fun. I've been to so many useless button pages I'm imune to the agony. *Smile*

    Christina - Washington

    Ah, but are the others as useless and agonising as mine?! *Grin* - David

  97. Very Very Very Funny!!! :-) Are you Crazy? I think Yes!

    Izabel - Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

    Crazy? I don't know ... I'll let you know as soon as I've finished flaying myself with dead parrots - David

  98. Sick a bit...

    thomas "adt" lenhardt - Budapest, Hungary

    Well, please don't sue me. I couldn't afford another lawsuit! - David

  99. It really pissed me off, and then I started laughing my ass off. You know, that last botton is hard to find. :) Oh, Do you mind if I make a link to your button from my Web Page??

    Anthony Roman - Waukesha, Wisconsin / Anthony's Place

    Yeah, those bottons are hard to find, but the buttons are slightly easier! Yes, of course, please link away .... - David

  100. You have indeed earned your entry in the useless WWW pages listing. Some people will do anything for notoriety. Have you no shame? No? Good for you.

    Richard Harter - Concord MA / Richard's Room

    Shame? What's that? - David